Winner Takes All Chapter 829-830

Chapter 829

The sound of a cold, piercing laugh echoed through the room.

The Hidden Killers?

The Death List?


Zhao Baolu was full of doubts and confusion.

This was an area he had never been involved in before, and as for the so-called “15th place”, it was a blur.


Gu Qingying at the side had a very different expression.

She had been by Chen Dong’s side and had experienced danger over and over again.

She knew better than anyone what the so-called Hidden Kill Organisation meant!

Kun Lun and Fan Lu were both killers on the Hidden Kill Organisation’s Death List!

But she had never expected that this middle-aged woman, who had been watching over her like a servant’s mother for the past two days, would be ranked higher than Kunlun and Fan Lu on the Hidden Killers’ Death List!

Even compared to Fan Lu, she was still a full five places higher.

She was an ordinary person, and did not have too clear an idea of the strength or weakness of martial artists.

But she was also clear that the higher up the rankings were, the smaller the gap would be, and if the rankings were right next to each other, perhaps the strength was just between the two, not much different.

If the difference in ranking is too great, the implication …… of that can be a heavenly gulf.

“My name is Gu Qingying!”

Suddenly, Gu Qingying twisted her head to look at the indignant Zhao Baolu, her pale and haggard face filled with determination: “Remember my name and go find …… a man named Chen Dong, the old boss of Dingtai Group.”


Zhao Breru stared at Gu Qingying suspiciously, his bruised face astonished, “What do you mean by that? Not running away?”

“Can’t run away, you’re no match for her.”

Gu Qingying shook her head and smiled sadly.

At this moment, there was no more of the excitement and joy of escaping from death, there was only endless despair and helplessness.

Zhao Brocade looked a little indignant and lifted his right hand, pointing it brazenly at the middle-aged woman.

“Don’t panic, with me here, this old woman, not to mention some laborious impermanent, even if it’s the King of Hell, I can have her kneeling on the ground and singing congratulations.”



The words had not yet fallen.

A wild wind whistled and suddenly exploded.

In a flash of lightning.

Gu Qingying and Zhao Brezhong’s faces changed greatly at the same time, their hearts and minds trembling.


Not waiting for the two to react.

Zhao Baolu felt his right index finger being grabbed by a large hand that was as rough as dead tree bark.


With a crunching sound of bones breaking.


The originally arrogant Zhao Broke-Ru abruptly let out a pig-killing scream.

The broken finger was grabbed by Imperishable and slowly applied pressure, and as the ten fingers connected, Zhao Broke-Ru’s entire body seemed to be enveloped in immense pain as he unconsciously crouched towards the ground.

This moment.

While his right hand was pinching Zhao Breru’s index finger and applying pressure, the corners of his mouth were tinged with a bloodthirsty and hideous cold smile.

“Let go of him, you let go of him!”

Gu Qingying was so frightened that she lost her face, and seeing that Zhao Bre Ru was in pain, she hurriedly lunged at Impermanence.

Facing Gu Qingying, Wu Chang did not dodge or evade.

He just lifted his left hand and pushed her hard, easily toppling her to the ground.

A cold and disdainful voice came out of Changeless’ mouth.

“Miss Gu, Auntie is only watching you and will not harm you, but this little punk in front of you has to die!”

The voice was like a life-threatening Sanskrit sound.

In an instant, it made Gu Qingying fall into a cave of ice.

Her beautiful eyes were rounded, staring horrified at Zhao Baolu, her pale lips, along with her body, trembling vaguely.

He couldn’t, he couldn’t die.

He was innocent!

He had only intruded here innocently!

“Please, let him go, let him go …… What exactly has that evil spirit given you? What he can give, I can give it all, Chen Dong and I will give it to you a hundred times a thousand times over!”

Gu Qingying struggled and fell to her knees with a “poof”, tears raining down, crying and wailing.

Faced with the changeless man who seemed to have “transformed”, Gu Qing Ying knew that she was incapable of tangling with him and had no other choice but to beg.

As she begged and cried, Gu Qing Ying slowly knocked her head on the ground without hesitation.

This scene.

It left Wu Chang stunned.

It also stunned Zhao Brelu, who was surrounded by excruciating pain and screaming in agony.

His birth, his encounters, had made him accustomed to being treated in cold blood, snickered at, made evil in secret and stabbed in the back.

Growing up, it wasn’t that he wanted to mingle on the streets and be reduced to his current state.

Rather, it was the circumstances he found himself in that only allowed him to do so, as he had to feed himself at a very, very young age.

As a young, skinny boy, there was really nothing else he could do but to live on the streets and steal from the public to survive.

He was used to seeing too much darkness.

So much so that when he saw the scene in front of him, he was suddenly in a trance.

This was the first time!

Apart from his mother, this was the first time someone had pleaded for him.

Even if he knew that Gu Qingying wanted him to escape and go to that man named Chen Dong to report the news and then be saved, that was why he was pleading for mercy like this.

But …… it was still a first!

It really was a real first for …… other than his mother!

“Heh ……”

Suddenly, the corners of the trance-like Zhao Breru’s mouth grinned, “It’s funny, I’ve been living on the streets like a dog for 20 years or so, why am I …… suddenly a little moved today? In this world, it turns out that …… there is light, huh?”


Hearing Zhao Breru’s self-deprecating laughter.

Impermanence’s plump and fat body trembled, and her face, full of wrinkles and chloasma spots, suddenly looked a little shocked when she faced Zhao Brezhong.

She had only grasped one of Zhao Breru’s index fingers, but as a top a*sa*sin, she knew what it meant to pull the whole body and connect ten fingers to the heart, such a huge pain was simply unbearable for a normal person.

But now, in her line of sight.

Zhao Brocade was smiling and his expression was calm and powerful, as if …… there was no pain in general.

The next second.

Almost on his knees, Zhao Bailu fiercely let out an explosive cry.

Lean and dry, nimble as an ape, his feet tiptoed hard on the ground, directly leaping up in mid-air, followed by his feet like a boa constrictor, blatantly wrapped around the changeless.

The speed was as fast as lightning.

Even Changeless had no time to react and was terrified.

It was a close call.

“Iron Mountain Fall!”

Knowing what Zhao Breaking’s intentions were, Impermanence sank down violently at the waist, his horse stance booming to the left and right.


A qi explosion roared.

Zhao Broke-Ru’s legs, which were wrapped around Impermanence, were instantly shaken loose.

But it was at this very moment.

Zhao Broke-Ru, however, slapped the ground with his left hand brazenly, and with the powerful force of his waist, he directly stood up.

It was as if a bloodthirsty mad dog.

A bite was placed on the wrist of Changeless’ right hand that had grabbed his finger.


Fresh blood, instantly escaped.

The rich blood instantly filled Zhao Broke-Ru’s mouth.

At this moment, his eyes were fierce and determined to the extreme, biting down on Impermanence’s wrist with a deadly grip, and his mouth even let out a ferocious sound like that of a wild dog.

“Let go!”

Under the huge pain, Changeless even felt her hand tendons tremble with huge pain.

Her right hand let go of Zhao Breru’s broken finger, and with a loud shout, her left hand swung her palm and slapped Zhao Breru’s face with a direct “bang”.

It was a powerful blow, like a heavy hammer blow.

Half of Zhao’s face instantly swelled up, and blood flowed from his mouth, nose and even his ears.

But he still did not let go of his mouth.

His fierce and bloodthirsty gaze, upturned, was like that of a mad dog, staring deadly at the angry changeless.

And this scene.

It fell into the eyes of Gu Qingying, who was kneeling on the ground crying and pleading.

It was like a bolt from the blue.

Her torso trembled and her tears fell like rain, but her cries, out of shock, were violently lost ……


Chapter 830

“Loose mouth!”


With an explosive shout from Changeless, the iron palm of his left hand was fiercely slapped onto Zhao Brezhong’s face.

Each slap carried a huge force.

An existence that was ranked 15th on the Hidden Killers’ Death Ranking, the power of his palm was definitely capable of destroying gold and breaking stone.

This slap directly shook Zhao Bre Ru’s lean body, and more blood flowed from his mouth, nose and ears.


Crunch ……

A sound of squeezing flesh and skin sent chills down one’s back.

Instead of loosening his mouth, Zhao Brezhong hissed even harder.

This scene instantly made Changeless furious to the extreme.

She no longer suppressed it.


Another palm fell down.

“Loosen your mouth!”


“Loose mouth!”


“Loose mouth!”


The room alternated between a loud bang and an impermanent burst of sound.

The lights were bright.

Zhao Breru’s body kept trembling, facing one of Changeless’ palm strikes with no resistance.

He kept biting at Impermanence’s right wrist, his teeth rubbing viciously, not letting go in the slightest, but biting deeper and deeper.

Gu Qingying, on the other hand, had long since been stunned to the point of being dumbfounded by this scene.

Zhao Breru’s almost deformed face was covered in blood.

And on Changeless’ right wrist, the blood was even more like a pour, forming a stream of blood that flowed down Changeless’ palm in a continuous stream to the ground, which had also formed a pool of blood.

The scene.

It was incomparably miserable.

It was heart-stopping.

Any ordinary person who saw it would have the same reaction as Gu Qingying.

Feeling the immense pain on her wrist, the anger in Wu Chang’s heart intensified.

In her eyes, Zhao Baolu was just an ordinary person.

But now, the mad dog aura that Zhao Broke-Ru displayed gave her a feeling of being viciously humiliated.

While shouting explosively.

While ruthlessly dropping her palm, her speed was getting faster and faster.

With Impermanence’s strength, she had countless ways to make Zhao Brezhong loose her grip, or even make Zhao Brezhong die a horrible death on the spot.

But at this moment.

An inexplicable feeling of shame swept over her.

With raging anger, she was certain that even if she had to kill this mad dog in front of her, she would use the most direct and brutal means.

Forcing Zhao Brezhong to let go of his mouth and then slap him to death.

This was the outcome she wanted.

This was what would annihilate the shame in her heart.

The room.

Impermanence’s voice echoed.

The loud sound of the falling palm striking Zhao Brezhong’s face was even more like thunder.

The rich smell of blood filled the air.

In just a few seconds, Zhao Breru’s face had lost its human appearance.

The indescribable redness and swelling had squeezed his eyes into a slit.

On the blood-stained, red and swollen face, even the flesh felt like it wanted to explode as Changeless struck hard again and again, crumbling out with the slightest vein ripples.

Time, at this moment.

It was as if it was slowed down.

Zhao Broke-Ru narrowed his eyes, his narrow sight locked onto Gu Qingying who was kneeling on the opposite side of the ground long since dazed.

Blood flowed across his sight, staining it red, and also staining the Gu Qingying in his sight.

However, Zhao Brocade, at this moment, had the feeling that Gu Qingying’s body was blooming with brilliance.

“Yes, it turns out that there is really light in this world ……! Since I was a child, apart from my mother, she has given me a little bit of sunshine then …… to save her, it might be worth it to die, maybe after I die, she should also take care of my mother as long as she escapes alive?”

“She must be a rich person, yeah …… Dingtai Group, I think it’s that Dingtai Group that was extremely sensational in the city before, Chen Dong …… Gu Qingying …… I seem to, think of something ……”

“As long as my mother can end the rest of her life in peace and happiness, my dog’s life …… will be worth dying for.”

A single thought, as if lightning, surfaced in Zhao Breru’s mind.

In a flash.

His eyes, which were squinted almost into a line, abruptly burst with a sharp aura.

Still, he did not let go of his mouth.

Only after taking another slap from Changeless, he brazenly took a step forward.

Both hands, both feet, at this moment, seemed like tree vines, wrapped around Impermanence in a deadly manner.

At the same time.

In his mouth, which was already raging with blood, his lips and tongue moved lightly.

Finally, a roar different from a wild dog’s bite was emitted.

“Run ……”

Mixed with the blood, and the obstruction under the tearing action, made this one word, become extremely blurred.

But at this moment, it was still heard clearly by Gu Qing Ying and Changeless!

Changeless was dumbfounded, and the left hand he raised couldn’t help but pause in the air.

“Crazy? Crazy dog! You are a mad dog! Just a thief, just one side, and you’re going to risk your life? I’ve never seen such a strange thing in my life!”

The room was abruptly filled with the roar of the changeless’ frenzied rage.

And Gu Qingying’s hollow, dazed eyes quickly regained focus.

Tears blurred her vision.

Instead, she stared straight at Zhao Brezhong.

He was going to entangle Wu Chang with his life in exchange for my escape?

At this moment, Gu Qingying was completely terrified and confused, and a sharp pain like a knife cut came from her heart.

In her eyes, Zhao Baolu was innocent!

He was just a thief!

But this “chance encounter” had given her the greatest chance of escape in the past few days, and this man had given his life in exchange for it!

She took a deep breath.

Gu Qingying slowly stood up.

But beneath her teary eyes, there was a look of determination.

She slowly walked over to the table and picked up a teacup on the table.


Shattered the teacup.

Gu Qingying picked up a piece of porcelain and pressed it against her throat, because of the force, because the porcelain was too sharp.

It caused her to feel a stabbing pain just as it was placed against her throat, and blood stains instantly surfaced on her white jade-like neck.

Her brow furrowed in determination, she turned around.

“Impermanence! Let him go, or I’ll kill myself immediately!”

Threatening with death!

This was the only way Gu Qingying could think of at this crisis point.

She couldn’t stop Impermanence, and even if she and Zhao Brezhong combined, they would never be a match for Impermanence.

But for the past few days, she had been detained here, and Impermanence had always faced her as a servant, carefully taking care of her upbringing and food.

She thought that her own life should still be of some value.

Of course, this was only her guess, and perhaps in the minds of the changeless and the evil spirit, her life was worthless.

But in the situation before her, she could not afford to hesitate.

Even if it was a one-in-a-million chance, she had to try and see if she could save the innocent man, Zhao Brezhong.

A cold, determined threat rang out.

The impermanent who was furiously beating up Zhao Breru, stopped abruptly and slowly turned his head towards Gu Qingying.

Astonishment and dismay appeared on his angry and frantic face.

At the same time.

Zhao Breru, who was clenching at Impermanence’s wrist, could not help but shake his body and his pupils suddenly tightened to the extreme.

At this moment, his blood-stained eyes were narrowed and locked on Gu Qingying with a deadly gaze.

The emotions in his heart were like a monstrous tsunami, violently churning up.

Zhao Baolu was frozen.

This was a feeling he had only ever felt in his mother’s body.

Used to living a dark and sunless life, when a ray of sunlight shone in by chance, it felt like embracing the sun.

“Miss Gu, calm down!”

The man in the street was so frantic that he cursed, “Crazy, all of you are crazy, it’s just a casual encounter, why do you have to risk your lives in front of me?”

The scene in front of him even made Changeless feel as if he had turned his three views upside down.

“Let him go, or I will kill myself!”

Gu Qingying, however, said decisively, but her heart was suddenly a little more at ease.

At least, Pervasive’s reaction was now moving in the direction she had guessed.

As long as Impermanence was really scrupulous about her killing herself, then perhaps …… there was really a chance of saving Zhao Breru.

As she speaks.

Gu Qing Ying’s teary eyes however looked askance at Zhao Broke-Ru.

“Remember that man named Chen Dong, go find him, my name is Gu Qingying!”