Winner Takes All Chapter 863-864

Chapter 863

Fan Lu was stunned.

Then a flash of embarra*sment surfaced on her pale face, and with her head bowed, she said, “I wasn’t worried about you, I forgot about it for a while.”

“Sister Xiao Lu, brother Kunlun, when did senior dictate this?”

Gu Qingying looked puzzled, just now in Chen Dong’s room, she was about to talk about what happened three nights ago, when the mysterious person happened to come in and interrupt.

She really did not know anything about the need to conceal Chen Dong.

Kun Lun said, “Young Madam has been busy taking care of Young Master for the past three days, and the few of us have all become like this, Senior was busy taking care of us with Lone Wolf, and was speaking specifically to us, so I don’t think she had time to bark at Young Madam yet.”

For Chen Dong to plant a demon in his heart.

Even without the mysterious person bidding him, Kun Lun would never be willing to tell Chen Dong about the events of that night.

Compared to Fan Lu and the others, Kun Lun, who had personally experienced Chen Dong’s battle prowess after he had gone mad, appeared more secretive about Chen Dong’s madness.

The scene at that time was one of ghosts and gods descending to earth, with hell floating before their eyes.

Such a thing, instead of doing Chen Dong any good, would have a great impact on Chen Dong himself by telling him.

At the very least, in terms of psychological endurance, something would go terribly wrong!

Kun Lun, who had once traversed the mercenary battlefield, understood things in terms of mental endurance more thoroughly than Fan Lu.

It was also while a few people were talking.

In the room.

Chen Dong had already gotten up, taken a hot shower, and then stood in front of the mirror.

Looking at himself in the mirror, Chen Dong’s face had shock and confusion ……

He slowly raised his hand and stroked it across his face.

Through the mirror, he could make out a tiny scab on his face, as if it was a mole on his face.

Only when his right hand stroked over it, he could clearly feel the roughness.

He had not recovered too well from three days of sleep.

His face, full of small crusts, still carried a sickly general pallor at this time.


The corner of Chen Dong’s mouth turned up a little and he smiled teasingly, “This is just like Wang Ma Zi ……”

Taking a hair dryer, he dried his hair.

Chen Dong changed back into a comfortable outfit.

As he walked out of the bathroom, he glanced at the wheelchair placed next to the desk.

After hesitating for a moment, Chen Dong still chose to sit on it.

After all, it was not yet time to be careless, there were still three months before his father’s birthday.

He had been hiding for so long, and he would never allow his work to be lost at this final moment.

His eyes swept the neatly arranged Buddhist scriptures on the table, but Chen Dong shook his head and picked up the Tao Te Ching and flipped through it, as if he had already made this a habit.

Gradually, his mind calmed down and he immersed himself in the scriptures, as if the pain that had always existed in his body had also diminished.

Time pa*sed slowly.

Knock, knock, knock.

A knock at the door interrupted Chen Dong’s thoughts.

Chen Dong closed the Tao Te Ching and raised his eyes to see that the door had opened and Gu Qingying poked in a head and said, “Honey, it’s dinner time, everyone is waiting for you.”


Chen Dong pushed his wheelchair and went to the dining room with Gu Qingying.

At the dining table, Elder Long and the mysterious man and Lone Wolf were sitting.

There was no sign of Fan Lu or Kun Lun.

Gu Qingying explained, “Sister Xiao Lu has gone to feed Brother Kunlun with rice, Brother Kunlun is more seriously injured and cannot get out of bed yet.”


Chen Dong reached the main seat and glanced at Lone Wolf.

When Lone Wolf felt the gaze, his body instantly felt like it was on fire, and he hurriedly got up and said respectfully, “Sorry Mr. Chen, I am sitting here because I have something to report.”

“It’s alright, Lone Wolf.”

Chen Dong waved his hand, “I was looking at you as sort of the only intact person in our room, apart from Little Shadow.”

With a single word, he instantly made Elder Long and the mysterious man laugh.

This was a self-deprecating statement.

A large group of people, except for Gu Qingying, an ordinary person, any one of them could beat Lone Wolf in terms of combat power.

But this time, those who were injured were all of them who were experts at the top.

Although Lone Wolf and his security members had fought fiercely when they took care of the Iga midshipmen, Lone Wolf was also injured, and his security members had also suffered heavy losses.

But compared to their group of masters, Lone Wolf was in a much better state now!

“Let’s sit down and eat first.”

Chen Dong said to Lone Wolf with a smile.

Only then did Lone Wolf sit down as if relieved.

As the crowd ate, they chatted idly.

Lone Wolf also followed the details that he had discussed with Mystic and Elder Dragon beforehand, and while eating, he reported the events of that night three days ago to Chen Dong.

Chen Dong nodded his head as he listened.

It was only when Lone Wolf finished his report that he slowly put down his chopsticks.

This scene.

It caught the eyes of several people, and their movements gave a start.

Chen Dong looked at Lone Wolf with a somewhat solemn expression and asked, “What about the dozen security members who saw me stand up?”

“Young master ……”

Long Lao’s expression was solemn, he knew exactly what Chen Dong was questioning.

Chen Dong, however, looked askance as he interrupted Elder Long’s words, “Those were not one or two lives, they were a dozen!”

The voice was cold and stern, with a hint of anger.

In an instant.

The originally peaceful atmosphere within the restaurant plummeted to a freezing point.

“It’s true that I have to hide these legs, but those dozen security members unintentionally saw it, and just because they looked at the words, they let me stain these legs with blood, you guys ……”

Not waiting for Chen Dong to finish, the mysterious man is interrupted, hoarse voice echoed in the restaurant: “did not kill, has been very securely placed in a top secret place, no one is a butcher, just three months left, there is no need to slaughter all of them because they took a look at you and stood up.”

“Phew ……”

Chen Dong let out a sigh of relief.

The same thing had happened more than once, and he was really uneasy about what means Elder Long and the others would use to solve it.


Elder Long, Lone Wolf and Gu Qingying had relaxed.

Following closely.

The mysterious man’s hoarse voice echoed through the restaurant once again.

“On the contrary, you, you should worry about worrying about yourself right now.”


Chen Dong raised his eyebrows to look at the mysterious man.

The mysterious man’s gaze was deep, while Elder Long and Lone Wolf’s expressions also dimmed.

The mysterious man slowly raised his right hand, which was in a plaster cast, and gestured for Chen Dong to look at it.

Then, only then did he slowly say, “How many of us, do you think, still have the strength to protect you safely now?”

Chen Dong was stunned, after he had awakened, this matter, indeed, had not been considered.

It was only now that he was reminded by the mysterious man that he suddenly woke up to how dangerous his current situation really was.

The game of Heavenly Kill would not end yet, and the a*sa*sins would still come one after another.

The a*sa*sination of the Iga school three days ago was terrifying.

And later on, the game of Heavenly a*sa*sination could appear even more dangerous than the a*sa*sination three nights ago.

But now, he was surrounded by people, each one injured!

Kunlun was still lying in bed, unable to get out of it.

Even the mysterious man, who was as powerful as a god or goddess, was in a situation where his right hand was temporarily unusable at the moment.

This was a really dangerous situation now!

Chen Dong raised his eyebrows, raised his hand to rub his nose and said in a deep voice, “Do we really have to go to the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army and take shelter?”

Chapter 864

As soon as Chen Dong’s words left his mouth.

The atmosphere in the restaurant all became heavy.

The pros and cons of going to the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army had already been clearly thought about after everyone had discussed it when Chen Dong had first conceived the idea.

It was also clear that the pros and cons existed, so Chen Dong had quickly dismissed the idea when it had sprung up.

But the battle three days ago had made the situation today, a dilemma and a fierce one.

The mysterious man said calmly, “Going to the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army now is the only foolproof solution, don’t forget that even your father has to hold back his troops for the time being in this God-killing situation.”

A single sentence instantly caused Chen Dong’s brows to knit.

Elder Long’s expression changed and he said in a deep voice, “Senior, there is no need for this, is there?”

As a close a*sociate of Chen Daolin, he was also aware of the gap between Chen Dong and Chen Daolin, the father and son.

These words of the mysterious man were tantamount to pouring oil on the fire, causing Elder Long to be very disgusted.

“Going to the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army might also allow you to complete a metamorphosis.”

The mysterious man directly ignored Elder Long and said calmly.

“What metamorphosis?” Chen Dong asked.

The mysterious man gently picked up a chopstick and casually tapped the edge of the bowl with a teasing smile, “For example …… knife to stop a bullet?”

Chen Dong froze for a moment, and then laughed.

“If senior says so, then going to the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army would indeed be the best option right now, with the added benefit of it.”

“Young Master ……”

Elder Long had a complicated expression.

Just before he finished his words, Chen Dong raised his hand to interrupt: “Stop it, didn’t we discuss this matter before? The current situation, going to the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army is the best protection, if we still stay here and rely on you, perhaps another a*sa*sination like the Iga School will result ……”

Chen Dong did not finish his words, just to the end, his voice clearly lowered, his expression also gloomy.

On the side, Gu Qingying looked complicated, hesitated for a moment and said, “Can I go with you?”

Chen Dong turned his head and looked at Gu Qingying with a deep gaze.

In the end, he shook his head, “It is inappropriate for you to follow the journey from the military, moreover, I am the source of the crisis, you following me will only put you in crisis as well, and in the necessary moment, I will even ask Elder Long and the others to send you back to your parents’ side.”

The words were firm, not allowing Gu Qingying to refute in the slightest.

Chen Dong raised his hand and rubbed his face, unable to help but suck in a breath of cold air, a painful look on his face.

After he had easily calmed down, he slowly said, “Elder Long will help me make the arrangements, tomorrow morning, I will leave for the northern frontier, and I will personally contact Huo Zhenxiao.”

“As you wish.”

Elder Long nodded his head in response.

A dinner ended hurriedly.

Chen Dong returned to his bedroom alone, contacted Huo Zhenxiao, and to his request that he would be going to the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army, Huo Zhenxiao agreed in one breath without the slightest hesitation.

After hanging up the phone.

Chen Dong sat in front of the window, through the window screen he could vaguely see the moon hanging high in the night sky, and the corner of his mouth turned up, revealing a meaningful smile.

And outside the small bamboo courtyard.

The mysterious man and Elder Long were sitting opposite each other.

While Elder Long looked complicated, the mysterious man appeared unusually calm.

Half a long time later.

Elder Long smiled emotionally, “The battle three days ago has killed the sharpness of the a*sa*sins of the major powers, and it was a rare occasion to seek a few days of peace.”

“I can’t do that without being killed, the state Chen Dong was in that night, not to mention those killers, even you and I, weren’t we also scared to death?”

The mysterious man pulled the corner of his mouth, “Those killers came to kill Chen Dong, not to be abused by him, and the tragic state of the Iga Three Shinobi was enough to calm them down for a while.”

Elder Long nodded and looked at the mysterious man with a profound gaze, “In fact, I admire you, to be able to drag the young master back from his mad state by yourself, such a great kindness, I thank you on behalf of the young master.”

“Just a word of thanks? Nothing of substance?” The mysterious man’s left index finger gently traced the rim of the teacup in front of him and smiled teasingly.

Long Lao was stunned and asked, “What is needed then? Senior just ask.”

In terms of age, Elder Long was definitely even older than the mysterious man.

However, the honorific title of senior at this time was determined from the level of strength.

The mysterious man’s left hand gently scratched the rim of his teacup, as if he was hesitating or thinking.

After a long time, he smiled faintly, “For example …… your life?”

The moment the words left his mouth.

The atmosphere in the courtyard abruptly became stern and frozen.

The smile on Elder Long’s face froze and his pupils tightened.

The two men looked at each other with all eyes, and time seemed to freeze.

After a few seconds, Elder Long said slowly, “I am a crippled body in my old age, if I can really exchange it for the young master’s peace and prosperity, I don’t mind giving up this crippled body and driving away.”

The words were so earnest that there was no doubt about their truthfulness.

But the mysterious man shook his head and laughed lightly, slowly rose and raised his hand to pat Elder Long’s shoulder.

“I will not take your life, but in the future, Chen Dong’s road ahead will be a sea of thorns and blood, with dry bones everywhere, so be prepared.”

After saying this, he was walking straight towards the outside of the small bamboo courtyard, “This is another reason why I am now letting Chen Dong go to the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army.”

Elder Long, on the other hand, sat at the stone table, lost in a daze.

The mysterious man’s words were clearly referring to something else.

It was just that Elder Long was, at this moment, also caught in a heavy confusion of bewilderment.

He had been a*signed to Chen Dong by Chen Daolin with the task of a*sisting Chen Dong to rise and compete for the Chen family headship, but the current situation was just like Chen Dong was facing more than just a Chen family headship ……

“Perhaps you’re right, letting the young master go to the army of the system, to feel some iron blood and battle, will make the young master metamorphose a bit.”

Long Lao smiled jokingly as he returned to his senses.

The weather was getting cooler.

The wind was also a bit biting.

Long Lao wrapped his robe around him and turned back to take a profound look at the door of the bamboo courtyard that had been re-covered.

Then, he got up and walked towards Chen Dong’s room.

On the other hand.

After the mysterious man left the bamboo courtyard, he drove away from the Four Seals Clubhouse.

Under the cover of the night.

The car sped down the road, moving on in silence.

After circling around the city twice, the mysterious man drove into the Longjing Mountain Villa area.

At this moment.

Inside the Longjing Mountain villa, the lights were bright.

Gu Qingying was sitting in front of the window, lost in thought, her jade arm resting on her chin, staring blankly out of the window at the starbursts.

On the table behind her, there was a sumptuous dinner, three dishes and a soup, with a balanced nutritional mix.

Only at this time the meal, long since cold, Gu Qingying has not moved a single bite.

Creak ……

The door of the room opened.

Meng Po walked in.

But it was not as cold and life-threatening as the previous days, as if she was now an old mother again.

Her wrinkled face was covered with peace and calmness, just like the feeling she gave to Gu Qing Ying at first.

After entering the room, Meng took a look at the untouched meal on the table.

She frowned at Gu Qingying again, “Miss Gu, why bother?”

“You guys, you didn’t catch him, did you?”

Gu Qingying didn’t even turn her head back, but her eyes, which were as brilliant as a river of stars, burst out with a firm light with these words.

“So what?”

Meng shrugged, “If he really survived, why hasn’t your man come looking for you in the past few moments?”

Gu Qingying’s expression froze.

Meng Nan continued, “Just because a man ran away, doesn’t mean that he survived, and after running away and dying, then the result is the same.”

In her words, there was a hint of brutality.

In Meng’s view, even if a Thief Saint’s heir could escape from her and the mysterious man, it was already the limit, and it would only make sense for him to die across the street after escaping.


Gu Qingying was the one who bit her lips with silver teeth and said firmly.

“My man won’t be so mediocre that he doesn’t know his pillow wife, he will definitely come to take me home!”