Winner Takes All Chapter 881-882

Chapter 881

Rumble ……

Amidst the wind and snow, the iron hooves were hideous.

The ground seemed to tremble.

A black torrent, tearing through the wind and snow, swept towards this side at great speed.

But Chen Dong’s five men were standing tall in their place.

The war horses under their hips neighed and their iron hooves trod gently, ready to charge.

A stern and murderous intent permeated this part of the world.

It was as cold and bitter as the wind and snow in the sky.

When a decision is made, the order is like a mountain.

Even Zhou Yao and Sun Kong, who were initially hesitant, looked determined and their killing intent rose.

When a man’s military order is given, even if there is a mountain of swords and a sea of fire ahead of him, he must go ahead and level everything in his path.

This …… is the iron blood of a soldier!

Rumble ……

The heart-stopping sound of horses’ hooves echoed in this side of the world.

It was as if it struck at the heart of man.


In the silence.

The wind and snow swept by.



Bai Qi raised his Dragon Rider’s war sword, his voice like an explosive thunder, and rose to the sky.

At this moment.

With this charge, Chen Dong and the others went forward as if they were five fronts, facing the flood of iron riders and shaking hard.

“Hahahaha …… A mere five-man squad, you also want to launch a charge against us?”

The leader of the Walla tribe, riding on his war horse, laughed wildly and unabashedly: “This is really the style of the Great Snow Dragon Cavalry! A bunch of reckless men who don’t know what they’re doing, brothers, with iron hooves, trample the five of them to a pulp!”


Twenty men raised their battle swords at the same time and let out a thick burst of roar.

The killing intent instantly seemed to converge into a long rainbow that shot up to the sky.

It made the winds and snow of this side of the world, silent.

Rumble ……

Iron hooves shook the ground, tearing the wind and splitting the snow.

Chen Dong coldly and sternly rode across the war horse, holding the Dragon Rider war sword in his hand, at this moment, facing the 20-member Walla squad in front of him, his blood seemed to be burning and boiling.

Is this …… what it feels like on the battlefield?

It really …… is addictive!

Hearing the shout of the leader of the Wala squad, the corners of Chen Dong’s mouth could not help but curl up into a teasing smile.

If the other side continued to fight with their Ugandan steel arrows, or even with hot weapons, this charge would all become fierce and dangerous.

But if the other side were to launch a charge against them in close combat ……

During the charge, Chen Dong gave a sidelong glance at Bai Qi beside him.

If we were to let these Walla tribe people know that the leader of this group of our soldiers is the former head guard of the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army, would they regret this decision to charge?


On the other side, deafening shouts of killing swept in like a tidal wave.

In contrast to the shouting and killing of the Walla tribe, the five men on Chen Dong’s side were very unhappy.

The five men on Chen Dong’s side were extraordinarily silent.

A stern and murderous spirit was raging quietly.

There was no shouting and killing, only the advance of iron hooves.

The distance drew closer at a rapid pace.

“Brothers, twenty to five, this is a rich battle, trample them to pulp!”

The captain of the Walla tribe was still shouting and arrogant.


Between the shouting, Chen Dong and the others had drawn extremely close to each other.


Bai Qi let out a roar, “I, Bai Qi, lead the charge!”


The sound was like rolling thunder as it crashed into the small group of the Waratah tribe.

With this roar, the captain of the Walla tribe, who had been rampantly rampant, changed his expression, his face filled with horror and terror.

“Bai, Bai Qi? F**k, the leading guard of the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army? Since when did he become a Wood Leader?”

As the shouts of shock rang out, the rest of the soldiers from the Waratah clan also revealed a look of horror.

As a former leader guard, one man under ten thousand people, Bai Qi’s name was a deterrent to the hundred tribes outside the domain, just like Huo Zhenxiao!

Only, the Walla tribe had been killed by the Great Snow Dragon Riders three years ago!

Now, three years had pa*sed, and they had barely had the courage to come back, but they could never have imagined that Bai Qi, once the leader of the northern frontier, had actually become a …… commander!

And right in front of them!

What the hell ……

What the hell has happened?

Three years of subjugation and the sea has changed? The head of the dragon became a military commander?

In an instant, the charging momentum of the twenty-man squad of the Warrat tribe could not help but sharply decrease, and even the war horses sensed the change in their master’s momentum, and the momentum of their charge, somewhat weakened.

Just then.

Chen Dong and the others had already arrived in front of them.

It was as if they were five razor-sharp blades that pierced directly into the 20-man squad of the Waratah tribe!


There was an explosive sound.

The Dragon Rider’s battle sword in Bai Qi’s hand swung brazenly, directly using the force of the charge to cut off a soldier of the Warrat tribe at the waist, blood flying and bodies falling to the ground.

But Bai Qi’s momentum did not stop there.

With the force of his charge, the Dragon Rider battle sword in his hand waved like a fierce wind and rain, sweeping directly through the crowd with the domineering aura of a god of killing.

“Counterattack, quickly give me a counterattack!”

The squad leader of the Walla tribe was crying at this point.

He had thought he had a rich battle of twenty to five, but instead he had met Bai Qi, the god of killing!

This was not a battle of plenty, this was a descending blow from the Great Snow Dragon Riders!

“Follow me and surround Bai Qi!”

The leader of the Wallach team reacted decisively and immediately led ten of his men to surround and kill Bai Qi.

This was a descending strike, and only by taking care of Bai Qi first would there be any chance of victory in this encounter!


Just as the Walla soldiers surrounded and killed Bai Qi, the pressure on Chen Dong’s four men was suddenly reduced.

Of the four soldiers Chen Dong had originally faced, only two were left to tangle with him at this point.


A long spear, cloaked in snow, whistled and stabbed directly towards Chen Dong.

Chen Dong did not dodge, but brazenly held his Dragon Rider Sabre in front of him, blocking the lance with a clang, then his arms swung violently, blocking the lance, and then the Dragon Rider Sabre in his hand was directly drawn out in a horizontal motion!

The Dragon Rider’s Sword is incredibly heavy.

It was also the result of the fact that once the Dragon Rider’s Sword could be swung freely, the killing power that could be inflicted was astonishing.

Not just a slash, but when it is swung, even a slight clash can have the force of a thousand pounds!

Bang Teen!

There was a loud bang.

The Walla soldier holding a spear in front of him was directly knocked out by Chen Dong’s Dragon Rider War Sword, his chest dented and blood splashed into the air.


In a flash of lightning.

Chen Dong’s expression was cold, his eyes stirred with killing intent, but the Dragon Riding Sword in his hand seemed to be as light as a feather, when he turned the direction and slashed directly towards another Warlord soldier.


The Walla soldier’s face paled, and as he roared, he crossed his sword in front of his chest, trying to resist.

However, the Dragon Rider’s sword, with the force of a thousand pounds, in Chen Dong’s hand, in a domineering and overwhelming manner, slashed the Warlord’s sword into two, and then landed brazenly on the Warlord’s chest.


The sword broke and the man flew, spilling blood into the air, staining the snow-capped ground red.

In an instant.

There was no one around Chen Dong, standing tall on his horse with his sword.

The leader of the Walla squad, who was killing Bai Qi, heard the soldier’s screams and immediately drew his horse back and looked at the sound.

The moment he saw Chen Dong, his heart felt as if it had been cleaved by the Dragon Rider’s war sword on the spot.

The whole man was dumbfounded ……

This five-man army of the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army, what the hell kind of divine team is this?

Chapter 882

Shock, trepidation.

It enveloped everyone in the squad of the Waratah clan from the very beginning of the engagement.

At this moment.

The reckless and rampant temper of a few moments ago had been cut down by Chen Dong and Bai Qi, several times with their Dragon Rider swords, and had vanished into thin air.

Even though the number of the Walla tribe was still far greater than Chen Dong and his five men.

But the strange thing was.

All of them, including the leader of the Warlord squad, could smell the threat of death!

Chen Dong quickly finished off two of the Walla soldiers and raised his eyes to look at Bai Qi who was under siege.

To his astonishment, even against ten men, Bai Qi wielded his Dragon Riding Sword like a god of killing, and he was not even outgunned!

The Dragon Rider’s Sword buzzed and whistled, sweeping across a thousand armies.

In Bai Qi’s hands, it exploded with terrifying killing power.

In the face of ten soldiers of Warrat, Bai Qi did not just defend, but fought back and forth with the ten soldiers!

This scene.

Even Chen Dong could not help but marvel at Bai Qi’s combat ability!

Facing a siege of ten men, and with enemies on all sides.

Even if Chen Dong himself had relied on his terrifying fighting instincts when he fought Bai Qi, he would never have been able to do what Bai Qi did when faced with such a situation!

This is not only a matter of personal strength, but also a result of rich battlefield experience!

On the other hand.

Meng Dabiao was still in a good position, fighting one against two, and was temporarily locked in a stalemate.

Zhou Yao and Sun Kong, on the other hand, were in danger.

They were only proficient in one area, but when they encountered a situation like this where they were fighting against many, even if they were experienced in battle, their lack of personal strength was not enough to solve the situation.

Even if they were one against two, the two were still in a state of complete suppression.

Even Zhou Yao had been injured!

In an instant, Chen Dong was able to determine the situation in front of him.

Without hesitation, Chen Dong drove his horse straight into Zhou Yao’s fighting circle.

Zhou Yao was already down and even wounded, so if he didn’t take care of the enemy in front of him as soon as possible.

Perhaps this battle would come at the cost of bloody human lives!

While the warhorse galloped wildly, Chen Dong’s right hand was carrying the Dragon Rider’s war sword upside down.

He did not know the blade technique used in the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army with the Dragon Riding Warblade, but with the Dragon Riding Warblade in his hand, the Dragon Riding Warblade could explode with enough killing power with his strength being able to do it like his arm!

Amidst the wind and snow.

Chen Dong’s face was filled with a solemn killing intent, a majestic killing intent that swept through with reckless abandon.

As if he was a god of killing, he charged towards the battle circle Zhou Yao was in!

“Be careful!”

A Walla soldier who was attacking against Zhou Yao spotted Chen Dong, but he directly abandoned Zhou Yao and charged directly at Chen Dong with his sword.

In a flash of lightning.

The Long Rider’s sword, which had been in Chen Dong’s hand for a long time, was thrown backwards, from the bottom to the top.


This backwards jerk directly struck the war horse’s neck with the back of the blade.

“Phew ……”

With a loud sound and the war horse’s painful neighing.

Amidst the wind and snow.

The Walla soldier who was rushing towards Chen Dong directly stood up with the war horse.

This slash directly broke the war horse’s neck!

At the same time as the horse stood up with the Warlord in pain.

Chen Dong’s Dragon Rider Sword swung out again.

Bang Teen!

A slash struck the chest cavity of the Warlord soldier, and blood flew out.

A single slash killed him!

This scene was overwhelming, bloody and shocking!

It was as if the entire battlefield had been shaken by Chen Dong’s two slashes in quick succession!

In an instant, all eyes were instantly focused on Chen Dong.

The captain of the Waratah squad, witnessing Chen Dong at this moment, felt a great terror of death.

In an instant, cold sweat rained down and his heart chilled!

A former leader guard of the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army, an unknown terrifying little soldier, waved his hand to bring the hegemony of the Dragon Riding Battle Sword to its fullest extent.

How else could this battle …… be fought?

After a short moment of panic and hesitation.

The captain of the Wallach squad made an immediate decision.

“Retreat, retreat! All of you retreat immediately!”


This was the only response that the leader of the Waratah squad could think of at this instant.

He had originally anticipated that he would lead his soldiers to besiege Bai Qi, and even if he could not kill him, he could still serve as a delay.

The rest of the soldiers, fighting two against one, would also be able to settle the battle quickly, and in the end, with all the soldiers surrounding Bai Qi together, it was not impossible to overwhelm Bai Qi and the others!

But now, a nameless man wielding a Dragon Rider battle sword became the variable of the whole battle.

It was as if Chen Dong’s successive slashes with the Dragon Rider’s Sabre had struck at the heart of the leader of the Warlord squad.

With such a variable, his plan was a complete failure!

Chen Dong’s combat prowess was like a tiger entering a flock of sheep, killing them in every direction in the eyes of the Walla squad leader!

Compared to Bai Qi, his strength was not at all inferior!

A five-man squad hiding a fierce beast was not enough to make people despair.

But a five-man squad with two beasts hiding in it is truly a great terror, a great despair!

Rumble ……

With a command, the remaining soldiers of the Waratah squad all turned their horses decisively and fled into the distance.

There was no more arrogance, only a scattering of birds and beasts!

“Is this the end?”

Chen Dong was a little stunned as he looked at the blood-stained Dragon Rider’s battle sword in his hand.

This was just the beginning of the fight, and it was over?


Bai Qi’s thick, thunder-like voice suddenly echoed across this side of the world.

“Everyone, follow me and surround them!”

Chen Dong’s gaze flickered for a moment, and when he raised his eyes, he saw that Bai Qi had already pursued towards the still dozen or so remaining Wallachian squads.

As far as the sight could see, Bai Qi alone was chasing and killing a dozen people.

There was something odd about this image.

And Bai Qi’s words also caused the corners of Chen Dong’s mouth to twitch.

This comparison of numbers in the siege was a bit odd!


In the next second, Meng Dabiao took the lead and went after Bai Qi.

Following closely behind, Sun Kong also rushed up.

Chen Dong’s eyes were filled with battle spirit and he was about to follow him with his sword.

Instead, a cry of thanks from Zhou Yao rang out behind him, “Thank you, Brother Dong!”

“Our own brothers, why say thank you? Together, surround them!”

Chen Dong laughed out loud and drove his horse wildly!

With the overbearing momentum from Chen Dong’s successive slashes just now, the battle had also brought out the morale, and at this moment, in the five-man squad, the morale was as strong as a rainbow, and the momentum was as strong as a bamboo!

In the cold wind and snowy sky.

The wind was howling.

But Chen Dong’s five men were chasing after the dozen or so members of the Wallachian squad!

On the battlefield, morale is the most crucial.

Once a drum is set in motion, it will fail again and again!

At this moment, the dozen or so Walras retreated without the slightest bit of courage, as if they were frightened lambs, running desperately and wildly, facing Chen Dong’s five men behind them, but without even the slightest bit of courage to resist.

The chase was on in the snow and wind.

Chen Dong straddled his warhorse, the battle spirit in his eyes raging as if the blood in his body was boiling.

“Is this the charm of the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army? Perhaps I have chosen to come to the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army on this trip, I have chosen the right one!”