Winner Takes All Chapter 835-836

Chapter 835

For a moment.

The originally stern and gloomy atmosphere seemed to have eased.

Three hundred thousand Great Snow Dragon Riders, War God Huo Zhenxiao.

This was a force that even the Chen Family did not dare to underestimate, and one that was very different from the Blood Angels and the Iga School.

The reason why there was peace on the northern frontier.

It was Huo Zhenxiao’s unprecedented emergence, leading the 300,000 Great Snow Dragon Cavalry, who hardened their flesh and blood and forged the Great Wall of Iron Blood at the northern frontier, crushing the barbarians outside the realm.


Chen Dong was also the leader of the 12 Golden Guards of the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army!

Below one man, above ten thousand.

As soon as he entered the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army, he would inevitably be guarded to the death by the 300,000 Great Snow Dragon Riding Army.

In such an iron barrel defence, under the suppression of Huo Zhenxiao’s mighty name.

Who would dare to enter the Great Snow Dragon Cavalry Army to a*sa*sinate Chen Dong?

This was simply a safer way than Chen Dong entering the Chen Clan, or entering the Hong Society’s headquarters.

With Elder Long and Kunlun’s experience, they were certain at this point that this was the best way to unlock the deadly situation at hand!


However, the mysterious man’s words were like a pot of cold water.

Suddenly, the excitement and joy of Elder Long and Kunlun were poured out to a bit of a chill.

“If we go to the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army, what about these industrial forces over here?”

One word came out.

Rao Chen Dong’s expression was also slightly choked, followed by a bitter smile.

“This point, in fact, is also something I have been worrying about.”

Elder Long and Kunlun stared at Chen Dong with deep gazes.

What the mysterious man had said had poked straight to the key point of this approach.

If Chen Dong entered the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army, he would indeed be able to receive the greatest protection, and even this “Heavenly Killing Game” would be temporarily ended.

If Chen Dong could become the next head of the family on Chen Daolin’s birthday, then the “Heaven-Slaughter Game” would be completely over.

Even if it didn’t, it wouldn’t be as bad as it was now.


The key is, what about the industry?

Whether it was the Dingtai company, the Qin family’s business, or the entertainment company headed by Chu Reed in Kyoto, they all had to grow, and they all had to grow at a crazy and brutal pace.

Because this is the answer Chen Dong has to give to the Chen family!

It was also the ultimate criterion for judging whether he could finally “win as the king”!

Once Chen Dong left, it would mean that these properties would be left without a head.

Entering the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army would completely isolate the killers from the major powers, but it would also weaken Chen Dong’s control over the major industries under his command.

Moreover, even if it was only three months before Chen Daolin’s big birthday.

But no one is sure that with Chen Dong’s current “achievements”, he will be able to take up the position of Chen family head.

There are not many successors to the Chen family.

But they are not just a handful.

There are even many Chen Dong who have never crossed paths with, and of those who have, Chen Tiansheng is the biggest threat.

That is a huge dark horse with Old Lady Chen at its back.

With Old Lady Chen’s help, let alone three months, even if it was the last day, Chen Tiansheng suddenly had wings on his back and shot straight up to the sky, in the eyes of the crowd, it would be more than normal.

With the experience of Elder Long and Kunlun, at this time, once they were mentioned by the mysterious person, they naturally quickly came up with a series of things that might be involved.

This solution is really a …… double-edged sword!

For a moment, the air in the hall room seemed to freeze.

Long Lao and Kun Lun both lowered their eyebrows in contemplation.

The mysterious man, on the other hand, looked silent, his gaze making one wonder what he was thinking.

Chen Dong swept a glance at the three of them, shrugged his shoulders and said, “This is just a solution, I thought of it, but I can do without it, for the time being, I would like to drop the idea, if it is not too endangering, I can still be over here, but if it really comes to the last resort, I will have to go to the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army to experience a period of time, a military career.”

“If you don’t go, of course it would be best.”

Elder Long nodded, “But if it really comes to the last resort, for the sake of the young master’s safety, there’s only one way to go, and as for this side, old slave will try to get a good grip with Lin Lingdong and the others.”


Chen Dong nodded, then glanced at the Tao Te Ching on the table and said, “I will go in and read my book first.”

After saying this, he was pushing his wheelchair towards the bedroom.

The mysterious man gave Chen Dong a profound look, but under the dismayed gazes of Elder Long and Kunlun, he got up and followed Chen Dong into the room.


“What’s wrong?”

Chen Dong looked at the mysterious man who had closed the door of the room with his backhand in confusion.

“I am trying to confirm how much you really want to go to the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army.”

The mysterious man casually sat down in front of the desk, swept his gaze at the stacked and neatly arranged Buddhist scriptures on the table, casually picked up one and flipped through it, then frowned slightly, looked at his fingers and smiled teasingly, “I’m afraid you haven’t even touched this Buddhist scripture, have you? It’s all gathering dust on the top.”

“That’s because there was ash when Elder Long brought it over, how could it have collected dust when it’s only been in my possession for so long?”

Chen Dong pushed his wheelchair and leaned against a place not far from the mysterious man, flipping through the Tao Te Ching while saying, “Going to the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army is the last resort, I’m still not willing to put down everything over here for the time being if I’m not really forced to.”

The mysterious man raised his eyebrows and looked profoundly at Chen Dong: “The position of the Chen family head is so important to you?”

“Not important!”

Chen Dong smiled and shook his head, then nodded again, “But it is also important.”

He slowly closed the Tao Te Ching and said with a smile, “The reason why it is important is because I want to take back what is mine, to return the glory that should belong to my mother, who was the wife of the Chen family head but never stepped through the Chen family gates until her death, and the entire Chen family regards me as a wild child, then I will hold my mother’s spirit in a dignified manner and enshrine her in the Chen family ancestral hall. ”

“Let all generations of the Chen family offer incense to my mother, so that they will know that on this throne is the mother of the Chen family!

“And my wife and children, my crown has a share in it, and my throne has a share in it too!”

The words were resounding, as if they were a vow.

Even the mysterious man, faced with Chen Dong at this moment, could not help but wrinkle his eyebrows, and that determination, as if it had turned into substance, pounced on his face.

Inside the room, after two seconds of silence.

The mysterious man suddenly pulled up the corner of his mouth and gave a theatrical smile, “Then there is nothing I can do, I will try my best, besides …… the scriptures are really useful to you, read more, it will be good for you.”

After saying that, he was getting up and walking towards the outside.

The moment the door to the room closed.

Chen Dong pulled the corner of his mouth and smiled.

He then glanced deeply at the sutra on the table that had just been opened by the mysterious man, then raised his hand, closed it and casually threw it next to the sutras that had been yarded together.

Just as he was about to continue flipping through the Tao Te Ching.


A feeling of discomfort suddenly appeared.

As soon as this feeling appeared, Chen Dong’s gaze instantly froze, goose bumps rose all over his body, and his sweat hairs stood on end.

This is ……

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you want to do.

Suddenly, Chen Dong looked cold and stern, and raised his head to look at the window that was deadly covered by the curtain.


Chapter 836


A loud, earth-shattering sound.

In an instant, it shattered the tranquillity within the entire small bamboo forest courtyard.

The moment the loud sound first started, the window gla*s exploded in response to the sound, filling the ground with shards.

Chen Dong’s pupils tightened to the extreme.

In his vision, a scarlet bullet, unbiased, shot directly towards him.

It was a close call.

He violently pushed the desk and moved back with the force of the recoil.

But just as he did so, the bullet was already close to him.


The bullet, wrapped in a hot wind, shot narrowly against Chen Dong’s face.

Even Chen Dong’s face could clearly feel the blazing heat wave, and he could not help but close his eyes.


There was a loud sound in his ears.

Chen Dong snapped open his eyes and saw clearly the situation in the room.

Instantly, his scalp exploded.

The bullet narrowly skipped past him and blasted the door of the room opposite the window.

A bullet had blown a hole the size of his head through the solid wood door, and smoke was billowing out of it.


Chen Dong instantly reacted.

It was hard to find a sniper rifle other than the Barrett that could cause this much damage from a great distance.

There was not the slightest hesitation.

Chen Dong fiercely pushed the wheelchair around, kicked the bed, and backed out directly towards the door of the room with the help of the wheelchair.

Almost simultaneously.


Another shot rang out.


The bullets came shooting in.

With a thud, it exploded the ground less than two feet away from Chen Dong’s feet.

“So accurate?!”

Chen Dong was horrified and suddenly looked up at the window in horror.

The curtains were thick enough to completely block out the view as much as possible.

If the first shot was a blindfold, then the second shot, which was still so accurate, would be a ghost!

“Thermal imager?”

In a flash of lightning, Chen Dong’s thoughts also spun faster.


With a loud bang behind him, the door of the room was kicked open and the mysterious man rushed in first.

“Be careful, there’s a thermal imager!”

Chen Dong hurriedly let out a shout, and at the same time, he rolled over and fell straight to the ground.

Almost simultaneously.


Another gunshot rang out.

A bullet, directly sweeping through the air, came.

Chen Dong, who had fallen to the ground, was witnessing the bullet sweeping through the air.

Only …… this one bullet was not running towards him.

Instead, it was …… the mysterious man!

In a flash.

Time seemed to be slowed down.

Chen Dong’s eyes were round, staring straight at the bullet, flying impartially towards the mystery man.

And this instant.

Not to mention a human being, even if it was a great god, he would definitely not be able to dodge it!



Suddenly, the mysterious man’s hoarse voice formed an explosive roar.

Squeak ……

It was a close call.

In Chen Dong’s line of sight, the mysterious man’s body violently twisted to a jaw-dropping level, tendons and flesh pulling and making a clearly discernible sound.


Under Chen Dong’s horrified gaze.

The mysterious man’s right hand pulled out a half-cut samurai short sword at the back of his waist with extreme speed.

With that.

Swung his sword brazenly at the bullet ……!

This instant.

Chen Dong’s scalp tingled and his entire body was dumbfounded.

Was he …… crazy?

Facing the bullets, instead of thinking of how to dodge, he instead slashed up with his sword?


Sparks burst out.

The bullet blasted against the half of the samurai shuriken, instantly deforming it.

However, this was the moment of contact.

The mysterious man’s face was steeply grim, and the blue veins seemed to protrude like earthworms, crawling all over his face.

In Chen Dong’s line of sight, the right hand of the mysterious man holding the sword, his arm even seemed to suddenly surge twice, as if it was a real gnarled dragon.


With an explosive roar.

The bullet that had blasted against the half-truncated samurai shuriken actually shook violently as the mysterious man gave this shot, forming an impact ripple that was visible to the naked eye, as if it had discharged again, following the original flight path, and directly …… flew backwards!

Bang Teen!

As the bullet flew out of the room, an explosion finally occurred.

Inside the room.

There was silence.

After the mysterious man blocked the flying bullet with a slash, his right hand that had been graved up quickly shriveled down, bowing, gasping for breath, and sweat raining down on his forehead.

Obviously, the ghostly slash just now had consumed him greatly.

Yes, as a witness to what had just happened, Chen Dong could not think of any other word in his mind other than “Ghostly Slash”.

This slash was simply out of the ordinary!

In Chen Dong’s mind, it simply could not have happened.

But the mystery man had done it!

At this moment, Chen Dong was lying on the ground, completely dumbfounded.

Even his breathing, his heartbeat, all gave a lurch.

His shocked and fearful gaze stared deadly at the mysterious man who was bowing and panting heavily, his mind was blank.

Everything had happened in that less than a second.

The mysterious man, not only reacted.

He also performed the “Ghost God Slash”, which had just been used to shake out the bullet that was sure to kill him with a ghost-like technique!

This guy …… is really not human!

This is not a disparaging remark, but after going beyond recognition, the only words Chen Dong could think of to comment on the mysterious man’s slash just now.

People, really can’t do it!

Only ghosts and gods!

It was as if the sniper outside was also dumbfounded by the mysterious man’s slash.

After missing one shot, he didn’t fire a second shot in the pa*sing of a second!

The sky and the earth seemed to be silent.


The mystery man finally took a breath, his right hand dropping, the half of the samurai sword in his hand already deformed and twisted, slipping from his hand and falling to the ground at the same time.

The mysterious man, however, stepped forward, raised his left hand, and helped Chen Dong on the ground to his feet.

As he got up, Chen Dong, who was in a daze at that moment, finally came back to his senses.

Without thinking about the current situation.

Chen Dong asked offhandedly, “The slash just now, how on earth did you do that?”

“Aren’t you quite capable of learning?”

The mysterious man pulled the corner of his mouth and looked profoundly at Chen Dong.

Chen Dong was speechless for a while.

He was indeed very capable of learning, even if it was Kunlun’s “Python Bird Swallowing Dragon”, he was confident that he would be able to spy out the end in the second or third time.

But he was really confused by the mysterious man’s “Ghostly Slash” just now!

His thoughts were like a tidal wave, and he was overwhelmed by them.

Even though he had racked his brain, he couldn’t understand how he had done that slash just now!

“I’ll teach you sometime!”

The mysterious man said as he held on, in an almost dragging position, carrying Chen Dong towards the outside of the house.

Such a posture was extremely strenuous, but he was also thinking of not revealing the secret to the public that Chen Dong’s legs were not disabled.

“I shouldn’t be stupid enough that I would use my flesh body to shake a bullet hard.”

Chen Dong smashed his mouth for a moment and said seriously, “If I can dodge, I will find a way to dodge.”


The mysterious man moved with a slight pause, and then took another step towards the outside.

At the same time, he gave a teasing smile, “In this world, there are many things you don’t understand that you don’t know, but you can’t deny its existence just because you haven’t touched it, you are the leading guard of the twelve golden guards of the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army, and you are above all others under one person, don’t you know that Huo Zhenxiao has been leading the 300,000 Great Snow Dragon Riding Army to harden the guns on the battlefield?”