Winner Takes All Chapter 825-826

Chapter 825

Inside the room, it was dark.

There was only a little scattered fire, flickering in and out of the darkness.

A smell of smoke wafted through the air.

Chen Dong sat by the window and opened it by a corner.

Slowly he smokes his cigarette and swallows the clouds.

The moonlight shone on his face through a gap in the window’s edge, his face filled with a sullen and depressed air.


Long Lao did not knock on the door, but opened it directly and pushed his wheelchair in.

“Young master ……”

He shouted softly, and when he saw that Chen Dong was not moving at all, he placed the wheelchair beside the bed, and then walked behind Chen Dong.

“Young master, it is old slave who has lost his tongue.”

Chen Dong’s gaze flickered as he glanced back at the closed door of the room before falling on Elder Long.

With a soft smile, “You did not misspeak, it was me who overreacted.”

The despondency in his tone was dripping.

Elder Long smiled bitterly, “It was indeed the old slave’s fault, but the mysterious man did have a point, perhaps it really was a pa*sive press?”

“Go on.”

Chen Dong raised an eyebrow and smiled teasingly.

“It is true that Master was ashamed of you and Madam in the previous twenty years, but after the reunion, he is already doing his best to make amends.”

Elder Long enlightened in a gentle voice.

“Of course I know he is doing his best to make amends.”

Chen Dong shrugged his shoulders, “But there are some things that can’t really be made up for!”

“Such as?” Elder Long asked with a frown.

“Such as family love, such as the love of each other, such as bloodline kinship, such as the responsibility of being a father and a husband.”

Chen Dong’s gaze coldly snapped down, “Since we can’t moisten each other, then we should forget each other in the river and lake, since we chose to reunite after parting, then we should make up for past debts, if it were me, I definitely can’t do what he can do.”

At the end of his speech, Chen Dong’s emotions rose.

He got up indignantly and wailed hoarsely.

“And then, for example, does he know what my mother likes? Does he know what I like?”

“He doesn’t know!”

Long Lao’s lips mumbled, somewhat at a loss for words at this moment in the face of the agitated Chen Dong.

Chen Dong continued to wail hysterically.

“I know, I just know what my wife likes, and I know what my mother likes.”

“If it was my wife lost, of course my wife could not be lost, because I am not him Chen Daolin, I will never allow my wife to be lost, never allow myself to be like him, after abandoning his wife and children for more than twenty years before suddenly thinking, oh …… I still have a wife and children, I have to get him back! ”

“Long Lao, you are old enough to be my grandfather by age, you just say this about my father, is it something that people do?”

Hysterical wails, which seemed to last forever, echoed around the room.

The deliberately suppressed wails revealed a heartache, a heartache.

Elder Long laughed bitterly, but was merely laughing and did not respond.

And outside the house.

Gu Qingying, the mysterious man and Kunlun and Fan Lu, were all silent at the door of the room.

Inside the room, Chen Dong’s suppressed volume of wailing had all fallen on their ears as well.

For a moment, the four of them looked at each other with complicated expressions.

Judging from this alone, really ……

Just as the four were looking gloomy.

Once again, Chen Dong’s wailing voice resounded within the room.

“Right now, right at this moment, the God-killing situation, yet he can casually throw out the phrase of pressing on, is this …… something that people do?”

Inside the room, in the darkness.

Chen Dong’s look in his eyes, all of them were concealed in the darkness.

Only the movements, could not be concealed.

Under Long Lao’s gaze, he once again pulled out a cigarette, lit one and took a hard drag.

He smiled sadly.

As the smoke exhaled, it was as if he was also venting the depression in his heart, “Mouthing off about coming to retrieve me, well, it’s all a god-killing situation now, a whole bunch of inexplicably big forces somehow jumping out and somehow trying to kill me, and which one of you doesn’t have a wound on you to protect me?”

“I expected him, as a father, to give me a little shelter and something to fall back on, and he dismissed me with a single word about pressing on? Not even a word of explanation, and the reason he pressed on, and had to let a bunch of us at the dinner table, to speculate, funny?”

“Is this …… something that people do?”

Long Lao was still smiling bitterly.

He slowly took the cigarette case from Chen Dong’s hand, lit one for himself and smoked it.

And outside the door.

Gu Qingying, the mysterious man, Kunlun and Fan Lu all looked at each other, each seeing the gloomy despondency and helplessness in the other’s eyes.

The phrase “stay put for now” was indeed too perfunctory!

Even if a father and son are pa*sive, what is a word of explanation worth?

If there were other things in the way and one could not explain straightforwardly, what about hints?

The head of the Chen family, a god and goddess that all people see as high up in the clouds, can’t even do that?

“Young master ……”

Inside the house, after Long Lao exhaled a mouthful of smoke once again, he finally collected a bitter smile and said calmly, “You will get your wife back, didn’t Master get her back even if he was twenty years late? Hasn’t he found you too? He is already doing his best to give you more and better everything.”

“Even, he has sent both Old Slave and Kunlun to a*sist you, do you know what position Old Slave and Kunlun hold beside His Lordship?”

“One is the most trusted household slave, able to act on his lordship’s behalf, and the other is the most reliable close bodyguard, leaving even if it means putting his own safety at risk!”

“And then what?” Chen Dong’s gaze was stern and he smiled blatantly.


Elder Long threw his cigarette on the ground and stomped it out with one foot.

But his voice was resolute and firm, “His Lordship will not ignore the young master, that phrase of holding back the troops must have another reason! Tonight’s slip of the tongue is the sin of the old slave, the old slave apologises to the young master, in addition please believe that no matter when or where it comes, the old slave and Kunlun, will definitely put their lives on the line for the young master.”

“Whatever young master asks the old slave to do, the old slave will never hesitate, the same goes for Kunlun, the young master’s life must come after the lives of the old slave and Kunlun, if the old slave and Kunlun do not die, the young master can have peace!”

“Hahahaha …… hahaha ……”

In the room, Chen Dong suddenly threw back his head and laughed.

The laughter was strange and endlessly sour.

“Sad, pitiful, his Chen Daolin’s deficit is for you and Kunlun to carry for him, Old Long …… really worked hard for you!”

“Old slave ten thousand deaths, young master don’t be angry, rest early.”

Long Lao bowed and slowly retreated to the door of the room.

Only then did he turn around and open the door to the room.

The room was in darkness.

Chen Dong, however, saw Gu Qingying and the mysterious man, Kunlun and Fan Lu all standing at the door.


He threw his cigarette on the ground and turned around angrily, facing the window.

And Elder Long also closed the door of the room in a smooth manner.

Just as the room door closed, Chen Dong was the one who sighed lamentingly, slowly turned around and sat back in his wheelchair.

Outside the room.

Elder Long looked gloomy and bitter.

“Elder Long ……”

Gu Qingying looked at Elder Long in a complicated manner.

Long Lao shrugged his shoulders and smiled bitterly, “This is the demonic barrier that has been ingrained deep within the young master, the old slave has always thought that it has been slowly smoothed out under the shelter of the old master’s affection, but I never thought it would still be there, this night …… the old slave’s guilt is great.”

“Yes, the young master has never forgotten this scar.” Kunlun lamented.

The mysterious person, however, said soothingly, “It is good that you were able to apologize to him and that he took advantage of your apology to vent out the depressed anger in his heart, which is already the greatest protection against his daoist demon situation.”


Chapter 826

One word.

At once, Long Lao and Kun Lun and Fan Lu relieved a few points.

Indeed …… what really gives people a headache is Chen Dong’s dao heart planted demon.

The depressed qi, which cannot be vented out, will only probable catalyze the growth of that demon seed planted in Chen Dong’s heart.

It is indeed better to vent it out.

“Can I go in and see him?”

Gu Qingying was worried and full of worry.

“Let Young Master be alone for a while, this knot in his heart is hard to calm down every time it comes together.”

Elder Long shook his head with a gloomy expression and said with emotion.

The mysterious man on the side also nodded.

“It’s getting late, everyone rest early, besides, from tomorrow onwards, it’s time to get pumped up.”

After a pause, his voice suddenly gruffened, “According to projections, the battle at Nanming City should have almost declined in terms of deterrence for the major powers.”

Smiling to himself, the mysterious man scratched his head, “Maybe it’s not called a decline, it’s just that at that time, it probably killed the surrounding a*sa*sins to the point of chilling their hearts, there are not many left, and the major powers have re-dispatched their a*sa*sins, so I guess they should be arriving over here soon.”

At those words.

Elder Long, Kunlun and Fan Lu all changed their expressions greatly.

A tense atmosphere instantly surrounded the crowd.

After a few seconds of silence.

Kunlun said, “Early tomorrow morning, Xiao Lu and I will work with Lone Wolf again to go through the security system inside and outside the Bamboo Grove courtyard, make sure everything is foolproof.”


The mystery man answered.


The night was late and quiet.

The whole city, as it reached the latter part of the night, fell into a deep sleep.

Only certain places still exuded vibrant life.

Like …… bars.

Another example is the …… underground boxing ring.

Zhou Yanqiu, as the BOSS behind the underground boxing arena, made a rare visit to this dark and bloody place.

He is a kingpin and an upper cla*s person.

He was very unhappy with this kind of dark, bloody and even gathering place where many certain unidentified people gathered.

The manager of the underground boxing world had a big surprise of seeing Zhou Yanqiu this night, as if he had been favoured by the Holy Spirit.

“Mr Zhou, are you satisfied with the arrangements this evening?”

The manager, a middle-aged man, was bowing at this moment and standing beside Zhou Yanqiu in a flattering manner.

Zhou Yanqiu put down the red wine gla*s in his hand, slowly picked up the cigar cigarette in the ashtray and gently took a puff.

He felt the rich cigar smoke lingering in his mouth, but his gaze was burning as he looked down at the ring covered by a steel cage.

It was a full-on, fist-to-fist battle.

The blood was so thick that the entire arena erupted in an ear-splitting shout.

Blood, money, death, everything that makes up this “gold cave” hidden in the darkness of the earth.

“What’s that little man’s origin? He doesn’t look too good at fighting.”

Zhou Yanqiu asked one of the people in the ring below.

It was a small, lean man with a bare upper body. When he fought, he was flexible but weaker in strength and stances than his opponent.

So much so that in a very short time, he was completely overpowered by his opponent.

At this moment, blood was staining his chest, his nose was bruised and his eyes were a little fluttering.

This was, in Zhou Yanqiu’s opinion, simply a death sentence.

It was true that he didn’t come to the underground boxing arena often, but that didn’t mean he didn’t possess the eyes to simply judge the battle power of both sides.

What’s more, a fight in a steel cage ring could be distinguished as long as there were people with eyes that weren’t blind.

The manager took a glance and snorted, “He’s not a fighter from our underground boxing ring, he’s a thief, I heard he’s famous on the road, he just loves to gamble, I heard he owes a lot of debts, and recently the wind is too close, the debt collectors are about to kill him, that’s why he came to our underground boxing ring to fight.”


Zhou Yanqiu raised his eyebrows and asked with a deep gaze, “How much did he bet?”

He was not stupid, a gentleman on the beam, even when he owed a huge gambling debt, his top priority would be to do the work on the beam, rather than foolishly running to the underground boxing arena to fight to the death with his fists.

Of course, the most attractive thing about the underground boxing arena is never the fights in the steel cage ring either.

Rather, it is the …… betting handicap!

“General Zhou is saintly.”

The manager flattered and complimented, then laughed strangely, “This guy is quite clever, he came to our boxing ring to fight and deliberately bet 100,000 on himself to lose, so there was a scene in front of him, but don’t worry Mr. Zhou, in cases like this, we will always select an opponent and fight properly, 100,000 is not a big bet, even if it’s a small bet, I reckon we’ll have to make him take out half the money to treat a broken arm or leg.”

In the underground boxing world, if you dare to open a handicap, you have already budgeted for all possible scenarios and have the guts and courage to make a response.

Money can be taken!

But it depends on whether the relationship with Yama is good enough to get it!

“Interesting, it seems that this thief is no ordinary person either, to dare to come here and eat money in plain sight.”

Zhou Yanqiu’s gaze was deep, grinning with a cigar smoke in his mouth.

Ten minutes later.


In the steel cage ring, a heavy punch was thrown, blatantly, at the thief’s face.

Blood flew across the ring and spilled into the air.

Amidst the roar of cheers from the mountains inside the boxing arena.

The thief leaned back and fell with a thud into a pool of blood.

The match was over!

Ten minutes later.

Another fight continues to kick off.

And in the backstage lounge.

The thief forced himself to endure the pain of his injuries, quickly wiped the blood from his body, took a look at the amount of money in his hand to exchange the winning cheque, and a smile appeared on his bruised and swollen face.

“Hahahaha …… my mother is really a genius, according to this kind of boxing, another three fights, I guess I will be able to pay off the gambling debt, then I will be a good man again, this is faster than stealing.”

The cheque was collected and the thief was about to leave.


A group of men rushed in.


The thief’s face changed dramatically.

The next second.

With a shriek from the thief.

In an instant, the thief was pinned to the ground.

Zhou Yanqiu, accompanied by his manager, with his cigar in his mouth, slowly walked up to the thief.

Looking down at the thief on the ground from a high position, Zhou Yanqiu calmly asked, “What is your name?”

“Zhao Breaking!”

The thief answered back.

The scene in front of him let him know that the slightest bit of stiff talk could make the situation even more unfavourable for him.

“Zhao Broke-Ru, the name is a good one, but it’s a pity that what you do is not at all related to a great man.”

Zhou Yanqiu’s expression was cold as he suddenly lifted his right foot and stepped on Zhao Breru’s head, “Do you know that no one has been able to eat this black money in this boxing altar brazenly, you are D*mn lucky to survive and not have your arm or leg broken.”

“What, you don’t allow people to cheat money when your boxing ring is open for business?”

Zhao Brocade was not flustered, and his voice was so harsh that he uttered a ridiculous sentence.

As soon as these words were spoken, they instantly caused the manager and a group of boxing clan members to have hostile anger on their faces.

The first thing that happened was that Zhou Yanqiu threw back his head and laughed loudly, “It seems that I was wise to let them keep a whole body, you kid, what you said was interesting enough.”


Zhou Yanqiu blatantly bowed his head, and a fierce aura exploded in his eyes.

“But deadly sins can be forgiven, living sins are hard to escape, what you did tonight, I let them keep you, not to spare you, but I don’t want to come to this boxing altar once in a rare while, just to see crippled people or dead people in the ring ……”

The look was fierce, and the words were even more awe-inspiring with killing intent.