Winner Takes All Chapter 885-886

Chapter 885

The Military Merit Office was within Zhenjiang City, and was dedicated to recording the collection of every soldier’s military merit.

When Chen Dong followed Bai Qi to the Military Merit Office, the four of them were already lined up.

There was already a long queue at the large Military Merit Office.

With 300,000 Great Snow Dragon Riders, military merit existed every day.

The cruel and harsh environment had also created a huge reward of military merit.

“Chief Bai, on the first day our new recruits joined the camp, we took military merit, this is considered unique in the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army, right?”

Meng Dabiao suddenly stepped forward and proudly inquired about Bai Qi.

Bai Qi nodded, “Not exactly unique, but it’s still very rare.”

The new recruits had just joined the battalion and just had to quickly settle into the rhythm of the Great Snow Dragon Riders, and the first mission arranged was just a seemingly simple and safe scouting patrol.

But there are always exceptions to everything, and situations like today’s were not expected even by Bai Qi.

But in the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army, on this northern frontier, it seemed to make sense.

“Then this is enough bull for us to blow, hahaha ……”

Meng Dabiao laughed wantonly.


Just at this moment.

A surprised voice came out, “Bai Qi, why are you here?”

Chen Dong and the others looked at the voice, but it was a powerfully built, sturdy officer who was looking at Bai Qi with dismay at this moment.

“Commander Xiao, I have brought my brothers here to receive military honours.”

Bai Qi cupped his fist at the stout officer and smiled.

“Military honours?”

Commander Xiao suddenly laughed uncontrollably and pointed at Bai Qi, not hiding his sneer, “Hahaha …… Bai Qi, are you joking? If I remember correctly, you’re just the leader of a new recruit army, and you’re only leading them on a scouting patrol today, what kind of military merit are you bringing them here to collect?”

As he spoke.

There were also quite a few sergeants around them echoing and laughing.

From their point of view, to carry out the easiest and safest scouting patrol, with the fierce reputation of the Great Snow Dragon Riders on the northern frontier over the years, this scouting patrol was simply an outing on horseback!

Without risk, how could there be military merit?

Faced with the ridicule of the crowd.

The smiles on Meng Dabiao’s face disappeared.

Chen Dong, on the other hand, glanced at Bai Qi.

Obviously, there was a problem between Bai Qi and this Commander Xiao.

Otherwise, he would not have done such a disgraceful thing by grabbing such a “trivial matter”.

Even if Bai Qi had become a military commander and had been jerked off to the end by Huo Zhenxiao, but the name of a man is a shadow of a tree, ordinary officers would still have coveted and respected Bai Qi.

If he hadn’t had a problem with it.

If this Commander Xiao did this, it was purely a case of having a bag for brains.

In the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army, if he really had a brain, he probably wouldn’t have made it to the position of commander!


Faced with the sneers of Commander Xiao and the others, Bai Qi smiled faintly and ignored them.

“Come in with me.”

Bai Qi said to Chen Dong and the others.

But just as the five of them were walking towards the military achievement office, Commander Xiao suddenly crossed over the crowd and crossed in front of Bai Qi, blocking the way.

“This Commander is asking you words, and you ignore me?”

The figure of Commander Xiao was not inferior to Bai Qi’s, and while the two were standing face to face, Commander Xiao was somewhat fierce and brutal.

For a time.

Even the soldiers who had just joined in with Commander Xiao’s sneers shut their mouths, all sensing the smell of gunpowder in the air.

“Commander Xiao, I am not under your banner, there is no need to report to you in detail, this military merit should be ours, naturally there are people from the military merit office responsible for judging it is.”

With a faint smile, Bai Qi intended to swipe past Commander Xiao.


Suddenly, Commander Xiao shoved his palm against Bai Qi’s shoulder.

The force was so strong that Bai Qi was caught off guard and even staggered backwards a step.

Wow! ……

The crowd around him, waiting to receive their military honours, was in an uproar.

The smile on Bai Qi’s face was gone as he was pushed and shoved.

The four men, Chen Dong and Meng Dabiao, were about to step forward at once.

But Bai Qi suddenly raised his hand and tugged Chen Dong: “You can’t make a move.”

“Make a move?”

The corner of Commander Xiao’s mouth tugged as he sneered loudly, “Hahahaha …… I’m laughing my a*s off, just four new recruits and they still want to make a move against me, the commander?”

As he spoke, Commander Xiao took another step forward, laughing and scorning at Bai Qi.

“As expected of the soldiers led by the Dragon Head Guard, they are all bold and domineering!”

“Commander Xiao, you are the elder and I am the younger, if you really want to deal with me, I have nothing to say to Bai Qi, but if you are thinking of the past gap and want to take advantage of this time to spill your guts and take the opportunity to clean me up, I ask you to respect yourself!”

Bai Qi didn’t back down anymore, he took a step forward, and in an instant his majestic killing intent crushed down on Commander Xiao like a tidal wave: “Although I’m not a Dragon Head Guard anymore, I still understand the rules within the Great Snow Dragon Riders’ army, if you want to take personal revenge, then I, Bai Qi, don’t mind asking Commander Xiao to go to the Dragon Breaking Platform!”


A single sentence instantly exploded like a big thunderbolt in the military service.

As soon as Bai Qi’s words were spoken, a series of shouts of surprise rang out from the surroundings.

Some of the soldiers’ faces even turned pale.

Even Chen Dong was the closest to Bai Qi and Commander Xiao, and with Bai Qi’s words, he could clearly see that Commander Xiao’s eyes had changed, and even though he was trying his best to hide it, he still couldn’t hide the strong fear.

“What is the Broken Dragon Terrace?”

Meng Dabiao inquired in a low voice.

Zhou Yao slowly explained, “Before I came here, I had heard that there was this Dragon Breaker in the Great Snow Dragon Rider Army. Unlike our previous Rongwu, this Dragon Breaker is somewhat like a life and death ring, but anyone who has an entangled hatred gap, no matter if they are a commander or an ordinary soldier, can go to the Dragon Breaker and fight on the Dragon Breaker to clear all the grudges and entanglements.”

“Crap, there is still such a rigid place?” Meng Dabiao was instantly stunned.

When Chen Dong heard Zhou Yao’s explanation, he was also stunned for a moment.

The Great Snow Dragon Riders were a regular army, so it was hard to imagine that there would be such a place to settle personal grudges.

But he also understood what the fear in Commander Xiao’s eyes was about!

Once on the Dragon Breaking Platform, although Bai Qi’s position was only that of an army commander, his strength was still that of a former Dragon Head Guard, and beating Commander Xiao would be purely for nothing!

Zhou Yao continued in a low voice: “Moreover, there are very few rules on the Dragon Breaker Terrace, and there can be no differences, regardless of the difference in status and rank, which means that as long as Chief Bai is really ruthless and invites Commander Xiao to the Dragon Breaker Terrace, it is really possible to fight for life and death together!”

“Moreover, this Dragon Breaking Platform, it seems that even if we are a new recruit, we can still invite Sovereign Huo Zhenxiao up there to fight, and this Dragon Breaking Platform was even designed by Sovereign Huo himself!”


Meng Dabiao and Sun Kong simultaneously sucked in a breath of cold air.

Meng Dabiao even whispered, “Who the hell dares to challenge a Sovereign who can destroy a city? He’s a werewolf, a little more than a vicious man!”

Several people whispered as they did so.

The battle of qi between Bai Qi and Commander Xiao had already reached a white-hot stage.

But in Chen Dong’s eyes, when the first hint of fear pa*sed through Commander Xiao’s eyes, the contest had, in fact, already been divided between the winner and the loser.


Bai Qi raised his hand and directly pushed Commander Xiao away with a palm in full view of everyone: “So, in order to not get onto the Dragon Breaking Platform, please also ask Commander Xiao to cherish his life and make way.”

Chapter 886

Undisguised dominance.

Even though Bai Qi has shed the glory of his former leading guard, the domineering nature hidden in his bones has still not disappeared.

At this moment, his entire aura was like a mountain being pulled up from the ground, crushing the entire military service.

Even Commander Xiao could not help but be lowered by his aura, and after being pushed away with a slap, he even froze in place.

Chen Dong and the others, on the other hand, followed behind Bai Qi without a glance, heading towards the Military Achievement Office.

Meng Dabiao and the three men were even more fervent in their hearts.

Feeling the gaze of the crowd, they could not help but feel even more excited and secretly happy.

They were Bai Qi’s soldiers, and when Bai Qi could run amok, they naturally felt good too.

And the surrounding soldiers, at this moment, all whispered.

“Tsk …… A Dragon Head Guard is a Dragon Head Guard, even if he’s been jerked around by the Sovereign to the end, it’s not something that anyone can infringe upon.”

“The Dragon Breaking Platform…… heck, even if Commander Xiao had a hundred guts he wouldn’t dare to go up to the Dragon Breaking Platform with Bai Qi, he would still be hammered to a pulp by Bai Qi if he went up there, right?”

“Alas,…… this Xiao Commander is also, all is the previous feud, this time encounter Bai Qi, have to grasp not to let go, instead of their own face is lost, the Dragon Break platform that place, he three Xiao Commander is not enough for Bai Qi a person to fight.”


Even if it is whispering, but once the number of people is large, the voice becomes dense and loud.

One by one, the words discussed by the soldiers fell on the ears of Commander Xiao.

In an instant, it made Commander Xiao’s face tumble with depression, and his eyes fiercely became resentful.

The comments were as if they were knives cutting into his body.

It made him feel like a manacle on his back, and his body was on fire ……

The first thing you need to do is to make things difficult for Bai Qi, who was once a leading guard and is now the lowest of the low, so what does it matter if he steps on him?


Now that he was being watched by everyone, his face was completely lost.

Anger, resentment and resentment …… haunted Commander Xiao.

Looking at Bai Qi’s five men walking towards the military merit office, Commander Xiao suddenly gritted his teeth fiercely.

“Bai Qi you stand still!”

With an explosive shout, the whole room fell abruptly silent.

Everyone stared at Commander Xiao in astonishment.

Commander Xiao, did he really want to go to the Dragon Breaking Platform with Bai Qi?

Bai Qi paused in his steps and slowly turned around, sweeping past Chen Dong and looking straight at Commander Xiao with his tiger eyes, “Is Commander Xiao changing his mind and wanting to try out the Dragon Breaking Platform with me?”

A hint of panic flashed across Commander Xiao’s eyes.

After hesitating for a moment, he said sternly, “BullSh*t! There are so many people waiting here to receive their reported military merits, why should you, a mere army commander, lead four new recruits to rush into the merit office without any rules?”

At these words.

The gazes of the crowd suddenly became strangely complicated.

Even the eyes of some of the sergeants looking at Commander Xiao became somewhat contemptuous and disgraceful.

If they had been on the Dragon Breaking Platform, the people present would not have looked at Commander Xiao in such a way.

Which of the men in the army did not have hot blood?

On the contrary, Commander Xiao did not dare to go to the Dragon Breaking Platform with Bai Qi, but he still wanted to use such a simple thing that could almost be ignored to put Bai Qi in his place again, this is simply …… underhanded!

The commander said this in public, where is the style?

“Commander Xiao, is that how underhanded you are?”

Bai Qi asked coldly, “The Dragon Breaking Platform doesn’t dare to go up, and now the titular commander is here to teach me to line up?”

“That’s the rule!”

Commander Xiao had already lost face, and at this moment he only wanted to vent his grievances in public, not bothering to care about the opinions of the people around him, “Everyone is waiting in line for military honours, why should you be an exception? You can’t rely on the connections you’ve built up as a leader and open up the back door, how can you lead the army?”

The words were so eloquent, as if every word was righteous.

But to everyone’s ears, it was extremely uncomfortable.

Men in the army have hot blood, but their bones are equally hard!

The way Commander Xiao was acting and speaking now, in everyone’s eyes, felt that he was losing face.

“It seems that you and he have a gap that is not small, all of them already have no skin and no face to embarra*s you.”

Chen Dong gave a light laugh.

Bai Qi gave Chen Dong a helpless glance, then crossed the crowd and scolded Commander Xiao in a stern voice, “Commander Xiao, you are a Commander, don’t you know the difference in treatment between Heaven and Earth, Xuanhuang, the fourth rank and thirty-six feats?”

A single word.

Instantly, the crowd’s expressions changed greatly.

They gazed at Bai Qi with shocked eyes.

Even Commander Xiao was a bit baffled by Bai Qi’s words.

His eyes fluttered and flickered for a few moments, and for a while, Commander Xiao’s heart was a little beaten up.

“Say it!”

Bai Qi bellowed, his face full of anger at this moment.

Commander Xiao’s eyes flickered for a moment, but he still strained his neck and responded, “Heaven and Earth, Xuanhuang, four words, thirty-six merits, of course I know that merits above the word Earth can ignore the ranks and directly enter the military merit office to receive priority reporting!”

As he said these words, Commander Xiao’s heart was even more in a state of turmoil.

Even the surrounding sergeants were looking at Bai Qi and Chen Dong’s five men with astonishment and suspicion.

The thirty-six merits of the fourth order of heaven and earth, the thirty-six merits of the fourth order, were the sizes of military merits that Huo Zhenxiao had drawn up single-handedly.

The ninth yellow merit, the smallest, and the first heavenly merit, the largest!

And the watershed in the middle is precisely the word earth merit.

Once the merit exceeds the Earth Merit, one can ignore the long queue at the Military Merit Office and enjoy priority directly.

But if it really reaches the level of the Earth Merit, then it will definitely alarm the entire Great Snow Dragon Riding Army!

After so many years of the 300,000 Great Snow Dragon Cavalry Army, there would simply be no such thing as a calm and quiet ground merit!

“Bai Qi, do you take me for a scared man?”

Commander Xiao’s gaze turned, suddenly ruthless, and he snorted loudly, “The four characters of Heaven, Earth and Xuanhuang are thirty-six merits, and the Earth merit upwards does enjoy priority! But once the Earth character merit is released, it is something that can alert our Great Snow Dragon Riding Army, and has already been recognized by all as meritorious, before it has this priority and enters the military merit office directly.”

“The five of you want to enter the Military Merit Office just because the wind is calm, I’m afraid you even have to let the people at the Military Merit Office determine the size of your merits, right? You really think you can make a fortune by taking a few new recruits out for a walk?”

“You don’t want to eat Sh*t!”

With a bit of verbal sparring.

The many soldiers who were already in a state of shock and disbelief also began to echo what Commander Xiao said.

This was the same doubt that lingered in everyone’s mind!

The first scouting patrol mission for the new recruits was supposed to get the recruits used to the rhythm of the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army quickly.

Safety with little risk was what everyone knew about their first mission!

Even if something goes wrong in the process, to the extent that it is enough to receive a military merit, it is unlikely to rise to the level of a ground merit.

Even if a scouting patrol wanted to earn a ground merit, it was indeed a fart!

Bai Qi’s expression turned cold and stern.

Chen Dong, on the other hand, looked at Bai Qi in puzzlement.

And after some words, a smug smile could not help but appear on Commander Xiao’s face.

He had already disgraced himself before, but now Bai Qi’s reaction was enough to humiliate him in public, as long as he was sure it wasn’t a big credit!

As long as he could humiliate Bai Qi, his Commander Xiao’s loss of face would be a loss!

“Oh, a patrol’s merit, how big can it be? This is Bai Qi you made your own death ……”

This was the thought in Commander Xiao’s mind.

Just as Bai Qi was about to speak in a stern voice.

Suddenly, outside the military merit office, the sound of horse hooves came.

At the same time, a thunderous sound, booming like thunder, bombarded everyone present.

“By the Sovereign’s own command, Bai Qi’s five-man army, military ranking ……”