Winner Takes All Chapter 847-848

Chapter 847

Oh no!

The alarmed cries of his two companions instantly sent a shiver down the spine of Iga Hiryu, who was sliding close to the ground.

Almost simultaneously.

An overwhelming wave of murderous intent engulfed Iga Feiyu.

Iga Feiyu looked up brazenly and saw Chen Dong, who was close at hand, revealing an ominous, cold smile.

The scene.


As if it was a heavy hammer, it slammed into Iga Feiyu’s heart with a boom.

In a flash of lightning.

With a bang, Iga Fei-Liu’s long sword plunged vertically into the ground, forcibly stopping his sliding momentum.

But he did not wait to draw his sword.

Chen Dong, who had already rushed in front of him, had already swung out his samurai short sword.

A poof!

The katana swept across Iga Hiryu’s abdomen, bringing up a flood of blood.

The pain was so severe that Iga Feiyu instantly went berserk.

He let out a roar of pain.

His eyes suddenly turned fierce.

Almost instinctively, he threw a punch directly at Chen Dong.

Bang Teen!

Chen Dong instantly staggered back five steps and closed the distance between him and Iga Feiyu.

And Iga Feiyu got back to his feet.

He looked down in horror and anger at the bloodstained wound on his abdomen.

At this moment, Iga Firyu felt like he had survived a robbery.

If he had been a little slower, if he had hesitated for a moment in his head.

This cut would have been more than just a cut in his flesh.

It was …… a gut punch!

The subtlety of the calculation, the exact replica of the acting, the decisiveness of this last slash.

The Iga Feiyu at this time was angry at Chen Dong, but also from the depths of his heart, a chill of scorn arose.

He slowly raised his head, and the anger and fury in his eyes quickly receded.

What replaced it was a calmness that was like stagnant water.

“You anticipated this slash from the very beginning.”

Chen Dong’s eyes were cold and his face was filled with boundless hostility as he smiled coldly, “If not, how can we get even?”

Iga Feiyu’s body shook as his eyes looked at the injury on Chen Dong’s left arm, and he smiled gently.

And in contrast to the reckless conversation the two were now having.

The two superior ninjas watching the battle from a distance were watching with palpitations.

In the fight just now, who all thought that Chen Dong was doing as he was told.

But to their surprise, their guess had already been counted on by Chen Dong.

It was with the help of their own guesses that Chen Dong had unexpectedly and smoothly buried this fatal slash!

It was so close!

Even if they knew that Chen Dong was the target they wanted to kill.

But at this moment, the two did not dare to deny that just now Chen Dong really was so close to ending the fight with Iga Feiyu with a single slash!

How terrifying a calculation would this have to be ……?


Iga Feiyu did not continue with his words, but instead brazenly raised his samurai long sword and slashed directly towards Chen Dong.

He chose to duel with Chen Dong, but he did not forget about this mission either.

One more minute of delay would be one more risk of mission failure.

He wanted to use Chen Dong to sharpen his realm, and if it was to complete the mission, the matter of sharpening his realm could be put aside for the time being.

Time was running out.

Apart from the stormy attack, Iga Feiyu simply did not have much time to make good use of Chen Dong as a whetstone to sharpen his realm.

And this time.

Chen Dong did not dodge again either.

Facing the killing intent of Iga Feiyu.

Decisive to the point of not hesitating.

No dodging, no evasion.

Directly wielding his samurai short sword to meet it.

In an instant.

Clang clang clang ……

In the bamboo forest, the sound of blades clashing echoed.

Each time the sound rang out, a cluster of sparks would erupt in the darkness of the bamboo forest.

The faint sparks illuminated the figures of Chen Dong and Iga Feiyu for a short moment.

The two men quickly moved and dodged, their swords in their hands bringing up streaks of shadow as they continued to attack the opposite side.

The attack was unbridled and unrestrained.

Even the two Shinobi watching the battle had their blood boiling in their bodies.

In the bamboo forest.

Chen Dong and Iga Feiyu’s figures were moving so fast that they even brought up a trace of residual shadows due to the lack of light.

Time and time again, Chen Dong and Iga Feiyu attacked with a completely desperate fighting style.

Every now and then.

Every now and then, a bamboo would get caught in the waves, and with a thud, it would be cut off directly at the waist.

During this stormy fight, both Chen Dong and Iga Feiyu were adding wounds to their bodies at a rate visible to the naked eye.

Although each wound was not fatal.

But the blood that spilled into the air still made the two superior ninjas watching the battle’s blood boil and battle intent swirl in their eyes.

“When did the intelligence of the Iga school get so weak that the Chen Dong in front of us is worlds away from the Chen Dong in the intelligence, Feijia-kun did not die unjustly!”

A superior ninja said in a deep voice, his words unabashedly admiring Chen Dong.

They did not know how Iga Heijia had died at Chen Dong’s hands in the first place.

But just by looking at the strength of Chen Dong and Iga Fei-liu when they were fighting in front of them, they could brainstorm that just a slight negligence on Chen Dong’s part when facing Iga Fei-liu at that time would be enough to decide Iga Fei-liu’s death!

The other ninja nodded, and then laughed lightly, “But although Feijia-kun and Feiyu-kun are brothers, there is a difference in strength and talent, Chen Dong’s ability to kill Iga Feijia at this age is already a miracle, but when facing Feiyu-kun, it is only a matter of time before he loses. ”

“Unfortunately, in the end, you still have to die, and be reduced to being the millstone of Fei Liu Jun.”

The last sentence carried a sneer of disdain.

The three great upper ninjas were present.

In this superior ninja’s mind, Chen Dong had already been nothing more than fish meat on the chopping block.

If Iga Hiryu had not wanted to sharpen his realm, and the three supreme ninjas joined together, even if Chen Dong could last for a moment, but the so-called moment would only be a few seconds, and then Chen Dong would face death!

There was no suspense about the ending, so he did not mind at all that at this moment Iga Hiryu had to fight Chen Dong one on one in spite of his mission for the time being.

When a strong man, gradually reaching a certain level of strength, enters a bottleneck where it is difficult to advance.

Anyone is eager to find a rival, in a life and death struggle, expecting to break through the bottleneck.

It is just that it is easy to find an opponent around …… strong people, but those who can do it in a life-and-death struggle are rare.

At their level, there are not many of the same realm in the Iga school, but it is by no means impossible to even find an opponent.

The key is …… life and death struggle!


Chen Dong and Iga Feiyu, who were killing each other like a raging storm, slashed each other in the air.

Sparks erupted.

The terrifying force instantly shook both of them backwards.

Iga Fei-ryu was the first to set his stance.

There was no hesitation.

Both hands steeply raised their long swords, and in a flash, both arms were even more muscular, like pythons wrapped around the samurai’s long swords, slashing down with all their might.

“Eight-foot Juihe Chop!”


The violent and domineering sword qi roared out, destroying and destroying, sweeping the court and shooting towards Chen Dong.


Chen Dong, who had tried the Eight Feet Juihe Chop once.

Now he faced it again.

He still did not dodge.

Instead, under Iga Feiyu’s cold gaze, his cold, grim face was marked with a strange, cold smile.


Under the frightened gaze of Iga Fei-Liu and the two superior ninjas.

Chen Dong raised his katana and once again met the “Eight Feet of Kuihaku Chop”!

Chapter 848

Is he crazy? Does he really think that Hiryu-kun’s eight-foot Jyutsu Chop can be taken at will again and again?”

The two great shinobi looked horrified at this point.

They themselves had been spared.

When they faced Iga Hiryu, they would never have thought of taking Iga Hiryu’s “Eight-foot Curry Cut” one after another.

If they could dodge, they would.

What’s more, in their eyes, in Chen Dong’s current situation, there was far more than one route to dodge.

But Chen Dong, of all the options available, had chosen the worst, the most foolish path!

“Arrogant man!”

Rao Iga Feiyu, even in this instant, shouted a cold scolding.

Previously, although Chen Dong was also taking a hard shot, in Iga Firyu’s eyes, he was finally a little more cautious, and with the power of trickery, he moved out a step sideways, avoiding the awe-inspiring killing opportunity.

But this time, Chen Dong, who was holding a samurai short sword in his hand, did not even think of dodging.

It was a purely hard blow!

This was, in Iga Firyu’s opinion, seeking death!

There was simply a world of difference between an ordinary slash, and real sword energy!

“Give it to me, break!”

In a flash of lightning.

With a blast from Chen Dong, it was as if everything had recovered from slow playback.

Nothing fancy.

A simple and brutal slash.

It slashed directly into the air in front of him.


A loud sound.

A circle of Qi waves, visible to the naked eye, instantly pushed out horizontally in all directions, taking along with it the bamboo leaves beneath Chen Dong’s feet, which also lifted off together.

Bang Bang Bang ……

The moment they were hit by the wave of air, several bamboo trees around them broke into gabions and instantly bent, as if they were about to collapse at any moment.

The first time Chen Dong slashed out, he also felt a terrifying force, which pa*sed along the samurai short sword to both arms, and then swept through his whole body.

In an instant.

His tiger’s mouth cracked and bled, and his arms were paralysed by the force.

The wind that escaped from the sword’s energy instantly shredded his upper body clothes, tearing them into red blood!


Chen Dong’s body shook and a large mouthful of fresh blood spurted out.

This scene.

In the eyes of Iga Feiyu, it was a disdainful laugh of shame.

“I called you the strongest of your age, but I did not expect you to be so arrogant, and you still managed to survive such a hard fight, so you deserve my praise.

The words came out.

Even the two top ninjas could not help but nod their heads in agreement.

In their view, Chen Dong’s hard-fought attack was purely a youthful and arrogant act that did not know how high the sky was.

The fact that he had survived was already a horrific and lucky feat, which was indeed shocking.

But his arrogance is still disgraceful!

In the martial arts world, one should not be impetuous and arrogant.

If a genius is complacent and arrogant just because he has a little strength, he is not far from death!


However, Chen Dong raised his hand and gently wiped away the blood from the corner of his mouth.

He said something that made Iga Hiryu and the two supreme ninjas’ minds go blank with a loud bang.

Chen Dong slowly said, “If I don’t shake this blade of yours once more, how can I …… learn?”

The words were calm and even carried a hint of teasing.

As he spoke, Chen Dong gazed grimly at Iga Feiyu, the corners of his mouth curled up in a seeping, smug sneer.


The moment the words were spoken, it was like a great thunderstorm.

Iga Fei Ryu and the two top ninjas’ minds went blank.


Was this guy crazy?

Did he think he could learn anything?

Shock, absurdity, contempt, all sorts of emotions swept over Iga Firyu and the three upper ninjas.

Blade Aura, that was a transformation that took place when one reached a certain level of strength!

It was like a cocoon of fighting techniques!

Learning it?

It’s a fool’s errand!

If you don’t reach a certain level of strength, it’s hard to find out what it is.

If one could even learn Blade Qi at will, then what was the point of the so-called fighting techniques and the so-called martial realm?

“Chen Dong, ah Chen Dong, your arrogance is beyond my imagination.”

Iga Feiyu awoke with a start, impatience surfaced on his face, his right hand clutching his samurai long sword, the veins on the back of his hand protruding, “I wanted to use you as a whetstone, but your arrogance has made me lose my patience, I ……”

Just before the words were finished.

Iga Feiyu’s pupils steeply dilated, revealing a frightened look.

In his line of sight.

Chen Dong, who was naked and covered in blood, slowly held his samurai short sword and a*sumed the stance he used to perform the “Eight Feet of Juihe Chop”.

And then.

Chen Dong’s calm voice sounded like a thunderclap in Iga Hiryu’s ears.

“The extreme of qi energy is transformed into sword energy, you …… can try to receive a slash from me!”

In an instant.

Iga Feiyu’s heart was terrified to the extreme.

Being watched by Chen Dong’s gaze, he even had the illusion of being locked by a human-thirsty ferocious beast.

A chilling sensation enveloped his entire body.

The same feeling appeared to the two top ninjas.

Only compared to Iga Feiyu, the two upper ninjas were still able to maintain a trace of sanity.

“Impossible, there’s no way he could have learned that!”

“Baka-ya-roo! You can’t learn it by watching it twice? Even Amaterasu Omikami would never allow such a thing to exist… Sword Qi, it can never be mastered in two times ……&”

The bamboo forest echoed with the shocked roar of the two upper ninjas who did not dare to believe.

The next second.

“Eight-foot Juihe Chop!”

With an explosive cry from Chen Dong.

He abruptly charged towards the shocked Iga Feiyu like an arrow off the string.

The fierce wind stirred.

Killing intent ran wild.

In an instant, it was as if the temperature of the place Chen Dong pa*sed had plummeted to the freezing point.

Feeling the monstrous killing intent and the bone-chilling cold.

Iga Feiyu’s tiger body shook, and his dilated and lax eyes instantly regained focus.

In his line of sight, Chen Dong was already close at hand.

There was no hesitation.

Nor did he dodge.

Knowing that mastering sword qi was difficult, Iga Feiyu was so shocked that he did not believe that Chen Dong could perform his “Eight Feet of Juihe Chop”.


He directly held his sword with both hands and let out a roar.

Just like what Chen Dong had just done, he slashed at Chen Dong in front of him.


The wind howled.


Sparks erupted as the two swords clashed.

Chen Dong and Iga Feiyu then seemed to be frozen in time, each maintaining the posture of the two sabre strikes, motionless.

Time seemed to have stood still.

Not far away, the two top ninjas saw this scene.

Their hearts were in their throats and they were shocked beyond words.

At this moment, however, they snorted with laughter at the same time.

“It’s really ridiculous, this son is too arrogant.”

“Blade Qi is difficult to master, and this son actually has the arrogance to think that after receiving Fei Liu Jun’s ‘Eight-foot Juihe Chop’ twice, he can return the favour and learn the ‘Eight-foot Juihe Chop’? What a laugh!”


Just as the two of them were sN*ggering.


There was a crunching sound.

The two superior ninjas’ laughter came to an abrupt halt as their pupils suddenly tightened and they looked up at Chen Dong and Iga Feiyu, who were maintaining their two sword strikes.

The pupils that had been tightly constricted were the ones that rapidly dilated and lost focus as they looked

The sight.

Iga Feiyu was angled towards the two superior ninjas.

But the two superior ninjas still saw that the mask that had been covering Iga Firyu’s face broke in half at that moment, sliding off Iga Firyu’s face and falling to the ground.

At the same time.

Iga Hibiru’s body jolted.

Retracting his sword, he staggered back two steps.

A mouthful of blood, even if it was strong enough to hold back, broke through the obstruction of his teeth and lips and slowly trickled down from the corner of his mouth ……