Winner Takes All Chapter 877-878

Chapter 877

The whole room was silent.

The only thing that remained was the wind and snow.

A hundred new recruits stood in the cold wind and snow, but they stood tall and straight, as if they were sheathed swords, with a strong aura.

Chen Dong stood in the crowd and swept past it to look into the distance.

A procession was walking towards this direction.

The men in the lead were clad in golden armour, their aura as imposing as a great mountain of fear, making people feel intimidated.

After seeing the Golden Guard’s appearance, Chen Dong’s eyes could not help but flutter for a moment.

This Golden Guard was clearly one of the Golden Guards who had participated in his kidnapping in the first place!

And after the Golden Guard, Bai Qi, who was as sturdy as a mountain, stood out.

Today, however, Bai Qi was no longer the leading guard he once was, and after experiencing being jerked around by Huo Zhenxiao to the end, the aura on Bai Qi’s body had boomed and diminished a lot.

A procession, with a great oppression, slowly approached.

Everyone looked solemn and did not look away.

When Jin Wei led Bai Qi and the others, he stood in front of the line of new recruits.

One hundred new recruits, at the same time, shouted in unison.

“Greetings, Golden Guard!”

The sound was like a thunderclap, as if the wind and snow were silent.

In the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army, Huo Zhenxiao was the master, and the soul of the 300,000 Great Snow Dragon Riding Army.

Underneath the master were the Twelve Golden Guards!

In the hearts of the 300,000 Great Snow Dragon Riders, the Golden Guards were both their goal and an existence they feared like gods and goddesses.

“Welcome to the Great Snow Dragon Riders, and welcome to this journey of death!”

Jin Wei towered over them, his gaze like a torch, sweeping across the entire room, only lingering on Chen Dong for an extra moment.

There was no excessive speech, nor were there too many pleasantries.

When this sentence was over.

Jin Wei then picked up the roster in his hand and began to call the names for enlistment.

It was all so quick that it caught Chen Dong a little off guard.

As Jin Wei recited the names and marked them for enlistment, one by one, the recruits stepped out of the ranks and walked behind their respective sergeants.

Soon, it was Chen Dong’s turn to be recited.

“Chen Dong, into the Bai Qi army!”


Chen Dong stepped out beyond the crowd and walked towards the sturdy mountain-like Bai Qi.

For a moment, looking at Bai Qi, Chen Dong’s mind suddenly became somewhat complicated.

The team ranks, in the army, the head of the army was considered the lowest official position, five people were in the army, and the army had a head of the army, which was indeed a jerk compared to Bai Qi’s once leading guard.

However, facing Bai Qi, Chen Dong was inevitably embarra*sed in his heart.

After all, he was the head guard, but after he had jerked off Bai Qi, Huo Zhenxiao had directly appointed him. And now, in a twist of events, he had lurked under Bai Qi’s command again!

Even Bai Qi’s expression became a little unnatural when he felt Chen Dong’s gaze.

The group of new recruits, on the other hand, were now looking at Chen Dong with envy.

In the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army, the Dragon Head Guard was under one man and above ten thousand others.

The prestige and reputation spread far and wide.

As a former Dragon Head Guard, Bai Qi was naturally known to these new recruits.

Even if he was now demoted to the bottom and demoted to the rank of sergeant, Bai Qi’s strength and experience still existed.

In the eyes of the recruits, what Chen Dong was following was not a military commander, but the former leading guard!

With such a big backer in place, when carrying out a mission, not only would the chances of danger be greatly reduced, but even the chances of merit would be greatly increased!

This really makes people envious to death!

Standing in the crowd, Meng Dabiao looked enviously at Chen Dong walking towards Bai Qi, and couldn’t help but murmur, “I really envy Brother Dong’s luck, following under the once leading guards, this D*mned sense of security, this D*mned chance of merit!”

The next second.

The Golden Guard called out once again, “Meng Dabiao, join the Bai Qi army!”


Meng Dabiao, who was envious, was struck by lightning and stared at Jin Wei with incredulous eyes, “Lord Jin Wei, really, it’s really me?”

“You have an objection, no?”

Golden Guard asked with a glare from his tiger eyes.

“No, no, no, yes, I am willing …… hahaha …… brothers, I, Da Biao, will go first!”

Meng Dabiao laughed loudly and quickly chased after Chen Dong with a spring in his step, his face full of triumph.

“Sun Kong, join the Bai Qi army!”

Jin Wei shouted again.

Chen Dong and Meng Dabiao, who were already standing behind Bai Qi, glanced at each other and smiled faintly.

Then, Jin Wei named another person to join Bai Qi’s army, and the group was considered complete.

One hundred new recruits were soon finished being enlisted.

With an order from Jin Wei, everyone dispersed.

Bai Qi led Chen Dong and the others towards the barracks, and as he walked, he said in a deep voice, “Since you have joined my Bai Qi army, you are brothers from now on, and will support each other on the battlefield.

His voice was as thick as thunder, and it was heart-stopping.

Chen Dong was smiling.

Meng Dabiao, on the other hand, nodded with a continuous smile, stepped forward and directly took Bai Qi’s shoulders under the dismayed gaze of Chen Dong and the others.

“Right, right, Brother Bai Qi, don’t worry, from now on in the battlefield, I will be the first to take the lead and never pull the string!”

Bai Qi’s footsteps lurched, his expression sulking, and he gave Meng Dabiao a sidelong glance, “At least I’m a military commander, mind your officers.”

Chen Dong and the others smacked their lips.

Sun Kong even blurted out, “This guy, he’s a real Biao!”

Facing Bai Qi, Meng Dabiao smiled nervously, “Peace, peace, Chief Bai, take care of me from now on.”

Then, he let go of his hand, resentfully returned to Chen Dong’s side, whispered: “Claiming to be brothers, but not even hugging a shoulder, cut ……”

Chen Dong: “……”

Sun Kong gave a white glance: “It’s a brother, it’s also an army commander, you Bean, you’re also too familiar with people.”

“Cut ……” Meng Dabiao gave a brash toss of his head, “Who let buddy this D*mn charm burst.”

“Ahem …… all silence.”

Bai Qi coughed and interrupted the two: “The barracks are just ahead, you have three minutes to place everything.”

Chen Dong raised his eyes to look at the row of barracks in front of him, but it looked plain as day.

This was the place where he would be staying for the next three months.

He was about to walk towards the barracks when Bai Qi shouted again, “Meng Dabiao, you go and help Chen Dong set up his gifts, while Chen Dong stays behind.”


In his mind, Chen Dong was a crouching tiger and a hidden dragon, so it made sense that he would be treated differently by Bai Qi.

In the cold wind and snow.

Chen Dong and Bai Qi watched the three men enter the barracks.

Only then did Bai Qi respectfully say to Chen Dong, “Dragon Head Chen, I am sorry that these were all arranged by the master himself, promoting me to the rank of Military Commander and making Dragon Head Chen subordinate to me, also so that Bai Qi could better protect Dragon Head Chen, please forgive me, Dragon Head Chen.”

A temporary promotion?

Chen Dong smacked his lips for a moment, when Huo Zhenxiao had said that Bai Qi would be jerked around to the end, he had really followed through thoroughly enough.

According to Bai Qi’s meaning, apparently even when he followed Huo Zhenxiao to pick up the plane yesterday, his status was still only that of a big head soldier.

Chen Dong rubbed his nose: “It’s fine, thanks to Chief Bai Wu for guarding him, besides, these few people should not be a coincidence, right?”

Bai Qi smiled meaningfully, “That Meng Dabiao is a sharp knife of the Lion Special Forces, with outstanding personal abilities, that Sun Kong is also a reconnaissance special forces soldier, with one in a million abilities in reconnaissance, and that Zhou Yao, proficient in various weapons and terrain combat.”

“This team configuration, it’s considered top notch, right?” Chen Dong was a little surprised.

Bai Qi smiled and nodded, “In the Wu Li, such a comprehensive staffing is indeed a top line-up!”

Chen Dong was a little helpless, “Senior Brother is giving me the back door and going too hard.”

“That’s as it should be.”

Bai Qi curbed his smile and said solemnly, “Please ask Chen Dong to prepare, after we finish our meal in an hour, we Wu will be going out on a scouting patrol.”

“So soon?!” Chen Dong was stunned at once.


It wasn’t just Chen Dong.

Even Meng Dabiao and the three of them were stunned when they learned that they would be on a scouting patrol in an hour’s time.

Bai Qi calmly said, “You are new recruits, but within the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army, there are no new recruits, you are all the best in your respective Rongs and do not need to go through the recruiting period, and the scouting patrol is also a way for you to integrate into the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army faster.”

With one sentence, Meng Dabiao and the others could not refute.

Amongst their respective Rong Wu, they had indeed risen to the top.

If it weren’t for the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army, they wouldn’t have stooped to the level of recruits.

Immediately entering the task of scouting patrols, it really wasn’t the slightest bit difficult for them either.

After receiving confirmation.

The five Chen Dong then proceeded to the mess hall, ate their breakfast and then, under the leadership of Bai Qi, were ready to go.

One man, one armour, one horse and one set of standard weapons.

Chen Dong had finally seen the weapon that the mysterious man had mentioned before, the Dragon Rider’s War Sword!

Even though he had heard about it, but seeing it for the first time, Chen Dong was still a little shocked.

This was no longer considered a sword.

It was a wide and thick blade, almost half a doorway, and so thick and heavy that it was at least fifty pounds!

The blade was covered with special patterns left behind when hammering and forging, emitting a bone-chilling cold aura.

The hilt is not placed on the side of the blade, as is the case with ordinary swords, but in the middle of the blade.

It resembles both a sword and a knife.

“Chief Bai, this, this blade is too heavy, isn’t it? It’s not convenient for attacking and defending at all.”

Meng Dabiao lifted the Dragon Rider Battle Sword with one hand and grumbled in some surprise.

He was already a stout man, with a height of 1.9 metres, and was considered outstanding among the Great Snow Dragon Riders, but it was extremely hard for him to lift the Dragon Rider’s sword with one hand.

Sun Kong and Zhou Yao, on the other hand, looked even more strenuous, having to lift it with both hands.

“Is it heavy?”

Bai Qi shook his head, then his gaze went to Chen Dong, who had been surveying the Dragon Rider Battle Sword.

The next second.

Under the stunned gaze of Meng Dabiao and the others, Chen Dong grasped the hilt with his right hand and easily lifted the blade, then shook it a little, his gaze deep as he murmured, “This blade, can it really stop bullets?”

This action instantly left Meng Dabiao and the three of them dumbstruck.

The words that followed Chen Dong’s exit even shocked the three men.

They were the best in their respective armies, but the Great Snow Dragon Riders had always been extraordinarily protective of information within their own army.

So even Meng Dabiao and the others knew very little about the internal affairs of the Great Snow Dragon Cavalry.

However, Chen Dong’s words were like a thunderclap.

The three of them simultaneously looked down at the Dragon Rider war knife in their hands.

In the knife …… could really stop bullets?

“Yes, that’s why the Dragon Rider Battle Sword is extra thick and heavy.” Bai Qi nodded his head to corroborate Chen Dong’s words.

After a pause, Bai Qi added, “However, you have just joined the army, the Dragon Riding Battle Knife is only standard, and we will basically not use it when we carry out reconnaissance patrols, after that you will learn how to use the Dragon Riding Battle Knife, of course the prerequisite is that you can freely swing the Dragon Riding Battle Knife like he did before you can learn how to use it.”

Meng Dabiao and the three of them all changed their expressions at the same time.

They all looked at Chen Dong, who was holding the Dragon Riding Battle Sword in one hand, filled with shock.

“When you’re ready, let’s set off.”

Bai Qi gave an order and the five of them walked up towards the outside.

While Meng Dabiao quickly caught up with Chen Dong, one hand wrapped around Chen Dong’s shoulder, his left hand squeezed his fist and placed it at the position of his heart, solemnly saying, “Brother Dong, as expected of a hidden dragon and crouching tiger, I, Dabiao, have grown more and more respectful of you, you can easily lift this Dragon Rider Battle Sword, your personal strength is too formidable, no wonder you can become a man of the Dragon and Tiger.”

A compliment.

It made Chen Dong very embarra*sed.

He really did not expect that he had reached such a high position in this Meng Dabiao’s heart with just a few words.

Did he say the wrong thing?

Or did Meng Dabiao’s brain make up too badly?

A full set of standard equipment, weighing 150 pounds, is a force to be reckoned with, even for the best of the military!

To march with a heavy load is an extremely difficult task.

What’s more, with this set, it was already a hundred and fifty pounds!

At least Sun Kong and Zhou Yao, who were in the group, walked with a slower gait when they were all weighted down.

The only one who was slightly better was Meng Dabiao.

Chen Dong and Bai Qi were the only ones who had no abnormalities.

Bai Qi was used to it because he had been a leading guard and his strength was already there.

Chen Dong, on the other hand, had been trained by the devil for a long time without slacking off!

His battle strength was now comparable to that of Kunlun, and with the presence of such strength, it was enough to crush Meng Dabiao and the others!

After receiving their war horses, with an order from Bai Qi.

The five men, fully armed, galloped out of Zhenjiang City.

Heavy snow was flying.

The wind was bitterly cold.

As soon as the five war horses left the city, they let out a long whistle and headed straight for the deeper northern border.

“This objective, step out of the frontier, go a hundred miles deeper and radiate ten miles horizontally!”

Bai Qi’s thick voice drowned out the sound of the war horses galloping wildly and the wind and snow.

“A hundred miles deep?”

Sun Kong said in astonishment, “Chief Bai Wu, going so deep and wide across is too dangerous as a scouting patrol, we ……”

“BullSh*t! This is the F**king tradition of the Great Snow Dragon Cavalry!”

Bai Qi waved his whip, causing his horse to neigh, and roared loudly, his tone bold, “Our Great Snow Dragon Cavalry has always gone to other people’s homes to scout and patrol, scouting and patrolling in one’s own home, that’s bullSh*t!”

The voice was bold and brutal, with a sense of dominance and brutality.

With one sentence, Sun Kong, who was good at scouting, was completely speechless and could not refute.

Chen Dong smiled heartily, this was perhaps the reason why the Great Snow Dragon Cavalry Army was crushing the northern border, right?

It was also Huo Zhenxiao who had given the Great Snow Dragon Cavalry Army, such a domineering and brutal capital!

“I know what you’re worried about, but I’m telling you, put your worries away!”

Bai Qi took the lead and led Chen Dong’s four men straight to the outside of the frontier, while shouting, “Your worries have already been erased by us veterans over the years. Dragon Riders to scout and patrol their homes!”


Undisguised bullying.

Even Chen Dong could not help but feel his blood boiling when he heard these words from Bai Qi.

As a member of the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army, he even felt that this was the way it should be!

This is the capital and guts to crush hundreds of barbarians beyond the northern border!



The wind and snow wrapped the world.

Everything was silver and snow-covered.

In the midst of the fierce wind and snow, a squad of twenty men was advancing rapidly, clad in wind and snow.

The men and horses were silent, and their killing intent was fierce.


The sound of a whip cracking a horse explodes.

A hoarse voice echoed through the windy and snowy sky.

“Advance quickly, the Great Snow Dragon Cavalry will never expect us to do the opposite, this time we only need to feel our way into the northern border, feel under Zhenjiang City and spy out its fortifications, we will have accomplished our mission, the army is still waiting for our information to move out!”