Winner Takes All Chapter 895-896

Chapter 895

A sudden scene.

It caused the Dragon Riding Battle Sword training squad to give an abrupt halt.

Everyone looked at Chen Dong with dismay, or to be precise, the person who had cleaved off the Dragon Riding Sword in Chen Dong’s hand.

Chen Dong looked furious as he raised his eyes to the man in front of him.

This was a black man with a beard and a face that gave him a rugged and fierce look.

At this moment, he was glaring at him with rounded tiger eyes.

“I didn’t provoke you.”

Chen Dong said calmly, before raising his Dragon Rider Battle Sword once again.

But just as he was halfway through raising it, the black man raised his Dragon Rider Battlesword once again.


A blade fell like a mountain pressing down.

The Dragon Rider Battlesword in Chen Dong’s hand once again fell to the ground.

This moment.

Chen Dong’s face was completely cold, as if the wind and snow in this northern realm was so cold that it pierced the bones.

The many soldiers on this square of the school yard also revealed a look of shock and anger.

The schoolyard was filled with squares for the daily drill.

The rules of the Great Snow Dragon Cavalry were that there were no hard and fast rules on what each one was willing to practice after completing the systematic drill.

What’s more, in their eyes, Chen Dong was just a new recruit who had joined the army for a few days.

When they were practising, they were each practising their own thing, and there was very little time for friction to arise.

What’s more, no one would be stupid enough to cause trouble for no reason on such a big occasion.

The sword is a soldier’s weapon, and it is also a weapon that protects his life in battle.

No soldier in the army would ever allow his sword to be slashed without a word!

This is humiliation!

Naked humiliation!

Not far away.

Bai Qi’s face was grim as he watched Chen Dong and the black man.

He had watched everything that had just happened.

At this moment, when he saw Chen Dong’s Dragon Rider Sabre being chopped down again, he immediately walked over with a frosty face.

At the same time.

Black Hanzi had already said sternly, “You new recruit, I’ve put up with you for a few days, D*mn it, you’ve joined our Great Snow Dragon Rider Army and you’re still idle and lazy, are you worthy of the Dragon Rider Battle Sword in your hand?”

A word was spoken.

The soldiers in the Dragon Riding War Daggers’ squad revealed odd looks of contempt.

Was it so obvious that you were causing trouble for no reason?

In the past few days, everyone had seen Chen Dong’s practice of the Dragon Riding War Daggers blade technique.

Even though some people were dissatisfied with Chen Dong’s idle and lazy appearance, no one had said a word more.

This was because everyone knew that the reason for working hard to get stronger was to have a better chance of surviving on the battlefield.

And Chen Dong’s irresponsible approach to his own life, they are not guilty of doing anything to stop it, after all, life is their own ……

There was also a part of the group that was speculating that Chen Dong was actually using the time he was dazed to digest the Dragon Rider Battle Sword blade technique when he did this.

And the way Black Hanzi was acting right now, in everyone’s eyes, they really couldn’t think of any other adjective other than it was a no-brainer.

“How am I not worthy?”

Chen Dong laughed back in anger, facing Black Hanzi, but looking straight into the other party’s eyes, his expression even a little teasing: “What you can’t see, describe it as idle and slack, how I practice, what business is it of yours?”

He was clear.

In the army, it was ultimately a place that relied on strength to speak.

To simply back down would instead be seen as an act of cowardice.

Such is human nature that sometimes, if you take a step back, others may not necessarily do so, or may even take another step straight forward.

And the black man is clearly one of these people!

“Is this the tone you take when you talk to the Centurion?”

Black Hanzi was arrogant and said in a deep voice, “I am the Centurion of the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army, so I have the responsibility and authority to correct the behaviour of this new recruit like you, you are bringing shame to the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army by being idle and lazy like this!”

Chen Dong’s brows knitted together.

While angry, he was also a little baffled.

Feeling incomprehensible at Black Han’s sudden appearance to berate him.

Until, Bai Qi walked over.

“Centurion Wang, my soldiers are still out of your hands!”

Bai Qi said in a deep voice: “Even if I, Bai Qi, am an army commander, and even if Chen Dong is a new recruit, he is not under Commander Xiao’s command, so even if you want to intervene and reprimand him, it would be the top of our section who would do so.

A centurion under Commander Xiao’s command?

Chen Dong suddenly understood, and his eyes quickly looked towards the distant fighting skill training squad.

Sure enough!

In the middle of the hot square, Commander Xiao was silently standing in place, looking at this side, looking out of place with the crowd around him.

Did he let the dogs bite?

Chen Dong raised his hand, rubbed his nose, and his eyes gradually narrowed.

At this time, the black man did not notice Chen Dong’s change at all, and as Bai Qi appeared, the black man’s attention fell on Bai Qi.

At the same time, his heart was pleased and elated.

What he needed was this scene in front of him.

“Bai Qi, as the leader of the army, you condone such idleness and negligence of the new recruits, do you know that this is against the military law!”

With a blazing smile, Wang Baifu, at this moment, as if he had struck Bai Qi’s nail on the head, directly brought up the military law as soon as he spoke.

One word came out.

Bai Qi’s expression suddenly sank.

The soldiers around him also changed their faces.

In the Great Snow Dragon Rider Army, the biggest duty of a new recruit leader was to lead the new recruits to adapt to the Great Snow Dragon Rider Army, and to supervise their rapid advancement within a short period of time.

In other words.

Chen Dong’s idleness and negligence was a dereliction of duty on Bai Qi’s part!

The word dereliction of duty was written squarely in the military law.

It was just that everyone looked at Centurion Wang with a strange expression on their faces, and even some hot-tempered ones showed their contempt.

It was true that dereliction of duty was included in the military law, but since the creation of the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army, it was true that the head of the new recruits had the duty to supervise the new recruits, but this trivial point was not even bothered about.

It was clear to everyone that all it took was one battle and even the most idle soldier would be motivated to train.

But now, the centurion is bringing it to the fore!

And in a different battalion, he intervened beyond his authority.

This is no way to interfere with a dog’s business!

“Has there ever been any dereliction of duty on the part of Captain Bai? I’ve never been idle or negligent. A man’s word is his word. Since you’ve said this, then I, a new recruit, dare to ask Centurion Wang to try out my Dragon Riding Sword!”

A cold, teasing voice suddenly rang out.

The voice appeared at the same time.

All the people felt the wind and snow silence, catching the words clearly in their ears.

Immediately afterwards.

There was an uproar.

A new recruit …… challenging a Centurion?

Is that crazy?

“Hahahahaha ……”

Centurion Wang first froze, then his pitch-black face leered into the pitch-black sky and laughed wantonly and wildly.

The next second.

Centurion Wang suddenly lowered his head and glared at Chen Dong with fierce tiger eyes, “You want to challenge me? You’re a new recruit who hasn’t even grown any hair, who are you to challenge me?”

Bai Qi was the only one who looked back and the corners of his mouth curled up in a faintly detectable smile.

Chen Dong, on the other hand, faced with Centurion Wang’s angry scorn, but he frowned slightly and sneered, “You don’t dare?”

Chapter 896

You wouldn’t dare?

The three words were filled with endless contempt and disdain.

Even if Chen Dong sneered and spoke them softly, they still sounded like rolling thunder, blasting in everyone’s ears.

Centurion Wang froze in his tracks, the corners of his eyes leaping wildly.

And the soldiers in the Dragon Riding War Daggers’ square could no longer contain themselves at this moment, and there was an uproar.

“Crazy, crazy, this kid is crazy! How dare he challenge Centurion Wang?”

“A mere new recruit, where did he get the guts to challenge Centurion Wang? Doesn’t he know how many heads have to be beheaded in the hands of a Centurion before he can achieve it?”

“My God! This kid is too crazy, where on earth did he get the confidence? After only three days of practicing the Dragon Rider Battle Sword, he wants to challenge Centurion Wang with the Dragon Rider Battle Sword Blade Technique?”

“BullSh*t! The Dragon Riding Battle Sword is simply a sword technique to resist bullets, it’s not suitable for sparring at all!”


Daoist shouts of shock rose and fell.

At this moment, everyone was dumbfounded.

Chen Dong’s words were overbearing and rampant in their ears, so extreme that it was as if he didn’t know what he was doing!

Bai Qi was the only one whose faint, untraceable smile at the corner of his mouth could finally be seen by the naked eye.

He looked at Chen Dong and raised his hand to land on Chen Dong’s shoulder, “Good boy!”

As for Chen Dong, he was one of the few people within the entire Great Snow Dragon Riding Army who knew him well!

Even more so than the other Golden Guards.

Because he had personally fought with Chen Dong back then!

Relying on his fighting instincts, Chen Dong was able to make him suffer greatly.

Not to mention a mere centurion.

In the eyes of ordinary soldiers, a Centurion was indeed powerful.

In the eyes of some ranked ones, the gap between a recruit and a centurion was like a gap in the sky.

But Bai Qi was clear that Centurion Wang was not even worthy to mention Chen Dong’s shoes!

“Don’t you …… know how to write the word “death”?”

The frothing and sulking Centurion Wang, with a fierce face and a rage in his chest that seemed like a volcano, gritted his teeth in anger.


A great disgrace!

He had been instructed by Commander Xiao to deliberately use Chen Dong as bait to lure Bai Qi out, to give Bai Qi an excuse to add insult to injury.

But he had never expected that a new recruit who had only been with the Great Snow Dragon Riders for five days would have the courage to fear death!

Even ordinary soldiers, not to mention new recruits, are like ants in the eyes of a centurion.

A Centurion, as the name suggests, is the one who is in charge of a hundred soldiers.

Under him were the captains of ten men and the chiefs of five men.

Under his command, which soldier did not treat him with respect and deference?

But this new recruit under Bai Qi’s command was so rigid!

With a wave of his hand, a word directly pressed him to the ground in public and rubbed him fiercely!

“Do you …… dare?”

Faced with Centurion Wang’s stern shout that gritted his teeth, Chen Dong stepped forward with a sharp edge.

At this moment, Chen Dong’s eyes were cold and biting.

Even when Centurion Wang and Chen Dong looked at each other, they could not help but be shaken to the core.

The rage that washed over them had stirred up their reasoning, but at this moment, they suddenly had a few moments of clarity.

The atmosphere between the two men was, in an instant, as stern as the snow and wind in the sky.

Bai Qi, on the other hand, did not say a word, and indifferently took a step backwards.

At that very moment.

Not far away, Meng Dabiao, Sun Kong and Zhou Yao all came running over.

“Chief Bai, what happened?”

Meng Dabiao was the first to speak up and asked, “Want to fight? We can help!”

The words instantly seemed to stir up the tense nerves of Centurion Wang.

He glared angrily at Meng Dabiao and his teeth gritted.

Were all of Bai Qi’s soldiers this rigid?

Bai Qi smiled and explained, “It’s no big deal, this Centurion Wang under Commander Xiao wants to try out Chen Dong’s Dragon Rider Battle Sword blade technique.”

As he said that, Bai Qi even winked at Meng Dabiao and the three of them.

Meng Dabiao, Sun Kong and Zhou Yao were instantly stunned, and the three of them looked at each other.

Try out a sword technique?

Is there something wrong with that?

As Chen Dong’s teammates, they had witnessed Chen Dong’s terrifying combat power during their first scouting patrol!

Even if he hadn’t mastered the Dragon Rider’s sabre, he was still able to wield his sabre like a master, waving his hand and knocking over even a war horse!

When Bai Qi introduced Centurion Wang, he specifically mentioned Commander Xiao, clearly meaning something.

Meng Dabiao rubbed his nose and smiled, looking seriously at Centurion Wang: “Centurion Wang, I advise you to calm down.”


The moment the words left his mouth.

The Centurion, who had regained some of his senses, was struck by lightning and his tiger body shook violently.

Calm down?

Shouldn’t this be said to Chen Dong?

Why did it come to me?

All of a sudden, anger flared up, and Centurion Wang’s teeth clacked together, making it difficult for him to control himself.

One Chen Dong was still enough to shame him!

Now this new soldier who had appeared in front of him was like throwing a bucket of gasoline directly on his anger.

The man …… was about to explode!

“Good, then I will try your swordsmanship today!”

The words fell.

Bai Qi was the one who stepped back a distance with Meng Dabiao’s four men.

No one in the Dragon Rider’s formation had the heart to continue with the drill, all of them were looking at Chen Dong and Centurion Wang with burning eyes.

Chen Dong’s rampage was beyond anyone’s expectations.

But since both sides had already decided to fight, it didn’t stop them from watching the battle!

In a military camp, there was no shortage of fights.

Not to mention the Great Snow Dragon Riders, who fought with cold weapons.

If such things were forbidden, there would not be a place like the Dragon Breaker in the Great Snow Dragon Riders’ army.

On the Broken Dragon Terrace, people could still be maimed to death!

“Hoo ……”

Chen Dong took a step back and exhaled a mouthful of hot air.

His right foot simultaneously retreated, dragging the Dragon Rider Battle Sword in his hand to the ground.

This was the starting stance of the Dragon Rider Battle Sword, and it was also the stance that Chen Dong felt could best use the Dragon Rider Battle Sword like an arm.


The centurion snorted, but took a step back, while raising his Dragon Riding Sword with both hands, not hiding his contempt for Chen Dong: “You only know how to follow the stance, you are really an idle and slow person, don’t you think that when the stance is pure, any move can be used as the starting stance? There is a way to heaven, but there is no way to hell. ……”


Chen Dong’s eyes narrowed and a cold light burst out.

Centurion Wang’s words were interrupted and he instantly became furious to the extreme.


An explosive roar.

In an instant, the muscles in Wang’s arms rose up like rocks, wielding his Dragon Rider Saber and rushing towards Chen Dong, his Dragon Rider Saber in his hand, bringing with it the sound of wind and snow as it slashed down on Chen Dong head on!

In a flash of lightning.

There was no shortage of voices of those present who drew in cold air.

From their point of view, there was no suspense in the contest of strength between a new recruit and a Centurion!

Even if this new recruit had some status in another army before entering the Great Snow Dragon Riders, he was still just a new recruit in the Great Snow Dragon Riders.

The Great Snow Dragon Cavalry is very different from any other army!

In their eyes, even if Chen Dong was able to fight off a few slashes, the final result would be no surprise!

And Chen Dong would be in a terrible mess!

“Chief Bai, watch out!”

Suddenly, Chen Dong, who had dragged his sword into his starting stance, shouted with a laugh.

Bai Qi, who was watching the battle from afar, froze for a moment, and then his eyes instantly went round.

In his sight.

In a very short time, Chen Dong flicked the hilt of the Dragon Rider’s sword with the palm of his right hand, and then held the sword with his backhand.

The next second.

Facing Centurion Wang who had rushed closer, Chen Dong did not meet him head on, but instead fiercely turned his back and twisted his waist.


The Dragon Rider Battle Sword was carried straight into the air as Chen Dong spun.

This was the same move that Bai Qi had used to block two bullets in opposite directions at that time!

Bang Teen!

A loud sound, like a thunderclap, shook everyone’s heart and caused it to contract violently.

It was accompanied by a large burst of sparks.

Centurion Wang stopped abruptly in place, the Dragon Rider Battle Sword in his hand, having flipped and flown out.

Chen Dong, on the other hand, was holding the Dragon Rider Warblade in his backhand, with his back facing Centurion Wang.

At this moment …… the whole room was dead silent.

One blade, shaking ten thousand people!