Winner Takes All Chapter 887-888

Chapter 887


A loud roar.

Like a rolling thunder, it exploded in the military service.

Everyone looked out at the sound, their faces full of shock.

It was as if this roar was also like a heavy hammer, hitting everyone’s heart fiercely.

The Sovereign’s own words!

This was a military achievement personally graded by the Sovereign!

Could it be that ……

At this moment, Commander Xiao’s face also changed drastically, the smug smile on his face disappearing in an instant, leaving only a face full of panic.

He turned around brazenly, looked at the soldiers who rushed in, and said in a stern voice, “How big a merit is it that you still have to have the Lord personally grade it? This, this ……”

The soldier rode across on his warhorse and did not fall from his horse.

Looking down on Commander Xiao from a high position, he calmly said, “Commander Xiao is the Commander, why are you questioning such a stupid question?”

Commander Xiao’s tiger body shook and he lowered his head in fear.

Constantly shaking his head, he murmured, “Impossible, there’s no way this could happen, it’s just a scouting patrol ah, it’s just the first mission for new recruits ……”

At this moment, all thoughts went up in smoke.

The whole of Commander Xiao was in a state of panic and disorientation, his head even buzzing.

“What level of merit are we, exactly?”

Chen Dong stood behind Bai Qi and inquired in a low voice.

At the sound of his voice.

The three men beside him, Meng Dabiao, also revealed a look of excited curiosity at the same time.

After returning to Zhenjiang City, it was Bai Qi who went to find Huo Zhenxiao alone.

As for the military merit rating, Bai Qi should also have had it in mind, which was why he had brought them over directly.

This later soldier, on the other hand, was informed to the Military Merit Office in accordance with Huo Zhenxiao’s rating.

“It’s still quite high.”

Bai Qi smiled faintly as he gazed towards the shocked and terrified Commander Xiao, his eyes full of contempt, “Commander Xiao, he’s just like a clown, today is the day that the Commander’s face was completely smashed!”

The next second.

The soldier riding on top of the war horse announced loudly.

“The Lord himself set the rank, Bai Qi five people Wu, all five people are …… the first merit of the word earth!”

Rumble ……

When the “first merit of the word earth” echoed in the military merit office.

It was like a thunderstorm that was pa*sed out in layers.


The crowd present at this moment also burst out in an astonished uproar.

“Earth, the first merit of the word earth? My, my God, what exactly did they do, why would the Sovereign award such a high grade of military merit?”

“My, my God, what on earth has happened? Earth, the first merit of the word earth? Sh*t, I joined the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army back then thinking that I could retire to my hometown and return to my homeland after achieving an Earth Word Merit, and they, a few of their new recruits, have already done something that I haven’t done in almost ten years on their first mission?”

“Bai Qi, you wouldn’t have taken four new recruits, gone out of the city on a patrol and slaughtered the head of the leader of that extra-territorial barbarian tribe in the process, would you?”


For a moment, there were shouts of astonishment.

Everyone was in a state of shock.

The fact that an Earth Merit could have the privilege of being in the Military Merit Office was proof enough of how difficult it was to obtain.

What’s more, but any piece of Earth Word Merit was something that happened to shock the entire 300,000 Great Snow Dragon Riding Army.

So quietly obtained the Earth word merit, moreover the Earth word kuih first merit, this …… is not run out and a*sa*sinate the chief of the rabbit tribe, what else can it be?

“The earth, the earth word first merit?!”

The already terrified Commander Xiao’s eyes were even more filled with horror at this moment, and in an instant it was as if the strength in his body had been emptied as he staggered back a step.

The soldier’s announcement was Huo Zhenxiao’s rating.

This was something that no one would question.

But the simple five words of the First Earthly Merit seemed to be a titanic mountain that came crashing down from the sky, crushing Commander Xiao’s entire body.

His body trembled, and his hands were shivering uncontrollably.

Apart from the intense shock, at this moment, Commander Xiao’s mind was blank.

He had to know that even though he had been the Commander, he had only obtained the Seventh Earthly Merit three times in all these years, and it was with this merit that he had finally taken the position of Commander.

The First Earthly Merit!

He hadn’t even thought about it.

But now, Bai Qi and the four new recruits had actually gotten it the first time.

There was a F**king ghost, wasn’t there?

Thinking about all that had just happened, at this moment, Commander Xiao’s entire being felt as if he had fallen into a pit of fire, being burned by a great fire.

The five of them are the first merit of the word earth, so what the hell did I just …… do?

“Commander Xiao, what else do you have to say now?”

Bai Qi let out a stern cry.

It was instantly like a thunderclap, shaking Commander Xiao’s body.


A great disgrace!

A disgrace that he had sent to his door!

With his eyes full of resentment, Commander Xiao couldn’t even care about his military achievements, he no longer had the face to stay in the military achievements office, so with a fierce grit of his teeth, he stifled his head and ran outside the military achievements office.

“The first merit of the word earth?”

Chen Dong was a little stunned.

While beside him, Meng Dabiao, Sun Kong and Zhou Yao, gradually came back to their senses.


Meng Dabiao slapped himself fiercely, and the intense pain instantly made him ecstatic.

“No, it’s not a dream! This first scouting patrol of ours is really, really the first merit of the word earth?”

Because he was so excited, so much so that Meng Dabiao’s voice stuttered.

“Earth, the first merit of the word earth? I, we’ve really been pie in the sky!”

“Hahahahaha …… This time, the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army is really worth coming, men build a career, this First Merit of the Earth Word is enough to make my parents proud in the old home, hahaha ……”

Sun Kong was marveling.

Zhou Yao at this time, on the other hand, his eyes were flooded with hot tears.

“Let’s go, take you guys to collect your military merits!”

Bai Qi turned around with a smile, and at this moment, spare himself, his face was glowing with spring.

This was the moment.

Envious gazes enveloped Bai Qi, Chen Dong and the others.

No one said a word, apart from shock, there was only envy.

The first merit of the word “earth” should have been their privilege!

What the hell was going on?

A few new recruits on their first mission, the simplest and safest of all scouting patrols, and they were able to take such a great military feat?

How unbelievably lucky must they be?

Under Bai Qi’s leadership, Chen Dong and the others soon boarded their military achievements.

These military achievements would follow them throughout their military careers, and one day, they would receive their due rewards!

When the five of them walked out of the military service again.

They were greeted by the envious gazes of everyone, as well as a chorus of congratulations.

“Bai Qi, you’re really something this time! Convinced, really convinced!”

“Congratulations, congratulations, the first merit of the word earth, you few recruits went out on a trip and accomplished a goal that I estimated I would never be able to accomplish in my lifetime, it’s really too impressive!”

“Bai Qi you took these four recruits this time, it’s really divine, the first merit of the word earth, good boy good boy, really congratulations to you guys!”


Listening to the words of the crowd, Bai Qi responded with a smile.

But Chen Dong was unable to smile, following closely behind Bai Qi, with a heavy heart.

On the contrary, Meng Dabiao, the three of them, responded more happily to a congratulatory voice.

Chapter 888

Leaving the military merit office.

The five of them, Chen Dong, did not stay too long and returned directly to the barracks.

Originally, Meng Dabiao had proposed to celebrate.

After all, the first merit of the word “earth”, such a great merit was indeed worth celebrating.

However, Bai Qi shook his head and suggested that they should just buy some wine and food to celebrate at the barracks.

This not only made Meng Dabiao and the others freeze for a moment, but even Chen Dong found it odd.

The first merit of the word earth, and further up the ladder was the word heaven.

How could Bai Qi be so low-key?

Sensing the gazes of the four people, Bai Qi smiled and said, “I am not wanting what happened to Commander Xiao just now to happen again, once when I was a Dragon Head Guard, I offended many people, and now that I have been jerked off by the Sovereign to the end, although I have the contacts of the Golden Guard in place, it is inevitable that someone will take the opportunity to retaliate like Commander Xiao did, and going to the tavern in Zhenjiang City is too much of an invitation.”

After a pause, Bai Qi shrugged again, “Moreover, the military merit we picked up this time is too big, so there might be many people who are holding unfair anger in their hearts.”

An explanation made Chen Dong and the others relieved.


It was so easy to pick up the first merit of the earth.

One couldn’t really expect everyone to genuinely congratulate them!

The entire 300,000 men of the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army could be twisted into an indestructible lance by Huo Zhenxiao on the battlefield, and on a regular basis, things like the hearts of people were inscrutable to anyone.

“Da Biao, you guys go and buy the wine and food, I’ll go back to the barracks first with Wu-chan Bai.”

Chen Dong said.

Meng Dabiao and the three of them nodded and went to buy and serve the food and wine.

Bai Qi, on the other hand, gave Chen Dong a look and smiled helplessly, “I knew you would have to ask for sure.”

“Let’s go and talk as we go.”

Chen Dong smiled and shrugged, “At least you can give me face and talk about it.”

Bai Qi smiled and did not refuse.

Even if he didn’t tell Chen Dong, Huo Zhenxiao would tell him about this matter.

But along the way, Bai Qi did not say anything right away.

Instead, when he was almost back at the barracks, he smiled and asked, “What do you want to ask?”

“What exactly is the origin of that token?”

Chen Dong asked straight to the point, the five people’s first merit of the word earth must be on that token.

“That token is very ordinary, but the meaning behind it is very different.”

Bai Qi deliberately sold a story and said in a deep voice, “Let me tell you this, the only person who can know what that token means in the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army, apart from the twelve Golden Guards, is Master Huo, and even we only learned the true meaning two years ago, it has always been a secret in the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army!”

“Such a high level of authority?”

Even though he had already guessed it, but after receiving confirmation from Bai Qi’s mouth, Chen Dong could not help but be astonished.

“The influence is too great, I’m afraid it will disturb the army’s mind!”

Bai Qi uttered heavily and carefully looked around to make sure that no one was there before he whispered to Chen Dong, “That is the Hundred Clans Order!”

The Hundred Clans Order?!

Chen Dong was stunned and somewhat puzzled.

Bai Qi continued, “The Hundred Tribes outside the domain have always been oppressed by our Great Snow Dragon Cavalry Army across the board, and whoever dares to venture into the Northern Frontier, our 300,000 Great Snow Dragon Cavalry Army will be bound to turn their long swords towards them and suppress them back in the most ferocious manner.”

“You have seen the environment of the Northern Frontier? Even our Zhenjiang City here is perennially windy and snowy, and continuing deeper north, the environment that the hundred tribes outside the realm are in is even worse, which is one of the reasons why they keep trying to move south!”

“But after so many years of suppression, which clan has suffered at the hands of our Great Snow Dragon Rider Army, also just two years ago, we found that the frequency of warfare on the northern frontier was slowing down, so Master Huo took our Twelve Golden Guards to quietly go deep into the northern frontier to poke around once.”

Chen Dong frowned tightly, “It was that scouting trip that made you guys aware of the Hundred Clans Order?”


Bai Qi nodded, his eyes even flushed with scorn, “We found that the Hundred Tribes outside the realm had been suppressed by us for so many years, who had suffered, who could not get an advantage in our hands, so two years ago, they already had a vague tendency to join forces, the Hundred Tribes joined forces and this Hundred Tribes Order appeared …… ”


When this sentence out.

Even if Bai Qi had already suppressed his voice to the extent that only Chen Dong and himself could hear it.

But Chen Dong, there was still a sense of shock that was like thunder in his ears.

The hundred tribes outside the domain had joined forces …… This really had to be a great event that the sky was falling!

The biggest reason why the northern frontier has remained solid all these years is because of Huo Zhenxiao and the 300,000 Great Snow Dragon Riders!

The second reason is that the hundred tribes outside the realm are scattered, each fighting on their own, and there are even feuds between them.

This has created an awkward situation where the hundred tribes have been in internal conflict, and at the same time, they all want to go south and bang their heads against the iron gate of the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army.

Once they had crashed into the iron gate, they went back to the deep north to fight with the other barbarians.

Even if the few barbarian tribes could manage to join forces, they would still be crushed back by Huo Zhenxiao and the 300,000 Great Snow Dragon Riding Army.

But this time …… hundreds of clans joined forces!

If all of the hundreds of barbarian tribes really abandoned their prejudiced grudges and joined together to attack the southern border city together, perhaps ……

“I know why you guys don’t dare to say anything to the public.”

Chen Dong looked grave: “If this matter is told out, the military heart of the 300,000 Great Snow Dragon Riding Army will probably be in a mess!”

Bai Qi squeezed out a helpless smile, “In these two years, we have also been watching this matter, but the hundred tribes outside the domain have been extremely secretive about joining forces, so it is difficult for us to discover the clues, and we are unable to determine the specific movements of the hundred tribes, but fortunately, the hundred tribes are also attacking each other, leaving behind many worldly and deadly feuds, so it is difficult to join forces for a while, and this has been two years. ”

“That’s why you reacted so strongly when you saw the Hundred Clans Order, and immediately returned to report it to Master Huo?” Chen Dong asked.

Bai Qi nodded, “The Walla clan is a not so big clan in the Hundred Clans, having been rubbed on the ground by our Great Snow Dragon Riding Army, having already killed their guts, this time they actually came to scout our Southern Border City, carrying the Hundred Clans Order with them, this released a message that was not good at all.”

Chen Dong’s gaze flickered for a moment as he came to a clear understanding.

A tribe whose guts had been broken by the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army was no different from a dog in mourning.

When the bereaved dog came back with the Hundred Clans Order to ruffle the tiger’s whiskers of the tiger that had once broken their guts, with such guts, you couldn’t say that they were committing death, you could only say that they had someone backing them up again!

“Maybe it took them two years to finally join forces and succeed.”

Chen Dong murmured out.

Bai Qi nodded heavily, with scorn in his eyes, “So when I reported this matter to Master Huo, spare him a moment of shock, this matter, set us into the first merit of the word earth is far from enough, even taking a heavenly merit is enough, Master Huo is also thinking of hiding your identity, so also deliberately lowered our military merit rank! “