Winner Takes All Chapter 91-93

Chapter 91

Zhou Yanqiu’s face changed and his pupils tightened.

Being stared at by the young man, even with his determination, he could not help but have his heart beat faster.

Inviting credit?

What a joke!

He, Zhou Yanqiu, was a great man in the city and had never had any rivals in the market, so who did he need to ask for credit from?


The young man raised his eyebrows and let out a sound.

Zhou Yanqiu rubbed his head and smiled down, “Yes.”

“No rush.” The youth turned his head and looked out of the house.

Feeling the young man’s gaze move away, Zhou Yanqiu instantly felt a sense of relief, secretly breathing a sigh of relief.

Even though he was a magnificent hero, he had never seen such a stern gaze!

On the other side.

The wide road.

The black Mercedes Benz drove slowly.

The person driving the car was one of the managers of Jade Spring Villa.

As the manager of a guest who could be invited into the Heavenly Pavilion by Zhou Yanqiu, he was naturally very clear about the weight of the two people behind him.

From beginning to end, the middle-aged manager drove the car carefully, fearing that his poor driving skills would affect the rest of the two distinguished guests.

Chen Dong sat in the back row, looking out of the window at the receding yellow streetlights, pondering.

Lone Wolf, on the other hand, was drunkenly reclining on a chair.

Suddenly, Lone Wolf’s body trembled and his chest puffed out.

He scrambled to open the car window and poked his head out.


The filth tainted with the smell of alcohol was instantly vomited out by Lone Wolf.

The sudden scene startled both Chen Dong and the manager driving the car.

Chen Dong hurriedly patted Lone Wolf’s back, which would make Lone Wolf feel better.

The wine tonight had been mostly blocked by Lone Wolf and Lone Wolf had indeed drunk a lot.

“Mr. Chen, I, I’m fine ……”

Lone Wolf’s face was blue and just as the words left his mouth, his throat gushed again and he spat out another large pile of filth.

“It’s alright, just spit it out.” Chen Dong did not feel that there was anything wrong with him taking care of Lone Wolf.

Being a man who had come out of the darkness himself, he had suffered everything since childhood, even though his situation had changed nowadays, it was not so much that his mind would fly to the clouds all of a sudden.

But such a move, in the eyes of Lone Wolf, was a big no-no!

He was about to speak again when suddenly, out of the corner of his eye, he caught a glimpse of two strong beams of light.

Almost instinctively, Lone Wolf looked backwards.

His eyes could not help but squint under the stimulation of the strong lights.

But in the blur, he could still see that a black car, chasing this way at breakneck speed, was facing the Mercedes they were riding in, without the slightest intention of dodging!

“Not good! Mr. Chen, a car is crashing over here!”

Lone Wolf made a decision almost instantly, forcing himself to hold back his dizziness and yelled to Chen Dong.

Inside the car, Chen Dong’s expression froze as he looked through the rear view window.

Almost instantly, he also concluded.

The rear car was not driving normally at all, but …… was running towards them!

Moreover, he could vaguely see the Maybach badge on the front of the rear car!

“Zhou Zun Long?”

Chen Dong’s heart stuttered and turned to the manager driving, “Big brother, drive faster, that car behind is about to crash.”

“How, how could this happen? Wasn’t Mr Chen just drinking with Mr Zhou?”

The manager’s face paled in shock and his eyes were a little confused.

He was only the manager and really didn’t know the relationship between Chen Dong and Zhou Zun Long.

However, fear was fear, the manager still kicked the accelerator to the floor and the speed of the Mercedes surged up.

“It’s catching up, it’s already catching up ……”

Lone Wolf, always lying outside the car window, looked at the approaching and increasingly fast Maybach and shouted anxiously, “Hurry up, go faster!”

The manager’s forehead oozed dense beads of sweat, clutching the steering wheel as if he was pressing the gas pedal with all his strength.

But it was the same Mercedes, but the difference was several million!

Chen Dong was the only one, sitting silently in the back seat, his eyes blazing as he quickly thought about something.

The Maybach.

Hearing the engine roar and feeling the speed increase, Zhou Hao’s blood seemed to boil with it.

He forgot all about the pain in his leg and sat in the middle, staring dead ahead at the approaching Mercedes, his eyes red: “Ram it, ram it hard for me, ram it to death!”

On the other side, Zhou Zunlong leaned back in his chair with a fierce smile, his right hand gently stroking his bald head, “In this city, apart from Zhou Yanqiu, there is no one who can call the shots with me, Zhou Zunlong!”

Saying that, he patted the excited Zhou Hao: “You F**king calm down, sit still for me, and then break your other leg when you hit it later.”

“Right, right, brother is right to remind me.”

Zhou Hao came to his senses and hurriedly sat back in his seat and buckled his seat belt tightly.

Zhou Zun Long smiled again and said, “Take your mobile phone out and get ready to call an ambulance, we’ve had a car accident, we can’t leave the accident casualty alone.”

“Yes, yes, yes, I’ll call as soon as we hit it.” Zhou Hao’s face was red with excitement, his heart was beating wildly at the thought of the scene of the car in front of him being knocked off the road later.

Inside the Mercedes.

“Mr. Chen, it’s less than five metres away!”

Lone Wolf shrank back into the car, as anxious as an ant on a hot pan, unable to resist slapping his palm on the driver’s seat, “Drive faster!”

“I… I’m at my limit.” The manager said with a sobbing voice.

How could he have imagined that dropping off an honoured guest tonight would actually stir up such a deadly disaster?

At the current speed, once they were hit, he didn’t know what would happen to the Maybach in the back.

But these two Mercedes they were driving now would definitely fly!

Lone Wolf’s face was blue and he was about to rebuke.

Chen Dong’s hand, however, landed on Lone Wolf’s shoulder: “It has nothing to do with him, a Mercedes and a Maybach, a difference of a few million, it won’t get away.”

Lone Wolf looked at Chen Dong in dismay as his expression stalled.

At this moment, Chen Dong was still calm and composed, his expression was ancient and unruffled.

“Mr. Chen ……” Lone Wolf’s anxious mood had also calmed down slightly.

“Phew ……”

Chen Dong exhaled a breath and rubbed his face, “It’s a gamble, I don’t have the word wait to die in my dictionary yet, even if I did, it would be a fish death!”

He plopped down on the driver’s chair and said to the manager, “Listen to my command.”

After that, he said to Lone Wolf, “Watch the distance for me.”

“No problem!”

Lone Wolf hurriedly responded and turned his head to look behind the car, “There’s still three metres to go!”

Chen Dong didn’t move, and the manager’s forehead was sweating like rain.

“Two metres to go.” Lone Wolf’s voice trembled a little.

In his ears, all he could hear was the whistling of the wind and the roar of the engines of the two cars.

Chen Dong still didn’t move, but the manager’s hands couldn’t help but tremble.

“Calm down, if we don’t, we will die.” Chen Dong calmly said to the manager.

“One more metre!”

As soon as the words left his mouth, Lone Wolf’s loud shout rang out violently behind him.

In an instant, Chen Dong’s deep eyes exploded with a sharp aura.

His right hand fiercely gripped the manager’s shoulder, “Steer left!”


The Mercedes threw up its tail violently, and the manager, in fear, steered and at the same time fiercely clicked the brakes.

Lightning flashed.

The front of the Maybach seemed like a gazelle hanging by its horns, skimming over the rear of the Mercedes and roaring ahead like a stray arrow.

“It’s done!”

Lone Wolf and the manager shouted at the same time.


Chen Dong’s face changed dramatically and he let out a roar.

In a panic, the manager slammed on the brakes.

Bang Teeny!

The Mercedes-Benz in a high-speed tailspin shifted directly across the road and crashed into the roadside guardrail with a bang.

At the same time.

The Maybach, which was rushing ahead, also suddenly.



Chapter 92

The road back to the city from Jade Spring Lodge is already sparsely trafficked.

Dimly lit, the road with few cars.

At this point two cars crashed into the roadside one after another and came to a halt.

The Mercedes-Benz had its side body and front end deformed, while the Maybach in front of it had smoke billowing from its front end!

Bang Teen!

With an angry shout, the door of the Mercedes was kicked off.

Lone Wolf was the first to crawl out of the car, not caring about his forehead, which was bleeding from the gla*s scrape, he then hurriedly turned around and helped Chen Dong inside the car to get out: “Mr. Chen, let’s, we’ve escaped.”

Chen Dong got out of the car, and before he could catch his breath, he and Lone Wolf dragged the manager out of the driver’s seat again.

The manager had long since been stunned, his face was pale and his gaze dull.

After being dragged out of the car, he simply went limp on the ground.

Chen Dong checked the manager’s body and was relieved when he confirmed that he was alright.

Although the Mercedes had crashed, all three were only bruised and not seriously injured.

It was a close call just now, and if there had been a slight mistake, it would not have been as easy as it is now.

Not to mention being hit from the side by the Maybach, even if he hadn’t hit it, but if the manager’s skills weren’t good enough, it could have easily turned the Mercedes over at high speed.

He was gambling.

Since he was a child, the word waiting for death had never appeared in Chen Dong’s dictionary.

He dared to pull the emperor off his horse by giving up his death!

Even in a desperate situation, he had to gamble with his life!

Zizi ……

Ahead of them, came the sound of a burst of fireworks.

Chen Dong looked up and saw that the entire front end of the Maybach had been destroyed and smoke was billowing out.

And inside the car, there was also a scream like a pig’s murder resounding.

Obviously, the extent of damage to the Maybach was far greater than that of their Mercedes-Benz.

As for the extent of the injuries to the occupants …… that goes without saying.

However, hearing that there were still Zhou Hao’s screams inside the Maybach, Chen Dong could not help but be a little surprised.

“Go over and take a look.”

Chen Dong wiped the blood on his chest and walked towards the Maybach.

Lone Wolf glanced at the dazed manager, pulled a piece of clothing over his injured and ragged head, and followed Chen Dong.

In the air, the smell of burning flames was a little pungent.

The smoke choked his throat.

There was also the faint smell of petrol.

With the help of the flickering lights of the Maybach, Chen Dong saw gasoline flowing on the road and the gas tank of the Maybach had crashed and burst.

“Mr. Chen ……”

Behind him, Lone Wolf’s low voice rang out, “This is a good opportunity to get rid of it once and for all.”

Chen Dong glanced at Lone Wolf.

“Lone Wolf can be of service.”

Lone Wolf bowed his head and said.

Zhou Zun Long had met Chen Dong twice, and both times he had been motivated to kill, vowing to put Chen Dong to death.

Since he had followed Chen Dong, he was bound to think of Chen Dong in everything as well.

However, Chen Dong shook his head.

Bang Teen!

Just then, the Maybach let out a loud bang.

The door of the car was smashed open and Zhou Zun Long, covered in blood and incomparably wretched, got out of the car.

Not bothering to turn back to save Zhou Hao and his subordinates inside the car, he staggered a few steps out and then sat down on the ground, wiping the blood from his face as he panted heavily.

“Brother, save me …… quickly save me …… me, I can’t move my legs …….”

Inside the car, Zhou Hao was still screaming miserably, crying and howling for help.

Chen Dong and Lone Wolf watched all this in silence.

He could not choose to go under the knife.

But that didn’t mean that he could be generous enough to save his enemy who was still trying to kill him with his front foot.

If you put something like a holy mother watch into society, it would only be eaten up in minutes.


The driver’s side door of the Maybach fell to the ground.

Zhou Zun Long’s subordinate, who had burst out in panic, rolled and crawled out a dozen metres away before falling to the ground.

Chen Dong took a look, the man’s left arm had taken on an extremely bizarre twist and was obviously broken, while his left leg was also dripping with blood, with large streams of blood flowing all over the floor.

However, neither Zhou Zun Long nor that subordinate had the slightest intention of rescuing Zhou Hao who was trapped inside the car.

“Lone Wolf, come with me.”

Chen Dong led Lone Wolf over to Zhou Zun Long.

At this moment, the terrified Zhou Zunlong saw two black shadows in front of him and raised his head in fierce panic.

“Chen Dong, you, what do you want?”

While scolding, Zhou Zun Long was slowly backing away with his hands braced on the ground.


Chen Dong leaned down and slapped Zhou Zun Long directly on the face.

The night was dark.

Zhou Zunlong was completely dumbfounded and stared at Chen Dong in disbelief.

Chen Dong laughed morosely and coldly, “Many deeds will lead to death, this is the second time, and the next time, I will let you know, between you and me, who is the king!”

“Lone Wolf, let’s go!”

Chen Dong turned around, taking Lone Wolf with him, and walked towards the distance.

Under the dim yellow streetlight, the shadows of the two were stretched out long and long.

Zhou Zun Long was completely dumbfounded, his eyes slowly moving along with Chen Dong and Lone Wolf’s figures.

Just like this …… even if it was over?

He could not believe that Chen Dong had ended the revenge of killing his body and taking his life with just one slap.

If the two sides switched positions, he would definitely take advantage of people’s illnesses to take their lives!

This was the secret of Zhou Zunlong’s success in the market all these years! This is his code of conduct!

“A woman’s kindness! Do you not dare to stain your hands with blood after all?”

Zhou Zun Long’s gaze flashed and he suddenly sneered disdainfully.

He looked at the direction where Chen Dong and Lone Wolf had left and slowly got up with a stiff upper lip as he coldly murmured, “Chen Dong, I knew you were a coward, not daring to get your hands dirty for fear of being implicated, but you don’t know that a man without poison is not a husband.

“A coward like you won’t make it!”

“If there’s a second time, then there’s a third time. I have a grudge against you, and I will never forget it.

Every word, the killing intent was soaring.

Zhou Zun Long understood the word “bow down”, but it in no way applied to him towards Chen Dong.

In his mind, Chen Dong’s mere slap in response just now was merely a fear of causing big trouble by killing him.

In other words, it meant that Chen Dong had wimped out!

Thinking about the car accident just now, Zhou Zunlong’s heart palpitated.

He slowly pulled out his cigar smoke from his pocket, took out the lighter with his trembling right hand and slowly lit it.

Even he had not expected that a revenge that he had won would miss by a hair’s breadth and almost cost him his life!

The first thing you need to do is to get out of the trap and calm down, but your heart still has no intention of slowing down.

Zizi ……

A deep puff of cigar smoke.

The rich smoke fills his mouth.

Feeling the pure aroma of the Cuban cigar, Zhou Zunlong’s face eased a little and his whole body relaxed.

“Brother …… save me, my leg is broken, save me, please save me ……”

Behind him, Zhou Hao’s miserable screams for help inside the Maybach once again rang out.

This caused Zhou Zunlong, who had just relaxed and was immersed in the aroma of his cigar, to knit his brows and become distracted.

“Scream, scream, scream, you punk, what else are you capable of besides shouting?”

Zhou Zun Long turned around abruptly and threw the cigar smoke in his hand angrily towards Maybach, while turning his head to scold his subordinate lying on the ground, “Why the hell aren’t you going to save that punk?”


Not waiting for the subordinate to get up.

In the night, the sparking cigar smoke traced a parabola in the air and landed precisely on the petrol flowing from the Maybach’s fuel tank.


Smoke and fire burst into the sky.

The flames, as soon as they appeared, swept through the entire car at great speed.

It was accompanied by Zhou Hao’s painful and terrified shout.


Maybach …… blew up!


Chapter 93

The sudden explosion shocked both Chen Dong and Lone Wolf, who had not been expecting it.

Turning back to look at the mushroom cloud of flames that shot up into the sky.

In the distance, there was the sound of Zhou Zunlong shouting in shock and anger.

Chen Dong rubbed his nose and laughed helplessly, “Just advised, just didn’t listen, more actions will kill you.”

Lone Wolf also shook his head helplessly.

The surroundings of the Maybach were filled with thick smoke choking the throat and the pungent smell of petrol.

If Zhou Zunlong was calm, he could smell it.

On the contrary, Zhou Zunlong, who held himself openly, had no idea of being calm.

“Mr. Chen, this is a complete solution to the feud with Zhou Zunlong.”

Lone Wolf said worriedly, with this human life of Zhou Hao around, even if it was set off by Zhou Zun Long himself, with Zhou Zun Long’s character, it would definitely be blamed on Chen Dong.

Chen Dong rubbed his nose, “Can we settle the old grudge?”

Lone Wolf was stunned, and then shook his head.

“That’s not right.”

Chen Dong turned around, his face as cold as frost, and slowly threw out a cold and piercing sentence, “I will not kill him, but if he wants to die, then I will make him whole.”


The night was slightly cool.

When Chen Dong returned to the Tianmen Mountain villa area.

Kun Lun was standing respectfully in the silent living room.

“Young Master, Madam and Fan Lu have already gone to bed.”

Chen Dong nodded, “Where is Elder Long?”

“He is upstairs on the terrace.” Kunlun said.

“You rest, I’ll change my clothes and go find him.” Chen Dong turned around and left.

Kunlun looked at the ragged Chen Dong and hesitated for a moment, not asking more questions.

After changing his clothes and washing up a bit, Chen Dong walked out onto the terrace.

Long Lao was holding a teapot, lying on a recliner, quietly looking at the night scene of the city in the distance.

“Elder Long ……”

Chen Dong called out.

Elder Long looked back and smiled amiably, “Something happened at night?”

“Well, there was a feud with Zhou Zun Long of this city, and there was a fight tonight.” Chen Dong did not hide it.

In fact, since Elder Long had the Chen family at his back and was a*sisting him in this city, he really did not have the ability to hide it from Elder Long.

As long as Elder Long wanted, there was nothing that he did not know.

“It’s better to be early than late about Zhou Zun Long.”

Long Lao obliterated a mouthful of tea and said profoundly, “Understand that raising a tiger is a problem.”

Chen Dong nodded his head and sat down.

A touch of depression surfaced on his calm face as he asked, “Elder Long, has there been any movement from Chen Tiansheng?”

“No.” Elder Long said, raising an eyebrow, “Why are you suddenly asking about him?”

“Then the person behind the screen, it shouldn’t be him.”

Chen Dong rubbed his nose and smiled oddly.

If this was heard by Zhou Yanqiu, her jaw would definitely drop in shock.

In fact, after entering the Heavenly Pavilion, Chen Dong’s attention was indeed initially attracted by the screen of the Eighty-seven Gods and Immortals Scroll.

However, after he had been trained by the Kunlun devil, not only were his physical abilities and fighting skills improving, but even his combat touch had improved considerably.

The sharp eyes behind the screen, even if they merely swept over him, he caught them.

After all, the feeling of being locked in a gaze when facing each other directly was extraordinarily strong!

It was just that, at that time, Zhou Yanqiu had come in and pulled it straight to the Eighty-seven Divine Immortal Scrolls, and since Zhou Yanqiu was helping to cover it up, he could only follow it towards the Eighty-seven Divine Immortal Scrolls.

Chen Dong was clear that Zhou Yanqiu had helped him so much before, most likely because of Elder Long.

A man’s name was a shadow of a tree, and the first person who could make Zhou Yanqiu open the Heavenly Pavilion was Chen Tiansheng, who he thought of behind the screen.

That was why he asked Elder Long about Chen Tiansheng’s movements.

Only, if the person behind the screen was not Chen Tiansheng, then who was it?

“Today I went to Zhou Yanqiu’s dinner party and met someone, hiding in the shadows, even Zhou Yanqiu was helping to cover it up.” Chen Dong said with a smile.

Long Lao chuckled, “Young Master, there are only eternal interests in the world, there are no eternal friends, a magnate like Zhou Yanqiu also knows to tend to follow the trend and avoid harm.”

“I understand.” Chen Dong hesitated for a moment, “Please ask Elder Long to help investigate the movements of Chen Tiansheng in the family.”

“Old slave understands.”

Elder Long nodded, “Chen Tiansheng is more calm and patient than Chen Tianyang, if he conceals his movements and comes to the city in a low profile, it would indeed be a great disadvantage to young master!”

“What I need now is time.” Chen Dong got up and turned around to walk towards the stairs.

The shantytown renovation project in the west of the city was steadily underway.

His Dingtai, too, needed to take advantage of the shantytown renovation project and soar to great heights.

There was no room for error in the middle of this!

When Dingtai completes the shantytown renovation project in the west of the city, no one in the city will be able to suppress him!

Even if Zhou Yanqiu and Zhou Zunlong joined forces, they could not!

The next morning.

Chen Dong came to work at Dingtai early.

Early in the morning, he called Xiao Ma and the others in charge into his office and announced a heavy news.

After hearing it, Xiao Ma and the others all exploded.

“Brother Dong, you, think carefully, pre-selling three properties at the same time, this, this is too risky!”

Xiao Ma was a bit worried: “Although our project in the west of the city is hot all over the city, pre-selling three at the same time will largely distract home buyers and reduce the pre-sale effect.”

“Right, Brother Dong, our project in the west of the city is just a chicken that lays golden eggs now, as long as we walk steadily enough, all the meat can be eaten, there is no need to be in such a hurry.”

“Brother Dong, Brother Xiao Ma has a good point, lowering the pre-sale effect, if in is rendered by the peers one, it could be harmful to the property prices in the west of the city.”


Listening to the discussion of the people in charge.

Chen Dong rubbed his temples: “I have a number in my heart, so it’s settled.”

He was able to climb to the position of vice president with three years, so little eyesight, he had.

But he couldn’t take his time now, he had to get his capital back as soon as possible and grow Dingtai.

Seeing Chen Dong’s determination, Xiao Ma and the others could do nothing about it, and after answering, they left the office.

In the office, it was quiet.

Chen Dong rubbed his temples tiredly, “I would like to wait and maximise the benefits, but what if the matter with Yike, explodes?”

Long Lao’s return, the man in Zhou Yan’s autumn pavilion, and Zhou Zunlong’s hatred, all sounded alarm bells for him.

In the end, the shantytown area project in the west of the city could make him eat with his mouth full, all with the help of the news thrown up by the Chen family’s Yike.

The tiger’s skin is a big drum, and anyone else would be able to bang it loudly.

But his father, whom he has never met, is not the only one in the family, and once the fake news of Yike’s arrival in the city is broken, he will be in a dilemma.

Once the fake news of Yike’s arrival in the city is broken, he will be in a dilemma, if the tiger skin is broken, the drum will not be able to beat loudly.


Inside the Zhou family villa.

The Zhou family’s villa was in an onyx state.

Overnight, the Zhou family villa was turned into a spirit hall.

The air was filled with the pungent smell of smoke and fire.

It was also interspersed with the sounds of sobbing and crying in grief.

“Zun Long ah …… Xiao Hao is your cousin, you, you can’t let him die in vain like this ……” a woman was in grief and tears.

Zhou Zun Long stood silently by, looking at the effigy of Zhou Hao hanging in the middle of the hearse and gritting his teeth.

“Someone! Get me Chen Dong, come and drape my brother in mourning!”