Winner Takes All Chapter 855-856

Chapter 855

Iga Fei was as fluid as a sieve and his body exploded.

At this moment, his whole being was plunged into a great terror.

Forgetting to resist, forgetting to flee.

It was as if, in nature, the natural suppression of animal bloodlines, where lambs curl up on their knees and tremble when approached by a vicious wolf, was the same as Iga Feiyu’s current state.

The next second.

crunch …… crunch ……

Chen Dong’s body slowly trembled and did a slight amplitude of twisting.

A squeezing sound came out from his body.

“This is ……”

The mysterious man’s eyes abruptly exploded with essence and he Ejac*lated in astonishment.

And Kun Lun, who was holding the unconscious Fan Lu, also changed his expression at this time, “Controlling muscles …… in all directions, in full control!”

When he said these words, Kun Lun’s eyes, it was as if he had seen a ghost.

Forgive him for having a feeling of numbness in his scalp and panic and fear at this time.

There were many, many muscles in the human body, and to be able to hammer them to the extreme was already the pinnacle.

But if one can control all the muscles ……

Controlling the muscles is itself the method a martial artist chooses to manoeuvre around when his realm is at a bottleneck, to control the muscles in order to seek greater killing power.

And if one controls all the muscles …… this can no longer simply be described as one plus one is greater than two!

Even whether it was Kunlun or the mystic, it was elusive to determine the power that Chen Dong could explode with by controlling all of his muscles.

This was the power of a mad demon after the Daoist heart had been planted?

No, this was not the power of a human, but the power of a …… demon!

At this moment, Kunlun and the mysterious man were all chilled and sweating.

And in the hall room.

The two eyes, which were dazed and unfocused, gradually regained focus as they listened to the “creaking” sound.

Her lips mumbled, “Chen Dong ……”

“Young lady!”

Long Lao, who was lying on the threshold of the door, shouted in a panic: “Young master, it’s not young master anymore ……”

Gu Qingying looked at Elder Long in dismay.

Instead, Elder Long gestured for him to be silent, and then looked fearfully at Chen Dong.

At this moment, no one could have predicted what Chen Dong would do next!

The next second.


Chen Dong’s body shook violently, emitting a sound that sounded like a firecracker bursting.

With this tremor, a strong wind swooped up from the bottom of his feet, blowing his trouser legs to a rustle.

Without waiting for the crowd to react.

Chen Dong violently raised his right foot and stomped onto the ground with a blatant kick.

Bang Teen!

There was an explosive sound.

This foot seemed like a thousand pounds of force, instantly causing the stone slabs underneath his feet to explode, spreading in all directions as if they were spider webs.

Immediately following.

Chen Dong’s right foot lifted up brazenly.

Under the gaze of the frightened eyes of the Tao.

With a bang!

It directly sent Iga Feiyu, who was sitting on the ground, flying into the air.

Time, at this moment, seemed to have fallen into Chen Dong’s domination and was completely slowed down.

Just as Iga Feiyu flew up.

A gale of wind suddenly rose.

Like a thunderbolt, Chen Dong rushed into the path of Iga Feiyu’s flight.

As fast as lightning, his right hand once again threw a punch at Iga Feiyu’s back.


The sound was like a drum, like a thunderstorm.

Iga Feiyu, who was about to hit the ground, flew upwards again with Chen Dong’s punch.

Without waiting to land.

Chen Dong had already reappeared at the spot where Iga Feiyu was about to land.

Bang Teen!

Bang Teen!

Bang Teen!


In the hall, there was a constant roar as Chen Dong kept moving his body, appearing again and again where Iga Feiyu was about to fall and blasting him into the air.

This was a scene that should have only appeared in a movie, rendered by special effects.

At this moment, however, it was actually happening in reality.

Gu Qingying was dumbfounded, and so was Elder Long.

At the main entrance, Lone Wolf and the dozen or so members of security were also confused.

Even the mysterious man and Kunlun, were in a great terror of extreme terror.

The mysterious man looked at the scene and his sweat was frying all over his body.

His body was also trembling, and his lips were trembling uncontrollably, “The momentum is like wild thunder, a ghost god descending, leaving people dead in desperation, without even the chance to resist and beg for mercy, this …… is the real killing!”

Hearing the mysterious man’s voice.

Kunlun’s body trembled, the knot in his throat wriggled and he swallowed a mouthful of saliva with a “thud”.

Looking at the frightening scene happening in the hall.

At the same time as he was terrified, his thoughts were also racing, pondering whether he would have any chance of surviving if he were to face the scene Chen Dong had performed at this moment.

But the final result left Kunlun in despair.

The force rose from the ground, and after blasting a person into the air, he had already lost most of his battle power, which was like treating a person as a sandbag thrown overhead.

There was nothing else to do but to be beaten pa*sively again and again and to meet a storm of devastating extermination!

The only possible extravagance …… might be to …… die a good death?


Suddenly, Chen Dong in the hall room threw back his head and let out a beast-like roar.

At this moment, with this roar, the veins and meridians on Chen Dong’s face were hideous and terrifying to the extreme, and blood seemed to burst out of those red-blooded eyes.

As Iga Feiyu fell once again.

This time, however, Chen Dong did not continue to swing his fist and kick, blasting it into the air.

Instead, with a thud, he stomped his feet on the floor and leapt up in the air.

There was nothing fancy about it.

As he leapt into the air, the muscles in Chen Dong’s right hand made a bursting sound, all the muscles graved to the point of smacking his lips.


A punch was thrown at Iga Hiryu’s stomach.


Under the heavy fist.

Iga Fei Ryu and Chen Dong smashed into the ground, the ground completely cracked and raised a large amount of smoke and dust.

Even everyone could feel the ground tremble for a moment.

The smoke and dust swirled around and swept out in all directions.

There were even drops of blood raining down in the air.

And with that.

In the small bamboo courtyard, absolute silence fell.

The smoke and dust washed away.

Slowly, it diminished.

And everyone, in horror, gazed at the centre of the smoke and dust.

Gradually, the crowd could see clearly what was in the centre of the smoke and dust.

Only at this moment, everyone could not even draw in a cold breath, as if their bodies were completely imprisoned.

In the centre of the smoke and dust, there was a small crater.

At this moment, Chen Dong was crouched next to the small crater, his right fist still in a punching stance, aiming at the small crater.

Iga Feiyu’s body was lying in the small crater.

However, the distance between them meant that they could not see exactly.

As Chen Dong got up, his right fist was gradually withdrawn from the pit.

The crowd saw a stream of blood flowing down from Chen Dong’s right fist.

This scene shocked everyone to the point where they were chilled to the bone.


A wicked smile once again appeared on Chen Dong’s cold and hideous face.

With his right hand, he casually shook it off, throwing the blood stains onto the ground.

Then his gaze looked towards the crowd.

At this moment, even Chen Dong’s gentle “heh” was like a big thunderstorm, causing everyone’s body to tremble.

Shasha ……

Just as Chen Dong was sweeping towards the crowd.

In the silence, a small sound suddenly rang out.

Suddenly, blood light exploded from Chen Dong’s red-blooded eyes.

As if he was a ghost god, he twisted his head to look in one direction.

With an evil smile, he said, “There is still ……”

Chapter 856

As soon as the words left his mouth.

Chen Dong instantly turned around as if he were running thunder, and rushed towards the side of the hall, jumping straight out of the window and chasing after him towards the bamboo forest.

Inside the small courtyard of the bamboo forest.

With Chen Dong’s departure, the great oppression that seemed like the heavens had tipped over, also dissipated.

Everyone’s bodies were relieved, and they all let out a long breath at the same time.

“There’s more?”

The mysterious man’s expression changed as he suddenly reacted, “Those two upper ninjas did not leave.”

As he spoke.

The mysterious man also hurriedly rushed towards the fence of the small bamboo courtyard, leaping up and kicking and stomping twice directly onto the wall.

At the same time, he bellowed.

“Kunlun, follow me, Lone Wolf will take care of the aftermath!”

Kunlun, who was holding Fan Lu tightly, had a solemn expression.

At this moment, there was not the slightest hesitation.

Gently placing Fan Lu on the ground, he then, directly followed the mysterious man up the wall.

At the same time.

Lone Wolf also quickly reacted.

While instructing the security members at the gate who had seen the scene just now to blockade and maintain the status quo, he called out a few of them for urgent disposal.

In the darkness of the night.

There was always a quiet eeriness in the bamboo forest.

The bamboo leaves rustled in the cool breeze.

Two black figures, however, were moving rapidly through the bamboo forest.

As they moved at high speed, the two men were communicating rapidly in the island language.

Every word, every phrase, even every word, carried an unparalleled fear.

These two were the two great ninjas!

After disappearing with Iga Hiryu earlier.

The two did not leave directly, but both knew what Iga Firyu was planning to do, so they lurked back to the small bamboo courtyard together.

This was clear to Iga Hiryu as well.

The two of them had been lurking in the shadows, watching everything.

But they never expected it.

Iga Fei Ryu had already prepared to sacrifice his life to blackmail Chen Dong with Gu Qingying, but the seemingly perfect plan suddenly took a sharp turn at a critical moment.

The scene that took place in the hall was so shocking that even the two top ninjas were scared to death.

They were both Shinobi.

But there was a slight gap in strength, not a big one, but it did exist.

Of the three top ninjas in this operation, Iga Hiryu was the strongest and the two of them were a little weaker.

Even so, when Iga Hiryu faced Chen Dong, he was still sitting there waiting for death to come!

At this moment, the two top ninjas were still replaying in their minds the bloody and brutal scene in the hall just now.

As upper ninjas, they had never imagined that an upper ninja could be so weak as this!

Boom …… boom …… boom ……

Suddenly, a fierce wind howled behind them.

It was as if a mountain was being swept away, just like the movement of a fierce beast in the mountains when it launches a pursuit.

As soon as this noise appeared, the two top ninjas were silenced at the same time, and while their hearts were beating wildly, their feet suddenly stumbled.

Almost simultaneously.

They looked back.

In the darkness, a black shadow could be seen, rushing over at an indescribable speed.

This one glance was all it took.

The overwhelming blood-killing intent was like the sky overturning, directly crushing down on the two.


The two great Shinobi cursed lowly at the same time.

Then, both of them pulled out smoke bombs at the same time and quickly hurled them in all directions.

Bang Bang Bang ……

One after another, the smoke bombs exploded, raging in the darkness and sending up thick smoke.

In an instant, the smoke surged into each other, completely filling the bamboo forest.


Boom …… boom …… boom ……

A gust of wind whistled behind them, getting closer and closer.

This caused the two great superior ninjas to panic.

“What’s going on? It has been cast separately, not at our position along the way, why, is it still coming after us?”

One of the upper ninjas could no longer suppress the fear in his heart and asked offhandedly.

When they were throwing, they had anticipated that Chen Dong would hear the sound and discern the location, so they threw in all directions, and only two of them were thrown as cover along their escape path.

Under the cover of darkness and smoke, the line of sight was completely blocked, even if they were listening for sound, they shouldn’t have been able to track them so accurately!

“His perception is too strong! Amaterasu Omikami is on top, with his vision blocked and his hearing blurred, could he be sensing the path of the wind?”

Another upper ninja bemoaned at this point.

As soon as the words left his mouth, the Shinobi next to him stared at him in horror.

The two men looked at each other with a tidal wave of fear.

When they both ran, they were bound to cause a change in the airflow.

But this was already an extremely faint change.

If Chen Dong had caught up through sensing this change, how terrifying should that perception be?

For a moment, the two Shinobi were caught in a dilemma.

If they ran, they would definitely be caught up by Chen Dong.

If they did not run, they would definitely be caught up by Chen Dong.

Both of them clenched their teeth at the same time and indeed ran in two directions at the same time.

At this moment, both of them were prepared for one to die and the other to flee!

With one dead, the other would be able to return to the Iga school and report back on the great horror that had happened this night!

Even one of the shinobi, after separating from his companion and running a short distance away, immediately slashed the ground quickly with his katana and, with a bang, dug right into the thick bamboo leaves, marching quickly ahead.



There was an explosion in the darkness of the bamboo forest where the smoke was raging.

This was followed by the sound of a bamboo collapsing.

Immediately afterwards, there was another thud!

The Shinobi, who was running wildly on the ground, was in a state of shock.

But before he could think of a way to deal with it.


In the darkness behind him, a roar like that of a wild beast rang out.

It sounded like a tiger roaring in the mountains and the forest, and intimidated all the beasts.

It scared the Shinobi so much that his body trembled and sweat poured down.


Almost simultaneously.

An ear-splitting sound of wind broke out.

The frightened Shinobi turned around and saw a broken bamboo flying out of the darkness.

But it wasn’t coming for him.

Instead, it came from another direction!


The broken bamboo plunged into the bamboo bush.


Under the bamboo bush, a miserable scream shook the entire bamboo forest.

At the same time, a cluster of blood splashed out.


The only surviving upper ninja was so frightened that his face was ashen and his features were twisted.

The endless great terror came in a mountainous and wild torrent.

In terror, his feet stumbled and he thumped to the ground.



Must escape!

Only, not waiting for him to struggle to get up.

In the darkness, that figure, wrapped in a mountain of blood, was already approaching.

“Amaterasu is above!”

The Shinobi’s expression suddenly became fierce and determined as he gripped his sword with both hands and slashed directly at the incoming Chen Dong with a desperate slash.


Just at the moment when both sides were about to exchange blows.

Chen Dong’s body shifted abruptly.

He directly dodged the warrior’s long sword and instantly bullied his way up.


Bang Teen!

A punch was thrown out, the sound was as loud as thunder.

The superior ninja’s hands still held the slashing motion of his sword, but his entire body was like a broken pocket, directly flying backwards for more than ten metres and falling to the ground, lifeless.

One punch killed him!