Winner Takes All Chapter 893-894

Chapter 893


The schoolyard was filled with shouts of astonishment.

It was as if the wind and snow were silent.

Not only was Chen Dong dumbfounded, but most of those who saw this scene were in a state of shock.

One had to know that there were not many people in the 300,000 Great Snow Dragon Riders who knew the Dragon Rider’s sword technique, but there were definitely not many.

The tidal wave of shrieks at this moment were coming from the mouths of those who did not know it, or those who knew it but were not proficient.


Hoo ……

With the backwards dragging of the Dragon Rider battle sword just now, it spun in place and even set off a whirlwind at Bai Qi’s feet, stirring up the wind and snow.

At this point, with the two bullets landing, Bai Qi fixed his body, and the whirlwind around him was also clearly present, or at least the trajectory of the churning snowflakes, which was not the normal trajectory at all.

The next second.

Bai Qi turned around brazenly and knelt on one knee facing the lone standing figure from before.

With that, a thunderous voice of respect echoed through the schoolyard.

“Bai Qi, thank you for testing the gun with the Lord!”

Rumble ……

Before the words fell, all the people in the schoolyard turned around, some shocked, some appalled, and some with respectful faces ……

Without exception, all of them, just like Bai Qi, boomed and knelt down on one knee.

With a voice like a thunderclap, they shouted in unison.

“Greetings to the Lord!”

Rumble ……

The unison shout was like thunder, rushing up into the night sky of Zhenjiang City and spreading out in all directions.

Within the Great Snow Dragon Riders’ army, Huo Zhenxiao held supreme status!

He had given the Great Snow Dragon Riders countless glories and merits.

He is the one who has given the Northern Territory frontier peace and tranquillity.

He is also the pillar of Zhenjiang City, the 300,000-strong Great Snow Dragon Riding Army, the soul of the army!

And on weekdays, during the early morning drills, Huo Zhenxiao rarely appeared, at most the Twelve Golden Guards would lead the drills and patrol the scene.

No one could have imagined that today, the Lord would come to the schoolyard himself!

Moreover, he personally tested Bai Qi’s Dragon Riding Sword sabre technique with his spear!

For the soldiers, this was an honour and an opportunity!

For it might give the Sovereign a few pointers on the spur of the moment!

Of course, there were those who knew Bai Qi’s identity and therefore did not have much hope for the so-called chance, but it was a unique honour to have the Sovereign try it out himself!

The whole room knelt, except for Chen Dong who turned to look at Huo Zhenxiao in the distance, standing majestically and hesitantly.



A stone flew in from a diagonal and struck Chen Dong on the back bend of his left knee.

Chen Dong’s body swayed and he fell to the ground on one knee.

When he turned his head around, it was Bai Qi who was really staring at him, and it was obviously Bai Qi who had struck too.

“Continue the drill!”

In the distance, Huo Zhenxiao’s voice, like a holy voice, pa*sed over.

Although the voice was not loud, it fell with eerie clarity to everyone’s ears.

When Chen Dong looked up again, in the distant darkness, there was no longer any trace of Huo Zhenxiao.

As Huo Zhenxiao left, all the sergeants rose, moving in unison, and even a simple rise made a loud booming sound.

Because of Huo Zhenxiao’s appearance, it was as if he had given all the soldiers a dose of chicken blood, and when the drill resumed, all the soldiers drilled even harder, their voices like a tidal wave, restoring the noise and fervour in the schoolyard once again.

“Get up.”

Bai Qi walked to Chen Dong’s side and helped him up.

His eyes, however, glanced at the direction Huo Zhenxiao had left, and then at the direction from which the bullets had just been fired from a very different and opposite direction.

Then he laughed softly and said in a voice that only he and Chen Dong could hear, “The master is quite attached to you, he personally arrived at the first drill, and even went out of his way to show up for you, using his gun to let me try out the Dragon Rider Battle Sword blade technique for you, those two life-threatening shots just now were also fired by the two Golden Guards.”

Chen Dong dumbfounded laugh.

This poker face …… is really a bit big!

At the same time.

The crowd was surging.

Commander Xiao was in the fighting technique square, only at this moment, he was waving his hand to his opponent, pretending to be out of breath as he signaled for a pause to rest.

When his opponent left, he swept away his tired and panting appearance just now and instead straightened his back, standing in the crowd, his gaze swept over the crowd with resentment and gloom, locking onto Bai Qi and muttering through gritted teeth, “D*mn it, he’s already been jerked into the rank of Wood Leader, why does the Sovereign still attach such importance to him? Could it be because the Dragon Head Guard is still vacant and intends to promote him back to the Dragon Head Guard again?”

As he said these words, the shadowy resentment in Commander Xiao’s eyes was thick to the core.

The fact that Bai Qi had been jerked off to the end was good news for anyone in the middle ranking officers, and to him, it was even more heavenly.

He knew that under Huo Zhenxiao were the Twelve Golden Guards, and of the Twelve Golden Guards, the Dragon Head Guard was the most respected.

Even if one of the Twelve Golden Guards had someone to fill the vacancy of the Dragon Head Guard, there were still several vacancies in the Golden Guards, and this was an important position that a group of middle ranking officers were competing with each other for!

But what he didn’t know was that the leader of the 12 Golden Guards had already changed hands.

And as for the incident when Bai Qi had entangled the Eleven Golden Guards together to turn on Chen Dong because of Jiang Chaotian’s affair, Huo Zhenxiao had concealed it from all the Great Snow Dragon Riders from the beginning to the end with a single hand of horizontal pressure that covered the sky.

Even a ranking officer like Commander Xiao never knew what had happened in the first place, only that there were vacancies in the Twelve Golden Guards ……!

“Humph! New grudge, old grudge, I am a titled commander, can’t I still compete for a job that you, a mere army commander, can’t compete for?”

The more he thought about it, the angrier Commander Xiao became, he felt a gnarled depression in his chest, fiercely clenched his teeth, and a fierce light shot out of his eyes, “At the necessary moment, Bai Qi you don’t blame me, the Commander, for killing with power, which is what you did when you killed my brother!”

Chen Dong and Bai Qi’s side.

Chen Dong asked Bai Qi in astonishment, “How on earth did you just do that?”

“Just by following the sword technique!” Bai Qi had a calm face.

“Not true!”

He said in a deep voice, “How could a man do that before the speed of a bullet, let alone two bullets being fired at the same time? ”

That was the hardest part for him to understand!

The two bullets were fired at the same time, and they should have arrived at the same time.

In this short moment, Bai Qi spun his sword in place and blocked both bullets!


In the face of a nearly bewildered and frenzied Chen Dong.

Bai Qi smiled spontaneously and handed the Dragon Rider Battle Sword in his hand to Chen Dong with a shake of his hand, “The Dragon Rider Battle Sword has a characteristic that the surface is covered with a layer of tough soft metal, which will leave a slight mark for a short period of time when a bullet or impact is made, before it returns to its original form under the effect of the memory metal.”

Chen Dong was stunned for a moment.

He then lifted the Dragon Rider Warblade and examined it in detail, the wide blade was covered with a bullet crater, very tiny, yet clearly discernible.

On top of the tip of the Dragon Rider’s blade, there was a crater that stood out.


Chen Dong jerked awake, on the blade were the craters from those bullets Bai Qi had initially fended off in the face of Huo Zhenxiao.

The first of the two bullets that had just come from two very different and opposite directions had been fired not with the blade, but with the tip of the blade.

Seeing Chen Dong’s understanding, Bai Qi raised his right hand and gently tapped his index finger on top of the hilt of the Dragon Riding Battle Sword.

With a teasing smile, he said, “The Dragon Rider Battle Sword’s blade play is a thrill, the second bullet crater, at the end of this hilt!”

Chapter 894

Chen Dong was horrified.

His eyes followed Bai Qi’s finger and fell to the end of the hilt of the Dragon Rider’s war sword.

A crater mark appeared in his eyes.

After a brief hesitation of two seconds, Chen Dong instantly reacted.

“That slash just now, the first bullet was directly blocked with the tip of the Dragon Riding Battlesword, while the second bullet was struck out with the end of the hilt of the Dragon Riding Battlesword, changing the trajectory of the bullet?”

“Yes, that’s right.”

Bai Qi nodded and smiled, “Only with such a way can a person reach the speed to resist two bullets in opposite directions at the same time.”

Chen Dong was secretly shocked.

Clenching his teeth, he sucked in a breath of cold air backwards.

Even with this method, he found it extremely difficult.

The speed of a bullet was definitely faster than a person.

Through this method, it could greatly shorten the time for the Dragon Rider Battle Sword to move during the process of blocking the bullets.

But even so, it would still be a complete test of the user’s strength, guts and also skill!

The first bullet is easy to block, and the danger is minimal.

But the second bullet, which strikes with the end of the hilt of the Dragon Rider, is the most dangerous.

The hilt is not as wide as the blade, and the slightest deviation during the impact could result in a bullet!

“For the Sovereign to create such a blade technique, it is truly unprecedented.”

Chen Dong heartily lamented, his understanding of Huo Zhenxiao elevated to another level in his mind.

Relying on the most ordinary and simple stances, and relying on the rigid and broad nature of the Dragon Rider Battle Sword, it had given a portion of the soldiers of the Great Snow Dragon Rider Army the means to block bullets.

In a trance, Chen Dong understood what Bai Qi called “returning to the basics”.

The battlefield was ever-changing, and the bullets were as fast as lightning.

Too many fancy fighting techniques would only increase the time to resist.

Only these simple moves can save more time in an instant.

It may seem simple, but when you really use it to resist a bullet, every minute of time is a chance to claim your life, and ordinary moves become as difficult as it is.

“Now you can learn.”

Bai Qi smiled and pointed at the Dragon Rider Battle Sword in Chen Dong’s hand, “When you look into it, the Dragon Rider Battle Sword’s blade technique is actually very simple and has fewer moves, but as you can see, in the entire Great Snow Dragon Rider Army, those who can comfortably perform the Dragon Rider Battle Sword blade technique today are really few compared to the total number of 300,000.”

“And those who are able to practice the sword technique to the point of perfection are even fewer in number.”

“For example, that spinning slash you just did?”

Chen Dong’s gaze flickered as he asked.

“That slash?”

Bai Qi smiled meaningfully, “That slash, there are less than a hundred people in the entire Great Snow Dragon Riding Army who can use it and succeed!”

Chen Dong was stunned.

That number, compared to the total number of the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army, was really a drop in the bucket.

“Alright, just now it was the Sovereign who specifically used me to show you the Dragon Rider Battle Sword Blade Technique, so what was shown to you was also the most difficult.”

Bai Qi raised his hand and patted Chen Dong’s shoulder, smiling meaningfully, “Just that blade just now, it took me a week of practice to master it back then, and when I actually blocked it, I was even wounded once by a bullet.”

“I’m off to practice my swordsmanship.”

Chen Dong nodded, collected all his thoughts and walked into the drill square holding his Dragon Rider Battle Sword.

At the same time, an instructor who was responsible for teaching the Dragon Riding Battle Sword greeted him.

The Dragon Riding Sword was not difficult, and even if one simply practised it, it looked really simple.

The instructor only explained the stances of the Dragon Riding Sword once, and Chen Dong had them all memorised before he joined the formation and practised with all the soldiers.

In the wind and snow.

The cold wind was biting.

Soon, Chen Dong felt a wave of heat venting out of his body.

He directly took off his shirt and exposed his upper body muscles.

Compared to the soldiers in the formation, Chen Dong’s muscles were “small”, and did not have that hideous, swollen look.

The impression was simply one of proportionality!

Extremely even, as if every angle, every inch, was a little more reckless and a little less weak.

But under every inch of muscle, there is infinite explosive power!

The dense heat, with the top off, rose from Chen Dong’s muscular skin.

The cold wind swept over Chen Dong’s body, but Chen Dong could not notice the slightest coldness, but rather some soothing coolness.

Snowflakes drifted down on Chen Dong’s body and were also evaporated into water vapor in an instant.

“Hoo …… continues!”

Chen Dong exhaled a breath of hot air and once again wielded his Dragon Rider Battle Sword.

The steps, the stances, the angles, every single detail, Chen Dong had worked hard to study, striving for the ultimate.

This was his attitude.

Either he did not practise, or he would practise towards the best.

If you are halfway through, what is the difference between that and not practising?

Buzz, buzz, buzz ……

As he danced with the Dragon Rider Battle Sword, a strong wind buzzed and whistled.

Chen Dong, however, had his brows knitted together, sometimes knowingly, sometimes thoughtfully.

His rhythm, which did not follow the soldiers in the square formation together, was not a mere drill.

Every now and then he would even pause and look at the Dragon Rider battle sword in his hands, dazed.

This scene was watched by the surrounding sergeants.

One after another, they revealed their doubts and even whispered.

“What the hell is this new recruit doing? How can he practise his swordsmanship when he stops every now and then and loses the fluidity and completeness of his swordsmanship?”

“Yes, who doesn’t know that the sabre technique of the Dragon Rider’s War Sword looks simple but is actually complicated and difficult, only by repeating the sabre technique over and over again with water dripping through the stone can one slowly refine it.”

“Well at least it’s still following Bai Qi, Bai Qi actually didn’t even instruct him, practicing the saber technique so desultorily, it’s better not to practice it.”


Chen Dong did not pay attention to the surrounding remarks.

He continued to practice at his own pace.

It was only when he actually practiced with his hands that he deeply appreciated the difficulty of this set of sabre techniques.

The reason he stopped time and again was to push through some of the details of the blade technique.

Only by running through these details, little by little, would he be able to master this set of sabre techniques more extremely.

Doing so, to an outsider, did seem a little desultory.

However, Chen Dong did not feel this in the slightest. Ten thousand feet high buildings rise from the ground, and only by tamping down the foundation more solidly could one build an even higher tower.

It is indeed true that water drops penetrate the stone.

But since all of them already have the tenacity of water dripping through stone, why not add a few more points of patience?


The latter two days.

Chen Dong’s wu, all of which are no longer participating in the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army’s mission.

The first day of scouting patrols was to allow the new recruits to become more familiar with the rhythm of integrating into the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army.

Once the familiarisation was over, it was time to really learn some of the things within the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army.

For two days, Chen Dong and Meng Dabiao arrived at the schoolyard with Bai Qi before the morning light, as the drill horn sounded.

For the new recruits, what was at stake was serious training!

Only when the sword is sharpened can it be used to its fullest potential.

Together with the first day at the schoolyard, it was three whole days.

During these three days, Chen Dong’s daily drills were all about the Dragon Riding Battle Sword’s swordsmanship.

But as usual, every time Chen Dong drilled, he would only follow the knife technique together once in its entirety at the beginning anyway, and then he would get into his own rhythm.

Over and over again, he did what, to onlookers, simply seemed like grinding pauses and dawdling.

Early morning of the fourth day.

The wind and snow remained the same.

Chen Dong also continued to pause from time to time as he drilled his Dragon Rider Battle Sword sabre technique, just as he had done the previous three days.

The naked upper body was dense with rising heat.

When Chen Dong once again held the Dragon Rider Battle Sword in his hand, he stopped and fell into contemplation.


A Dragon Rider Battle Sword slashed down in an oblique manner.


With a loud clang, the Dragon Rider Battlesaber in Chen Dong’s hand was cleaved and dropped to the ground.

And Chen Dong, too, awoke from his contemplation, his face instantly sulking.