Winner Takes All Chapter 879-880

Chapter 879

The cold wind is howling.

Goose feathers of snow ravaged this side of the world.

Under the leadership of Bai Qi, Chen Dong and the others spurred their horses and rode sullenly straight towards the domain.

The wind and snow blurred vision, making one’s observation power greatly reduced.

If one could look down from above at this point, one would inevitably notice.

In front of Chen Dong’s five-man squad running wildly, a squad of twenty people was also running wildly towards them in a sullen manner.

A murderous opportunity was slowly brewing in the wind and snow.

Neither Bai Qi nor the leader of the twenty-man team had anticipated the drama that was about to unfold.

Whirring ……

The wind howled, sweeping the snow across the ground with reckless abandon.

“Chief Bai Wu, rest, take a break, will you?”

Zhou Yao in the team was the first to hold up, his own specialty was being proficient in all kinds of equipment and firearms, this kind of carrying one hundred and fifty pounds of equipment and marching at full speed in a hurry was really overload for him.

With Zhou Yao’s words, Sun Kong couldn’t help but say, “I can’t help it.

Sun Kong could not help but say, “Chief Bai, this is no less than a long march.”

Obviously, he too could not hold on any longer.

However, Bai Qi, who was at the front, smiled domineeringly, “This is how you can quickly integrate into the Great Snow Dragon Riders. If you cannot even do a scouting patrol a hundred miles deep, then one of you will be counted as one.

There were no words, and even the tone of his words was dry and direct.

But Zhou Yao and Sun Kong shut their mouths on the spot.

They had come out of their original army to join the Great Snow Dragon Riders, a lion of the army that they regarded as a holy place in their eyes.

When a man stands in the world, he should build a great feat!

Surrounded by glory, with great merit!

Although the Great Snow Dragon Riders are incredibly dangerous, beneath the great danger lies a great reward of merit.

If they couldn’t even integrate into the Great Snow Dragon Cavalry, then how could they talk about building up great feats?

The God of War, Huo Zhenxiao, is the idol of all the men in the army!

Apart from merit, all recruits who enter the Great Snow Dragon Riders are looking forward to the day when they can fight alongside this God of War on the battlefield!

“Let’s go brothers, just grit your teeth and hold on!”

Meng Dabiao let out a loud shout, pulling the atmosphere back.

As he spoke, Meng Dabiao was untraceably looking at Chen Dong who had merely fallen behind Bai Qi.

Carrying a heavy load of one hundred and fifty pounds, they were lagging behind Bai Qi, not because Bai Qi was the leader of the group and let him be in front, but because their physical strength could not keep up at all.

Not to mention Sun Kong and Zhou Yao, even he, Meng Dabiao, felt a sense of shortness of breath and exhaustion at this point.

But in Meng Dabiao’s eyes, Chen Dong’s breath was steady from start to finish, and his expression showed no sign of fatigue.

With this glance, Meng Dabiao could see many things!

In other words, the reason why Chen Dong was lagging behind Bai Qi was not because he was like the three of them, but because …… was really giving a deliberate face with Bai Qi as the leader of the army to get him in front!

“Worthy of my brother Dong, crouching tiger, hidden dragon, must be some cla*sified special warfare unit’s heavenly pride, I, Meng Dabiao, am really fortunate that in the tiny five-man squad, not only is there Bai Qi, a former leading guard, but also Dong, a crouching tiger, hidden dragon’s heavenly pride, my old Meng family’s ancestral graves must be smoking!”

This was the thought in Meng Dabiao’s mind.

He looked naive on the outside though when he smiled.

But to be the leading member of the Lion Special Forces, he obviously also had his own thoughts and way of thinking.

In the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army, the smallest combat unit was a wu, which cooperated with each other and supported each other during the battle, and the strength that could be exploded by five people for one was absolutely terrifying.

It is also because of this division of combat units that the individual strength of the members of a wu directly determines the overall strength of a wu!

The stronger the strength of each individual member, the stronger the combat power that can be exploded when combined with each other.

Obviously, in Meng Dabiao’s eyes, this team has really reached the ultimate!

Leaving aside the three of them, the battle power that Chen Dong and Bai Qi alone could explode into, could directly make the entire squad’s strength, skyrocket!

To put it in no uncertain terms, Meng Dabiao even felt that, at least among the last few new recruits, their squad was definitely in the leading position!

This …… is a real sense of security!

When he thought of this, Meng Dabiao’s mouth could not help but reveal a smug smile.

It was also just as Meng Dabiao had expected.

In fact Chen Dong, clad in heavy armor and riding atop a straddling war horse, was indeed in consistent control of his rhythm.

His long training under the demons of Kunlun had made it clear to him that maintaining his own rhythm was also the most energy-efficient way to go!

Once the rhythm was disrupted, carrying a hundred and fifty pounds of heavy armour equipment, in this snowy and windy weather, the physical exertion would increase geometrically.

Chen Dong struggled to adjust his breathing, even when he was wielding his long whip to drive the war horse, he was deliberately keeping the rhythm to the exact second.

Bai Qi, who was running at the front of the pack, also noticed Chen Dong’s “abnormality” and could not help but be shocked, even turning back to look at Chen Dong.

“Chen Dong’s strength has improved since the last time, this kind of talent is really the talent of a god!”

Even though Bai Qi and Chen Dong had had their problems in the past, now that time had changed, when Bai Qi faced Chen Dong again, he still could not help but have a higher opinion of Chen Dong’s talent and the speed of his strength growth in his heart.

Such an unbelievable speed of improvement!

To describe it as genius, Bai Qi felt that it was somewhat inferior.

The best way to describe it would be the talent of a god or a ghost!

After withdrawing his gaze, Bai Qi could not help but reveal a self-deprecating smile.

At this moment, his perception of Chen Dong was rapidly changing.

A man who could spend a year worth half of his life’s vomit, this was someone’s talent!

To be able to consistently maintain his rhythm even in such cruel weather, such tenacity was worthy of Chen Dong being able to catch Huo Zhenxiao’s eye and take his leading guard straight away in the first place!

Bai Qi had followed Huo Chenxiao for many years, and knew his style of action, where his words were followed and his orders were like mountains!

If Chen Dong hadn’t been so far above the norm, Huo Zhenxiao would never have promoted him to the rank of Head Guard in front of the Golden Guards because of his relationship with him!

Chen Dong’s strength is the key to everything!

“Perhaps …… I did act impulsively at first.”

Bai Qi pondered in his mind, his gaze deep.

As his thoughts tumbled, he could not help but be distracted.


It was this distraction.

“Watch out!”

Chen Dong, who had been in control of the rhythm, suddenly let out a roar as a brilliant look burst from his eyes.

This yell instantly broke the silence in the group!

In an instant, everyone’s nerves tensed up.

Bai Qi, on the other hand, woke up with a jolt, his face changed abruptly and his tiger eyes glared round to the extreme.

In his sight.

A sharp, cold arrow was whistling and humming at breakneck speed, piercing through the wind and snow and shooting towards him ……


Arrows whistle.

Breaking wind and tearing snow.

The speed was as fast as lightning.

At this moment, Bai Qi was too distracted to resist.

The sharp arrow, with a deadly intent, was already in front of him.


A cold ray of light exploded from the slant.

As sparks erupted, the arrow, which was close to Bai Qi’s face, flew out and plunged into the snow with a thud.

A sudden scene.

It left Bai Qi dumbfounded.


Meng Dabiao and the three of them even sucked in a breath of cold air at the same time.

All three of them were looking at Chen Dong with a look of a monster.

“Ugin steel arrows, this is even comparable to a sniper rifle bullet!”

Zhou Yao, who was well versed in instruments, instantly locked his gaze soberly on the arrow stuck in the snow, and his heart even raised a huge wave: “This single arrow alone weighs nearly two catties, and firing it is only possible with a crossbow, the power is very terrifying!”

A simple description was given.

The look Zhou Yao gave Chen Dong was even more tinged with a hint of fear.

Anyone could see that if Chen Dong hadn’t wielded his “Dragon Riding Sword” in a flash of lightning, this arrow alone would have been enough to pierce through Bai Qi’s face!

But to be able to swing the fifty pound Dragon Rider Battle Sword in an instant and slice away a golden steel arrow that was comparable to a sniper rifle, this was the best proof of strength!

“Thank you, thank you ……”

At this moment, Bai Qi, who had survived the robbery, could not help but say to Chen Dong in gratitude.

“We are teammates.”

Chen Dong shook his head, squinting his eyes, his face as cold as frost as he looked towards the winds and snow tossing ahead, “Prepare for battle, Chief Bai Wu you have made some errors in judgment this time.”

The corners of Bai Qi’s mouth twitched, and he was instantly embarra*sed to the extreme.

The Great Snow Dragon Riding Army had long ago crushed the Hundred Tribes outside the domain, and his overbearing words from before were the truth.

So nowadays, the first task of the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army, in order to let the new recruits quickly integrate into the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army, was to scout patrols, which in the minds of all the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army, was the safest and the most effective task to let the new recruits quickly integrate into the rhythm of the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army.

But what had just happened was like a slap in the face, slapping Bai Qi so hard that it hurt hotly.

In the distance, the sound of war horses galloping came as fast as a tidal wave.

However, because of the wind and snow, it was not possible to see the other side for a while.

In this regard, Chen Dong and the others did not show the slightest sign of surprise.

The Great Snow Dragon Cavalry’s tradition was to use cold weapons, but the hundred tribes outside the domain had never been shy about using hot weapons!

Even within the Great Snow Dragon Riders, there was no complete ban on hot weapons.

In this windy and cold environment, sometimes the combat power that cold weapons could bring out was indeed better than that of hot weapons.

It is not unusual for an opponent with a probe to detect them in advance and attack first.

It was also obvious that the sound of an arrow attack, which was far less than that of a hot weapon, could be completely muffled by the whistling wind and snow.

Bai Qi looked stern, his eyes flooded with cold light locked on the ground of the wujin steel arrows, said in a deep voice: “wujin steel arrows is the special product of the Warat tribe, get ready, ahead is the Warat tribe, D*mn …… seems three years ago the bloody battle is not ferocious enough, this Warat tribe folded for three years, now surprisingly foolish again. ”


The first time our team is on a scouting patrol, since we’ve met, it’s the brave man who meets the brave man who wins!”

The voice was as thick as a drum, with a majestic aura of unrelenting determination.


“Bai, Chief Bai, this is a bit presumptuous, we don’t even know how many people there are on the other side yet!”

“It’s true that the brave will win in a narrow battle, but it’s a bit inappropriate for us to prepare for battle now without knowing the enemy’s situation clearly!”

Zhou Yao and Sun Kong said one after another.

Both of them were the best in their respective armies, and had their own profound experience in battle.

But Bai Qi’s simple and brutal approach, which was almost reckless, was completely unacceptable to both of them.

As far as Bai Qi’s current approach was concerned, it was bold enough and overbearing enough.

But translated, isn’t it just one sentence?

Life and death are not important, if you don’t want to fight, do it!

“This is how our Great Snow Dragon Riders fight!”

Bai Qi looked back at Zhou Yao and Sun Kong with a proud smile as he raised his Dragon Rider sabre in his hand, “If you join our Great Snow Dragon Riders, you must get used to and love this style of combat! You never know when the battle will erupt. This battle will give you a thorough understanding of the Northern Frontier and the Great Snow Dragon Riders!”

He did not wait for Zhou Yao and Sun Kong to reply.

Chen Dong drove his horse forward, alongside Bai Qi.

A cold, stern voice echoed in the ears of the hesitant Zhou Yao and Sun Kong, instantly dispelling their apprehension.

“The other side should be small in number, they should also be scouting squads like us, this battle, they have already discovered us, if we don’t fight, should we all be shrinking turtles, retreating from the battlefield on our first mission, returning to the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army to be laughed at by our 300,000 brothers?”

At those words.

The look of hesitation on Zhou Yao and Sun Kong’s faces instantly disappeared.

The glory of a soldier!

Retreating from the battlefield would have been a matter of shame.

What’s more, this was their first mission into the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army!

If they retreated and returned to the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army, they would never have the face to stay within the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army again, even if they had the thick skin of a city wall.


At this very moment, Meng Dabiao, who had been silent all along, brazenly drew his sword.

Only unlike Chen Dong and Bai Qi, the sword he drew was not a Dragon Rider battle sword, but an ordinary combat horse-slashing long sword.

“D*mn it, life and death are not important, if you don’t like it, do it!”

Meng Dabiao gripped his long sword with both hands and snapped with murderous intent, “I’ve been in the army for so many years, and I’ve lost a big scar on my head, so if I go back to the Great Snow Dragon Riders and let 300,000 brothers laugh at us together, I might as well die in battle.”

With these words, Meng Dabiao’s legs clamped down on the belly of his horse, and the horse slowly walked to Chen Dong and Bai Qi’s line.

Behind them, Zhou Yao and Sun Kong looked at each other, and their expressions steeped in determination.

With that.

The two war horses stepped forward and lined up alongside Chen Dong.

The five men and five horses stood side by side in the cold, windy sky, all gazing with murderous intent at the chaotic snow and wind ahead.

The deafening sound of war horses galloping wildly became clearer and clearer.

Vaguely, one could already see black shadows appearing amidst the snow and wind, as if they were black torrents, raging with a majestic killing intent.

Bai Qi laughed disdainfully and said to Chen Dong, “You guessed right, it’s really the scouts of the Walla tribe, twenty at most, no more.”

“Five to fight twenty, one to split four, it shouldn’t be a big problem!” Chen Dong nodded, having no doubt about Bai Qi’s eye for scouting numbers.


The words had just left his mouth.

Meng Dabiao beside him suddenly licked his face and looked at Chen Dong: “Brother Dong, good brothers share the same blessings and share the same difficulties, can you help me share two later?”

Chen Dong: “……”

What was the situation with this B*****d’s brain circuit?