Winner Takes All Chapter 845-846

Chapter 845


Iga Hiryu, who was stationed at the same spot, almost simultaneously, blurted out a surprised eek.


At that very moment.

Iga Fei Ryu and the two top ninjas suddenly had their pupils tighten.

The three of them clearly saw Chen Dong’s right hand muscles grave up like a python dragon, and with the force of a thousand pounds, he violently swung and yanked towards his back!

Crunch ……

In an instant, the quiet and secluded bamboo forest fiercely resounded with an ear-piercing and toothsome sound.

Bang Bang Bang Bang ……

A bamboo, too, exploded in response to this sound, breaking in unison, like a great mountain that covered the sky and swallowed down towards the two superior ninjas.

Suddenly, a huge change occurred.

The two ninjas let out a cry of shock at the same time.

Even they could not help but be shocked by the collapse of the bamboo trees.


When the two tried to break out of the bamboo’s reach, a cold chill swept from the soles of their feet to the sky.

For the two of them were appalled to discover.

Each of the fractured and collapsed bamboos had closed off one of their paths of retreat!

Leaving them with no way to retreat from this rapid collapse!

Clattering ……

As the bamboo collapsed, the branches interlocked and collided.

The bamboo forest also echoed with an ear-splitting sound of crumbling bamboo.

It was all in the blink of an eye.

With a “boom”, dozens of bamboo trees fell to the ground like a collapsing mountain, burying the two shinobi in them.

At the same time, the screams of the two top ninjas rang out from the thick bamboos.

And with that.

Dead silence returned to the bamboo forest once again.

“What the hell is going on here?”

Iga Feiyu was completely confused, and the only eyes on his mask-covered face were filled with shock and horror.

He simply did not understand the scene in front of him, how on earth Chen Dong had managed to do it.

The bamboo bush crushing was simply not enough to kill his two companions on the spot, but it was effective in stalling for time.

But now, Iga Feiyu no longer cared about what Chen Dong’s purpose for doing so was, what shocked him was how on earth Chen Dong had managed to do it.

As Chen Dong drew back, his right hand swung the bamboo and struck the bamboo along the way, a strange move that Iga Fei-liu had been watching.

But he was certain that that one lightning-fast strike could never have caused all these bamboos to collapse in this instant, as if Chen Dong was wielding them like his arm.


In the distance, Chen Dong’s laughter came out.

Iga Feiyu’s body shook and his eyebrows knitted together into a “Chuan”.

He hurriedly listened with his full attention.


Suddenly, a tiny sound of breaking wind rang out from the darkness.

The sound was so subtle that if you weren’t paying attention, you wouldn’t even hear it!


It was ……

Iga Higurashi had a look of shock in his eyes, and his body, which was tightly wrapped in his ninja uniform, could not help but tremble vaguely at this moment.

His gaze stared deadly at Chen Dong on the opposite side.

He could vaguely see that Chen Dong’s right hand moved gently.

“Your fish scale thread?!”

Iga Feiyu made a shocked sound, so shocked that his voice was even a little hoarse.

At this moment, it was as if enlightenment had dawned on him.

The mere knocking of the bamboo could not have caused the scene before him.

But if, while tapping the bamboo, one used the cover of the sound of tapping the bamboo to wrap the fish scale thread around each and every bamboo that had been tapped, then it could be done!

The knocking of the bamboo would not break it instantly, but under the tremendous force of the knocking, it would shatter the fibre structure at the location of the knocking, and then by wrapping the fish scale threads around it, it would be able to instantly pull off dozens of bamboo with a very weak force, causing the horrific scene in front of him.

After thinking about it, the way Iga Feiyu looked at Chen Dong finally became different.

There was shock, disbelief, and even some scorn ……

None of the information they had received about Chen Dong before corresponded to the real Chen Dong.

Before they came, they also estimated the risk and difficulty of a*sa*sinating Chen Dong based on the fact that the two upper ninjas of Iga Feijia had folded their arms.

That was why this time, they were three upper ninjas leading eighteen middle ninjas to swarm here.

Only, at this moment, the gaze of Iga Feiyu at Chen Dong was complicated to the extreme.

The back, moreover, was a little chilly.

If it was a super strong martial artist who had seen all the world, experienced life and death, who had done such a thing, he would definitely not feel this way, but would instead feel that it was justifiable.

But the Chen Dong in front of him was less than thirty years old!

The intelligence even showed that he had metamorphosed in just over a year’s time.

Mindfulness, calculation and decisiveness …… created this frightening scene just now.

Iga Feiyu was already considered the best of the Iga school, but he asked himself, when he was the same age as Chen Dong, in such a desperate and dangerous situation, it was absolutely impossible for him to be calm and calculating to such an extent.


Iga Hiryu suddenly waved his samurai long sword in his hand, bringing an ear-splitting whistle in the air.

With that, he moved his right foot and walked towards Chen Dong.

His lips were lightly opened, “Your heart, your mind and your tactics have all shocked me, among those of your age, I, Iga Feiyu, would like to honour you as the strongest!”

These words were uttered from the bottom of Iga Firyu’s heart.

With his experience and battle experience, this scene just now was really enough for him to have such praise for Chen Dong!

“Should I be happy that the opponent who is going to kill me praised me? Or should I be unhappy?”

Chen Dong rubbed his nose and joked with a smile.

He really didn’t mind talking more with Iga Firyu, both the positive and negative factions were prone to die from talking too much, but certain moments, such as now, the more words spoken, the more time they delayed.

“This is your crowning glory to the ninja!”

Iga Hiryu suddenly ran wildly, the wind howling beneath his feet, swirling up a huge swath of bamboo leaves: “I really want to know if you can remain absolutely calm until you die!”


The words had barely left his mouth.

Iga Feiyu had already rushed to a distance of less than five metres from Chen Dong.

Without any warning, his hand rose and his sword fell, and a blatant slash wrapped in endless astral wind, slashing down angrily.

Boom ……

The long sword was far inferior to Chen Dong, but as the warrior’s long sword fell, a sword qi formed by the astral wind, but it destroyed the thick bamboo leaves on the ground and ploughed out a furrow, shooting directly towards Chen Dong.

“Blade Qi?!”

Chen Dong’s face changed drastically, his body instantly tensing up as if he was locked and imprisoned by a monstrous killing intent.

He had seen the same scene before!

When Yuan Yigang had executed the “God of Killing Slash”, he had been able to achieve such an effect!

Iga Feiyu’s slash was certainly not as effective as Yuan Yigang’s, but it was deadly enough to slash out sword qi!

The whistling of sabre qi blasted in his ears.

Feeling the overwhelming, overbearing slashing sword qi.

Chen Dong’s expression was gloomy to the extreme.

“Give me a break!”

With an explosive roar, Chen Dong’s body bowed violently, and the bamboo in his hand was like a battle sword as it slashed down in fury directly into the air in front of him.


There was an explosive sound.

The bamboo was blasted by the sword qi and exploded inch by inch.

With that.


A cluster of blood, suddenly in the dark bamboo forest, splashed into the long sky above.
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Chapter 846

Tick …… tick ……

The blood dripped down on top of the bamboo leaves, making a sound.

The smell of blood gradually covered up the smell of decay and decay in the bamboo forest.

Chen Dong was hunched over, his right hand pressed tightly against his left shoulder.

But blood continued to seep out between his fingers, running down his arm and onto the ground.

Iga Feiyu slowly withdrew his sword and looked at Chen Dong with astonishment in his gaze.

“You are …… one of the few people who can survive my eight-foot Juihe chop ……”

The voice was low, an effort to suppress the shock in his heart, yet he did not hide his praise for Chen Dong: “If not for the mission, I, Zhuge Feiliu, would like to be friends with you as a forgotten friend.”

It is difficult to convince a person.

It is even harder to convince an opponent who wants to take his life!

But at this moment, the titular Iga superior ninja, Iga Feiyu, was praising Chen Dong from the bottom of his heart.

The voice fell into Chen Dong’s ears.

Chen Dong, however, pulled the corner of his mouth and smiled, “A slower reaction would have split me in half with this slash.”

At the moment when the sword qi was approaching, Chen Dong swung his bamboo and at the same time, he also forcibly broke through Iga Feiyu’s lock of killing intent, using all his strength to blatantly move a step across.

To be precise.

To be precise, the bamboo swing was only a momentary delay, while breaking through the killing intent lock and moving out of the way was Chen Dong’s real aim!

He hadn’t thought that he could shake the sword Qi with the bamboo, what he had thought was how to survive the sword Qi and save his maximum strength.

Obviously, he had done so!

“Your fighting instincts are the only ones I have ever seen in my life.”

Iga Feiyu’s voice was low, and the look he gave Chen Dong gradually grew cold and stern, “But I know you are trying to delay your guards from arriving, so next, I want to fight you in a square duel!”


Chen Dong’s expression was awe-inspiring.

With a flash of his eyes, he saw a short sword flying at him.

It was Iga Feiyu who pulled out the samurai short sword at his waist and threw it at him.


Chen Dong raised his hand to catch the short sword and waved it in the air, bringing up a strong wind.

“Good sword!”

Chen Dong could not help but praise it, and then looked at Iga Feiyu oddly, “Are you sure you want to duel with me in a proper manner?”

“Does your Excellency not talk about Bushido?”

Iga Hiryu slowly bowed up and took a step back with his right foot, while inserting his samurai long sword back into its sheath, his gaze was stern, looking straight at Chen Dong like a hawk: “In the heart of a ninja, there is no bushido, only a mission, and the will to become stronger!”

“You want me to be your whetstone?”

Chen Dong’s heart understood and shook his head, laughing lightly.

“Your Excellency has the qualification, your strength is not in the least bit weaker than an Iga supreme ninja!”

Iga Feiyu said in a deep voice.


Bang Bang!

At that very moment, there were two loud bangs in the bamboo bush.

The two superior ninjas buried in the bamboo bush leapt out of the bush by stepping lightly on the intricately intertwined bamboo several times.

When they landed, the two ninjas were in a terrible state of disarray.

Their ninja uniforms were torn and torn by the branches of the bamboo, and their skin was still bloodstained from each of the openings.

Even the exposed parts of his face, which was well protected by his mask, were dripping with blood.

Each wound, though, was not fatal.

But such a wretched appearance was the greatest humiliation to the two upper ninjas!

“Feiyu-kun, you want to duel with him?”

One of the upper ninjas saw the samurai shuriken in Chen Dong’s hand and anger rose in his eyes at once: “Feiyu-kun, we are on a mission, not a child’s play!”

“He took my eight-foot Jyuga Chop and gave me the will to fight him!”

Without looking back, Iga Hiryu responded to the scolding shinobi.


The two great shinobi were instantly struck by lightning.

Their eyes looked at Chen Dong on the opposite side in fear.

They knew how powerful Iga Firyu’s “Eight Feet of Juihe Chop” was, and even the two of them could not ensure that they would be able to catch it without injury.

But Chen Dong …… had already caught it with only an arm injury, which was indeed amazing!

“We three upper ninjas, even if his reinforcements arrive, could the three of us join forces and still not be able to kill him instantly?”

Not far away came the questioning voice of Iga Firyu once again.

The two upper ninjas, who were in a sorry state, looked at each other and nodded their heads at the same time.

But no more words were spoken.

Obviously, they had acquiesced to this duel between Chen Dong and Iga Feiyu.

“I, then, will have to reluctantly accept your challenge!”

Chen Dong gripped his katana tightly in his right hand, and no longer paying attention to his left arm which was bleeding, he slowly bowed down and a*sumed a fighting stance.

Facing the three top ninjas, he had no chance of exchanging blows and could only try to stall for time by all means.

But if he were to duel with Iga Furyu, he would have the confidence to fight!

“Hoo ……”

Chen Dong slowly exhaled a breath, and as it exited, his mind gradually calmed down, as still as dead water, his gaze like a torch.

The bamboo forest.

A dead silence abruptly returned.

Invisibly, a killing intent as harsh as a sword stirred in the air above the bamboo forest.

As if the battle had not begun, the killing intent from Chen Dong and Iga Feiyu had already been the first to collide.

The next second.


Chen Dong was the first to strike, his short sword in his hand, but he brazenly split a bamboo tree and kicked in the air, kicking at Iga Feiyu.


Iga Feiyu did not dodge, holding his sword with both hands, and shook it hard.


With an explosive sound, the samurai long sword broke through the bamboo from it, destroying it all the way while approaching Chen Dong at great speed.


He was not allowed to get close.

Chen Dong then drew back and flew back.

At the same time.

Snapping and snapping ……

His right samurai shuriken waved a slice of residual shadow, striking the bamboo along the way like lightning as he retreated backwards.

It was a familiar sight.

It made Iga Hiryu’s pupils tighten.

The two Shinobi not far away shook their tigers’ bodies and their anger seemed to spill out of their eyes as if they were turning into substance.

Was he going to do what he had just done?

Does he really think that the Iga shinobi are as dumb as pigs?

He is so stupid!

“Chen Dongjun, you are too young, just like you did, I, Iga Feiyu, will never fall into your trap!”


With a crunching sound, Iga Firyu broke the long bamboo completely open.

It was like a thunderstorm, and it was heading towards Chen Dong with great speed.

However, Chen Dong’s expression was cold, ignoring Iga Fei-Liu’s words completely.

As he drew back, he struck the bamboo along the way with the short sword of the samurai in his right hand.

Pop, pop, pop, pop ……

It was like the sound of firecrackers exploding for a long time.

And as the distance drew closer.

Iga Hiryu also heard clearly, the murmuring countdown from Chen Dong’s mouth.

“Five metres.”

“Four metres.”

“Three metres.”

Iga Hiryu was a little disappointed, the same move might have been able to surprise Shinobu the first time.

But to use it a second time was just plain stupid!

The moment the three metres exited, Chen Dong swung his sword with his right hand, and with a bang, he directly cut through a bamboo, flying up in the air, his leg like a python, kicking the bamboo towards Iga Feiyu with a thud.

Every detail was exactly the same as earlier.

Iga Furyu, who had his mind made up, didn’t swing his sword in the face of the incoming bamboo, as the two shinobi had just done.

Instead, he leaned back violently, and with the force of his forward lunge, his head and back almost pressed against the ground, he swept directly underneath the bamboo that shot across the sky and headed straight for Chen Dong.


Just at that moment.

The two watching ninjas changed their expressions abruptly.

In unison, they exclaimed.

“Be careful!”