Winner Takes All Chapter 925-926

Chapter 925


Meng Dabiao hit the ground hard and even rolled a few times due to inertia, and as soon as he was stabilized, a large mouthful of blood spurted out.


The sudden scene was so unexpected that even Chen Dong did not expect it and his face changed greatly.

As he stared, he realised that the rain of arrows had come to an abrupt halt.

In the midst of the vastly rushing group behind him, a Barrett seemed to be the god of death, pointing right at this side.

The shot just now was caused by the Barrett!

“Watch out!”

In a flash of lightning, Bai Qi, who had almost rushed in front of Chen Dong, let out an explosive roar.


Almost simultaneously, the Barrett steeply spewed out tongues of fire and the sound of the gunshot shook the sky!

The bullets were discharged and shot directly towards Chen Dong.

At this moment, time seemed to be slowed down.

Chen Dong’s eyes narrowed, the veins in the corners of his eyes jumped wildly, and a terrifying threat of death swept through his body.

It was too late to dodge!

He could see the bullet, but the speed of a human could not possibly match the speed of a Barrett bullet.

In an instant, the image of the mysterious man using a half of a samurai shuriken to fend off a Barrett bullet came back to Chen Dong’s mind.

“If he can do it, why can’t I?”

This was the only thought left in Chen Dong’s mind.


With an explosive roar, Chen Dong’s arms rose up and wrapped around the hilt of the Dragon Rider’s Saber like a python, directly lifting the wind and using the body of the Dragon Rider’s Saber, he swept it out in front of him.

“With a loud bang, sparks erupted from the Dragon Riding Sword.

The terrifying impact was immediately transmitted along the blade and directly to Chen Dong’s arms.

Crunch ……

The muscles of both arms shuddered under the terrifying impact and made a slight sound.

Almost simultaneously.

“Phew ……”

Chen Dong’s war horse felt the terrifying impact coming from his back, and immediately stood up in shock and gave a neigh.

The war horse was then overwhelmed and fell to the ground with a loud rumble.

Chen Dong, too, was shaken by the terrifying impact of the shot and flew backwards off his horse.

However, unlike Meng Dabiao who was shaken off, Chen Dong kicked off the war horse himself and detached from it as he fended off the Barrett bullets and the war horse fell to the ground.

Boom, boom!

After landing on the ground.

Chen Dong’s figure took two steps backwards, each step leaving deep footprints in the thick snow.


The Dragon Rider Battle Sword in his hand, plunged into the snow.

Chen Dong’s right hand was still gripping the hilt of the Dragon Riding Sword, and there were traces of blood flowing from his tiger’s mouth.

But he was as if he hadn’t heard it, his body bowing slightly, his face as cold as frost, his eyes narrowed into slits, at this moment, his cold intent was severe, his killing intent stirring.

At this moment, Chen Dong’s aura changed dramatically, as if he was pulling up a mountain from the ground, and his overwhelming aura of evil surged out.

It was as if a mountain of corpses and a sea of blood had been released from Chen Dong’s body, sweeping across all directions in a domineering and overwhelming manner.

“Brother Dong ……”

Meng Dabiao’s mouth and chest were still full of blood, but at this moment he seemed to have forgotten about his injuries and looked at Chen Dong with a face full of horror and fear.

“Chen Dong ……”

Bai Qi’s face changed greatly, his eyes rounded as he looked at Chen Dong, even though the war horse had already galloped wildly to Chen Dong and Meng Dabiao, at this moment, he instinctively tightened the reins with his right hand and forced the war horse to stop.

Facing Chen Dong at this moment, Bai Qi’s sweat stood on end.

In a trance, he even felt that the coldness of this side of the world was not due to the climatic environment, but to the sword-wielding Chen Dong who was bowing at this moment ……

That majestic and domineering coldness, even this once leading guard under one person and above ten thousand people in the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army, had his heart chilled.

“It’s even more terrifying than back then ……”

Bai Qi had fought with Chen Dong back then, but when they fought back then, he was only shocked because of Chen Dong’s heart nature and that terrifying fighting instinct.

But this time, even if Chen Dong was just fixed there, just gazing with his eyes, it still made Bai Qi terrified and chilled ……

That sinister aura even made Bai Qi feel the great terror of facing an ancient beast!

At the same time.

Because Chen Dong blocked the Barrett bullets with one blade, the five hundred mercenaries led by Timur all slowed down the advance of their horses, with shock and horror written all over the faces of each mercenary.

One had to know that the Dragon Rider Battle Sword was originally built to withstand bullets on the battlefield.

So no one was surprised that Meng Dabiao was unharmed by Barrett’s blast and merely spat blood.

But Chen Dong was different!

Instead of pa*sively blocking like Meng Dabiao, he wielded his sword in an instant and actively blocked Barrett’s bullet!

This was what shocked everyone.

What was even more shocking to them was that they …… also similarly perceived the majestic Yin hostile aura released from Chen Dong’s body at the moment.

In a trance, everyone felt that the snow-white heaven and earth had changed drastically, being rendered into a blood colour, tossing and turning, with white bones faintly appearing amidst the blood colour.

In everyone’s sight, at this moment, the figure standing bowing with a sword in the midst of the snow and wind seemed …… to have become the centre of this heaven and earth!

“D*mn, a five-man wu, how can there be such an existence?”

A mercenary leader smacked his lips and said in a deep voice, his eyes looking towards Chen Dong, he didn’t even dare to meet his gaze with him.

Having traversed the sands for so many years, he was well aware of just how much difficulty it took to form that aura on Chen Dong’s body!

It was not killing intent, but it was better than killing intent!

“Wait, that pylon man, I, why do I look familiar?”

Before the words left his mouth, the other mercenary leader also snapped awake and stared at Bai Qi with a deadly stare, “D*mn, that, that’s the former leader guard of the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army, Bai Qi!”

The words were filled with panic, and even his voice stuttered and trembled.

The moment the words left his mouth.

Everyone’s face changed dramatically and they were terrified.

Bai Qi’s name was second only to Huo Zhenxiao, the God of War, on the northern frontier!

In the five-man army, a former leading guard, an existence that felt as if it was an ancient beast.

What kind of a godly army is this ……?

Rao Timur, with the shock of the mercenary leaders, also paled and his heart instantly rose to his throat.

He knew that the one he had come to kill this time was Bai Qi!

That was why he had gathered four teams of mercenaries, five hundred men, at any cost!

But he had never imagined that there was more than just Bai Qi in a mere five-man army!

Even, in Timur’s eyes, the figure bowing in the wind and snow with his sword was even more terrifying than Bai Qi.

Ta-da-da ……

In a flash, the horses under the mercenaries’ hips seemed to sense the majestic and violent aura emanating from Chen Dong’s body.

One by one, the horses shook their heads, wiggled their hooves and occasionally made spitting sounds from their mouths and noses.

The mercenaries’ faces paled and they tightened the reins, trying to control their horses.

But one by one, the horses ignored the mercenaries’ control, and seemed eager to break free and turn around and run away.

The next second.

Chen Dong, whose body exuded a majestic and hostile aura, suddenly burst into thunder with his tongue.

“Come on!”


An explosive roar exploded like thunder, shaking heaven and earth.

The horse herd, which was already in fear, instantly seemed to explode under this explosive roar.

The horses, which had been in a state of panic, hissed in fear and stood up, struggling desperately to throw the mercenaries on their backs to the ground.

Bang, bang, bang ……

The snow tumbled, the mercenaries fell on their backs and wailed all at once ……

Chapter 926

Rumble ……

With Chen Dong’s shocking roar.

The horses under the five hundred mercenaries all hissed in fear and stood up, while some of the horses, along with the mercenaries, fell to the ground with a crash.

Snow flew and people fell on their backs.

The sound of wailing and screaming and the neighing of the horses echoed across the snowy plains.

Bai Qi and Meng Dabiao watched the scene in awe.

A single roar could cause people to fall on their backs and horses?

At this moment, even the two of them had a chill down their backs and a chill down their spines.

If they hadn’t seen it with their own eyes, who would have believed that this scene would appear in reality?

Even Bai Qi, who had followed Huo Zhenxiao for many years, had never seen such monstrous fear explode out of the God of War, Huo Zhenxiao.

Timur was heavily thrown to the ground by his horse.

Rolling a few times on the ground to avoid the terrified and agitated horses, Timur’s entire body was dazed.

Looking at the chaotic scene in front of him, Timur’s eyes were red with anger.

He could not have imagined.

The siege that he was sure to win had suddenly taken a turn for the worse.

That B*****d of a commander Xiao, that dog ……

The shocked and horrified Timur cursed Commander Xiao countless times in his heart.

He could not have imagined that a small five-man army with the former leader Wei Bai Qi would be appalling enough, but now such a guy suddenly appeared!

Even from this roar, which frightened 500 horses into a frenzy, this guy was even more dangerous than Bai Qi!

And this, when Commander Xiao had told him about the situation earlier, not a word was mentioned!

“Kill me, kill me!”

Timur yelled at the top of his lungs, forcing down the fear in his heart and roaring with red eyes.

His target was Bai Qi, and only after killing him and helping Commander Xiao take revenge could he pull Commander Xiao under the banner of the Heavenly Wolves and bury this termite in Zhenjiang City and the 300,000 Great Snow Dragon Riding Army.

If he could not complete his mission, then all the hard work he had put in before would be completely lost!

Ignoring the snow on his body, Timur struggled to stand up, facing Chen Dong and growling through gritted teeth, “I don’t care if you are a man or a ghost, even if you can scare off 500 horses with a loud roar, you can’t scare these mercenaries, all of them are blood lickers, what kind of demons and eccentricities have they not seen? The horses and animals are afraid of you, but not these 500 men!”

But even as he said these words, Timur’s scarlet eyes flickered a little, not daring to meet Chen Dong’s gaze.

An explosive roar that shook back five hundred horses.

Such a shock was not something that everyone could immediately calm down by saying they were calm.


As the four mercenary leaders roared out in anger.

As if it was a military order, one by one, the mercenaries who had been thrown down by the horses rushed towards Chen Dong and the others with blades in their hands.

A great battle was about to break out!

But compared to the previous mercenaries’ victory and leisurely relaxation, the mercenaries at this moment, even in the path of rushing to kill with their blades in hand, looked fierce and at the same time, they could not hide their fear and panic.

“They’re not shooting?”

Chen Dong, who was bowing with his sword, let out a somewhat surprised hoarse voice as the knot in his throat twitched.

Faced with the five hundred people rushing towards him, his expression was as cold as frost, his killing intent majestic, and as hostile as an evil spirit crawling out of hell.

This made Bai Qi and Meng Dabiao, who were close at hand, feel it incomparably clearly.

Bai Qi forced his heart to suppress his fear and said, “In this extremely cold weather, knowing that we have the Dragon Rider War Sword, shooting really doesn’t mean as much as killing in close quarters.”


The right corner of Chen Dong’s mouth slowly turned upwards, revealing a sinister cold smile that made both Bai Qi and Meng Dabiao’s hearts tremble: “Then let’s …… kill them all!”


A word out.

Bai Qi and Meng Dabiao were stunned at the same time.

Three people against five hundred people …… to kill all of them?

Even Bai Qi, for example, felt that such words from Chen Dong were ridiculous.

If he were to face ordinary people, or even ordinary practitioners, he would have the confidence that three people would overwhelm five hundred people.

After all, out of the three, both he and Chen Dong were strong enough to wipe out the other side.

But the opposite side was 500 mercenaries!

And they were mercenaries in such a cruel and dangerous place as the Northern Frontier.

To put it politely, the strength of these five hundred mercenaries was no weaker than the regular armies of the Hundred Tribes outside the domain.

Once they formed a formation to surround and kill, the terrifying killing power that would erupt would definitely be more terrifying than 500 people!

However, Bai Qi’s expression quickly sank as he looked at the 500 mercenaries rushing towards him.

His eyes suddenly became firm and stern.

Because he was clear that there was no chance of escape at this point.

The distance between the two sides was already very close because of the incident just now, and at this moment, 500 people were rushing over, they were marching with heavy weight, two horses with three people, they could not run away.

Apart from fighting to the death, they had no choice but to wait for death.

It was only when he reacted that Bai Qi suddenly understood what Chen Dong’s words “kill them all” really meant.

The brave will win in a narrow battle.

In the heart of a soldier, there was never an option of kneeling down and waiting for death.

When facing an enemy, either the enemy dies or you die!

No fear of millions of people, no fear of death, one goes …… forward!


Bai Qi was on top of his war horse, and the Dragon Rider’s sword in his hand was raised into the air, even though it was covered by wind and snow, it was still bursting out with a cold aura.

“There is no way back, then …… kill them all!”

Meng Dabiao’s body shook and raised his eyes to look at Bai Qi in amazement.

It wasn’t until Bai Qi’s next sentence was uttered that the astonished Meng Dabiao finally reacted.

“The only way back is to kill them all, or …… we die!”

“Hoo ……”

Meng Dabiao’s tiger body shook, then he exhaled a mouthful of hot air, stumbled, picked up the Dragon Rider’s battle sword on the ground, and at the same time, pulled out the light battle sword at his waist: “Use the sword as a shield, use the sword to claim your life, I …… will not retreat!”

Rumble ……

Faced with the killing intent, the five hundred people who came rushing in with great voracity.

The three of them stood in place in a zigzag shape, Chen Dong and Meng Dabiao side by side, with Bai Qi, who was riding across the war horse, in front.

Faced with five hundred men, the three looked exceptionally weak.

It was a battle where the numbers were simply worlds apart!

Standing still, Chen Dong could even feel that as the five hundred men charged towards them, even the wind and snow turned slightly and blew hard on their faces under the mighty force of the wind.

Bai Qi and Meng Dabiao looked grave to the extreme.

In Meng Dabiao’s eyes, he even carried the intention of going to his death.

But neither of them had noticed.

At this moment, Chen Dong, who was emitting a sinister aura, was bowing with his sword in his hand, facing a vast crowd of 500 people.

But his eyes quietly became burning hot.

The evil smile at the corners of his mouth grew thicker and thicker.

It was as if …… the battle before them was not a duel to the death, but a feast.

A carnival for the excitement and blood …….