Winner Takes All Chapter 909-910

Chapter 909

Bai Qi’s words echoed in the silent room.

A solemnity pervades.

The air seemed to freeze, heavy to the extreme.

Each of the Golden Guards looked solemn and even a little gloomy.

Even Huo Zhenxiao’s eyes were downcast at this moment.

Outside the Northern Region, there were hundreds of tribes.

The Xiongnu tribe is the most deserving and undisputed royal tribe.

Believing in the Heavenly Wolf and calling themselves the Snowy Cang Wolves, the tribe has always been the strongest of the hundred tribes in the icy lands beyond the Northern Region.

It is also because of the wolf-like arrogance that this royal tribe has always been at odds with the hundred tribes.

In the eyes of the Huns, they were either subservient or hostile to the hundred tribes!

Even so, surrounded by the hundred tribes, the Xiongnu tribe still stood out from the rest, ignoring the threat of the hundred tribes!

This is the strength and confidence that comes from strength, and the pride that comes from the bones and blood of every Xiongnu clan member.

King Lone …… Wolf Pride ……

Since the establishment of the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army, facing the attacks of the Xiongnu tribes, even Huo Zhenxiao has never dared to be careless and underestimate.

Off …… this time, the Cang Wolf put down his lone pride, the face that the king’s clan put down.

The Cang Wolf chose to be in the company of dissident fierce beasts, and the royal clan was willing to be in a group with the va*sal clan.

This news made everyone’s heart and mind clench.

The news released therein made it clear that the joining of the Hundred Clans was approaching success indefinitely.

After all, the Heavenly Wolf royal clan had already put aside their status and held the Hundred Clans Order in their hands, so what about the rest of the clans?

“This is a catastrophe!”

Huo Zhenxiao’s voice broke the dead silence in the room.

But it was a single word that caused the expressions of Bai Qi and the Golden Guards to change drastically, their hearts and minds shaking.

With the domineering outlook of Huo Zhenxiao, to be able to say such words in one sentence, this was …… a first!

The vast momentum that could be formed by the joining of the hundred clans would be like the sword that breaks the sky, cutting across the heavens and falling on top of Zhenjiang City.

Even, with these words from Huo Zhenxiao, Bai Qi and the Golden Guards had no doubt.

When this heavenly sword fell, Zhenjiang City would …… disintegrate in a very short period of time!

“The most urgent task is to find a way to deal with it, after two years of delaying it is finally too much to delay.”

Bai Qi’s voice was low, he was once the leading guard of the Twelve Golden Guards, when the Hundred Clans Order first appeared, he was among those who deliberated, but at this time Bai Qi’s voice was somewhat melancholy and helpless: “However, no one could have imagined that the Hundred Clans outside the domain that had been attacking and killing each other for thousands of years would put aside all their prejudices and actually wring themselves into a force in just two years, this is hilarious. ”

Huo Zhenxiao laughed helplessly.

The rest of the Golden Guards also looked at each other, despondent and helpless to the extreme.

The Hundred Clans Order had first been discovered two years ago, and the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army had never had too strong a means of stopping it, most notably because everyone did not believe that the Hundred Clans Order could actually succeed.

The blood feud created by thousands of years of fighting between the hundred tribes outside the domain is almost impossible to completely wipe out under normal circumstances, let alone join forces.

Once they joined forces, perhaps there would be enemies among the two tribes who had killed each other’s entire families.

But this time, in two years, the Hundred Tribes Order …… succeeded!

“This matter should immediately ask for help, with the majestic soldiers of the four-sided frontier, but there is enough capital for a battle!”

“No! If all the soldiers from the four frontiers flock to the Northern Region, who will guard the borderlands of the remaining three parties? Although the pressure of suppressing those places is easier than our Great Snow Dragon Riders, don’t forget that people who are not of our race will have different hearts. Once they have a chance to take advantage of the situation, the barbarians outside the frontiers of the other three sides will definitely attack with their troops.

“The first thing you need to do is to ask for help, we will go north and destroy two or three small tribes, so that the blood and the fire of war will spill the iron blood of our Great Snow Dragon Riding Army, so that the hundred tribes will not dare to invade.”


The Golden Guards discussed among themselves.

However, even when discussing, the Golden Guards always kept their sanity and did not shout loudly.

This matter was a top secret that stopped at the Golden Guards!

At this moment, even if the Hundred Extra-territorial Clans had not yet marched off, once word spread among the Great Snow Dragon Riders, the impact would be absolutely immeasurable.

No one dared to be paralyzed and careless as the morale of the army was at stake.

Bai Qi listened to the Golden Guards’ discussion, his brows furrowed as he pondered.

When the Hundred Clans Order had first appeared, this discussion before him had still occurred.

However, at that time, everyone was certain that the chances of the Hundred Clans joining forces were small to none, plus it was difficult to obtain deep sub-intelligence about the Hundred Clans Order from the Hundred Clans outside the domain, so the matter had been in limbo.

At this time, the Sword of the Vault had already taken shape.

Listening to the Golden Guards’ discussion, Bai Qi’s heart was laughing a little.

He raised his eyes and looked at Huo Zhenxiao who was meditating with his eyes closed.

Bai Qi took a step forward and cupped his fist, “Sovereign, why don’t we go with your and Dragon Head Chen’s plan?”


The Golden Guards who were deliberating fell silent at the same time, looking at Bai Qi in dismay.

The Golden Guard surnamed Liu who had brought Bai Qi in earlier said incredulously, “Bai Qi, what are you talking about? It’s true that Dragon Head Chen is a leading guard, but he has no battlefield experience at all, what do you mean his plan with the master?”

“But the suggestion of the headman Chen is indeed the optimal solution at hand!”

Bai Qi said calmly, “And, I believe that this plan has also been in the master’s mind for a long time, it’s just that it’s too difficult to implement, so the master has never brought it up.”

“This ……”

The Golden Guard surnamed Liu frowned in confusion as he looked at Huo Zhenxiao who had his eyes closed.

At the same time, the Golden Guards present also looked at Huo Zhenxiao in astonishment.


Their thoughts were the same as Liu’s Golden Guard’s.

Although Chen Dong had been promoted up by Huo Zhenxiao in the line of fire, replacing Bai Qi’s position as the leading guard, he was surrounded by glory under one person and above ten thousand others.

But a man who had never been in battle, even if he was strong, lacked real battlefield experience, and his advice was no different from that of a soldier on paper.

On the contrary, Bai Qi was certain that Chen Dong’s suggestion was the same as Huo Zhenxiao’s idea!

“Phew ……”

Huo Zhenxiao exhaled a breath, sword eyebrows relaxed, tightly closed starry eyes slowly opened, at this moment, the gaze is sunken between, but killing intent surging, harsh as a sharp edge.

Faced with the curiosity and doubt of the Golden Guards, Huo Zhenxiao spoke calmly.

Huo Zhenxiao calmly opened his voice: “I know you won’t believe it, but in this world, there will always be those incredible geniuses who appear, even without the slightest experience, just talking on paper, can hit the nail on the head and talk about the most painful key.”


The Golden Guards were struck by lightning.

Huo Zhenxiao’s words were just like confirming what Bai Qi had said.

But …… how was this possible?

Huo Zhenxiao’s right fingertips lightly tapped the tabletop: “Operation Decapitation, planting evidence, igniting the fire of hatred between the Hundred Clans, and re-dividing the Hundred Clans, such a plan will not only minimise losses, it is also the most effective method.”

“Asking for help from the four directions, the drawbacks and hidden dangers are too great, as for a large army leaving the country, razing the tribes and shocking the hundred tribes, if it is really effective, is there still less tribes that I have brought you to destroy …… over the years?

Chapter 910

The last sentence was straight to the point.

It left the Golden Guards speechless.

Since its inception, the Great Snow Dragon Cavalry Army had been a powerful force that had been breaking through the northern frontier, destroying and crushing a realm.

There were not a few tribes that had been destroyed.

But the tribes that have been destroyed have only chilled the hearts and fears of the hundred tribes outside the realm, but they have never broken the determination of the hundred tribes to move south.

Occasional incursions and skirmishes.

In this northern frontier area, it has long since become the norm.

Those who had achieved the position of Golden Guard were already battle-hardened, and as Huo Zhenxiao pointed out the key points, the crowd naturally reacted quickly and even thought more.

“Sovereign, even if we were to carry out a beheading operation, but the hundred tribes outside the domain, who would be the target?”

One of the Golden Guards clasped his fist and inquired.

At those words.

The crowd frowned in contemplation as they murmured.

“For the hundred tribes outside the domain, the beheading of a small tribe is not enough to shake the hundred tribes to join forces, but if it is a large tribe, the difficulty factor of the beheading operation will skyrocket.”

“Perhaps, we can start directly with the Hun clan?”

“The Xiongnu royal court is deep in the extreme cold of the Northern Region, if we want to cross into the Xiongnu royal clan’s sphere of influence, we will have to cross at least a dozen clans’ spheres of influence along the way, and this alone will be extremely difficult.”

“The Khitan and Shura clans are among the top 100 clans in terms of strength, and they have been feuding with the Xiongnu clan for many years, so they are good targets.

As one of the Golden Guards proposed, the rest of the Golden Guards’ eyes brightened up.

Compared to the Xiongnu royal family, the Khitan and Shura tribes were indeed easier to get.

And the difficulty factor was not just a notch lower!

“Sovereign, the Khitan and Shura tribes are indeed suitable choices.”

Bai Qi was also clear in his mind and said to Huo Zhenxiao with a clasped fist, “Among them is the Khitan tribe, which is even separated from our northern frontier by only one small or medium-sized tribe’s power territory, so if we choose the Khitan tribe, it will greatly reduce the risk factor of our infiltration.”

The Golden Guards nodded their heads.

A decapitation operation, this was going straight to the top leader of a clan.

In the process, all possible risks had to be carefully considered, and if we were not careful, the whole clan would be mobilised.

And because of the need to infiltrate, if the clan leader chosen for beheading is too far away from Zhenjiang City and too many other clan forces are interspersed, not only will it be impossible to rescue him, but the truth of the matter will even be exposed as a planted crime.

Over the years, the Great Snow Dragon Cavalry had been able to take control of the northern frontier and had carried out many beheadings, but the targets were mostly small and medium-sized clans, and this was the first time that a beheading was planned for an upper-middle level clan like the Khitan!


However, Huo Zhenxiao laughed lightly and swept a deep gaze at Bai Qi and the others, laughing teasingly, “You guys, have you forgotten about the cow herder?”


All of them froze at the same time.

One of the golden guards suddenly reacted, “Is the master referring to …… the Turk?”

“Apart from that cattle herding tribe in Turkic, who else is there?”

Huo Zhenxiao said with a smile.

At those words.

The crowd instantly looked different.

Rao Bai Qi was also in deep contemplation.

As the former head guard of the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army, he knew all about the hundred tribes outside the domain.

The reason for the shooting of the wild cattle that swarmed the city fifteen days ago, the fundamental reason why everyone was on strict alert at that time, was that the crisis that had arisen when the black cattle were used as cover and thus attacked the city was caused by the Turkic clan!

Compared to other tribes, the Turkic tribes are more pure, living as herdsmen and migrating on horseback.

And according to the data of the Great Snow Dragon Riders over the years, 70% of the black cattle attacks on the city were carried out by the Turkic tribe.

Perhaps this big figure would make it seem that the Turkic tribes were foolish to keep persistently using the same trick.

But Bai Qi knew in his heart how dangerous this move really was.

The first time or two, the army would let down their guard, and then suddenly, in one of the black bull attacks, they would hide a large number of killers.

Faced with the herds of cattle running through the snow and wind, the Great Snow Dragon Riders have now become accustomed to killing as many as they can, regardless of the cost.

The reason is that no one knows for sure which of these raids will suddenly bring out a large number of Turkic killers!

Just ……


The Turkic tribe was indeed lower in strength compared to the Khitan tribe and the Shura tribe, in the middle of the 100 tribes, or even a little lower, but it was also higher than the tribes targeted in all the beheadings of the Great Snow Dragon Riders.

What’s more, the Turkic tribe is nowhere nearer to Zhenjiang City than the Khitan tribe, and instead has two more small tribes in its sphere of influence.


Huo Zhenxiao’s next words suddenly enlightened Bai Qi and the Golden Guards.

“The Turkic tribes have sold their daughters for glory and have long since become va*sal tribes of the Xiongnu kings, selling their daughters time and again in exchange for a large number of cattle, where else do you think they got so many cattle to launch their attack on the city?”


This one sentence instantly caused everyone to react.

The relationship between the Turkic tribes and the Xiongnu kings among the hundred tribes outside the Northern Region had become almost universally known among the hundred tribes.

There were even many tribes that were extremely unashamed of the Turkic clan’s choice.

Most of the black cattle used in the raids launched by the Turkic tribes against Zhenjiang City over the years were supplied by the Xiongnu royal court!

With the strength of the va*sal clans under the Xiongnu royal court, it was simply too easy to put together the herds of black cattle that the Turkic clans had used to launch one attack on the city after another.

In exchange, the Turkic clan had already married the Xiongnu clan, and by marrying the best women of their clan into the Xiongnu royal family, they could obtain the resources of the Xiongnu royal family and its subordinate clans to support them.

After thinking about it.

“Right! If we behead the leader of the Turkic clan, although the risk factor of infiltration will increase, but the interval between the city and Zhenjiang is the area of influence of a small clan, so the risk factor of infiltration in turn will not increase too much, and the strength of the Turkic clan is only in the middle tier, weaker than both the Khitan clan and the Shura clan, so it will be easier for us to behead them.”

One Golden Guard’s gaze was fiery as he spoke eloquently, “Moreover, because of the marriage between the Turkic clan and the Xiongnu royal family, once the leader of the Turkic clan is killed, it is able to directly shake the Xiongnu royal family, thus with the power of the royal family, it is definitely able to easily shake the hundred clans together!”

For a moment, the eyes of the crowd of golden guards looked at Huo Zhenxiao with awe.

Huo Zhenxiao’s words also confirmed what Bai Qi had said to all the Golden Guards earlier.

For this crisis, Huo Zhenxiao actually had a plan in mind!

“Let’s all go down first, I still have to think carefully about this matter and when exactly to do it.”

Huo Zhenxiao waved his hand to signal the Golden Guards to leave, while looking at Bai Qi: “Bai Qi stays behind.”

Only after the Golden Guards had all left did Bai Qi ask, “Sovereign, what are your orders?”

Huo Zhenxiao rubbed his chin and said, “You list the detailed intelligence of the Extra-terrestrial Hundred Clans, and when Chen Dong comes to the practice room to train tonight, I want to ask him what he thinks.”

“The Sovereign already has his mind made up, why ……”

Bai Qi was filled with dismay, only halfway through his sentence, he suddenly stopped abruptly.

Because he reacted, Huo Zhenxiao such a practice, as if it was not really asking Chen Dong’s opinion, but …… cultivation, or rather, a*sessment!