Winner Takes All Chapter 913-914

Chapter 913

At the sound of the words.

Bai Qi and the others all stared and looked up at the same time.

At this moment, they had patrolled to a place not far from the South City Gate.

At the southern gate, the lights were brilliant.

Supply caravans were entering and leaving the city gates in an endless stream, and the surrounding area was heavily guarded by soldiers, with layers of checks.

Zhenjiang City was after all a city of soldiers, and it was impossible to sustain the 300,000 Great Snow Dragon Riders and the daily operations of Zhenjiang City without a strong supply.

This is the reason why food and gra*s precede the movement of soldiers and horses!

The South City Gate, as the entrance and exit for supplies, carries the largest load of caravans and is the most heavily defended of the four gates.

After all, it is the only gate in Zhenjiang City that is open at all times during the day.

In the middle of the caravan, a figure in armour slowly moved forward with the caravan.

With Bai Qi and the others’ eyesight, they naturally instantly distinguished that that person was none other than Commander Xiao.

And after Commander Xiao, there were a dozen of soldiers accompanying him.

Bai Qi smiled and said, “They must be in charge of escorting the supply convoy.”

“Escorting a supply convoy?” Meng Dabiao froze for a moment.

Zhou Yao did respond, “This is after all the northern frontier, the environment is complicated, even within our own frontier, it is impossible to be safe, there are always hundred tribes from outside the domain who are intent on stirring things up, the supply convoy is at least within a thousand miles of this side of Zhenjiang City, it does need to be escorted by the Great Snow Dragon Riders.”

“That’s right, cutting off the supply would be like cutting off the livelihood of our Zhenjiang City, this is something that cannot be taken care of.” Sun Kong nodded his head.

Everyone knew exactly how important the supply was to Zhenjiang City and the 300,000 Great Snow Dragon Riding Army.

If we could not ensure the normal transportation of supplies, it would be a disaster for Zhenjiang City and the 300,000 Great Snow Dragon Riders.

It was also very necessary for the 300,000 Great Snow Dragon Riding Army to go out and be escorted by heavy troops!

“Let’s go, go patrol somewhere else, there’s still an hour left before the patrol mission ends.”

Bai Qi waved his hand and gestured to leave.

Only as he turned around, his gaze could not help but glance at Commander Xiao in the middle of the caravan one more time.

The lengthy caravan slowly left Zhenjiang City.

After getting into the car, Commander Xiao set off with the caravan towards the south, the wind and the snow.

Along the way, one could also see supply convoys holding up the flag of the Great Snow Dragon Cavalry Army, heading towards Zhenjiang City.

On this route, twenty-four hours a day, there are constant convoys leaving Zhenjiang City and going to Zhenjiang City.

This was a lifeline for Zhenjiang City and the 300,000 Great Snow Dragon Rider Army!

Under the night.

A fierce snowstorm.

So much so that the only lights along the route were the dim lights of the caravans as the caravans, connected in a string, moved on at a brisk pace.

Such a scene, so vast and sweeping, could not be described as shocking.

Just as the convoy was moving forward, the rear door of one of the jeeps suddenly opened and a dark figure, leaping out of the vehicle, rolled to the ground and lifted a large area of snow to cushion the inertia and impact of the jump.

The snow that had been lifted was unnoticeable under the cover of the storm.

Once the figure hit the ground, it was quickly folded into the snow.

By the time the caravan had moved away, only endless darkness and wind and snow remained around.

“Hoo ……”

Commander Xiao slowly climbed up from the snow and shook off the snow on his body, then he pulled out a torch from his pocket and flickered brightly and dimly a few times in one direction.

Soon, two bright beams of light lit up in the distance.

Car engines roared and came closer.

A jeep creaked to a halt in front of Commander Xiao.

“Welcome, my new friend.”

The man driving the car was a strong man with a beard, his face a little red from the cold, and he smiled at Commander Xiao.

But what was surprising was that his beard was golden yellow and his pair of eyes were brownish-green.

If an outsider had been present, he would have inevitably recognised that this was definitely the mark of one of the Hundred Extra-territorial Clans!

Without the slightest recoil, Commander Xiao sat comfortably in the pa*senger seat, “Get going, it’s freezing here, it’s really unorthodox for you Turkic tribes to do something.”

“No problem, take you to a nice place.” The bearded man said with a smile.

The jeep whistled, tearing through the wind and snow as it sped through the darkness, a rolling wave of snow rising from the back of the vehicle.

An hour later.

Inside a hotel at the northern frontier.

It was brightly lit, and outside the hotel, too, stretched buildings full of lights.

This is a tourist attraction, but because of the scourge of the Northern Frontier, this tourist attraction seems very cold.

Only in recent years, with Huo Zhenxiao’s 300,000-strong Great Snow Dragon Riding Army sweeping away the hundreds of tribes outside the territory and bringing peace to the frontier, has this scenic spot gradually gained some popularity.

However, those who dare to come to this tourist attraction are all bold, so the changes to this tourist attraction are still only minor.

The hotel, too, is the same.

The occupancy rate is not satisfactory all year round.

And in the restaurant on the first floor of the hotel.

At this time it is charmingly lit, and the lights are green.

The air is thick with the smell of alcohol and the tantalising smell of exotic aromas.

The music reverberated.

A dozen or so curvaceous, pretty-looking women, dressed in gauze, were dancing in the middle of the restaurant, raising their hands and feet in a charming manner.

It was as if every look, every smile, even every inch of skin, was emitting endless seduction.

And in front of them.

Commander Xiao had already removed his military attire and changed into a casual outfit, holding a gla*s of wine in his hand, and his two cheeks were already a little flushed.

“Come, come, old Xiao, let’s drink another one!”

The man with the golden beard raised his cup again, clinked his gla*s with Commander Xiao and drank it all in one go.

Only in comparison to the dazed eyes of Commander Xiao, the man’s brown-green eyes had a little more clarity in them.

He smiled and took Commander Xiao’s shoulder: “How is it? How is the place my brother has prepared for you? It’s warm like spring, with good wine, good people, and soft fragrance, a spring night na, this is more comfortable than you there, right?”

“Hahahaha …… comfortable, really comfortable, it’s been a long time since I’ve felt like this.”

The Commander Xiao laughed extremely happily, drunken eyes looking at the dozen girls across the room, but with a strong evil thought, smiling and asking, “Tonight, there should be more than these arrangements, right?”

The bearded man instantly understood and lifted his hands and clapped them twice.

The music didn’t stop, but the girls did.

They flocked together.

In a flash.

All he could see was charm and a strange fragrance that made his heart pound.

“I… I pick at random?”

He looked at the bearded man.

But the bearded man hiccuped and shook his head, then waved his hand with an odd smile, “What’s the point of picking? You are my brother, these …… are all yours tonight!”

Chapter 914

The man’s voice was rude, and he even spoke with a pungent smell of alcohol.

But at this moment, it sounded like heavenly music to Commander Xiao’s ears.

All of a sudden, Commander Xiao had a feeling that his soul was sublimated, and his whole body was floating to immortality.

His gaze, moreover, was undisguisedly fiery, sweeping recklessly at the dozen girls.

“You guys, why don’t you come over and keep my Old Brother Xiao company?”

The bearded man’s eyes were filled with a bit of smugness, and his gaze was burning hot as he stared at Commander Xiao, only that compared to the blazing heat in Commander Xiao’s eyes, his eyes were more as if a viper had locked onto its target.

As the bearded man stepped back, a dozen girls swarmed around him and in a flash, surrounded him.

Xiao, whose senses had been blurred by the alcohol, was so white, fragrant and soft, with the sound of warblers and swallows, that he was immersed in a place of tenderness without the slightest resistance from his senses.

The bearded man stepped back quietly and gestured for all the casual people in the restaurant to leave with him.

Once outside and the doors closed, the singing and chatter in the restaurant diminished to almost inaudible.

The bearded man pulled out piles and piles of thick banknotes and scattered them to the surrounding staff, one for each of them.

“Remember, what happens tonight, must be kept secret, this is my big client!”

The bearded man barked out a warning, then waved his hand for everyone to leave.

The northern frontier, although there had been war for years.

The bearded man had always maintained his identity as a big boss outside the domain in the eyes of the people.

This time, it seemed to everyone that it was just a strange “relationship” and no one really cared about it.

When all had left.

The bearded man turned around and looked through the gla*s doors of the restaurant, his brown-green eyes deep in thought at what was happening inside.

It could even be described as unpleasant!

The flying sashes, the laughter, the warbling, the drinking ……

Gradually the corner of the bearded man’s mouth curled up into a cold, smug smile: “The fish has taken the bait, this time the hundred clans have joined forces and are bound to win!”

His voice was low, as low as a mosquito’s whisper.

As he murmured, the bearded man reached into his pocket and felt the Hundred Tribes Order he carried with him.

The harsh living conditions of the Hundred Tribes, which were always in the extreme cold because of geography, made the people of each tribe yearn for the warmth of the fertile soil down south.

Over the long years, the Hundred Tribes of the Outer Regions have also tried desperately to swing their whips southwards.

There have been those who have succeeded and those who have failed.

But time and time again, this tribe in the south has been able to save the day and drive the tribes out of the northern frontier.

Throughout the years, they have even built iron-clad defences against the hundreds of tribes from outside the realm.

Even so, the victory and defeat between the two sides was a realm of you and me, never changing in the long years and months.

Until the appearance of …… Huo Zhenxiao!

Until that man, who was treated like a god by the Hundred Clans, personally created an iron-blooded lion – the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army.

When Zhenjiang City stood on the northern frontier, the Hundred Tribes had long since been chilled by the iron hooves of Huo Zhenxiao and the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army.

It was a despair like no other!

It was as if the Zhenjiang City, standing on top of the snowy plains of the Northern Territory frontier, was a terrifying defensive line that stretched across the entire Northern Territory frontier, impenetrable and unreachable.

Further south …… became a dream that the Hundred Clans could only hope for!

The Hundred Clans Order was born when the Hundred Clans, harboring dreams of going south, resolved to gather the strength of the Hundred Clans, discard their thousands of years of accumulated grudges and hatred, and vowed to cross over the towering mountain of Zhenjiang City.

The bearded man knew very well how much work it would take!

It would be harder than the heavens to get the hundred tribes to give up their long-standing grudges alone!

Good thing …… has done it!

“The Heavenly Wolves of the King’s Court have really gone to great lengths to make the hundred tribes join forces in the south for the glory of the world soon!”

The bearded man murmured, but knelt down on one knee, his right hand clenched into a fist and placed it at his heart, murmuring with a face full of devotion, “Thank the heavens for giving the Heavenly Wolves of the King’s Court, for my Northern Region’s Hundred Tribes, bringing the gospel, the Heavenly Wolves are like gods and goddesses descending to earth, this battle will definitely be able to level Zhenjiang City, raze 300,000 Great Snow Dragon Cavalry troops and swing the whip south!”

Gradually, fire emerged in the bearded man’s brown-green eyes, a fire that was close to turning into substance.

He slowly kowtowed to the ground: “Timur wishes to join the Turkic tribes in defending the grand aspirations of the King’s court, the Wolf, and to die for them.”

When Timur rose again, the fire in his eyes dissipated and was replaced by coldness.

He ignored all the unpleasant things that were happening in the restaurant and sat down on the floor by the door, leaning his back against the gla*s door.

Then, taking out a cigar, he swallowed a cloud of smoke.

As he listened to the warbling and wailing in the restaurant, Timur felt as if he had heard the most beautiful sound in the world, more beautiful than the sound of the horses in the deep north.

He was a merchant of the Turkic tribe, and had been engaged in trading to and from the northern frontier for many years, and knew extremely well what went on south of Zhenjiang City.

And he, for his part, was loyal to the Turkic tribe and in awe of the King’s Court, the Skywolf.

So when told of this amazing event.

He righteously accepted the task arranged by the Turkic clan, and then arrived here, regardless of money, to find Commander Xiao.

The Turkic Tribes, no, all the Hundred Extra-territorial Tribes, needed a termite that had appeared in Zhenjiang City and the 300,000 Great Snow Dragon Riders’ army!

With this termite, they could obtain information and eat up Zhenjiang City and the 300,000 Great Snow Dragon Riding Army little by little.

So, Timur chose Commander Xiao!

With his years of experience in the business world, he could naturally tell what kind of person Commander Xiao really was.

Such a person could corrupt and a*similate and turn dissenters the fastest.

This was an impeccable termite!

“Hoo ……”

Timur slowly exhaled a breath of smoke, humming a soft tune under his breath, slapping his left hand against his knee, leaning against the gla*s door, closing his eyes and relaxing his whole body.

Time pa*ses slowly.

The movement in the restaurant, gradually diminished.

Even so, in Timur’s estimation, it had been well over two hours!

When the gla*s door opened, an unpleasant but unmistakably familiar smell pa*sed through Timur.

Timur frowned, but did not raise his eyes to look inside the restaurant, instead his gaze fell on the red-faced Commander Xiao.

“Elder brother Xiao is worthy of being an iron-blooded man, such bloodlust makes me very envious as well.”

An indecent compliment made the still inebriated Commander Xiao very receptive and laughed loudly.

Immediately afterwards.

Timur asked in a deep voice, “I wonder how things are going for Elder Brother Xiao?”

Xiao’s laughter stopped abruptly, and the drunkenness in his eyes sobered up a little, and he hesitated in contemplation in the face of Timur, who was looking at him with a burning gaze, waiting for the rest.

“Brother Xiao, don’t you want to be like this tonight, singing every night? Surrounded by birds and swallows? A drunken dream?”

Timur’s words caused Commander Xiao’s gaze to flicker even more.

Timur continued, “As long as Elder Brother Xiao agrees, all of this tonight and every second thereafter will belong to Elder Brother Xiao, and you will be our great meritorious servant, comparable to the great meritorious servant of the Heavenly Wolf, and all of the glory, wealth and prosperity, and great glory will belong to you.”

“I ……” Xiao’s lips mouthed.

But the words did not come out.

Timur, however, raised his hand and pressed on Commander Xiao’s shoulder.

He said in a deep voice: “Elder brother Xiao died in the snowy plains of the Northern Region, and his bones were buried deep in the snow, have you killed the murderer by hand so far? That murderer is still at large! On the contrary, he once relied on your brother’s death as a stepping stone to leapfrog the dragon and stand on top of you. No resentment? No hatred?”

“Anger! Resentment! Hate!”

The gaze in Commander Xiao’s eyes was steeply hideous and cold.

“How can that heartless, senseless and unreasonable cold-blooded place be as soothing and divine as this arrangement tonight, Old Brother Xiao?”

“I promise!”

Three simple words, but with an overwhelming coldness, echoed in the corridor.