Winner Takes All Chapter 833-834

Chapter 833

“I’m the heir to your F**king deer!”

Standing on top of the branches of the tree canopy, Zhao Breru raised his right hand and brazenly raised his middle finger at Impermanence, “You D*mn well managed to force me to know the Dragon Ascension Technique that I couldn’t learn after practicing it for more than ten years, you’re a real coward!”

“You ……”

Impermanence’s body shook and his face changed to blue and red.

The eyes that tilted his head to look at Zhao Breaking were as if he wanted to eat people.

“Bye bye you, that girl called Gu Qing Ying, Grandpa Zhao will save her for sure!”

Zhao Baolu didn’t dare to linger any longer, being able to use the Dragon Ascension Technique by chance was already a blessing from the Ancestor to save his life.

If he were to continue to pester and stubbornly talk to Impermanence, ten of him would not be enough to kill Impermanence.

It is not only the villains who die from talking too much, sometimes the villains can also die from talking too much.

At least, that’s what Zhao Brou thought!

Before the words left his mouth, Zhao Breru rushed along the thick branches and headed straight for another big tree.

As he stepped forward, he was as light as a swallow, and he walked like the ground was flat.

If ordinary people were to see this scene, they would be so shocked that their jaws would fall to the ground.

Seeing the tree branches sagging and making unbearable sounds, Zhao Brelu leapt up and easily jumped onto a thick branch extending from another big tree.

Borrowing this way, it was much faster than stumbling and fleeing just now.

In the blink of an eye, he disappeared completely into the green branches of the tree.

From the beginning to the end, Changeless stood in place, his face turning blue and red, his gaze complicated to the extreme.

Even if she wanted to kill Zhao Brezhong again.

But she still used her reason to suppress the thought of killing!

Looking at the direction where Zhao Broke-Ru disappeared.

As he looked at the direction where Zhao Brelu had disappeared, Wu Chang’s eyebrows gradually lowered and he murmured to himself, “The Bone Draining Technique and the Dragon Ascending Technique appearing on one son at the same time, in all probability, he is the heir of the Thief Saint Xu Qingfeng, could it be that the …… Thief Sect is going to rise?”

The so-called “thieves’ clan” is not really a group of thieves who are chicken and dogs in the true sense of the word.

In ancient times, those who stole from the rich and helped the poor, helped justice and even saved the territory from crisis could only be called members of the thieving clan.

There was a world of difference between them and the real gentlemen of the beams and the chicken and dog thieves.

But from the very beginning, Changeless simply thought of Zhao Breru as an unworthy thief.

But Zhao Brocade had brought her a thunderous shock twice in a row.

She took a deep breath.

Impermanence turned around and left.

After returning to the villa.

Looking at the two curtains hanging down from the window sill of the villa, Changeless’ heart thudded.

She hurriedly and quickly walked towards the villa.

Only just as she reached the door.

But the door opened.

The mysterious man stopped at the door, and his hoarse voice carried a bone-chilling coldness that was chilling: “You were careless, if I hadn’t come quickly, the plan would have been foiled.”

“I’m sorry!”

The impermanent who had previously been overwhelmed with killing intent was now lowering his head in the face of the mysterious man.

“The man is still up there, where is the one you went after?”

The mysterious man asked coldly and sternly.

“That was a thief, he got away.” Changeless said.

“Ran away?”

The mysterious man’s eyes suddenly exploded with killing intent, and his hoarse voice suddenly exploded, “What were you thinking? A mere thief, what are the consequences of running away without leaving your mouth shut?”

“But, but …… he is not an ordinary thief.”

Changeless explained with a flustered expression, “He, he knows the Bone Draining Technique and the Dragon Ascending Technique, he should be the heir of the Thief Saint Xu Qingfeng.”


The mysterious man gave a startled eek, a brilliant flash in his eyes, but his violent anger calmed down in the twinkling of an eye.

“It’s been thirty years, I’m afraid?”

The mysterious man stared at Changeless with a deep gaze and snorted, “It’s no wonder you let him go.”

There was a poof!

Impermanence knelt down on one knee and clasped his hands in a fist, “Please forgive me, I was also shocked for a moment just now and that boy exploited the situation and ran away by performing the Dragon Ascension Technique.”

“It’s just that, since he is suspected to be the heir of the Thief Saint Xu Qingfeng, so be it, he ran away, just hopefully he will not be exposed so soon so that our plan can go ahead.”

The mysterious man waved his hand, his tone deep, followed by a puzzled smile, “Tell me, is this strange? The suspected heir of the Thief Sage Xu Qingfeng, with the Bone Draining Technique and the Dragon Ascending Technique but still really doing the chicken and dog thievery, will Xu Qingfeng be so angry when he finds out that he will lift the coffin and stand up?”

The impermanent brow was knitted tightly, dumbfounded.


In the dense woods.

Rustling …… rustling ……

The leaves of the trees swayed and rustled.

Vaguely, a figure moved quickly through the branches, prancing and jumping, as athletic as an ape.

With another leap, as it landed on the branch.

Zhao Breru’s feet slipped and he lost his entire balance at once.

With a thud, the whole man fell to the ground, just as he also fell beyond the villa’s fence.

“Hang in there, hang in there, Zhao Breru you’ve been in the world for twenty years, what kind of beatings have you never taken, you’ll be able to carry through this time too.”

“That girl called Gu Qingying is still waiting for me to get Chen Dong to save her!”

“It’s so hard to run out and run from that old B*tch, but I can’t fold myself up here ……”

Zhao Breru’s almost deformed face was covered in blood, at this point wretched, struggling to get up, spitting blood out of his mouth as he stubbornly and firmly muttered to himself.

The severe pain from his broken finger, the severe pain from various injuries on his body.

It was as if he was immersed in an ocean of immense pain that was rapidly consuming him.

Moreover, the loss of blood was too much.

After exhausting himself, he felt a pang of darkness in front of his eyes and the sky spinning.

After struggling several times, he finally fell to the ground with a poof, unable to stand up.

“D*mn it …… seems to be really not working.”

The corners of Zhao Breru’s deformed mouth were curled up in a feeble smile. With this fall again, the strength in his body seemed to disappear as if the tide was ebbing.

And consciousness, too, quickly receded.

In the end, Zhao Brocade lay on the ground, his eyes closed, his head tilted, and he completely fainted to death.

There was silence all around.

The night wind was biting.

It rustled the leaves of the surrounding trees.

About ten minutes pa*sed.

A car came from a distance and drove down the road towards Zhao Brou.

The strong light illuminated everything in front of the car brightly.

There was a creak!

The car stopped at the side of the road, not more than a meter or two away from where Zhao Broke-Ru had fainted to death.


It was late at night.

Outside the small bamboo forest courtyard, however, it was brightly lit, with various monitoring instruments running at all times.

The lone wolf even brought a large number of security personnel, five steps to a post and ten steps to a sentry, constantly alerting the surroundings.

And inside the bamboo courtyard.

The lights were dim.

It was silent.

Because Lone Wolf was out with his men on patrol, the courtyard was quiet.

In the courtyard, a single lamp swayed.

Under the light, Chen Dong sat in front of the stone table, holding the Tao Te Ching and looking at it.

He really did not feel like sleeping.

This God-killing situation had stirred up his sleep and food.

His father’s “ignoring it” was like a sharp needle in his throat, in his heart ……

“Young master ……”

Long Lao took a jacket and walked behind the wheelchair, draping it over Chen Dong: “The night is cold, go inside and rest.”

“I can’t sleep, how on earth can I break this Heaven Killing Game?”

Chen Dong said to Elder Long without turning his head as his gaze was fixed on the Tao Te Ching.

Elder Long’s expression was choked.

After a pause of two seconds, he said, “Old slave, go make some tea and keep young master company.”


When Elder Long had made the tea, two steaming cups of tea were placed on the stone table.

However, Elder Long did not say a word, quietly looking at Chen Dong who was concentrating on reading the Tao Te Ching.

Chen Dong, too, was absorbed, as if he was unaware of it.

It did not take long.

Creak ……

The mysterious man pushed open the courtyard door and walked in.

Seeing Chen Dong and Elder Long in front of the stone table, he first froze for a moment, then smiled and walked to the stone table, picked up a cup of tea and poured a cup of tea, and as he mulled it over, he joked, “Staying up so late, are you worried about the Heaven-Slaughter Bureau?”

“Didn’t you even run out?”

Chen Dong laughed, “This is something that will cost me my life, I am not worried is a lie, my heart is really not big enough to say sleep.”

The mysterious man gave a light laugh and glanced at the Tao Te Ching in Chen Dong’s hand, “Didn’t you ask Elder Long to prepare the Buddhist scriptures, why didn’t you read them?”

“I read it, but I still prefer the Tao Te Ching in comparison, so I read it more, as for the Buddhist scriptures, I’ll read it occasionally.”

Chen Dong picked up his tea cup and took a sip of tea before he said.


Chapter 834

The night was without words.

When the day had just dawned.

Chen Dong, who was sleeping, felt in a daze that there was some movement beside him.

He slowly opened his eyes, but found that Gu Qingying was carefully getting under the covers.

Chen Dong instantly woke up.

“What are you doing in here?” |

The sudden query caused Gu Qing Ying’s movements to freeze.

Gu Qing Ying raised her eyes and looked at Chen Dong in surprise, “I, I woke you up?”

Chen Dong was silent, staring at Gu Qingying with his eyes open.

The next second.

Gu Qingying suddenly smiled sweetly, lying on top of Chen Dong’s chest, flashing her big eyes and beaming her mouth in a petulant manner.

“I miss you, I want to sleep with you.”

Chen Dong frowned and said in a deep voice.

“Little Shadow, how many times do you want me to tell you before you listen? We are sleeping in separate rooms now, also for the sake of your body.”

“But I just want to sleep with you, can’t I do nothing and sleep next to you?”

Gu Qingying’s pretty face instantly became aggrieved to the extreme, and there was even a faint mist in her eyes.


“Are you sure it’s just next to you?”

Chen Dong looked at Gu Qingying with a solemn expression.

The four eyes met.

Facing Chen Dong’s blazing gaze.

Gu Qingying gradually became a little vain, her expression slightly flustered as she glanced to the side: “I should …… probably …… be.”

Chen Dong sighed helplessly.

Raising his hand, he pushed Gu Qingying away from his chest.

Then he gently pinched Gu Qingying’s nose again.

“Ouch, that hurts!”

Gu Qingying hurriedly took away Chen Dong’s hand, her willow brows furrowed in some pain.

Chen Dong smiled spontaneously, “How can I trust you with something that you yourself are not sure about?”

With that, Chen Dong put on his clothes and moved to the wheelchair.

After a glance at the aggrieved Gu Qingying, Chen Dong smiled and said soothingly, “Alright, after your baby moon is over, we will sleep together, during this period, we will restrain ourselves and put your body first!”

Gu Qingying’s gaze flickered for a few moments.

In the end, she could only nod helplessly, “Okay, right.”

As the two left the room.

The tantalizing aroma of rice was already wafting in the direction of the dining room.

Chen Dong took a deep breath and said with a smile, “Sister Xiao Lu’s cooking skills are getting better and better.”

“Then you should eat more today and give me a good hug!”

Fan Lu heard this and responded with a smile.


The mysterious man, Kunlun and Elder Long all woke up.

They all had a happy breakfast together.

During the meal, no one mentioned anything about the “Heaven Killing Game”, it was as if it didn’t exist, just like any other day.

But when the breakfast was over.

Gu Qingying and Fan Lu were busy cleaning up the dishes.

Chen Dong, the mysterious man, Long Lao and Kun Lun sat in the hall, drinking tea.

The relaxed atmosphere from before had also disappeared.

“Guess it’s probably going to start again from today, right?”

Chen Dong put down his cup of tea and was the first to speak, breaking the quiet air.

“Pretty much.”

The mysterious man nodded, his voice hoarse as he said, “That bloodbath I had in Nanming City can only be delayed for so long at most.”

“Actually, I thought of a possible way to break this Heaven-Slaughter Bureau last night.”

Chen Dong rubbed his nose while pulling out the Tao Te Ching and flipping through it.

On hearing this.

The mysterious man, Elder Long and Kunlun all looked towards Chen Dong.

Especially Elder Long and Kunlun.

The eyes that they looked at Chen Dong were filled with astonishment.

This game of heavenly slaughter, even Chen Daolin had chosen to stay put for the time being.

What else could Young Master …… do?

“Speak up if you have a solution.”

The mysterious man looked down at the injuries on his body and said in a sullen voice, “In this situation we are in, although we are in the main camp, the safety factor is far higher than that of Nanming City, but these few top combatants of ours are all carrying injuries and cannot exert their full combat power.”

Chen Dong laughed, closed the Tao Te Ching in surprise and glanced at the mysterious man, snickering.

“So there is a time when you are afraid too na?”

At these words, even Elder Long and Kunlun could not help but laugh.

One had to know that ever since the Mysterious Man had appeared, he had always given off a domineering and peerless feeling of being able to stop a thousand armies on his own.

Even when he was in Nanming City.

Even when he had been injured in the battle with the Iga supreme ninja, he had never shown himself, always hunkered down in the shadows to fend off the a*sa*sins swarming from the major powers alone.

To be able to make the mysterious man, say such words, it was evident that the mysterious man was truly feeling great pressure this time!

The mysterious man pulled the corners of his mouth helplessly, and although he was smiling, it gave off a bitter feeling.

His lips and teeth were lightly parted, and a hoarse voice was emitted.

“This is a heavenly killing game, with all the top killers from the major powers, I am a human, not a god!”

Chen Dong rubbed his nose and laughed, then said with a blazing gaze, “Perhaps, by leaving alone, I can bring this Bureau of Heavenly Killings to an end, for now.”


The mysterious man and Elder Long and Kunlun all paled, puzzled.

“Young Master, don’t be impulsive!” Elder Long even spoke immediately.

Although puzzled, this idea of Chen Dong was something that Elder Long disagreed with in a million ways.

At least, from a superficial understanding, it was easy to know what this approach of Chen Dong’s was like.

The entire game of Heavenly Killing itself came with the sword pointing at Chen Dong.

By leaving, Chen Dong was not really solving the Bureau of Heavenly Killing, but …… exchanging the danger of his life and death alone for the safety of all.

In other words.

It was to focus the danger that was originally looming over everyone’s head, all on him alone!

As soon as Chen Dong left, the Bureau of Heavenly Killings of course left with him, and all the top killers of the major powers followed Chen Dong, those of them, people’s killers could not even see them.

“Young master, by doing this, you are giving your life for our safety. ,”

Kunlun also followed closely in agreement.

The mysterious man was the only one, his eyes burning as he stared at Chen Dong, as if in thought.

Faced with Elder Long and Kun Lun’s discouragement, Chen Dong smiled indifferently.

Chen Dong, however, smiled indifferently and waved his hand to indicate the two to calm down before he slowly said.

“I am not putting myself in danger in exchange for your safety, but ……”

After a pause, Chen Dong gave an odd smile, “If I go to the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army, do you think the a*sa*sins of the major powers would still dare to go within the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army to kill me?”


A single sentence.

Like a thunderclap.

In an instant, Elder Long and Kunlun were completely confused.

Even the mysterious man could not help but clench his hands fiercely into fists, the bruises on the back of his hands protruding.

Three seconds of silence followed.


Elder Long clapped his hands in excitement, ”Yes, wonderful! The Great Snow Dragon Riding Army is so prestigious that it has killed all the major barbarian clans on the northern frontier, and Huo Zhenxiao is even more powerful, as long as young master enters the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army, let alone the forces like the Blood Angels and the Iga School, even the Chen Family’s big hand won’t be able to cover it!”

“Hiss~ How did I forget that Young Master is already the leading guard of the 12 Golden Guards of the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army?”

Kunlun’s gaze also brightened as he followed closely behind Elder Long and echoed.