Winner Takes All Chapter 871-872

Chapter 871

Bang Bang Bang ……

In the next second, countless bullets, as if splashing water, showered down on top of the plane’s fuselage.

Sparks erupted.

The whole plane was instantly baptized by the fire of the fighters.

The fuselage, which was already trembling, trembled even more at this moment.

There was even an unbearable twisting of steel in the firing.


Inside the cabin, the two flight attendants cowered together, screaming in disbelief, their bodies sifting like chaff.


A bullet swept through the gla*s of the plane window in front of Chen Dong.

The powerful impact instantly caused the special gla*s to explode with countless fine lines, almost shattering on the spot.

Chen Dong felt the impact and almost instinctively slumped down.

But at the same time.

His pupils suddenly tightened, and he clearly saw that the fuselage underneath the seat had already been swept out by bullets, and was densely packed, as if it was a honeycomb.

Because it was a special aircraft.

Therefore, the size of the plane was not large, which caused the whole plane to be far from adequate in terms of its ability to take hits.

What’s more.

The civil aircraft was built to be used for civilian flights.

Who would have thought that a civilian aircraft could have a close fight with a fighter jet at 10,000 metres?

Ta-da-da-da ……

Bang bang bang bang ……

A dense rain of gunfire, like a rainstorm of pearls, splashed all over the plane.

Sparks erupted, and the powerful impact of each bullet caused a hole in the plane.

The fighter planes that were hovering out there, pouring out fire with abandon, were spitting fire around the planes as if in a playful manner.

It was as if the victorious man was slowly teasing and killing the dying man.

In fact.

Even Chen Dong’s heart was sinking to the bottom of his throat at this moment, with beads of sweat oozing from his forehead. He could sense that the other side was playing a trick on him. They had missiles, but they were pouring fire into the plane, clearly trying to “torture” the whole plane little by little.

In the past, Chen Dong would never have tolerated this kind of humiliation.

But now, he was a little glad.

At least, the other side had this kind of mentality, so their plane would still have a chance to survive.

Otherwise, a single missile might have ended it completely.

The so-called three minutes of death would no longer exist.

“Speed up, give me speed!”

At this moment, Chen Dong no longer cared about whether the storm was exposed or not, he directly stumbled, resisting the tremors of the plane, rushed to the outside of the C*ckpit and roared sternly.

The trembling plane’s engines roared and its speed increased again.

In fact, the captain had been picking up speed from the time the fighter had first appeared, and now …… should be picking up speed to the limit.

But compared to the speed of the fighters pouring out fire with abandon outside, it was still far from adequate.

Fear, apprehension …… all kinds of emotions enveloped Chen Dong.

The expression is gloomy, the forehead sweat like rain.




Accompanied by a gla*s shattering, almost simultaneously, a mournful scream of panic rang out.

Chen Dong’s body shook as he turned around brazenly, and instantly his jealousy split.

The two flight attendants, who had originally huddled together, had now collapsed, one in a pool of blood, with a large pool of blood flowing from his chest, while the other flight attendant, who was now sitting paralyzed on the ground, was screaming loudly.

Hoo hoo ……

The gla*s shattered by the bullets and the wind instantly whistled.

The air pressure in the entire cabin changed dramatically in an instant.

This was at an altitude of 10,000 metres.

As the gla*s shattered, the biting cold wind instantly rushed in through the broken window, as if it was going to freeze everything.

“What to do? What to do? Mr. Chen, please, I, I don’t want to die ……”

The terrified screaming girl turned her head to look at Chen Dong, as if she was a flower that had been rained on, and was now terrified and wailing loudly.

What to do?

Chen Dong staggered back a step, the back against the cabin C*ckpit door, the corners of his mouth curled up a bitter to the extreme smile.

What else could he do?

Apart from waiting, what else could be done?

The hell knows that these forces are so vicious that they are already 10,000 meters up in the air, and they are still sending fighter jets to kill me?

Chen Dong grabbed his hair with both hands and looked at the air hostess who had fallen in a pool of blood.

The girl in the pool of blood did not die instantly, but lay in a pool of blood, her white lips wide open and her blood-stained chest heaving violently, as if she was breathing with all her might, her eyes staring round in shock, her entire pretty face covered in panic and despair.

This scene was like a heavy hammer, hitting Chen Dong’s eyes hard.

Chen Dong’s mind buzzed and his expression was cold and furious to the extreme.

At this moment, there was really nothing else to do but to pray for the plane to fly into the northern border as soon as possible.

No, even if the plane flew into the North, there was no guarantee of safety at all.

It had to be flown into the North and be rescued by Huo Zhenxiao!

In such a scene, even if the mystery man was on the plane, not to mention him, there was nothing he could do.

The other side had already planned everything and had blocked even the signals when the warplane was in the air.

All that could be hoped for now was …… good luck.

The change in air pressure inside the cabin, coupled with the chill from 10,000 meters up in the air rushed into the cabin.

The piercing coldness, as if it were countless sharp knives, cut into Chen Dong’s body wantonly, and silently, Chen Dong’s eyebrows and eyelashes were covered with a layer of cold frost.

The two flight attendants were even worse than Chen Dong’s situation.

In particular, the air stewardess who had fallen in a pool of blood was so frozen by the coldness that her gaze had gradually become lax.

A chilling sensation caused Chen Dong to shiver violently.

At the same time, Chen Dong also woke up with a start, and he hurriedly shouted, “Lower the altitude, lower the altitude!”

“Mr Chen, the altitude is already being lowered, but the plane is badly damaged, I’m afraid ……”

This time, the captain’s voice did not come out of the broadcast, but yelled directly through the C*ckpit door.

“There’s nothing to be afraid of, as long as the plane doesn’t crash, then there’s still a chance!”

Chen Dong slammed his fist on the C*ckpit door with a “bang”.



In the sea of clouds outside, there was a sudden loud bang that rang through the sky.

Almost simultaneously.

“Watch out!”

Inside the C*ckpit of the plane, came the desperate roar of the captain.

Chen Dong’s body shook, instantly tingling, and almost instinctively bowed to look out at the sea of clouds.

A missile, trailing a long tail flame as if it was a scythe wielded by the God of Death, pierced through the sea of clouds and stretched across the sky, flying directly towards this side at an extremely fast speed.

The killer in the fighter had obviously had enough!

This time the missile was no longer aimed at the middle of the plane, as it was before.

With the huge speed difference, trying to dodge …… was simply impossible!

In this instant, Chen Dong instantly had the feeling that his feet were empty and he was falling directly into the abyss of death.

Looking at the missile flying extremely fast, he gradually closed his eyes ……

This time, it is impossible to dodge!

Chapter 872

Only, when Chen Dong’s eyes were about to close tightly.

He opened them once again and stared deadly at the flying missile in the distance.

At this moment, time seemed to have become incomparably slow.

Chen Dong’s eyes were slightly red, and in his vision, he could even make out the lettering on the missile, as well as the ripples of air that were distorted by the trailing flames after the missile.

Even Chen Dong himself was not sure why he had opened his eyes again.

It was as if there was a voice in his heart that would not allow him to close his eyes.

This feeling, at this juncture, was absurd, but it was just real.


The flight attendant, who was sitting on the ground, had already been scared silly, and at this moment, facing the incoming missile, she even let out a scream and fainted on the spot.

Inside the cabin.

The change in air pressure caused a draught that caused severe pain to one’s eardrums.

But at this moment, Chen Dong’s eyes were scarlet as he looked at the incoming bombs, as if he did not notice the sharp pain in his eardrums.

Above the sky.

In the sea of clouds.

The missile dragged a long trailing flame and approached the plane quickly.

This time, there was no room for manoeuvre.

The fighter jets that had fired the missiles were also in the air, rising in altitude, as if in celebration.



Just when the missile was a hundred metres away from the aircraft.

A missile, from the bottom up, shot up into the sky and intercepted the flight path of the missile launched by the fighter jet with unerring accuracy.

This scene.

It was as if a divine weapon had descended from the sky.

Everything was perfect.

Rumble ……

When the two missiles collided, a huge mushroom cloud exploded 10,000 metres in the air, with flames tumbling and waves of air sweeping in all directions.

The sudden scene took everyone by surprise.

Even Chen Dong, who had witnessed the flying missiles with his eyes open, had a flash of light in his eyes and a look of shock appeared on his cold face.

He was shocked for a moment.

Then, Chen Dong’s body shook with ecstatic excitement.

This is ……

At this moment, even the fighter jet, which had been rapidly gaining altitude after firing the missile, suddenly stopped gaining altitude, seemingly not expecting that the sure kill blow would appear halfway up the road with a blocker!

The fighter jet was parabolic in the air and reversed its direction.

Then a terrifying scene appeared in the eyes of the killer inside the fighter.

At the same time.

Chen Dong also got a clear view of the situation outside.

A sea of rolling clouds, above the vault of the sky.

At this moment, a booming sound that resounded through the clouds echoed above this dome like rolling thunder.

As Chen Dong looked out through the cabin window, he saw a fighter jet, like a falcon in the sky, trailing a long tail flame, rushing towards the fighter jet controlled by the killer high in the sky.





As the first fighter rose into the sky, one fighter after another, like a tidal wave, covered the sky in a dense ma*s, straight through the clouds.

The first one is the one that is in the sky.

Such a scene was mind-blowing!

Even Chen Dong was so shocked by such a gesture that his heart skipped a beat and he was dumbfounded.

As hundreds of fighter jets rose up into the sky, covering the sky.

The fighter that had attacked and killed him before became alone in an instant, facing the hundreds of fighters that were rushing towards him at breakneck speed, in a way that he could stop a hundred with one.

But the pause lasted only a second.

The fighter jets spat their tail flames and their engines burst into an earth-shattering roar as they turned around at high speed and fled into the distance.

However, hundreds of fighters were in pursuit.

It was as if a tsunami was sweeping in to swallow up the fighter.

Just as the fighter jets were chasing after it.

In Chen Dong’s line of sight, a fighter jet with a five-clawed golden dragon carved on it appeared.

Above the dome, the sunlight was extraordinarily blazing, falling on the five-clawed golden dragon fighter, reflecting every inch of the five-clawed golden dragon’s scales in a gleaming light.

It is majestic and imposing.

Out of sight, out of mind.

It was as if the sky was under the jurisdiction of the Five-Clawed Golden Dragon.

The dome of the sky was beneath the majesty of the Five-Clawed Golden Dragon Fighter.

Almost at the same time, Huo Zhenxiao’s teasing voice came out of the Five-Clawed Golden Dragon Fighter.

“How’s that? The military career is exciting, isn’t it?”

Chen Dong: “……”

Exciting my a*s!

If Huo Zhenxiao and the others hadn’t come in time, he might have been buried under the missiles with the plane and fallen into the earth as a raging sea of fire.

However, Chen Dong was indeed grateful for Huo Zhenxiao’s divine arrival.

In a trance, he raised his hand to wipe a handful of sweat from his forehead and stumbled back into his chair, “After all, …… the bet was won.”

Boom, boom, boom, boom ……

A loud boom echoed through the heavens.

Chen Dong forced himself to endure the chill of the outside world, and his gaze looked out into the firmament.

Then, he froze.

Above the turquoise blue dome.

One by one, missiles flew out from hundreds of fighter planes, spreading across the sky.

Even the sea of clouds in the area where the missiles pa*sed by were reduced to nothingness by the crushing of hundreds of missiles.

The target of the hundreds of missiles was directed at the fleeing fighter!

This scene should have appeared in a movie.

Now it was actually happening before our eyes.

The shock it caused was indescribable.

The next second.

The next second, the sky was filled with missiles that engulfed the fleeing fighter.

Hundreds of missiles exploded at one point, instantly forming a huge mushroom cloud of flame above the dome, with a terrifying shockwave sweeping in all directions.

The fleeing fighters were instantly reduced to nothingness in the sea of fire.

Everything …… ended!

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh ……

When the fighters were blown up, hundreds of fighters simultaneously pulled up in an arc in the air and turned back around the wrecked special plane that Chen Dong was on.

They surrounded the wrecked plane and the Five-Clawed Golden Dragon fighter Huo Zhenxiao was on.

It was like a crowd of stars spanning the sky.

Chen Dong witnessed the scene outside the window, at this moment his heartbeat was banging and his blood seemed to boil.

Such a gesture, perhaps …… only the God of War Huo Zhenxiao could have it, right?

In the wave of his hand, a hundred warplanes rose into the air!

With a wave of his hand, a hundred warplanes swarmed the moon!

Even though he hadn’t yet arrived inside the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army, Chen Dong, at this time, had thoroughly appreciated the elegance of this legendary iron-blooded army!

The special aircraft was badly damaged.

The good thing was that the engine was not affected.

Under the escort of the five-clawed Golden Dragon fighters and hundreds of fighter jets, the special plane quickly lowered its altitude and flew ahead under the leadership of the fighter jets.

As it went deeper into the North.

Even with the lowered altitude, Chen Dong could clearly feel the cold stream blowing in from outside, becoming more and more biting.

There were even ice crystals condensed from the snow and water, covering the cabin gla*s.

Chen Dong got up, took off his jacket and covered the flight attendant lying in a pool of blood, and took off his inner clothes and wrapped them around the flight attendant who had fainted from fear.

crunch ……

A bone-chilling cold current swept through his entire body.

As the muscles on Chen Dong’s body graved up, a sound was made.

The piercing coldness was also alleviated by a lot.

Chen Dong rubbed his nose and smiled as if he was relieved, “Finally …… arrived!”