Winner Takes All Chapter 831-832

Chapter 831

Get out!

Get out of here!

To find the man called Chen Dong!

In an instant, Zhao Broke-Ru’s heart nature turned upside down and changed drastically.

From the single-minded desire for death just now, it abruptly changed to a single-minded desire for life!

Almost in the blink of an eye.

It was so fast that even Wu Chang did not have time to react.

Zhao Breru brazenly let go of his mouth, and the arms and legs wrapped around Impermanence’s body were released at the same time, using the recoil of a push on Impermanence’s body to fall backwards directly towards the windowsill.

“Trying to run? Impossible!”

She had been placed here by the mysterious person to detain Gu Qingying, and at the same time take care of Gu Qingying’s life and food.

Even if Gu Qingying was forced to die, she would still have to leave the life of this mad dog in front of her.

Once she escaped and let this mad dog inform Chen Dong, it would be impossible to hide this place.

Then here, it would be impossible to hide, and the plan …… would fail!


While Changeless’ body was like lightning, chasing closely towards Zhao Brezhong, his hands were waving up pieces of residual shadow, bringing up an ear-piercing whistle and grabbing directly towards Zhao Brezhong in a big way.


Just at the moment when Changeless’ left hand grabbed Zhao Breru’s shoulder blade.


A crunching sound of bones rang out simultaneously.

The corners of Zhao Breru’s mouth twisted abruptly and he sucked in a breath of cold air backwards.

The shoulder blade that was originally grasped by Changeless in his hand was instantly slipped into the mud and slid out of Changeless’ hand.

“Bone Draining Technique? You, you are not an ordinary chicken and dog person!”

In a flash of lightning, Impermanence’s expression changed drastically and his heart was greatly shocked.

It was also this cry of shock, a moment of shock.

Zhao Broke-Ru directly turned his back to the windowsill, jumped up in the air, grabbed the curtain that was previously wrapped and tied around the radiator, and leapt into the air outside the window, descending extremely fast.

“You can’t run!”

Changeless woke up with a start.

One step rushed to the window sill, but it was to see that Zhao Broken had already landed on the ground.

She directly kicked up a piece of the broken vase porcelain on the ground, and with a buzzing sound, her blood-stained right hand slapped directly on top of the porcelain piece.


In an instant, the porcelain piece shot towards Zhao Breru below as if it was a bullet.

After landing on the ground, Zhao Baolu rolled over and was about to get up and escape.

But the sound of breaking wind suddenly rang out behind him.

It was so fast that he could not dodge it in time.


There was a sharp pain in his back.

A miserable scream echoed in the villa garden under the night.

Instead, he clenched his teeth, forcing himself to endure the pain, stumbling and stumbling as he fled towards the outside of the villa.

A path of blood flowed down the ground where he pa*sed.

“Still want to run? This mad dog, what a cheap life!”

On the first floor of the villa, Wu Chang’s jealousy was raging and anger was swirling in her eyes.

With a shout, she directly crossed the windowsill and jumped unprotected to the ground.

After landing steadily on the ground, without a pause, Changeless went straight towards the direction in which Zhao Brelu had fled.

On the first floor.

Gu Qingying was terrified and lost in thought.

It was only after Changeless jumped down the stairs that she came back to her senses.

She hurriedly dropped the bloodstained porcelain tile in her hand and rushed to the windowsill, where she could vaguely see Zhao Brezhong, who was about to disappear into the light, and could also see Changeless, who was chasing after him.

This moment.

Gu Qingying was breathing heavily, her chest rising and falling high and low.

While worrying about whether or not Zhao Brezhong would be able to escape, her mind was turning up quickly.

Looking back at the somewhat dishevelled room.

Tearful eyes soon fell on top of the door of the room.

Perhaps ……

Without hesitation, she rushed towards the door of the room in big strides.

Zhao Brezhong had escaped, attracting the changeless away.

Now she was the only one left in the whole villa, and this was the only chance to escape.



When Jade’s hand twisted the handle of the room door, there was a crunching sound, but the door did not move at all.

The door …… was locked!

Instantly, Gu Qingying broke down a little.

She grabbed the door handle with both hands and twisted it again, pulling and tugging.

But apart from the “click” sound, the whole door did not move at all.

“Let me out, I want to go out ……”

Gu Qingying was desperate, as if she was a stubborn flower in a storm.

Even if it was the last glimmer of hope, she was not willing to give up!

Because she knew that Chen Dong and her parents, were still waiting for her at home!

She didn’t know how on earth that woman had managed to replace her and not be discovered by Chen Dong and her parents, but she would never allow a false Gu Qingying to accompany the three people closest to her, perhaps even for a lifetime.


A look of determination appeared in Gu Qingying’s eyes, no, it was ruthlessness!

She let go of the door handle with both hands, turned around brazenly, and walked quickly towards the first floor window.

“If they can, so can I. As long as I can escape, it’s okay to break my arms and legs.”

Muttering under her breath, Gu Qing Ying grabbed the remaining half pair of curtains with both hands and yanked them down with force.

Then quickly, she tied one end of the curtain, to the radiator.

These past few days.

She had been watched by Changeless every inch of the way.

If she couldn’t take this opportunity to escape, perhaps …… might never have a chance again.

“I am Chen Dong’s woman, he can survive time and time again, I, Gu Qingying, can do the same!”

At this moment, Gu Qingying was stronger than ever.

When there was no one to rely on behind her, this woman burst out with a huge potential that made people smack their lips and be amazed.

Even after tying the curtain, she did not even test whether it was securely tied or not, in her opinion, there was not much time, there was no time for her to slowly experiment with security.

At this point.

The garden, and even the road outside the villa, were no longer visible to Zhao Brezhong and Wu Chang!

Gu Qingying bit through her lips with silver teeth and climbed onto the windowsill, her hands clutching the curtains as she descended along the wall, slowly, with difficulty, towards the ground.

She was only an ordinary person, not to mention that the miscarriage and illness had left her body in a weakened state.

It was difficult to move even a little downwards at this point.

Her hands rubbed against the curtains and a sharp pain came from them.

Her arms were even more sore and weak, making her overwhelmed.

Clutching the curtain with just her arms and bearing her weight as she descended, even if it was only the first floor, was an unprecedented challenge for her.

No matter if it was Zhao Brocade or Changeless.

The jump down to the first floor was easy.

But for her, it was as difficult as ascending to heaven.

Little by little, little by little, she moved downwards.

The soreness in both hands and arms was getting stronger and stronger, and there was even a feeling of numbness.

The pain in the palms of her hands was getting stronger and stronger, and even left crimson blood stains in the places where her hands had gripped.

Gu Qing Ying did not dare to look down, but could only stare at her hands, stubbornly and strongly moving down a little.

Silver teeth bit through her lips and blood seeped into her mouth, a bloody smell.

She, however, did not give up.

The distance of a few metres was like a thousand miles to her at this point.


With one downward movement of her left hand, the soreness in both arms seemed to have built up to its peak and exploded in this moment.

Gu Qingying couldn’t hold on and her hands disengaged the curtain.


Gu Qingying was so frightened that she fell to the ground in a flash.

Only then did she realise that the distance she had just fallen was not even a metre from the ground.


At this moment, Gu Qingying looked at the curtains that had fallen from the window sill, and her eyes suddenly glowed.

Desperate people, at this moment, were finally able to …… escape from life!

Even the soreness in both arms suddenly disappeared a lot under the impact of this excitement and ecstasy.

“Husband, mum and dad …… I will be able to return to you soon.”

Gu Qingying struggled to stand up and turned around to run towards the outside of the villa.

But just as she turned around, it was when she saw that a pitch black voice stood not far from her.

At the same time.

That familiar extremely hoarse voice came through.

“Go back yourself and don’t force me to do anything more drastic!”


Chapter 832

“D*mn it, escape, I must escape, this is the escape that girl gave me with her life.”

Zhao Broke-Ru stumbled through the alleys and the woods of the villa area, his feet stumbling, but leaving a trail of blood wherever he pa*sed.

He was not stupid, with his current physical state.

If he just ran down the main road, he wouldn’t be able to run at all, and would only be caught up by the Irregulars in a very short time.

Running such hidden and remote alleys and woods would give him a better chance of escaping.

Everything that had just happened in the room kept coming back to his mind.

Zhao Broke-Ru’s heart was more determined than ever: “Don’t worry, I will definitely live to find that Chen Dong, and then let him come and save you!”

A firm and strong voice squeezed out from between Zhao Broke-Ru’s blood-covered lips and teeth.


“You will not leave alive in front of me, Wu Chang!”

An extremely cold voice, like a life-seeking Sanskrit sound, suddenly came from behind him, “No one can stay when Impermanence seeks his life!”

“D*mn it, so soon?”

In an instant, Zhao Breru’s body shook, his sweat hairs stood up, and he even cursed out of his mouth.

As he stumbled forward, he turned back suddenly.

By the light from the street lamp outside the woods, he could clearly see a figure coming after him at a great speed.

It was more than twice as fast as he was!

“Heh heh …… What school do you actually come from, that hand of Bone Draining Technique is not something that an ordinary beamer can master!”

Impermanence’s eyes burned as if locking onto the prey, locking onto the Zhao Breaker in front of her while asking the doubts in her mind.

In her eyes, the heavily wounded Zhao Breru was no different from a dead man.

Before she died, if she could have her doubts cleared up, she would be able to delay Zhao’s death a little.

With her experience and realm.

If she recalled carefully, it seemed that the Bone Draining Technique had disappeared for thirty years!

Now, it was a chance encounter, appearing in the person of a chicken and dog thief.

Even if it was true that the Bone Draining Technique was initially broken into by a gentleman on the beam, in her memory, but any gentleman on the beam who mastered the Bone Draining Technique was a first-rate person in the world of thievery.

Even if it was a lower- or ninth-rate hook-up, it was already a prestigious one.

However, the mad dog in front of him, who possessed the Bone Draining Technique, was a nobody, but instead, he was doing his job as a gentleman on the beam to the fullest.

“Pa*sing on your amah! Old woman, this is your grandfather Zhao’s own creation!”

Sensing the rapid approach of the killing machine behind him, Zhao Broke-Ru was smiling proudly, with the feeling of a broken jar.

He wanted to escape!

But he knew that even at full strength, facing the changeless, there was no possibility of continuing to escape after being caught up.

Not to mention that his current physical condition was extremely bad.

The Impermanence that was rapidly approaching behind him was like a huge mountain coming down on him.

The firmness that had been born just now, at this moment, was even a little shaken in Zhao Broshi’s heart.


Wu Chang looked shocked, and her footsteps couldn’t help but lurch.

But then, she smiled blatantly, “Who do you think you are? A yellow-mouthed child, talking out of your a*s! The Bone Draining Technique was created by the leader of the ‘Eight Generals of the Thief Sect’, the leader of the Thief Sage, who was so powerful in the jungle three hundred years ago.

At the end of his words, he was already rebuking angrily.


As Changeless ran wildly forward, the toe of his right foot kicked brazenly against a stone.

The ground exploded into a large crater, and dirt and debris tumbled.


The stone, however, was like a bullet and shot towards Zhao Breaking in front of him.


Almost at the same time as the sound exploded, Zhao Breru’s scalp instantly tingled.

A strong sense of crisis instantly entered his bones.

Almost instinctively, his body twisted violently and turned around at the same time.


The stone that shot out at him shattered at his left shoulder blade, scattering in all directions.

And Zhao Breru even let out a miserable cry, spurting blood as he staggered back a few steps directly and fell hard to the ground.

Upon landing, another mouthful of blood sprayed onto the ground.

At this moment, Zhao Breru’s face was full of pain, his body was weak and sifted, and the left shoulder blade that the stone had hit was completely paralysed and senseless.

Almost simultaneously.

Impermanence, who was coming in wild pursuit, slowed down, hands behind his back, and walked slowly and unhurriedly.

A pale woman in her fifties, with white temples, she looks like a woman who has been engaged in heavy farming work in the countryside for years.

But at this moment, as she strides forward, a majestic and terrifying power radiates from her body.

One could simply ignore her appearance and fear her aura.

“In the end, who pa*sed on the Bone Draining Technique to you?”

Wu Chang clenched her teeth, her voice squeezing out from between them.

As he spoke, his expression grew more and more hideous, even carrying a hefty amount of anger.

“None of your business, you’re dead anyway whether you tell me or not, who is Grandpa Zhao to tell you?”

Zhao Broke-Ru sat limply on the ground, his right hand wiped a handful of blood from the corner of his mouth, then pressed it against his paralysed left shoulder blade.

“Then I’ll send you on your way!”

Killing intent erupted in Wu Chang’s eyes, but he stopped talking nonsense and his speed steeply skyrocketed, swift as thunder as he charged directly towards Zhao Broke-Ru.

“D*mn it, you don’t follow the rules!”

Zhao Bre Ru’s face changed drastically at once, and his heart instantly rose to his throat.

He had deliberately struck out, just to stall for time until his senses returned to his left scapula, and then think of a way to escape.

But never did he expect that the old B*tch, Impermanence, would not be hit at all.

What the hell kind of villain dies from talking too much?

This old B*tch villain really doesn’t talk much!

Faced with Impermanence, who was charging like a fierce beast, Zhao Broken was a little frantic.


In a matter of moments, Impermanence arrived in front of Zhao Breru, and his right hand raised a fierce wind, carrying the slightest smell of blood, and grabbed directly towards Zhao Breru’s throat.

At this moment.

He had no doubt that if his throat was really grabbed, it would be instantly snapped.

He had never minded if he lived or died.

To be able to live out his life up to this point was actually, in Zhao Broshi’s mind, already a great deal of money.

But then Gu Qingying’s appearance suddenly came to mind.

For a split second, Zhao Baolu felt his heart being hit hard.

That girl who gave me light is still waiting for me to go to his man to save him!


Impermanence’s blood-stained claws were just a stone’s throw away from Zhao Breru’s throat.

But, a strange change occurred abruptly!


With an explosive roar from Zhao Breru, his legs fiercely lifted up and thumped directly on top of Impermanence’s right claw.

With the force of the recoil, his back scraped hard against the ground and slid backwards by a metre.

With a harrier flip, Zhao Breru stood up.

There was no hesitation, no pause.

Everything was flowing, crisp and decisive.

Just as he got up, he rushed directly towards the nearest tree, kicking and stomping his feet on the trunk of the tree three times in quick succession, actually leaping up to the branches of the large tree, which was almost eight metres high, at an incredible speed.

This scene.

When it fell into the eyes of Wu Chang, it was like a thunderclap, and his mind went blank with a boom.

In the middle of the woods.

A hoarse, shrill whistle from Impermanence exploded.

“The Dragon Ascension Technique! You, you are the heir of the Thief Saint Xu Qingfeng?”