Winner Takes All Chapter 917-918

Chapter 917

In a flash.

Above Gu Qing Ying’s pretty face, it was covered with fear and panic.

Compared to the mysterious man’s intimidation, and the slap, it all became irrelevant at this moment with a sound from upstairs.


For her, it was as if the sky was falling with a great fear.

Once it was discovered.

Then everything she had in front of her would all be gone!

Even …… the skin of her face would be ruthlessly peeled off.

“What to do? What to do?”

Gu Qing Ying panicked to the extreme, her hands clutched the mystery man’s arm, and even the tears that were in her eyes because of the mystery man’s slap, at this time even flowed directly down the corners of her eyes.

She wanted to be Gu Qingying, because this was the life she had once had the luxury of longing for.

She didn’t want to be Lin Xue’er, because the Lin Xue’er she once was had been buried in the earth that night, and it was Gu Qingying who had climbed out of the earth again!

After adapting a little to her current life, Gu Qingying looked in the mirror every day and gradually got used to this stunning face, even though she knew that there was a seemingly invisible barrier between this face and flesh and blood.

But after the luxury, glory, and brocade clothes surrounded her body, after the dream became reality.

Lin Xue’er has also long since ceased to exist.

Even if she were to put on a face and become Gu Qingying, living in place of someone else, she would not mind at all.

This was all she wanted, and she didn’t want to change back into Lin Xue’er and lose everything in front of her.

The mysterious man’s eyes were grim, even revealing a hint of killing intent that seemed to be absent.

Faced with Gu Qingying’s panic, the mysterious man fiercely shook Gu Qingying’s hands away.

Instead, he walked quickly towards the upper floor.

Gu Qingying followed behind in fear and apprehension, and in a voice as low as a mosquito, murmured in the mysterious man’s ear, “If we are exposed, shouldn’t we kill her?”

There was no hesitation, even if it was a question, the words were dry and decisive to the extreme.

At this moment, Gu Qingying had already anticipated the worst possible outcome.

As long as she could keep everything that existed, she didn’t mind killing a person.

Even if, this person was someone from this family.

If she killed, there would be a way to conceal it.

Without killing, it would just be exposed.

The mystery man did not respond, but simply quickened his pace towards the upper floor.

From the initial sound that came from upstairs, up until now, the upstairs had always been in silence.

The mysterious man was in front, and Gu Qingying was behind.

The two of them quickly made their way up to the first floor.

Only when they saw the scene in the corridor.

Both of them froze at the same time.

Gu Qingying’s anxious, frightened and apprehensive mind suddenly calmed down as if a boulder had fallen to the ground.

At the end of the corridor was Zhang Yulan’s room.

This was because Zhang Yulan had recently stayed up too hard accompanying Qin Ye, so Elder Long had specially arranged for her to be on the first floor to make it easier to get up and live.

And at this moment, the doorway to the room was completely open.

Zhang Yulan was lying on the floor, her head rushing towards the corridor, the lower half of her body still inside the bedroom.

One could still vaguely see a puddle of blood flowing from the floor where Zhang Yulan’s head was.

“Fainted from the fall?”

The mysterious man’s gaze was fixed, and he was walking quickly towards Zhang Yulan in the doorway.

Gu Qingying, on the other hand, let out a long breath, her face full of calmness, and followed him without any haste, even complaining as he walked, “D*mn B*tch, scared me to death, why didn’t you fall to your death!”

The mysterious man who was not far away from him heard these words and glared back at Gu Qingying, scaring him into shrinking his neck.

Zhang Yulan was lying on his back in a pool of blood, his pale and haggard face was stained with a lot of blood, looking extremely horrible, he was unconscious at the moment, and the blood on the ground carried a strong smell of blood.

The mysterious man ascertained Zhang Yulan’s state, and after turning him over, a hideous wound on his forehead was gurgling blood out.

“How disgusting.”

Gu Qingying, who was standing at the side, fanned her nose, her face full of disgust.

“Who are you talking to?”

The mysterious man gave Gu Qingying a cold glance, scaring Gu Qingying’s pretty face.

Immediately afterwards, Gu Qingying was leaning against the wall, no longer speaking, only looking at Zhang Yulan, whose face was covered in blood, on the ground, without a trace of worry or fear in her eyes, there was only endless coldness and disgust.

It was as if Zhang Yulan had fallen on the floor and shed so much blood that she had instead soiled the floor.

“I’ll take her to the hospital.”

The mysterious man found a medical kit and simply bandaged the unconscious Zhang Yulan’s forehead wound before picking her up horizontally, pa*sing by Gu Qingying with a hoarse and cold voice threatening, “Put away your thug mentality and be good at what you are now, I can give you everything or take everything away from you and bury you again, another incident like what happened this morning and we’ll be done It’s over, besides, you have to be glad that this girl’s recent overwork was from falling unconscious and not from finding you just now.”

“I ……”

Gu Qingying’s face was pale with fear and confusion, her hands tangled together, facing the mysterious man who left with Zhang Yulan in his arms, but she did not dare to say the words out.

By the time the mysterious man disappeared at the stairway.

Above Gu Qing Ying’s pretty face, a layer of cold frost suddenly covered up.

The cold, resentful …… eyes were filled with these.

With an indignant grit of her teeth, she squeezed out a sentence from her teeth, “You can give me all this, you are indeed able to deprive away, but when I really become Gu Qing Ying, I will definitely make you regret it!”

As she spoke, she slammed her fist on the wall, “When I become the wife of the Chen family head, from now on, who will dare to be disobedient and rude to me?”


Lijin Hospital.

The mysterious man looked at the unconscious Zhang Yulan on the hospital bed, his eyes deep.

The good thing was that there was nothing serious, only some blood loss, a few stitches on the head, bandaged up and then it was all over.

However, for safety’s sake, the mysterious man still asked Dean Liu to arrange Zhang Yulan in Qin Ye’s ward.

“It’s alright now, you can lie down with him for the next few days.”

The mysterious man shook his head, looked at the time and estimated that it was time for Fan Lu and Kun Lun to go home, so in order to avoid revealing Gu Qingying’s footprints, he did not stay any longer, and after saying hello to Dean Liu, he was returning directly to Tianmen Mountain Villa.

After sending the mystery man away.

Dean Liu walked into the ward, checked Zhang Yulan’s injuries again, and said with a sigh of heartache.

“Little girl, born noble, why did you have to make such a mess of yourself?”

As he spoke, he twisted his head to look at Qin Ye who was plugged with various instruments on the hospital bed and smiled faintly, “Your boy has such a good girlfriend guarding you every day, you should just wake up with a smile on your face.”

Said the man.

After a few minutes of pause in the ward.

Dean Liu then shook his head, gave Zhang Yulan a glance, sighed, and was leaving the room.


The ward door closed.

Inside the ward, it was silent.

Only the sound of the various instruments on Qin Ye’s body and the sound of the ventilator exchanging oxygen.

Three minutes pa*sed.

Zhang Yulan, who was unconscious with gauze wrapped around her head on the hospital bed, suddenly trembled her eyelashes a few times, and two lines of tears flowed down the corners of her eyes.

At the same time, her lips, too, began to tremble ……

Breathing quickly became rapid, Zhang Yulan is ruthlessly clenched her lips with her teeth, even oozing blood without relaxing a bit, afraid that her cries cry out.

That …… might …… be found ……

Chapter 918

Hoo …… hoo ……”

Even though Zhang Yulan tried her best to control it, under the great fear, her breath kept becoming sharp and ragged, and a sound kept emitting from between her mouth and nose.

Her body trembled.

Her lips, eyelashes …… were all trembling as well.

Even the pale, pretty face was trembling and twisting rapidly.

This is the instinctive reaction that occurs after a person has suffered an extreme great fright.

Zhang Yulan was able to control it until now before it exploded out, which was already over the top.


Zhang Yulan opened her eyes.

The eyes that were originally as brilliant as the starry sky were now covered in blood, and there was only endless fear and horror in them.

Tears could not stop flowing out.

Her breathing was also becoming more and more rapid.

Her eyes were round with fear as she stared at the ceiling.

At this moment, even as she lay in the hospital bed, she was chilled to the bone, as if she had fallen into a pitch-black abyss.

Everything that had happened inside the Tianmen Mountain villa was still vivid in my mind.

It was as if it was the most terrifying nightmare that filled the mind and lingered on.

There was a standstill for more than ten seconds.

Zhang Yulan trembled and sat up with his hands trembling as he gripped the armrests.

Seeing Qin Ye who was unconscious on the hospital bed beside him.

Zhang Yulan wanted to go to Qin Ye’s side, because after spending so much time with him, she could always feel an unprecedented sense of security.

Even if Qin Ye was a vegetable at this moment, unconscious in bed.

But as long as she was close, she could still feel a sense of security.

For the current Zhang Yulan, she needed this glimmer of security, it was important and vital!


Zhang Yulan’s left hand slipped off the railing because of her fear, and she fell to the ground with a bang.

She was biting her lips so tightly that blood was already seeping out of them, but she still didn’t let out a cry of pain.

With almost all her strength, Zhang Yulan climbed up with her hands on the bedside table, lying on the edge of Qin Ye’s hospital bed, breathing heavily and sharply, with tears streaming down her face, she grabbed one of Qin Ye’s hands with trembling hands.

When she felt the large, thick hand with a hint of warmth in the palm of both hands, Zhang Yulan’s heart finally had a touch of peace.

“Qin, Qin Ye …… you, you wake up, I, I’m afraid …… ooooooo …… I’m afraid… …I want you to hug me, protect, protect me ……”

Zhang Yulan’s blood-stained lips finally opened and closed gently, her voice trembling with fear to the extreme, but reason still allowed her to sob while doing her best to suppress her voice.

The wards were filled with wailing, sobbing cries of almost despair.

Tearing hearts and lungs were all under the best efforts of reason to suppress them.

And on the hospital bed, Qin Ye did not move a muscle, did not respond in the slightest.

Zhang Yulan clutched Qin Ye’s big hand with both hands, for this was the only thing she could feel a trace of security on.

She was crying, trembling, afraid of fear.

But the silence in the ward made her desperate and helpless, and she broke down straight away.

She lay directly on Qin Ye’s heart so that she could hear his heartbeat.

Her eyes were tearful and her vision blurred.

Zhang Yulan said almost pleadingly, “Please, please, please …… hurry, wake up, oooo …… me, I’m scared …… ”

Only, the Qin Ye on the hospital bed remained unresponsive.

Heartbreaking cries, low weak mosquito chanting generally echoed in the ward.

Since childhood, Zhang Yulan has never been so scared and frightened as she is now.

She was lying on Qin Ye’s chest, her hands still clutching Qin Ye’s hands tightly.

This made her posture a little strange.

But at this moment, Zhang Yulan no longer cared too much, she needed to feel safe and also needed to feel a trace of warmth from Qin Ye.

“Ooooooooo …… I saw it, I …… really saw it ……”

Zhang Yulan couldn’t help but cry, and with extreme fear, she told everything that had happened inside the villa.

Endless fear surrounded her, and she needed an outlet for her catharsis.

Otherwise she really didn’t know what the final outcome would be!

With several effortful deep breaths, she calmed down her sobs a little.

Zhang Yulan was cold and trembling as she said, “I was just too hungry, too hungry to sleep, I really just wanted to go downstairs to get something to casually eat a bite and deal with it even if I could sleep through it, but I …… me, I, I saw that mysterious person slap Gu Qingying. ”

“Ooooooooo ……”

Fear struck, Zhang Yulan’s sobbing could not be controlled once again: “It’s, it’s that unceremonious, cold, condescending slap …… that wasn’t, before the mystery man, yes, oooooh …… to Xiao Ying’s attitude. ”

“Their words, I, I heard them, but I was afraid, I never thought in my life that the world would be so horrible …… ooooooo ……”

Zhang Yulan’s delicate body trembled like sieve chaff, tears like rain.

At this moment, even if she was lying on Qin Ye’s body and could feel the glimmer of warmth, she was still like falling into a cave of ice.

The coldness brought on by fear was like countless sharp needles, viciously stabbing at her every pore.

“Home, Gu Qing Ying, it’s a fake, it’s a fake, it’s that mysterious person, specially created to replace Xiao Ying, do you know how horrible it is? Qin Ye …… ooooooo …… Qin Ye ……”

Zhang Yulan lifted a hand and gently rubbed Qin Ye’s face, “I was so scared that I made a noise to attract their attention, that Gu Qingying, she, she wanted to kill me outright, I could only sneak back into the bedroom, then,……”

“I could only hit the ground with my head, knocking myself to fainting death, pretending that nothing had happened, you taught me that there is nothing wrong with being tough on yourself, being tough on yourself can solve a lot of things.”

Zhang Yulan raised her hand to wipe a handful of tears from the corner of her eyes, her blood-stained lips trembling as she pulled up a forlorn, helpless smile, “I, I obediently listened to you, you were right, I knocked myself unconscious and picked up a life, in order to live, I had to do this ……”

“Oooooooooo ……”

Speaking of this, Zhang Yulan could not contain it completely, crying miserably as if she was cutting her heart and lungs out.

“But now, what should I do? What the hell am I supposed to do?”

“Ooooooooo …… me, should I tell Elder Long and the others? But I don’t dare, I’m afraid, because they can kill me at any time, even …… can kill Elder Long and the others.”

“Brother Dong is not at home, he has gone to the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army, ooooooooooo …… but he does not know that Sister Xiao Ying at home has been replaced by a mysterious person, Qin Ye …… you wake up ah… …Ooooooooooo …… you big B*****d wake up, tell me what the hell to do?”

While crying, Zhang Yulan was also shaking Qin Ye, full of helplessness and fear.


Outside the hospital corridor.

When Dean Liu, who was inspecting the hospital, raised his eyes, he saw the mysterious man who was hurrying towards Qin Ye and Zhang Yulan’s ward.

At this moment, the mysterious man was already less than ten metres away from the ward door!

“Older brother, why are you back again? What’s the hurry?”

Dean Liu shouted and walked quickly towards the mysterious man.

The mysterious man took a step, and when he saw Dean Liu, he calmly said, “Dean Liu, I left something in Qin Ye and Yu Lan’s ward.”

“Left something in the ward?”

Dean Liu laughed, “Go ahead and go, don’t worry, I will take care of Qin Ye and Yu Lan.”