Winner Takes All Chapter 857-858

Chapter 857

Sasha ……

In the bamboo forest, the mysterious man and Kunlun were flying fast.

The two were not worried that Chen Dong would be in danger at this moment.

In the hall, it had been made clear when they faced Iga Feiyu.

There would be danger!

But that was what Chen Dong brought to others!


After his madness, Chen Dong was just like a killing machine that had lost his mind, and if not contained in time, once it flowed out, the killing power caused would be immeasurable.

“Senior, do you have a way to bring the young master back to his senses?”

As he frantically ran forward, Kunlun asked apprehensively and nervously.

At the beginning, the mysterious man had said that after the Daoist heart had planted a demon, a threshold would exist in Chen Dong’s heart, and once the threshold was breached, he would fall into a state of madness, and as the number of times the state of madness increased, it would become increasingly difficult to drag Chen Dong out of the madness.

No one expected that the first insanity would come so quickly!

Iga Feiyu’s three words had hardened the threshold of madness in Chen Dong’s mind.

What worried Kunlun was that when the mystic had fussed about holding up a large pile of Buddhist scriptures and the Tao Te Ching for Chen Dong to read, it had served more as psychological solace, both in his mind and in Elder Long’s.

Now that Chen Dong was really mad, whether the mysterious man had any way to pull Chen Dong out of his madness, Kunlun was really not sure.


The mysterious man’s hoarse voice came out.

It instantly lifted Kun Lun’s heart and soul.

Only the next sentence was like a basin of ice water poured down on Kun Lun’s head, dousing him to the core.

“Beat him and tire him out!”

The mysterious man’s hoarse voice was heavy to the core.


Kunlun revealed a look of panic in an instant.

Beat the young master?

Beating up the Young Master?

What the F**k kind of bullSh*t solution is that!

In the small bamboo forest courtyard, the battle power that Chen Dong had exploded out had far exceeded imagination.

When he faced Chen Dong, he was as weak as an ant and was trampled on with impunity.

How could such inhuman combat power be hardened with a mortal’s body?

“There’s no other way?”

Kunlun asked incredulously, the mysterious man’s response clearly confirming his and Elder Long’s initial thoughts on the so-called “solution” as reality.

“Kill him!”

The mysterious man spat out three words.

Kunlun: “……”

He suddenly had the urge to curse, none of these three solutions could do anything!

“Or, do you want him to become a senseless killing machine?”

The mysterious man suddenly asked Kun Lun rhetorically, “Entering a state of madness is not only about the number of times, but also related to the length of madness, the longer the madness lasts, the less likely he will come back.”

Kun Lun’s expression changed greatly, and at this moment, his gaze tightened to the extreme.

The mysterious man’s words seemed like two large hands, blatantly pulling all of Kun Lun’s nerves straight and tense.

As he ran, Kun Lun’s expression gradually sank down.

But his gaze, however, no longer flickered with apprehension as before, but was replaced by an unparalleled determination.


Kunlun pulled up the corner of his mouth and smiled, “Wait, I’ll attack first.”

“It’ll kill you!”

The mystery man said.

Kunlun shook his head, “For the sake of the young master, this life is nothing, I’ll consume a wave first, and if I’m lucky enough not to die, I’ll have to rely on you in the end, senior.”


The mysterious man nodded his head.


A bone piercing coldness came from ahead.

The mysterious man and Kunlun simultaneously looked solemn and stopped, raising their eyes to look ahead.

It was only when they stopped at this moment that the two of them could smell the hint of blood in the air that was interspersed with the decaying bamboo leaves.

This caused the two men to frown.

The bamboo leaves rustled in the night breeze.

In sight, in front of the dark bamboo forest, a figure stood vaguely.

It was as lofty as a mountain, not moving a muscle.

The gloomy aura that was wrapped in a mountain of corpses and a sea of blood could not be more obvious.

Even a glance at it through the darkness, from a distance, sent a little chill down the backs of the mysterious man and Kunlun.

“Young ……”

Kunlun opened his mouth and tried to shout.

As soon as the word left his mouth, the mysterious man on the side was hastily pressing Kun Lun’s shoulder.

But, it was still too late!

In the darkness, Chen Dong, who stood motionless in his spot, slowly turned around with this sound.

This moment.

Kun Lun and the mysterious man instantly had the feeling of being locked by an ancient beast.

With a bitter smile, the mysterious man pulled out a wine jug from his waist, uncorked the bottle and handed it to Kun Lun.

“Take a sip and strengthen your courage!”

Borrowing wine to strengthen one’s courage was somewhat absurd for either the mysterious man or Kun Lun.

But at this moment, when this was said, not only did it feel normal to the mysterious man who said it, but even to Kunlun who listened to it.

There was no hesitation.

Kun Lun took the wine jug, tilted his head and poured half of the wine in the jug into his belly.

In an instant, the burning sensation of the highly potent wine spread from his mouth, along his oesophagus, all the way into his stomach and intestines.

A burning sensation swept through him.

Kun Lun wiped a handful of wine stains from his mouth and handed the wine jug back to the mysterious man.

He let out a loud laugh, “Good wine!”

He said.

With a bang!

Kun Lun stomped hard on the ground with both feet and headed straight for Chen Dong: “Senior, if something bad happens to Kun Lun, please also tell Xiao Lu that the rest of his life is well!”


Almost simultaneously.

Chen Dong also threw back his head and beastly roar shook the bamboo forest.

Wrapped up in the large bamboo leaves on the ground, he rushed towards Kunlun.

The mysterious man gripped the wine jug tightly and gazed morosely at Kunlun who was rushing towards Chen Dong.

Suddenly, he saw Kunlun’s waist tremble.

The mystic hurriedly blasted a drink.

“Don’t use the Python Bird Swallowing Dragon! He will learn it too!”

Kun Lun, who was charging towards Chen Dong, instantly knitted his brows.

It was true that he wanted to use the “Python Bird Swallowing Dragon” as soon as he fought, as it was a huge drain on him, but it was also the fighting technique that he was most certain to consume Chen Dong in a single moment!

It was only the mysterious man’s reminder that instantly made him wake up.

Although Chen Dong had fallen into a state of madness, his own demonic and perverse talent still existed.

If he were to perform the “Python Bird Swallowing Dragon” at this moment and Chen Dong learnt it, then even if he were to die at Chen Dong’s hands, the next battle between Chen Dong and the mysterious man would become extremely dangerous.

If Chen Dong in a state of madness were to perform the “Python Bird Swallowing Dragon” ……

Kunlun dared not imagine.

At this moment.


Chen Dong had already rushed in front of Kun Lun, and without any fancy punch, he smashed directly towards Kun Lun’s body.

The roar exploded in his ears, as if a python dragon was coming to attack.

Kun Lun’s face changed greatly, and instantly his arms muscles graved up and crossed in front of him to block.

Bang Teen!

There was a loud sound.

Kunlun’s feet hit the ground, ploughing up the bamboo leaves on the ground, and he flew backwards seven to eight metres.

And as he blocked Chen Dong’s punch.

Kunlun obviously felt that his left arm, which was placed on the outside, had cracked because he had actually received Chen Dong’s punch ……!

A sharp pain that pierced the bones instantly swept through Kunlun’s entire body.

When Kunlun backed up and stopped, his face was in pain and his left arm dropped straight down.

A fist that broke the bone!


Chen Dong did not give Kun Lun the slightest chance to catch his breath.

As he blasted Kun Lun back with one punch, he immediately wrapped himself in another mountain of corpses and blood and charged directly towards Kun Lun.

Facing Chen Dong.

For the first time, Kun Lun had a feeling of despair.

“Young Master!”

Kun Lun roared out, his voice exploding into the bamboo forest, “Kun Lun, coming to save you!”

In the darkness.

Kun Lun swung his right fist and directly met Chen Dong.



There was an explosion of fists against fists in the bamboo forest.


Kun Lun’s painful scream instantly echoed throughout the bamboo forest.

This fist-to-fist blast had directly smashed the finger bones of his five fingers.

In an instant.

Kun Lun’s right fist also dropped down.

Luckily, in a flash of lightning, he kicked Chen Dong directly in the air, on top of his chest, sending him backwards, while he himself used his strength to leap backwards in the air and pull away.

After landing on the ground.

Kunlun’s body trembled, his arms fell to his sides, his face was in pain, his features twisted and twitching, his mouth was breathing heavily, while sweat was pouring down on his forehead.

He had not expected that his battle strength would be so fragile when he faced Chen Dong.

In just two fights, he had lost both hands.

How could he still win?

How could he still tire Chen Dong out?

Before, when he had watched Chen Dong kill Iga Feiyu, he had only felt terror, and even if it was a great terror, it was only brought about by his senses.

But now, it was a physical experience!

The speed and strength of Chen Dong after his madness was simply desperate!

The power of the devil made Kunlun despair to the extreme at this point.

“Young master …… Young master ……”

Kun Lun’s eyes were red as he looked across at Chen Dong and wailed, “Wake up, wake up …… Young Madam, Elder Long, Xiao Lu, they are all still waiting for you to return!”

The voice wailed, even with a crying voice pleading.

Such a scene could hardly be seen on the iron-blooded Kunlun.

But now, facing Chen Dong, this was all he could do.

Unable to overcome, unable to make Chen Dong tired and exhausted, the only thing he could do now was to hope that Chen Dong would be roused for a moment.

Not far away, the mysterious man held up the wine jug and kept pouring wine into his mouth.

A searing burning sensation swept through his body.

His gaze, however, burned at Chen Dong and Kunlun with a cold expression.

In two encounters, Chen Dong had put Kun Lun in such a situation, which was entirely within his expectations.

This was the true horror of the Daoist Heart Planting Demon!

Giving people despairing overwhelming strength while robbing them of their sanity, turning them into killing machines, and then …… making everyone despair!


In the next second, Chen Dong once again let out a roar, as if he was plowing through the court, his feet moved, shoveling up a large bamboo leaf and rushing towards Kunlun.

“Young master ……”

Kunlun did not dodge, not to mention that he did not want the mysterious man to strike immediately.

He knew clearly that if he blasted Chen Dong one more time now, he could weaken Chen Dong one more point, and when the mysterious man engaged Chen Dong later on, the chances of success would be greater!

For the sake of these few slim chances, he would even risk his life!

Crunch ……

As he rushed towards Chen Dong, the muscles on Kun Lun’s waist and back made a squeezing sound.

In his vision, Chen Dong brutally clenched his right fist and blasted directly towards him.

With determination to die in his eyes, Kunlun leapt up in the air accompanied by a roar.


Chen Dong’s fist blade narrowly but narrowly swept past Kun Lun.

And this time, Kun Lun, who was in the air, threw a direct whip kick that buzzed towards Chen Dong.


Just at the moment when his right leg was about to strike Chen Dong.

A large hand, fiercely appeared.

It grabbed Kun Lun’s right leg in one hand, and with a huge surge of force, it instantly seemed like a confinement, directly sealing the force of Kun Lun’s kick.

With a bang, along with Chen Dong’s right hand grasping and binding, Kun Lun’s right leg landed on top of Chen Dong’s shoulder.

It was with this stance of hard resistance against Kunlun that Chen Dong stood tall in his place.

In his red-blooded eyes, blood light tumbled.

There was no finesse, nor was there the slightest pause.

The moment Kunlun’s right foot landed on Chen Dong’s shoulder, Chen Dong directly cupped his left fist and thumped on Kunlun’s abdomen.


A miserable scream suddenly exploded.

Kun Lun was instantly blown away, and after landing on the ground, he tumbled a few more times, a large mouthful of blood spurted out from Kun Lun’s mouth, and his internal organs seemed to twist and tumble with this punch.


Unspeakable severe pain!

“Young master …… young master ……”

Kunlun’s face was completely pale at this point, his face and chest, all stained with fresh blood.

He struggled to stand up, but the inability to exert force with his arms, coupled with the severe pain in his abdomen, caused him to slump to the ground at this point as if he was rotting, and no matter how much he struggled, he could not stand up.

“It’s my turn.”

A hoarse voice suddenly came from not far away.

“Seniors ……”

Kunlun’s gaze blurred as he looked at the mysterious man not far away.

At this moment, the mysterious man shook his hand and threw the wine jug into the air as he slowly walked towards Chen Dong.

Chen Dong, on the other hand, also had his attention drawn to the mysterious man as he stepped forward.

“Please, senior, save …… young master ……”

Kunlun’s mouth contained blood and murmured, and then both eyes closed, and he was fainted in a pool of blood.

In the dark bamboo forest.

Bamboo leaves rustling.

The cool breeze stung the bones.

But it was nothing compared to the coldness of Chen Dong’s corpse and blood.

Chen Dong’s attention was all on the mystery man, as if he sensed that the mystery man could pose a threat to him, so even Chen Dong, who was mad, stood still at this moment.

The mysterious man, on the other hand, was slowly walking forward, and the sound of murmuring rose from his mouth.

“The Tao can be the Tao, but not the Tao; the name can be the name, but not the name ……”

The voice gradually got louder and louder, reciting what was clearly the scripture of the Tao Te Ching.

“Heh ……”

As the sound of the scripture pa*sed into Chen Dong’s ears, the corners of his mouth were outlined with a smile that was evil to the extreme, and a hoarse and low sound came out of his mouth as if he was disdainful.

crunch …… crunch ……

Chen Dong’s body slowly moved, the slightest movement could bring up a seeping sound.

“No name, the beginning of heaven and earth; a name, the mother of all things ……”

The mysterious man was also gently moving his body, while the sound of his mouth reciting the scriptures of the Tao Te Ching grew louder and louder.

The already hoarse tone, at this time, carried a strange timbre when reciting the scripture.

It was as if it could pierce through the clouds and crack through the heart.

The two people were only five metres apart, but now both Chen Dong and the mysterious man remained relatively still.

There was no brutal madness like Chen Dong’s before, instead, they were in a strange stalemate.

This scene, if Kunlun were still awake, would have been horrified and appalled.

“Therefore, there is always no desire to see its wonders; there is always desire to see its ……”

And yet.


Chen Dong, who was silent and motionless, abruptly let out a deafening roar, instantly drowning out the mysterious man’s voice reciting the scripture.

The next second.

Chen Dong, wrapped in a mountain of corpses and a sea of blood, was like an evil ghost crawling out from the depths of the Nine Underworlds, eager to claim his life, and rushed towards the mysterious man.

The mysterious man even looked solemn, his eyes full of vigilance.


It was still a fancy punch.

To the mad Chen Dong at this moment, any fancy would seem cumbersome, and a single move, a single punch and a single kick would be enough to cause the terrifying destruction of a killing machine.

“With a mortal body, hard against the power of a demon, I don’t know if …… it can stand up to it ……”

The mysterious man smiled ruefully and slowly took a step back, spreading out his hands, his aura roaring up in this moment.