Winner Takes All Chapter 873-874

Chapter 873

The wind and snow are bitterly cold.

Ice and snow.

It is a pale land.

Everything is drenched in snow and wind, even the barren ground is thick with snow.

Now that winter is approaching, the cold in the north is becoming even more intense.

In the midst of the endless snowy landscape, a lofty and heavy city stands on the flat ground, battered by snow and wind, as if it were a giant beast of the past, quietly lying dormant on the earth, exuding an endless majesty and fierceness.

On top of the walls, a five-clawed golden dragon flag hangs high, each flag waving in the wind even in the wintry weather.

It is hard to imagine how much damage this city has endured, yet it still stands tall on the northern frontier, with its unparalleled might, and has defied the hundred tribes beyond its borders.

It is also hard to imagine.

It is hard to imagine that such an ancient city could be standing in the middle of the snow and ice of the northern frontier.

In the eyes of ordinary people, in such a snowy and icy land, it was simply off the beaten track.

However, in the eyes of those who really know this city well.

It was the existence of this city that had brought peace and tranquillity to the three million square kilometres of the Northern Territory.

Zhenjiang City!

With just one city, the city was able to suppress the three million square kilometres of the Northern Realm, and to deny the hundreds of barbarians outside the realm, so that the barbarians no longer dared to approach the Northern Realm’s borders.

In the hearts of the people of the North, from the moment it was built, Zhenjiang City pushed the wars on the frontier beyond the frontier.

War has always existed in the North, and has never been extinct.

But it will never be fought inside the frontier, but outside it, in the territory of the barbarians.

It is the 300,000 Great Snow Dragon Riders stationed in the city, and the 300,000 Great Snow Dragon Riders at the helm of ……, that give Zhenjiang City such a mighty and powerful presence.

A god-like general star, leading 300,000 iron-blooded lions, has been crushing the hundred tribes outside the domain for almost twenty years.

Such prowess, in the past, the people of the Northern Realm would never have dared to imagine!

But …… Huo Zhenxiao has done it!

In the hearts of the people of the Northern Realm, Zhenjiang City was not just a guardian city, but also a place of pilgrimage in their hearts.

And yet.

Zhenjiang City, which towered silently in the icy cold sky, was at this moment completely shattered by the earth-shattering roar of fighter jets, shattering the tranquility.

Hundreds of fighter planes stretched across the sky, covering the ground as if they were dark clouds, rapidly approaching the sky above Zhenjiang City.

At the centre of the hundred fighter planes, a wrecked special plane and a five-clawed Golden Dragon fighter plane were surrounded by stars, as if a king had descended.

As all the fighter planes landed at the parking lot inside Zhenjiang City.

The hatches opened.

Huo Zhenxiao was the first to enter the interior of the special plane.

The person facing him was Chen Dong, who had already sat back in his wheelchair.

“Thank you.”

Chen Dong said gratefully.

Huo Zhenxiao swept a glance at the injured and fainted airline pa*senger and indifferently said to Chen Dong, “Go and rest first, I will have someone take care of this place.”

And at that moment.

The door of the special plane’s C*ckpit suddenly opened.

The captain was a middle-aged man of about forty, but at that moment, just after stepping out of the C*ckpit, the captain’s body went a little weak.

If it wasn’t for Chen Dong, who was sitting in a wheelchair, giving him a hand, perhaps he would have had to fall straight to the ground when his body went weak.

“Chen, Mr. Chen ……”

The captain looked at Chen Dong in fear and disorientation, his face turning white.

He had never been this scared before when faced with fighter jet attacks when he was 10,000 meters up in the air.

And as hundreds of fighter jets appeared to escort him, the captain was completely dumbfounded.

Even in his almost twenty years of flying, he had never had such a glorious moment surrounded by glory!

Fighter jets, the weapon of the nation!

But this time, it was escorting him, a scene that he could brag about for the rest of his life.

If it wasn’t for his duty, he would have been so shocked by the hundreds of fighter jets surrounding him that his hands and feet would have gone limp, and he would have gritted his teeth and held on to land safely.

Now, finally, it was impossible to contain.

“Thank you, without you this time, perhaps we ……”

Chen Dong shook his head and said gratefully to the captain.

“No, no, no, this, this is all what I should do.” The captain was busy shaking his head and said.

Just kidding!

Hundreds of fighter jets escorting people, the hell is this an ordinary person?

Before, when he was facing Chen Dong, he was still able to remain una*suming, but now, it was no longer possible to do so.

The scene in the air just now was something he had never thought of in his life!

Chen Dong did not say much, but looked towards Huo Zhenxiao: “Help me thank you, I’ll leave this place to you.”


Huo Zhenxiao nodded, looking at Chen Dong who was pushing his wheelchair, suddenly raised an eyebrow and said jokingly, “But you kid had better call me master, after all, it is in the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army, my territory, you kid is still my leading guard, this point of face you still have to give me in front of 300,000 brothers!”

Chen Dong was stunned, then laughed, “Understood, senior brother.”

Huo Zhenxiao: “……”

Chen Dong smiled, but no longer said anything, swept past Huo Zhenxiao is towards the outside of the plane.

It was true that he was the Dragon Head Guard, and he was indeed below Huo Zhenxiao and above everyone else in the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army.

But Huo Zhenxiao was still Uncle Chen Daojun’s disciple, so it was not wrong for him to call him senior brother.

At the door of the cabin, there were already people waiting.

What surprised Chen Dong was that the person waiting was …… Bai Qi!

The first time the Kyoto trip, because of the Jiang Chaotian matter, this Jiang Chaotian’s master as the leading guard, gathered all twelve Golden Guards to run to him to surrender.

The battle on the Panshan Highway of Tianmen Mountain almost caused Kunlun to die on the spot.

And then Bai Qi, because of this incident, instead of succeeding in smiting him, was given the position of Leading Guard by Huo Zhenxiao, who took it away from him.

Between him and Bai Qi, it would not be too much to say that there was a deep hatred!

“Dragon Head Chen, welcome to Zhenjiang City.”

When Bai Qi saw Chen Dong, his expression was also a little complicated, but he quickly calmed down and respectfully bowed his head to Chen Dong.

With that, he went around behind Chen Dong and pushed him out of the plane.

Only, what made Chen Dong a little dismayed was that.

The expected image did not appear.

According to reason, when he, the head guard, arrived at the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army, he should have been welcomed by some people at least.

But inside the large airport, apart from the fighter planes, there were only those fighter members who had just participated in the escort.

However, even those members of the Great Snow Dragon Riders left the airport without looking back after parking their fighters.

This was a bit puzzling to Chen Dong.

The Bai Qi behind him seemed to know Chen Dong’s doubts.

In a jarring voice, he explained, “Dragon Head Chen, this trip is complicated, for your safety, the Sovereign has purposely suppressed all news, those who know of your arrival are limited to the Sovereign and the Twelve Golden Guards, so take a short rest first, the Sovereign will look for you afterwards and arrange everything.”

Chapter 874

It was a modest room.

It occupied an estimated area of just over a hundred square feet, and the reason it was not large was because it was Huo Zhenxiao’s room.

As the master of the 300,000-strong Great Snow Dragon Riding Army, he had a great deal of power and authority, and he had oppressed the three million square kilometres of the Northern Realm and rejected the hundred tribes outside the domain.

With all his great achievements, he was living in a room like this, a room of over a hundred square feet, which indeed seemed small.

“Dragon Head Chen, take a moment to rest, the Sovereign will arrive afterwards.”

Bai Qi helped Chen Dong place his salute, then he exited the room, “Bai Qi is on guard outside the door, if Dragon Head Chen has any orders, just gently call Bai Qi.”

When the door of the room was closed.

Only then did Chen Dong get up and sit on top of the bed.

Leaning against the bed, he did not feel like sleeping, but looked around at the room.

It was not luxuriously decorated, and even had a hint of antiquity and old-fashionedness.

Even the bed was a hard, old-fashioned wooden frame bed.

There are no decorations, everything is simple, but there is a military atmosphere everywhere, swords hanging on the walls, armour and stirrups piled up in the corners.

The only thing that stood on the front of the house was an incense case, on top of which was a silver dragon spear, which was so powerful and domineering that even Chen Dong could feel the blood on the spear just by looking at it.

In front of the spear, on top of the incense burner, three pillars of incense rose up in a curl of smoke.

“The titular Northern War God actually lives in a room like this, I guess no one else would believe it, right?”

Chen Dong rubbed his nose and laughed lightly, then he took out the Tao Te Ching that he was carrying with him and flipped through it carefully.

Time slowly pa*sed by.

Creak ……

The door of the room pushed open, bringing in a gust of wind and snow and a chill.

Chen Dong’s thoughts were interrupted and when he looked up, he saw Huo Zhenxiao, whose body was stained with snowflakes, walk in.

“Finished so soon?”

Chen Dong said with a smile.

“Well, the girl who was injured is fine, I had the army’s great doctor heal her.”

Huo Zhenxiao took off his python robe, patted the snow off his body before hanging it on a hanger, then walked over to the fire pit, picked up a wine jug from the side and poured some strong wine into the fire pit.

At once the flames blazed and the heat surged.

Chen Dong’s face was red from the light of the fire, but he was visibly relieved.

He had indeed been worried about the female flight attendant.

Huo Zhenxiao tilted his head and took a sip of the wine, handing it to Chen Dong: “Drive away the cold.”

“No need, it’s quite warm in this room.”

Chen Dong waved his hand and refused.

Huo Zhenxiao sat down next to the fire bowl and placed his hands in front of it to roast the fire, but did not immediately open his mouth.

Chen Dong also sat down in front of the fire bowl and looked Huo Zhenxiao up and down.

The firelight shone on Huo Zhenxiao’s face, which was cold and resolute. Even in silence, Huo Zhenxiao’s brow would occasionally burst out with a wild and majestic aura, causing people to look away and not dare to look directly at him.

It might be difficult for outsiders to imagine that the legendary god of war, a man who is comparable to a god and a goddess, could be so simple.

Inside the house, it was silent.

Only the flames in the fire pit, fuelled by the strong wine, burned the charcoal and crackled at times.

“Is it really this dangerous this time?”

Huo Zhenxiao raised his eyebrows at Chen Dong, breaking the brief silence in the room.


Chen Dong said with some melancholy, “The people around me who can fight are all wounded, and if I continue to stay at home, not only will I be in danger, but I will also implicate them.”

“So you’ve come to implicate me?”

Huo Zhenxiao snickered and asked rhetorically with a smile.

However, in the middle of the conversation and laugh, the majestic and wild dominance between his eyebrows was collected, and his entire aura became ordinary in this moment.

How could he control his own aura to such an unhurried level?

Chen Dong could not help but smack his lips in amazement, people who had been in a position of authority for a long time would naturally have the majesty of a superior person coalescing in their bodies.

Not to mention Huo Zhenxiao.

This kind of aura, to be able to diminish, was already extremely strong control.

Huo Zhenxiao, however, was able to smooth out this imposing power in the middle of a conversation, which was truly shocking.

Chen Dong shrugged, “Who made you my senior brother, what’s more, I’m still the leading guard of your Great Snow Dragon Riding Army, topping this position, I have to come and perform my duties in the army, right?”

“Hahahaha …… you kid, I didn’t think you could be this thick-skinned.”

Huo Zhenxiao laughed, his cold and steely face gave people a spring-like feeling with this laugh: “Don’t worry, in this Great Snow Dragon Riding Army, you are safe, with me and 300,000 brothers to cover you, no one dares to touch you, besides, tomorrow morning I will give you a surprise.”

“What surprise?”

Chen Dong asked with raised eyebrows.

But Huo Zhenxiao waved his hand and turned his words around, “Now let’s discuss how you will spend your time in the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army.”

Chen Dong did not press on, but nodded his head.

Looking at his legs, he said in a deep voice, “The matter that these legs are not disabled, I want to hide it until the day of my father’s birthday, and use it as a base card.”

“Well, that’s what I was thinking about with these legs of yours.”

Huo Zhenxiao raised his hand and rubbed his chin, saying, “If you take up the position of Dragon Head Guard directly, you will be above all others in the Great Snow Dragon Rider Army, and you will definitely be noticed. ”

“What about the other kind?” Chen Dong asked.

“This is the reason why I suppressed your news and did not let everyone pick you up as the leading guard.”

Huo Zhenxiao smiled, pondered for a second, and slowly said, “If you want to get to know the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army and go on a bit of a mission with it during this period of time, then I think that the Submerged Dragon in the Abyss, is the most suitable, as it will keep you safe, but also allow you to stand up and move.”

“Submerged Dragon in the Abyss?”

Chen Dong frowned slightly and suddenly reacted, “You are asking me to ignore the identity of the Dragon Head Guard and hide into the 300,000 Great Snow Dragon Riding Army as a junior soldier?”


Huo Zhenxiao nodded, “Performing as a leading guard will inevitably put you in constraints at every turn, but performing as a junior soldier, me and the three hundred thousand Great Snow Dragon Riding Army will still protect you from anyone who can move, and you will still be able to move freely with your legs able-bodied, and in the three hundred thousand Great Snow Dragon Riding Army, no one will pay attention to a junior soldier at all times.”

“The second one, I guess.”

Chen Dong nodded, his right hand falling to his right leg, smiling slightly, his eyes shining with a brilliant light, “These legs have been crippled for too long, I would like to stand up for a while, and this time into the Great Snow Dragon Cavalry Army I also hope to have a good experience to sharpen my strength and experience.”

Huo Zhenxiao nodded, stood up and said, “That’s good, it’s better to have a submerged dragon in the abyss than a flying dragon in the sky, you rarely come here, I as a senior brother also hope you can improve.”

With that, he walked outside.

“Where are you going?”

Chen Dong asked.

Huo Zhenxiao waved his hand without looking back, “Tonight you sleep in my room, I will go and squeeze in with my brothers and let you perform your duties in secret tomorrow, also …… remember to watch the internet news tomorrow morning, the surprise for you will be up there.”