Winner Takes All Chapter 859-860

Chapter 859


A flawless punch, like a celestial dragon emerging from the abyss, came towards the mysterious man.

The fierce wind roared out.

Even the bamboo leaves around him danced with it.

The mysterious man took up a fighting stance, his throat knotted and he swallowed a mouthful of saliva.

His eyes were fixed on Chen Dong’s right fist, and at this moment, his aura soared, like a giant dragon rushing to the sky, overbearing and unparalleled.

It was in stark contrast to the cold aura of a mountain of corpses and a sea of blood emanating from Chen Dong’s body.

In a flash of lightning.

The mysterious man took a step forward and curled his right hand, his palm undulating up and down at great speed, and in a flash, it was as if his entire left arm was soft and boneless, like a willow floating.

Overcoming strength with softness!

There was no hard fist to flesh combat like the previous fist fight between Kunlun and Chen Dong.

Even the mysterious man himself was not sure how sure he could be in a hard shake like that.

Avoiding his sharp edges and using softness to subdue hardness was the only way he could think of that would allow him to get the least injured in each encounter while consuming Chen Dong.

Bang Teen!

An explosive sound.

The mysterious man’s weak and boneless right palm struck the side of Chen Dong’s right fist.

The seemingly soft and feeble right palm exploded with fierce force the moment it touched.

Even the mad Chen Dong stumbled out sideways directly under this palm.

“Hoo …… seems to be the right method!”

The mysterious man fixed his feet in place and let out a long sigh of relief, the gloomy look on his face easing a few points.

Just the next second.


Chen Dong, who had staggered out sideways, once again erupted with a beast-like roar.

His waist twisted, forcibly counteracting the inertia of his staggering movement, and then his body turned around brazenly, bending down fiercely, his right palm directly propped up on the ground, and his left foot whistled and drew an arc in the air, like a python dragon, with extreme rigidity, shaking hard at the mysterious man.

A sudden shift.

Even the mysterious man was not expecting it.

Faced with Chen Dong’s kick in the air, there was no time to retreat in a flash of lightning.

The mysterious man gritted his teeth fiercely and made an instant decision.

There was a loud pop!

The mysterious man’s feet hit the ground, ploughing up the thick bamboo leaves on the ground as he blatantly retreated.

As soon as he stabilised himself, the mysterious man’s body trembled violently.


A large mouthful of fresh blood spurted out.

The mysterious man’s expression was grave and solemn to the extreme as he looked at Chen Dong in horror.

This kick, even though he had managed to optimally resolve it in an instant.

It was not like what Kunlun had done earlier when he had faced Chen Dong, a purely hard shake.

Just now, although he had already made a hard block, the step back was a slight distance, and in the end, he had still avoided the sharpest and most rigid edge of Chen Dong’s kick.

Even so, it had created a mouthful of blood as the price now!

“Huh ……”

Chen Dong did not rush to attack, but stood in place, his crimson eyes staring intently at the mysterious man, a sound emitting from his throat.

It seemed …… to be in mockery.

The mysterious man took a deep breath.

Slowly, he once again took a step back and a*sumed a fighting stance.

Only this time, while being careful and wary of Chen Dong, he was once again opening his lips and teeth lightly, “The Way can be the Way, but not the Way, the Name can be the Name, but not the Name ……”

The sound of chanting scriptures reverberated through the bamboo forest.

It gave the dark and gloomy bamboo forest a bit more of a different flavor.


Chen Dong, whose face was covered with veins and meridians, gritted his teeth and creaked as the mysterious man recited the Tao Te Ching.

His body trembled, and the light in his crimson eyes fluttered.

“Hehe …… hehe ……”

His mouth, too, kept emitting thick, sharp gasping sounds.

It was only because the bamboo forest was too dark, otherwise the mysterious man must have been able to see as well, the intricate and gnarled blood vessels and meridians on Chen Dong’s face at this time were writhing …… and twisting …… with a smacking and horrifying magnitude

This scene is extremely hideous and terrifying.

It was only because of the darkness that hid everything.

The sound of chanting reverberated.

The mystery man’s gaze was morosely watching Chen Dong’s movements.

Chen Dong did not move in place and kept panting heavily, which made it clear to the mysterious man that the Tao Te Ching had an effect on Chen Dong.

But he was also clear that if he wanted to wake Chen Dong up completely, he could only do so by relying on the Tao Te Ching and weakening Chen Dong’s current state as much as possible.

In the bamboo forest, it was as if it was frozen in time.

The bamboo leaves rustled at the same time.

The mysterious man’s voice reciting the Tao Te Ching alternated with the ragged panting of Chen Dong, who was stationed at the same spot.


When this scene lasted for almost a minute.



Chen Dong leaned up to the sky and let out a roar that shook the heavens and the earth.

With the roar, Chen Dong’s right foot stomped the ground brazenly, and with a thud, the ground where the bamboo leaves were originally piled up exploded into a large crater in response to the sound of this foot.

And Chen Dong’s body, the more he bent down with it, his face rushed to the ground.

“Huh …… huh ……”

After this earth-shattering roar, as if it had consumed Chen Dong’s great mental strength, at this point of bending over, Chen Dong’s panting was obviously more majestic and urgent than before.

The mysterious heart was shaken.

With Chen Dong’s roar, even he had a feeling of trepidation for a moment.

When Chen Dong’s roar was over, the sound of his heavy and majestic panting sounded again, and even the mere panting sound vaguely overpowered the mysterious man’s rhythmic chanting.

The mysterious man took a deep breath, his tongue thundering in spring, and once again raised his voice in chanting.

“The Way can be the Way, the very Way ……”

It was just when the first sound overshadowed Chen Dong’s gasp.

Chen Dong, who was originally bent over, was slowly straightening up.

At this moment, the gasping sound came to an abrupt end.

In its place, was Chen Dong’s indescribable, yet extremely cold and frantic voice.

“Dao, Dao, Dao Dao …… Heavenly Dao, Earthly Dao, Immortal Dao, Demonic Dao …… Jie Jie Jie ……”

With a reckless and wild roar, Chen Dong’s entire body seemed to have gone berserk, and with the sound of shrill laughter that pierced through the clouds and split the silk, his body launched itself brazenly, wrapped in a majestic and hellish sea of corpses and blood, and rushed towards the mysterious man.

The mysterious man, who was chanting aloud, was pierced by Chen Dong’s shrill laughter, which abruptly caused a sharp pain in his eardrums.

He could not help but wrinkle his eyebrows, revealing a painful look.

And out of sight.

Chen Dong was as if he was a beast of the eternal flood, charging straight over.

The mysterious man fiercely gritted his teeth, clenched his hands into fists, and made a “bang” sound, while reciting the Tao Te Ching loudly under his breath.

This time.

Neither side dodged.

Chen Dong, who was laughing harshly, continued to shake his fist at the mysterious man.

The mysterious man, on the other hand, still had hands as thin as no bones, avoiding his fronts and using softness to overcome strength with one blow.

There was an explosive bang!

The mysterious man avoided Chen Dong’s fist, but his own fist directly hit Chen Dong’s right wrist.

The force was strong.

The force was fierce.

Even the mad Chen Dong lost his balance at this moment and spun half a circle, staggering to the side.

But just as Chen Dong stumbled out of the way, the mystery man was suddenly struck by a sudden shock.

The mysterious man was suddenly startled.

He clearly sensed that something seemed to have been thrown onto Chen Dong’s face as he spun out.

It was wet, warm, and even a little sticky ……

The mystery man hurriedly raised his hand to touch it and placed it on the tip of his nose to smell it, and at once his whole body was a bit stunned and disoriented.

What had been thrown at his face was …… blood!

Chapter 860

Chen Dong was injured?!

The mystic’s mind was shaken.

But as soon as the thought came to him, he felt that the thought was somewhat ridiculous.

How could the mad Chen Dong be injured?

In his hands, the Iga Shinobi was like an ant and a lamb.

Even Kunlun, when facing Chen Dong, was seriously injured and unconscious in three moves.

With such terrifying combat power, it was impossible for a single person to inflict damage on him unless there was a threat of hot weapons.

Even he himself was not sure that he could make Chen Dong bleed, at least not during these simple few exchanges, and it was impossible to make Chen Dong bleed from injury.

So …… the blood was caused by Chen Dong himself?

Only, this lightning bolt.

Chen Dong did not give the mysterious man much chance to think.

After staggering across out, he immediately pounced towards the mystery man again as if he was a fierce beast.

After losing his mind, all that was left was instinct and killing thoughts.

Such a killing machine, when the battle begins, is destined to kill its opponent at all costs!

He felt the fierce wind that was pounding in his face.

The mysterious man’s nose shrugged, clearly capturing the increasingly strong smell of blood in this wind.

Only in the face of the lunging Chen Dong, he did not dare to hesitate, let alone distract himself.

As he recited the Tao Te Ching under his breath, he also met Chen Dong once again.

The previous trial had ended, and the mysterious man had a profound knowledge of Chen Dong’s current state and strength.

At this moment, they exchanged blows again.

The moment their fists and palms clashed, a fierce battle broke out.

Bang Bang Bang ……

Fists and feet clashed again and again, emitting an ear-splitting roar.

With the previous test, the mysterious man avoided Chen Dong’s sharpness as much as possible with each strike, choosing to use softness to overcome strength, using a more “subtle” approach to break Chen Dong’s fists and kicks.

Each time he struck, the mysterious man was able to deflect Chen Dong’s attacks with a delicate angle.

While not losing ground to Chen Dong, he was able to tangle with him in a high-intensity war of attrition like a maggot on his hocks.

To do so was undoubtedly dancing on the tip of a knife, and was extremely thrilling.

The mystery man was able to do this because of his strong confidence, his grasp of fighting techniques and his extremely rich combat experience.

If it were someone else, perhaps the process would not have been as “easy” as the mystic’s.

Chen Dong had gone mad, and his power had finally increased, but in the end, his fighting skills and combat experience were still at the same level, and there was a gap between him and the mysterious man.

Faced with Chen Dong’s fierce and overbearing punches and kicks, even at the Mystic’s level, he was not sure that he could take them head on again and again.

What he could do was the same as he had told Kunlun before.

If he could not defeat Chen Dong, he could only tire Chen Dong out!

The sound of chanting scriptures continued to emanate from the mysterious mouth.

And out of Chen Dong’s mouth, there were also incessant wailing and gibberish.

The two seemed to be battling in their voices in addition to the battle between their fists and kicks, at times the mysterious man’s voice overpowered Chen Dong’s, and at times Chen Dong’s voice overpowered the mysterious man’s.

Bang Bang Bang ……

The remnants of the film, as the two moved at high speed, each exchange of blows carried the terrifying power of piercing gold and cracking stone.

A bamboo tree was blown off on the spot and fell with a bang under Chen Dong’s fierce and unparalleled fists and kicks.

The battle between the two in the bamboo forest was becoming increasingly fierce.

Chen Dong’s fists and kicks were fierce and overbearing, straightforward and without any consideration for injury.

The mysterious man did not dare to take Chen Dong’s punches and kicks hard, avoiding them time and again and using softness to overcome strength.

Such a fight, if bystanders were to see it, their jaws would definitely drop in shock.

No, it was even enough to shock the entire martial arts world!

Whether it was Chen Dong’s fierce and desperate fighting style, or the mysterious man’s wonderfully experienced fighting technique’s outburst, it was a battle of pinnacle proportions!

Only now, in the bamboo forest, there were only two people, Chen Dong and the mysterious man.

The only third bystander, Kun Lun, was also unconscious.

Such a pinnacle battle was confined to this bamboo forest.

Instead, the risk of life and death was focused on the Mystic alone.

As the fierce battle became more and more intense, Chen Dong’s mouthing became more and more confused and loud, as if he was a manic beast, roaring hoarsely.

He was also struck several times by the mysterious man, but Chen Dong, who was in a state of madness, did not even notice.

A killing machine that just kills and doesn’t care about injuries, a man as his name suggests!

On the contrary, when the mysterious man was chanting the Tao Te Ching while fighting Chen Dong intensely, it was a great drain on his mental and physical strength, and even though he was wonderfully focused on the battle, he suffered far more injuries than Chen Dong.

Even when a life-and-death danger arose time and again, he concentrated and instantly defused it, but facing the mad Chen Dong, even a scrape between his hands and feet was no small injury for the mystic.

And, as time pa*sed.

As his physical strength and mind declined, this danger would swell dramatically!


Facing Chen Dong’s wild whip kick, the mysterious man quickly leaned back and dodged over, while his right palm blatantly slapped at Chen Dong’s right ankle.

Only this time, things did not go in the direction the mystery man had anticipated.

The moment Chen Dong lost his balance, his body twisted violently and he actually hit the mystery man directly in the abdomen with his head.

With a loud bang, the mysterious man’s voice reciting the Tao Te Ching came to an abrupt halt, replaced by a painful scream, while his entire body flew backwards.

While still in the air, a large mouthful of fresh blood spurted into the air.

Upon landing, the mysterious man dropped to one knee.

Although this headbutt from Chen Dong was not fatal to him, at this moment, it had caused his internal organs to tumble and twist, and his body’s breath was in great disarray.

“Hoo …… hoo ……”

The high intensity of the battle had brought the Mystic’s physical state to a white-hot stage, and by now his body had long been drenched in sweat, which of course also included blood.

Kneeling on one knee, the mysterious man breathed heavily while his arms and legs twitched incessantly in a forbidden manner.

With such a battle, even his body had suffered great wear and tear!

Chen Dong, on the other hand, was standing in place, and although he was panting heavily, he was in much better shape than the mystic.

Of course, to be precise, it was Chen Dong who was in a state of madness, using his mad thoughts to motivate his body, so his tolerance for his body was much stronger than the Mystic’s!

In other words, the Mystic, in his state of maintaining sanity, was unable to tolerate the wear and tear on his body, unable to tolerate the forbidden use of his hands and feet.

Whereas, in Chen Dong’s mad state, his body might be worse than the Mystic’s, but he could endure it.

This is the difference.

“Dao Dao Dao ……桀桀桀 ……”

Suddenly, Chen Dong threw back his head and laughed loudly, a piercing shrill laugh that echoed through the bamboo forest, “BullSh*t Heavenly Dao and Earthly Dao, the Devil’s Dao will last forever!”

This was the only complete statement that Chen Dong had uttered with ease after he had gone mad.

But when it fell on the mysterious man’s ears, it was as if it was a big invisible hand pressing him into the abyss of despair.


In the next second, Chen Dong suddenly bowed his head.

Even in the darkness, the mysterious man could feel Chen Dong’s cold, piercing gaze, and in an instant, his heart rose to his throat and his body trembled ……