Winner Takes All Chapter 851-852

Chapter 851

A hoarse voice, as if a large invisible hand.

It pressed across the bamboo forest.

Both Iga Hiryu and the two top ninjas frowned and looked at the sound in awe.

The two of them were able to throw a sword through the air, shaking the sword in the hand of Iga Feiyu, a superior ninja, out of his hand.

This …… is a true terror!

“Young master, we’re here!”


Kunlun’s voice rang out.

At the same time, Chen Dong saw a figure running towards this side.

The two great supreme ninjas were about to block it at once.

However, the mysterious man let out a hoarse and cold voice.

“Who dares to move?”

The two great upper ninjas were on their feet, and when they looked back.

Kunlun had already bypa*sed the two and stood in front of Chen Dong.

“Young master, this is for you!”

Kunlun handed one of the two samurai long swords in his hand to Chen Dong.

“Coming just in time!”

Chen Dong smiled faintly and took the long swords with a smile, killing intent tumbling in his eyes.

An inch long and an inch strong, the role of a samurai long sword and a short sword, in combat itself, were each in their own right, the long sword attacking and the short sword defending.

With a defensive short sword, he had been able to spar with Iga Feiyu to this extent, which was already considered the ultimate.

Now that he had a weapon, and the mysterious man and Kunlun had joined forces, everything was going in the direction he had expected at the beginning.

Chen Dong raised his head, like a bloodthirsty beast, and looked at Iga Feiyu with cold intent in his eyes.

“Your Excellency Iga Feiyu, this situation is now a duel between you and me again!”

A playful tease.

Iga Firyu’s eyes narrowed, and the corners of his eyes pulsed furiously.

Anger, remorse, regret, all sorts of emotions wrapped around Iga Hiryu in an instant.

“Bloody bunch of midget losers!”

Iga Firyu gritted his teeth and squeezed the words out from between them.

The arrival of reinforcements blamed him for his gullibility.

It also left him grumbling at the strength of a dozen midshipmen!

If he had been able to delay a little longer, the result would not have been the muddy stalemate that was before him.

He took a deep breath.

Iga Hidryu suppressed the mixed emotions in his heart, and as if his right hand was not torn, he snapped his grip on the hilt of the long samurai sword stuck in the ground.

“Hideyu-kun, you are to blame for the failure of this operation!”

A shinobi chided out sharply and unexpectedly.

“Heh ……”

Iga Hiryu pulled up the corner of his mouth and smiled, “Yes, I am the culprit, I will make this mission end perfectly, and will live up to the cultivation of the Iga school and the blessing of Amaterasu Omikami ……”

The moment these words were spoken.

Chen Dong and Kunlun looked at each other, somewhat puzzled.

The situation in front of them, 3V3, even if he, Kunlun and the mysterious man were all carrying injuries and weakened a bit, they were not so strong as to be killed by the three top ninjas.

The best proof of this was the fact that the long sword thrown by the mysterious man at the critical moment was able to shake off the long sword in Iga Hiryu’s hand.

To the Mystic, strength had indeed weakened.

But it also depends on who he is fighting!

It was at that moment.

Iga Fei-ryu leapt forward with his tongue thundering, “Retreat!”

Bang, bang, bang!

Almost simultaneously.

The three top ninjas threw smoke bombs at the same time.

From beneath their feet, smoke rose abruptly and rolled up, instantly making the already dark bamboo forest even more difficult to catch a trail.

“That’s a runner?”

Kunlun said, frowning in confusion.

“Didn’t Iga Feiyu say that he wanted the mission to end perfectly?”

Chen Dong was also puzzled, his eyebrows tightly wrinkled into a “Chuan”, lowering his eyebrows in contemplation: “Something is not right ……”

In a few moments, Chen Dong’s thoughts spun rapidly.

The inconsistency between Iga Feiyu’s words and actions was really strange.

What’s more crucial is that the two top ninjas also merely complained about Iga Feiyu before they made the same retreating move as Iga Feiyu would.

This ……



Not far away in the smoke, a figure quickly ran over.

“It has retreated.”

The mysterious man’s hoarse voice came.

“Go back first.”

Chen Dong and Kun Lun glanced at each other before they were the first to head towards the small bamboo forest courtyard.

The mysterious man and Kunlun quickly followed.

But just as Chen Dong took his third step, his movements gave a violent lurch.

A grim look of panic suddenly appeared on his originally relieved face.

“Not good! Little Shadow is in danger!”

With a cry of alarm, Chen Dong’s speed abruptly exploded to the limit as he rushed towards the small bamboo courtyard like a madman.

The mysterious man and Kunlun also had a cold aura exploding in their eyes as they reacted violently.

Iga Feiyu’s words and actions were already bizarre.

Now that the three top ninjas had retreated at the same time, it was indeed the best way to preserve their strength in the immediate situation.

But with Iga Firyu’s decision in front of him, the three top ninjas simply retreating at the same time at this moment made people reverie.

If the battlefield was shifted back to the bamboo courtyard, as long as Gu Qingying was held, that would fully explain Iga Feiyu’s words of decision just now.

Both the Mystic and Kunlun knew that Gu Qingying was more important to Chen Dong than his life!

To force Chen Dong to give up his life with what Chen Dong loved was something extremely possible in the minds of the Mystic and Kunlun, and was also incredibly clear about Chen Dong’s choice.

“Don’t, or something really big will happen!”

Kun Lun ran while a sweat of white hair grew on his back, extraordinarily cold: “Fortunately, Elder Long and Xiao Lu are in the small bamboo courtyard, I hope, I hope ……”

At the end of the sentence, even he couldn’t say it himself.

Long Lao and Fan Lu stayed in the bamboo forest courtyard.

On the one hand, it was to protect Gu Qingying, which was indeed not false.

But the real reason was that just now both he and the mysterious man felt that the physical condition and injuries of Long Lao and Fan Lu were not suitable for chasing them out, so they forcefully stayed in the small bamboo courtyard!

The only two people who were able to fight around with the three top ninjas were also in a wounded and decrepit state at this time, and it was as hard as hell to shelter Gu Qingying!

“If that’s the case, perhaps ……”

The mysterious man murmured hoarsely and lowly, only like Kunlun, his words came to an abrupt halt halfway through.

The bamboo forest.

Quiet and eerie.

As if he had gone mad, Chen Dong held two katanas in his hands and quickly rushed towards the small bamboo forest courtyard.

At this moment, it was as if the wounds from the previous battle did not exist.

A cold and stern aura was wrapped around him like a sea of mountains.

The invisible oppression that followed him as he ran wildly forward.

Even the mysterious man and Kunlun behind him looked at him with a tightened expression.

But at the same time, their hearts sank down one by one.


A light appeared in Chen Dong’s vision, and the small bamboo forest courtyard gradually became clear.

Outside the courtyard, there was a clearing.

By now, the killing was nearing its end, and people were lying on the ground, wailing all over the place.

The few Chinese ninjas, who were also heavily wounded, were surrounded by a sea of people led by Lone Wolf.

Chen Dong did not pay attention to the melee in front of him.

Instead, with a grim expression, he rushed into the small bamboo courtyard.

The air, at all times, was filled with the thick smell of blood.

However, the melee outside the small courtyard, which was already covered in blood, made Chen Dong unable to distinguish whether the smell of blood was wafting in from the outside or lingered inside the small courtyard itself.

Inside the courtyard, there was some chaos.

In the hall, however, it was empty, empty of people.

And yet.

Just as he was rushing towards the hall house.


A large, bloodstained, withered hand suddenly grabbed the door frame of the hall.

This scene instantly hit Chen Dong’s heart like a heavy hammer.

It followed closely.

Under his tightly fixed gaze.

Old man Long, whose face was covered in blood, slowly poked his head out from the door, his face filled with pain.

Seeing Chen Dong.

Long Lao wailed, “Young Master, Young Madam ……”


The breathless wail, however, seemed like a bolt from the clear sky, instantly blasting Chen Dong.

Chapter 852


Chen Dong’s body shook violently, as if his legs were filled with lead, they became a thousand pounds heavy, and in the midst of his wild run, his right foot, which had just been raised, landed heavily back on the ground.

The old man with a face full of bloodstained pain, and the few words that were as if his breath was wandering.

In an instant, it made him dizzy and the sky spun.

Depression, the ultimate depression.

It was as if his chest cavity was stuffed with countless stones, blocked to the brim.

Chen Dong stopped where he was, and at this moment, his gaze was cold as he stared at Elder Long who was gradually climbing up from the doorway.

His expression, however, was gradually gloomy and hostile.

The whole person, all tensed and stiffened up.

A bone-chilling chill was released from his body.

This caused the mysterious man and Kunlun, who rushed into the courtyard right after him, to be struck by lightning at first glance.

It was over!

The moment they saw Chen Dong stop in the middle of the courtyard, their hearts sank to the bottom.

Everything was going in the worst possible direction.

Even from a distance of a few metres.

The mysterious man and Kunlun could still perceive the chilling intent that Chen Dong’s body was proclaiming like a wave, one wave after another.

“Elder Long ……”

Kun Lun saw Elder Long and instantly his face changed dramatically.

The mysterious man, however, tugged at Kun Lun: “Chen Dong is important!”

Kun Lun choked at once.

The mystery man’s words were like a sharp knife that had been thrust into his heart.

Is this asking me to put Elder Long out of my mind?

Just as Kun Lun was hesitantly entangled, the mysterious man whispered in a deep voice, “Daoist Heart Planting Demon.”


Kun Lun’s face changed greatly, and in an instant, he even turned a little pale.

Fear, in an instant, struck his nerves.

It was!

Now this worst possible ending was not just that Iga Feiyu had forced Chen Dong to lay down his life with what Chen Dong loved.

There was also Chen Dong’s Daoist demon!

Gu Qingying was Chen Dong’s scales of rebellion, an existence that was regarded as more important than life.

Using Gu Qingying as a threat might cause Chen Dong to willingly lay down his life, or it might cause Chen Dong to go mad immediately.

No matter which possibility it was, it was definitely an outcome too bad to be true.

“Xiao Lu, he, they ……”

Long Lao was weak to the point of weakness, his head resting on the doorway of the hall, his breath like a swimmer blaming himself, “It is the sin of the old slave, not sheltering the young lady, it is ……”


Not waiting for Elder Long to finish speaking.


A loud sound.

A silhouette, abruptly flew out of the hall house, swept past Old Long who was lying on the ground, and flew directly towards the outside.

“Xiao Lu!”

Kunlun let out a roar, violently breaking away from the mysterious man, his body like a thunderbolt, rushed up and swept Fan Lu, who had been thrown out, into his arms.

At this point, Fan Lu was already unconscious, and her body was still dripping with blood from several additional stab wounds.

Kun Lun’s eyes turned red as he held the unconscious Fan Lu in his arms, as if he were a raging beast in a moment of rage.

Chen Dong, on the other hand, also looked coldly at Fan Lu in Kun Lun’s arms.

“Sister Xiao Lu ……”

Chen Dong shouted softly, but when the voice came out of his mouth, it caused the mysterious man behind him to have his body sweat explode.

It was …… an extremely hoarse and cold voice.

It was so extreme that it was indescribable, as if it should not come out of a human mouth.

And with that.

It was the majestic coldness that seemed to drain from Chen Dong’s body like a flood.

Feeling the coldness coming over him, the mysterious man clenched his hands into fists, his eyes filled with fear and panic.

At this moment.

The only thing left in his eyes was Chen Dong. In a trance, it felt like a sea of blood was churning in front of him, red in colour, with skeletons capped with bones, and Chen Dong …… was standing in the middle of the sea of blood and bones.

The same feeling.

Holding the unconscious Fan Lu, he also perceived it at the same time.

The titular mercenary king, comparable to the existence of a god of killing.

Facing Chen Dong at this moment, for the first time, he felt as small as dust, as humble as an ant.

Terror, the ultimate great terror.

It was like a mane in his back.

“Young master!”

“Chen Dong!”

Kunlun and the mysterious man spoke in unison, their tongues thundering in spring.

At this moment, even Elder Long, who was lying on the threshold of the hall, his face covered in blood, seemed to have forgotten the pain all over his body and stared at Chen Dong with horror and terror in his eyes.

It occurred to him fiercely that he wanted to join Kunlun and the mysterious man and blast out a stern voice to wake Chen Dong up, but he was simply too badly injured, and at this moment he was simply using all his strength to even make a sound.

“No one, don’t stop me!”

Chen Dong finally lifted his right foot once again, took a step, and walked towards the hall.

With every step, he was incredibly determined.

As he walked forward, in the eyes of the mysterious man and Kunlun, it was as if a sea of blood and dry bones were moving.

The entire small bamboo forest courtyard.

It was all enveloped by Chen Dong’s chilling intent.

It was as if it was a sea of blood and dry bones, pressing down into the entire bamboo forest courtyard.

As Chen Dong moved forward.

His eyes, which were cold to the extreme, were tossing and turning, his gaze constantly changing.

While on his face, he always maintained an extreme coldness, sharp as a sword.

“Chen Dong!”

The mysterious man quickly stepped forward and raised his hand to grab Chen Dong’s left wrist.


Bang Teen!

As Chen Dong’s left hand shook, there was an explosive sound.

This time, the grip was hardened and shaken away by Chen Dong!

Feeling the sharp pain coming from the centre of his right hand, the mysterious man’s heart suddenly clenched to the extreme.

Even if he was as calm and cool as he was, at this moment, a look of fear and panic surfaced on his face.

At that very moment.

“Your Excellency Chen Dong, I am sorry that you are still late in coming back.”

A teasing laugh came from the hall.

The mysterious man and Kun Lun looked at the same time.

In the hall room.

Iga Feiyu was holding his katana around Gu Qingying’s neck and escorting him to the door of the hall room.

As for Elder Long, Iga Feiyu no longer cared at all.

At this moment, Gu Qingying’s stunning face was filled with fear and trepidation, her delicate body trembling and pearly blossoms.

The moment she saw Chen Dong.

She then wailed in a piteous voice, “Husband …… save me ……”

This shout.

It instantly caused the mysterious man’s brows to tighten to the extreme.

He was well aware of Chen Dong’s current state, so he knew even better that this piteous wail from Gu Qingying was undoubtedly pouring fuel on the fire!

However, he did not wait for him to say anything.

Chen Dong, who had taken a step forward, was slowly speaking.


Without stopping, he took a step wrapped in the majestic aura of a mountain of corpses and a sea of blood and walked firmly towards Gu Qingying and Iga Feiyu.

“Stand still!”

Iga Feiyu was instantly confused, he had only come to capture Gu Qingying to blackmail Chen Dong.

But now Chen Dong’s reaction was different from what he had expected.

He simply did not give him the chance to blackmail him!

At the same time as this explosive shout, the blade in Iga Feiyu’s hand could not help but exert some force.

In an instant.

Gu Qing Ying’s pale and stunning face revealed a look of pain as she let out a soft grunt and her delicate body trembled even more.

And on her snow-white and slender neck, at this moment, where the katana was placed, a trace of blood gradually flowed out.


Seeing this scene, Kunlun and the mysterious man simultaneously cried out in secret.

But with this kind of scene, the two of them really had their hearts in the right place!

“You …… have made my woman bleed!”

Chen Dong was still moving forward, his eyes drifting and changing.

This indescribable voice, as if it was a woozy Sanskrit sound, echoed in everyone’s ears.

The mysterious man could not help but shout sternly.

“Chen Dong, have you seen all the Buddhist scriptures, the Tao Te Ching, in the belly of a dog?”

“If I go mad, what can Buddha do to me?”

The corners of Chen Dong’s mouth, outlined with a smile ……