Winner Takes All Chapter 891-892

Chapter 891

What’s the opinion?”

Bai Qi exhaled a mouthful of wine and looked at Chen Dong with drunken eyes.

Chen Dong smiled, tilted his head and took a mouthful of wine.

Then feeling the wine irritate his throat, he revealed a pained look again and spat it out.

This scene made Bai Qi unable to help but snicker, “Do you kid really think that the wine in our military camp is ordinary wine? This wine is 60 degrees upwards.”

Chen Dong waved his hand, then said slowly.

“Hunt the barbarian chiefs, plant evidence to re-divide the barbarians and make them resentful again.”


As soon as the words left his mouth, Bai Qi suddenly let out a startled eek.

The gaze that he looked at Chen Dong at this moment was also suddenly less drunken and revealed a few wisps of clarity.

In the barracks, a sudden silence fell.

The only sounds were the snoring of Meng Dabiao after he had fallen down drunk, and the crackling of the coals burning in the fire pit.

Chen Dong waited for half a day without waiting for Bai Qi’s response.

He looked up at Bai Qi in surprise, “What’s wrong?”

Bai Qi smiled spontaneously, “I should know why the master was able to help you up directly.”

After saying that, he tilted his head back and took a generous gulp of strong wine.

He then put down the wine jug, got up and laid down on the bed, and then fell asleep with a whimper.

Chen Dong looked at the already purring white air with dismay, somewhat unprepared.

Just like that …… was gone?

Chen Dong smiled helplessly, dizzy and dizzy, he also put down the wine jug, directly lying on the bed.

This sleep lasted until the next day when the pre-dawn drill of the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army began.

Only then were Chen Dong and the others woken up by the sound of trumpets.

Without the headache of a hangover, even in their woken state, their spirits were lifted and refreshed.

Chen Dong, Meng Dabiao and the others were all a little surprised.

As if guessing what the four were thinking, Bai Qi explained, “The wine within the Great Snow Dragon Riders’ army, although high in degree and strong, is all carefully blended and does not go to your head, nor do you suffer from a hangover, otherwise how could it not be forbidden?”

“As expected of the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army, every aspect has been done to the extreme yet.”

Meng Dabiao sighed with emotion.

Chen Dong smiled faintly and looked outside at the goose feather snow and the cold wind.

In such weather, it might be better to permit one to drink a little wine.

But the wine had been carefully blended so that it would not affect the battle, and this really showed the hand of Governor Huo Zhenxiao.

With this level of detail, how could Zhenjiang City and the Great Snow Dragon Cavalry not crush the Northern Frontier?

It took three minutes to straighten up and get ready.

“Let’s go, let’s take you to see the Great Snow Dragon Cavalry Army’s drills!”

Bai Qi smiled faintly and said to Chen Dong and the others as he walked outside, “Chen Dong will come with me later to learn the sabre technique of the Dragon Rider War Sword, while Meng Dabiao, Sun Kong and Zhou Yao, the three of you will go and strengthen your bodies.”


Meng Dabiao and the three of them did not retort.

During the scouting patrol yesterday, everyone’s combat prowess had already been demonstrated and they all knew themselves.

The fact that Chen Dong could use the Dragon Rider’s Battle Sword like his arm was proof of his strong physique, and it was only logical that he would learn the sword technique directly.

As for Meng Dabiao, even Meng Dabiao, a fierce man from the Special Forces, had some difficulty in wielding the Dragon Riding Battle Sword, and a strong physique was the most crucial thing at the moment.

“Dragon Riding Battle Sword Blade Technique?”

Chen Dong rubbed his nose, longingly.

Regarding the Dragon Riding Battle Sword’s blade technique, he had learned a general idea of it from the mysterious people back then, and this blade technique was used to withstand bullets in the battlefield!

This kind of blade technique, created by Huo Zhenxiao and specifically used for bulk learning in the army, was strictly speaking, in Chen Dong’s mind, even more terrifying than some unique blade techniques.

Firstly, the Dragon Rider Battle Sword was equipped with a sword technique to be able to resist bullets when executed!

This effect alone was appalling enough.

Secondly, the Dragon Riding Battle Sword is equipped with a sword technique that can be learned by many people who are able to execute the Dragon Riding Battle Sword with ease!

This key is even more sensational.

Historically, the more powerful the unique secret, the more difficult it was to learn, and the fewer the participants.

But the Dragon Rider’s Battle Sword’s blade technique was one of the few that could not be learned!

When this kind of knife method appears in bulk among the soldiers of the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army, even if not all of them know it, even if a thousand or thousands of people, they can be on the battlefield, with the fastest time, forming a steel barrier, blocking the gunfire of the hundred tribes outside the domain.

Of course …… hot weapons shells and the like, Chen Dong didn’t consider them all.

After all, Huo Zhenxiao has already made the Dragon Rider war knife and knife technique to this extent, which is already sensational enough.

Nor could he expect the 300,000 Great Snow Dragon Riders to all be perverts like the Mysterons, able to stop a Barrett sniper with a katana!

If they were all like the Mystic, the Great Snow Dragon Riders would have already trampled through the North and wiped out all the tribes.

It was dark.

The wind and snow were still blowing.

The cold wind seemed to be able to penetrate through clothes and into flesh.

The sound of loud drills and shouts resounded in the sky over the entire Zhenjiang City.

It was as if they wanted to tear the night apart and usher in the light with this magnificent sound.

The brightly lit Zhenjiang City is bursting with life all the time.

And this early morning drill was even more vibrant.

Three hundred thousand people, excluding the soldiers who are out on duty and those who patrol the city.

All of them gathered in the huge schoolyard in the centre of Zhenjiang City at the sound of the morning trumpets.

When Chen Dong and the others followed Bai Qi to the schoolyard, even though they had been prepared, they were still shocked by the scene before them.

As far as the eye could see, there was a sea of people.

Some were dressed in thin clothes, others were naked.

And all of them, the process of the drill was different.

One huge square formation was formed.

There was hammering and strengthening of the flesh.

There were those who toughened their fighting skills and fought each other in close combat.

There is also the drilling of weapons and the shining of swords.

Each of these formations is different from the other.

The only thing that was the same was the overwhelming and murderous intent that surged through the sky.

It was as if each formation was a sea of blood, churning and surging.

Along with the explosive shouts of every soldier in the squad, it was as if they wanted to completely shatter the darkness of the sky.

The wind and snow, at this moment, all paled in comparison.

Ignored by all!

“No wonder the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army was able to become the number one lion of the frontier!” Meng Dabiao marvelled in awe.

Zhou Yao looked down at himself and said with eyes full of fire, “I feel that this is one of the best choices in my life.”

“The army can make ordinary people change their faces, but the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army is the one that can make soldiers change their faces.” Sun Kong was trembling a little.

Listening to the three people’s awe-inspiring sentiments.

Bai Qi smiled faintly and pointed forward, “Go on, there will be special people to lead your training, each square is equipped with the most elite instructors.”

By the time the three were walking towards the squares.

Only then did Bai Qi drop his gaze onto Chen Dong.

Only at this moment, Chen Dong was silent and unmoving, and was gazing searingly at the square formation that was drilling the Dragon Rider’s war sword in the distance.

“See what I mean?”

Bai Qi asked with a smile.

Chen Dong shook his head, “They’re all ordinary and simple moves, can they really stop bullets?”


It’s just a return to the basics.”

Bai Qi smiled meaningfully before gesturing Chen Dong towards the training squad of the Dragon Riding War Daggers.

The sound of shouting and shouting was like a tidal wave, deafening to the ears.

As each soldier waved his Dragon Riding Sabre, it could even set off a whistling wind and snow.

Blinding lights enveloped this formation.

The wind and snow drifted.

Every single soldier was naked, revealing their masculine muscles.

The snowflakes fell on each of them, but they did not bring the slightest chill.

On the contrary, the moment they fell on them, they turned into water vapour and dissipated.

Everyone seemed to be a furnace, and as they wielded their Dragon Rider swords, their naked upper bodies and heads were steaming with heat that was visible to the naked eye.

“Such a fleshly body is the one that has been persistently toughened up time and time again.”

Chen Dong could not help but marvel and smack his lips, he paid himself that the strength of his flesh body would definitely not be lower than these soldiers who were training the Dragon Riding Battle Sword.

But he was very clear.

His strength enhancement was an accident, while these sergeants in front of him were the ones who had grown up by actually toughening up step by step and wandering through life and death.

Just as he was frozen in thought.

Bai Qi was already walking back with a Dragon Rider battle sword in his hand and a rifle.

“Try it?”

Bai Qi directly threw the rifle into Chen Dong’s hand.

With that, his sturdy mountain-like body retreated half a step backwards and dragged the Dragon Rider War Sword backwards.

This scene did not attract much attention.

Everyone was immersed in the drill.

In the eyes of these veterans of the Great Snow Dragon Riders, this scene between Chen Dong and Bai Qi had long been seen and used to.

Almost every new recruit, including these veterans, had the same doubts when they first joined the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army.

And it was the same way Chen Dong and Bai Qi did to dispel the doubts.

Chen Dong lifted his rifle and looked at Bai Qi hesitantly, “Strafe or point blank?”


Bai Qi smiled proudly, “Are you worried that I can’t lift my sword now?”

Chen Dong shook his head.

How could the once leading guard not be able to lift his sword?

A man beneath ten thousand people, not just in status, but also in strength!

To put it politely.

For someone who could crown the position of leader of the Twelve Golden Guards, among the 300,000 Great Snow Dragon Riding Army, the strength was perhaps only Huo Zhenxiao’s ability to suppress it.


Not waiting for Chen Dong to pull the trigger.


A gunshot suddenly rang out in the sky above Zhenjiang City.

The sudden gunshot instantly caused the large schoolyard to fall abruptly dead silent.

The whistling of the wind ripped through the air.

Chen Dong’s expression changed drastically, and in his vision, he saw a bullet streaking towards Bai Qi in the air, which was brightly illuminated by lights.

The sudden shot caused Bai Qi’s pupils to follow suit.


The lightning bolt.

Bai Qi, who had been dragging his sword back, turned around the moment the bullet was in front of him, and in his right hand, he lifted up the heavy and huge Dragon Rider Sword, and then put his back on the Dragon Rider Sword.


The bullet struck the broad blade of the Dragon Rider and sparks erupted, falling into the snow.

This scene happened in the space of a breath.

It was so fast that it made Chen Dong feel a little dazed.

It was only when Bai Qi slowly lowered the Dragon Rider Warblade on his back that Chen Dong came back to his senses.

It was just that the Bai Qi in his sight was not looking at Chen Dong, but instead, he was following the direction where the bullets had flown from before, and there seemed to be a fiery flicker in his eyes.

The next second.

Bai Qi retreated once again, dragging his sword, as if this one action was the starting stance of the Dragon Rider Battle Sword Blade Technique.

“Look carefully!”

Bai Qi’s mellow voice reached Chen Dong’s ears.

Chen Dong hurriedly looked in the direction Bai Qi was looking, only to see a figure standing loftily in the distance amidst the wind and snow, which he could not really see because it was so far apart.


Everyone on the school grounds, from the recruits down to the officers, looked at the figure standing in the snow and wind.

At this moment, some were as confused as Chen Dong, while others had eyes like Bai Qi’s that blazed with enthusiasm.

The next second.





A series of gunshots rang out one after another over the schoolyard.

A single bullet, like a meteor breaking through the sky, shot directly towards Bai Qi.

In an instant, Chen Dong’s heart rose to his throat.

There was not even the slightest pause in the series of shots.

In other words, if Bai Qi wanted to block all the bullets, he could not have the slightest pause either, not even in the time it took to switch his swordsmanship, not even shorter than the speed at which the two bullets connected and appeared.

And yet.





Bai Qi’s lofty mountain-like figure twisted and turned, the Dragon Rider’s Saber in his hand seemed as light as a feather as he gently danced.

A cluster of sparks burst out from the wide body of the Dragon Rider Saber amidst the wind and snow, like fireworks.

Chen Dong’s pupils tightened as he watched every detail of Bai Qi’s movements with rapt attention.

Unlike the soldiers on the schoolyard who were practising the Dragon Rider’s swordsmanship, Chen Dong had a different feeling when he witnessed Bai Qi deflecting a bullet with his sword.

In his vision.

Bai Qi was moving and wielding his Dragon Riding Sword to deflect the bullets, and he blocked each one with precision.

But in Chen Dong’s eyes, Bai Qi was extremely subtle, no matter how much he was moving or how much he was wielding his Dragon Riding Sword.

That is, at the very beginning, Bai Qi had already determined the trajectory of the bullets, and only needed to rely on the wide and huge blade of the Dragon Rider to make slight adjustments, and then easily blocked each bullet.

This made Chen Dong’s eyes light up.

It made him exclaim, “Seconds! Once a bullet exits the chamber, its flight trajectory is a certain straight line, as long as the direction of the bullet’s source and flight trajectory are determined, that slight fine-tuning can achieve this effect, a*sa*sination on a regular basis may be elusive, but on the battlefield, the enemy is ahead and the bullet …… is ahead!”


The words just came out.

Bai Qi’s thick voice, suddenly came: “In the middle of a mixed battle, is it as simple as you say?”

With a single sentence, it instantly made Chen Dong, who had some clarity, once again have a fog in his head.

Lightning and fire.



Two more gunshots rang out in the long sky.

This time, Chen Dong’s hair stood on end, his body shook violently, and his pupils tightened to the extreme.

Because he instantly distinguished that this time the two gunshots were not coming from the direction of the figure standing alone.

Rather, …… they rang out from two diametrically opposite directions, simultaneously!

How could this be blocked?

The Dragon Rider Battle Sword could only rely on its wide and thick blade to ward off bullets from one direction in a split second, and firing from two directions at the same time meant that after Bai Qi blocked one bullet, there would always be one that landed on him.

“Watch out!”

Almost at the same time as the gun went off, Bai Qi’s proud laughter exploded in Chen Dong’s ears.

The next second.

Bai Qi suddenly moved his retreating half-step, backwards again, followed by his right hand backhanding the hilt of his Dragon Rider Battle Sword.

It was a close call.

With Bai Qi’s explosive roar, it sounded like a thunderclap and exploded in Zhenjiang City.


The muscles in Bai Qi’s right arm rose up like a python dragon, and he drew his sword in reverse, dragging the Dragon Riding Sword through the air at great speed and spinning it around in a gale of wind.


A cluster of sparks burst out, and the bullets coming from the front were blocked by the Dragon Rider.

Followed closely by.


Another cluster of sparks bloomed, and the bullet from behind, fell to the ground.

“How is this …… possible?!”

At this moment, Chen Dong’s entire body was blinded, looking at Bai Qi incredulously, his scalp tingling.