Winner Takes All Chapter 883-884

Chapter 883

A short encounter.

The dozen or so remaining soldiers of the Waratah squad were no longer emboldened.

It was like a scattering of birds and beasts.

Facing Chen Dong’s five men behind them, it was a one-sided ma*sacre!

Bai Qi was the first to catch up with the Walras, and with a single stroke of his sword, he killed a Walras soldier without any hindrance.

There was no resistance, and even in the midst of the mad dash to his death, the Walla soldier only let out a desperate scream.

Chen Dong witnessed all of this, and the wariness in his eyes tumbled.

Perhaps …… this is the true defeat of a soldier!

In the past, he still had a somewhat vague perception of this phrase.

But now that he was experiencing it first hand and witnessing the scene in front of him, he found that the phrase was simply too apt.

In quick succession, Meng Dabiao followed Bai Qi and caught up with the Waratah squad.

Chen Dong, Sun Kong and Zhou Yao, too, followed close behind.

A battle in which the few surrounded the many, with no suspense.

A pure reaping!

Amidst the wind and snow, the shouts of murder were deafening.

It was only a matter of moments before a siege battle came to an end.

When the battle was over.

Chen Dong sat on his war horse and calmly scanned everything in front of him.

Blood, corpses, even the corpses of war horses, and soldiers’ armour all over the place ……

Everything, after the feverish blood had cooled down, suddenly made him feel a bit like a dream.

The short battle, which seemed to be frightening and uneventful, was actually extremely taxing on everyone!

Bai Qi and Meng Dabiao all dismounted from their horses and sat down on the snow to recuperate.

Zhou Yao and Sun Kong were in the weakest condition of the five men, and were already panting and sweating as they sat on the ground.

Meng Dabiao was a little better, and after a few big breaths, he took out his medical gauze and began to dress the wounded Zhou Yao.

After resting for a few moments, Meng Dabiao, Zhou Yao and Sun Kong then began to clean up the battlefield.

These …… are all military achievements!

Bai Qi sat in place from start to finish, his gaze profoundly looking at Chen Dong who was always straddling his war horse.

From time to time, the deep eyes would reveal a look of appreciation.

In the relationship between men, sometimes conflicts are resolved in just a moment.

This is especially true for men of the army!

Perhaps a single battle can make the two sides clear their differences.

It was like the state of mind Bai Qi had when he looked at Chen Dong now. The brief encounter he had just had, the domineering stance Chen Dong had displayed, made Bai Qi fade away that incident at the beginning.

“Indeed, a true genius can shine no matter what place they are put.”

Bai Qi murmured softly, in a voice that only he could hear clearly.

Unlike Meng Dabiao’s trio, he was completely aware of Chen Dong’s background and knew everything about it.

It was also this understanding that led to this heartfelt sentiment now.

“Chen Dong, drink up!”

Bai Qi ripped off a sheepskin bag hanging from his waist, opened the stopper and tilted his head to take a sip, then tossed it directly to Chen Dong.

Chen Dong raised his hand to catch it, smelling the tantalising aroma emanating from the sheepskin pouch, and asked with some hesitation, “Chief Bai, we are on a mission, is it inappropriate to drink?”

“Why is it inappropriate? When I say it’s appropriate, it’s appropriate! How can we get rid of the chill without some wine on this cold day?”

Bai Qi waved his hand and said with a bold smile, “Don’t worry, I know all these rules, at least I’ve been there before.

He explained with a hint of self-deprecation.

It made Chen Dong a little embarra*sed.

He was the one who had taken over Bai Qi’s leadership guard!

Seeing that Chen Dong was still hesitant, Bai Qi said with a smile, “Don’t worry, this is our first battle, everyone has performed very well, it’s worth drinking to celebrate!”

With that, Bai Qi looked at Meng Dabiao, Zhou Yao and Sun Kong and said with a smile, “Brothers, Chen Dong took the lead in this battle today, so there’s only so much wine, he’ll have a few more sips, you don’t mind, right?”

“As long as I have something to drink!”

Meng Dabiao said with a simple smile.

Zhou Yao and Sun Kong also smiled and shook their heads.

The fight just now was obvious to anyone.

Although the five of them were together, it was Chen Dong and Bai Qi who really played the decisive role.

Bai Qi alone had entangled most of the troops and relieved the pressure on all of them.

Then Chen Dong took on a dark horse stance, dominating and killing the Walla soldiers in quick succession, completely crushing their morale, which sealed the victory in this small encounter.

The wounded Zhou Yao, in particular, knew very well that if Chen Dong hadn’t arrived on his horse, he might have been more than just slightly wounded, and might even have perished on the spot!

No one refuted Bai Qi’s words.

They even felt that Bai Qi’s words were very reasonable.

That was the way it was in the army, whoever got the most credit deserved more!

There were no human feelings and calculations in normal life, everything was based on merit!

Faced with the laughter of the crowd, Chen Dong also laughed, tilting his head back and taking a big gulp of wine.

The cold wine, with its stimulation, entered his stomach along his oesophagus, and then returned up with a blazing warmth.

In this nine-nine cold day, this feeling was very comfortable.

Immediately afterwards, Chen Dong threw the sheepskin bag to Meng Dabiao again.

After Meng Dabiao, Zhou Yao and Sun Kong drank one after another.

The small portion of the wine left in the sheepskin bag also all fell into Bai Qi’s stomach.

After a short rest.

The men continued their scouting patrols in depth.

It was as if the battle was just a small stone smashed into the calm water, which soon returned to calm after a wave was created.

This is very rare in the army.

Meng Dabiao, Zhou Yao and Sun Kong didn’t find it surprising.

What’s more, this was in the middle of the cruellest and most treacherous Northern Territory!

Battles like this happen all too rarely!

However, after the battle just now, Bai Qi was also clearly more careful and alert, or at least not as he had just done, leading Chen Dong and the four of them, running recklessly and wildly, but slowing down a bit.

“Chief Bai Wu, I found something just now, I think it’s a bit odd, take a look.”

Sun Kong caught up with Bai Qi and pulled out a token with a sheepskin wrapped around the edge and threw it to Bai Qi.

Chen Dong was the closest to Bai Qi and could see the token clearly.

It was a very ordinary token, made of wood, with sheepskin wrapped around it, and it seemed to be engraved with some kind of writing.

Because of the distance and the wind and snow, Chen Dong could not see it clearly.

However, no matter how one looked at it, the token was too ordinary to be a soldier’s identity token at most.

To be honest, if the person who had just cleaned up the battlefield was not Sun Kong, who was good at scouting, even Chen Dong, asking himself, would have missed out this token.


Just after Bai Qi caught the token and took a few glances at it.

He suddenly looked solemn and halted his horse.

“Phew ……”

The sudden scene caught Chen Dong’s four men off guard.

So much so that the four men’s war horses all rushed out some distance.

When the war horses hissed and came to a halt.

All four of them turned back to look at Bai Qi in confusion.

Bai Qi suddenly said in a deep voice, “The reconnaissance patrol mission is terminated immediately, return to Zhenjiang City immediately!”

Chapter 884

Terminate the scouting patrol mission?

Bai Qi’s sudden decision caused Chen Dong’s four men to look at each other in disbelief.

“Chief Bai Wu, is that the token?”

Sun Kong raised his finger in astonishment and pointed at the token that Bai Qi was holding tightly in his hand.

The moment the token arrived in Bai Qi’s hand, such a decision was made.

Obviously this token was not as simple as it appeared to be.


Bai Qi picked up the token and shook it in his hand, smiling meaningfully, “If I hadn’t been a former leading guard, perhaps this first scouting patrol mission of ours would have continued deeper, but now, it will have to be terminated early.”

Chen Dong’s brow furrowed, doubt in his eyes.

Bai Qi’s words made him curious to the extreme about the token in Bai Qi’s hand.

According to Bai Qi’s meaning, I was afraid that only the Twelve Golden Guards, or only he and Huo Zhenxiao, knew what the token meant.

An ordinary wooden token, but with such high authority!

The meaning behind it was perhaps even more terrifying.

“Let’s go, listen to Chief Bai Wu.”

Chen Dong exhaled a mouthful of cold air and snickered, “It happens to be cold as well, so going back sooner will count as being able to report military merit sooner.”

As soon as he heard about military merit.

Meng Dabiao, Sun Kong and Zhou Yao all looked uplifted.

They had willingly put aside everything they had done in the military to come to the Great Snow Dragon Cavalry because they wanted to build up their merits.

Now that they had just joined and carried out their first mission, they had killed a squad of Walla tribe spies and captured a significant token, so this military achievement was no small feat!

“Hahahaha …… We’re off to a good start here in the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army, I guess other recruits will be envious when they find out that we’ve got a military achievement on our first scouting patrol, right?”

“Yes, yes, yes, today’s harvest is really great, with this first military achievement to start with, it will definitely get better and better in the future!”

“But we still have to thank Chief Bai Wu and Brother Chen Dong for taking care of us today without any problems.”

The three of them laughed one after another and spoke up.

When the wounded Zhou Yao said the last words, Meng Dabiao’s gaze was deep and meaningful as he looked at Chen Dong, and gradually his eyes became a little fiery.

“It’s still me, Da Biao, who is smart enough to know that Brother Dong is a crouching tiger and hidden dragon, from now on we have to hold on to Brother Dong’s thighs.”

This was the thought in Meng Dabiao’s mind.

As Bai Qi made his decision.

Immediately, the five-man team turned their horses around and headed back towards Zhenjiang City at great speed.

The wind and snow continued to blow.

When the team pa*sed by the site of the previous battle, they found that the corpses everywhere had gradually been buried by the snow.

“Perhaps it won’t be long before the snow covers down and the traces of this battle are completely buried.”

Chen Dong murmured.

Bai Qi, who was laughing at the side, said, “This is how it is in the northern frontier, the wind and snow are always there, a battle will be over, perhaps just for an hour, and the traces of the battle will be covered by the wind and snow, in the Great Snow Dragon Cavalry Army, those who are able to return to their roots with their horses’ flesh are all lucky in life, there are many more, who are buried under the wind and snow.”

Although he was smiling, Chen Dong could clearly hear the sorrow in Bai Qi’s words.

The battlefield was cruel, and if one was lucky enough to return to their homeland to return to their roots after making the sacrifice, it was indeed a luxury.

Returning to one’s roots is engraved into one’s bones and fused into one’s blood for everyone.

On the way, everyone rushed along with their heads bored and cloaked in snow.

Meng Dabiao and the three of them were immersed in the joy of military success.

Chen Dong always observed Bai Qi, he was new to the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army and had a lot to learn, and Bai Qi was also his best teacher.

I guess Huo Zhenxiao also had this meaning when he made this arrangement.

On this journey, however, Chen Dong was always paying attention to Bai Qi’s expression.

He was so serious!

An unprecedented gloom!

Compared to Meng Dabiao’s mood, Bai Qi seemed to be in a different world.

Such an expression also caused Chen Dong’s mind to float.

Although Bai Qi was now only a military commander, he had once been a serious leader of the guards, a man above all others.

In such a high position, he had also fought and fought in the battlefield.

Such a man could have fluctuations in his state of mind, but the Bai Qi in front of him was clearly fluctuating too much!

And it was still unconcealed.

What did that wooden token mean behind the scenes?

All the way back to Zhenjiang City, just after entering the city gates, Bai Qi told the four of them, Chen Dong, to return their equipment to the Quartermaster’s Office, and then wait for him to collect their military honours together.

After the explanation, Bai Qi went straight to his armour and horse and headed for Huo Zhenxiao’s residence.

He sped along and soon disappeared at the end of the street.

“Brother Dong, let’s hurry up and turn in our equipment, once we’ve done that, we’ll wait for Chief Bai to take us to receive our military honours!”

Meng Dabiao called out to Chen Dong.

“Okay, coming.”

Chen Dong withdrew his gaze, turned his horse around and headed towards the quartermaster’s office.

After handing in all the equipment.

The four of them stood at the gate of the Quartermaster’s Office and waited.

After they had taken off their armour and unloaded their equipment, they were all lighter.

At this moment, they were standing at the gate, joking and chatting with each other.

When the Great Snow Dragon Riders were in Zhenjiang City, no one would care if they took it easy like this when there was no mission.

Only Chen Dong was always frowning, his mind always lingering on that wooden token.

“Brother Dong, we’ve all got military honours, why are you still frowning?”

Meng Dabiao asked with a smile as he approached Chen Dong.

He knew that Chen Dong was not an ordinary person, and in order to draw closer to Chen Dong, so his attention stayed on Chen Dong more and more from time to time.

“No, it’s nothing.”

Chen Dong shook his head and stretched his back.

Sun Kong at the side smiled and asked, “Is Brother Dong thinking about that token?”

Chen Dong gave Sun Kong a look, as expected of someone who specialized in scouting, but he didn’t respond directly, he just smiled noncommittally.

He waited for about half an hour.

Bai Qi finally rode in on his war horse and came in a hurry.

When he saw Chen Dong and the four of them, he didn’t stop and went straight into the quartermaster’s office and handed in his war horse equipment.

When Bai Qi walked out.

As on the road before, there was always a halo of gloom on his face that could not be dispersed.

Even in Chen Dong’s eyes, Bai Qi’s frown seemed to have deepened.

“Let’s go, take you all to collect your military honours.”

Bai Qi said, before leading the four Chen Dong towards the Military Merit Office.

Along the way, Meng Dabiao and the three of them were talking and laughing with a spring in their step.

Obviously, to them, it was such a smug and happy thing to have a military achievement as soon as they entered the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army!

However, Chen Dong and Bai Qi were unusually calm.

Bai Qi was because he had something on his mind.

Chen Dong, on the other hand, was curious about what was on Bai Qi’s mind, but he did not care about the military achievement.

He would only be in the Great Snow Dragon Rider Army for three months, and would have to leave it by the time of his father’s birthday.

Not to mention …… his tang leading guard, with or without military merit, it does not seem to mean much now ……