Winner Takes All Chapter 823-824

Chapter 823

This ……

Elder Long couldn’t help but be lost in thought for a while as he clutched the Tao Te Ching, his brow furrowed.

When the mysterious man had chosen the Buddhist sutra and the Tao Te Ching for the young master in order to control the young master’s daoist demon, the young master had only left the Tao Te Ching at that time how come he wanted to read the Buddhist sutra again now?

Could it be that he was tired of reading it?

Elder Long looked down at the Tao Te Ching, the look of incomprehension in his eyes growing thicker and thicker.

“Go on.”

Chen Dong urged, and was pushing his wheelchair towards the hall.

Elder Long also said no more, turned around and headed out.

Whether it was the Tao Te Ching or the Buddhist scriptures, they both had a mediating effect on Chen Dong’s Daoist demon, a point that the mysterious man had made very clear at the beginning.

As long as it could suppress Chen Dong’s Daoist demon, what did it matter if he read the Buddhist scriptures or the Tao Te Ching?

Inside the hall.

Gu Qingying was in the room, the door closed tightly.

The mysterious man, Kunlun and Fan Lu were all sitting on the tai shi chair in the hall, holding cups of tea and quietly sipping.

But the tightly locked brows of the three revealed that the three were not in a peaceful state of mind.

When Chen Dong entered the hall room.

The mysterious man was the first to put his teacup down and said suspiciously, “Why did you give the Tao Te Ching to Elder Long? Not reading it?”

Hearing this.

Kunlun and Fan Lu also looked at Chen Dong worriedly.

“I’m tired of reading it.”

Chen Dong waved his hand and said with a smile, “I’ll ask Elder Long to go and find a few more Buddhist sutras for me, since I’ll only be nestled in the small bamboo courtyard for a while anyway, reading a few more sutras will be considered as meditation and concentration, didn’t you also take the Tao Te Ching and a whole bunch of Buddhist sutras for me back then?”

“That’s good.”

The mysterious man was visibly relieved.

And Kunlun and Fan Lu also looked relieved.

Everyone knew that the Tao Te Ching and the Buddhist sutras were the key to mediating the suppression of Chen Dong’s mind-planted demons, and until now Chen Dong had been kept in the dark.

If, because he was tired of reading them, Chen Dong stopped continuing to read these sutras, that would be the real trouble.

Once that happened, it would mean that there was no way to mediate the suppression of Chen Dong’s Daoist heart seeding demon.

One could only tell Chen Dong the truth.

“Little Shadow hasn’t come out yet?”

Chen Dong glanced at Gu Qingying’s tightly closed room door with distress.

The mysterious man nodded his head.

Following closely, Chen Dong said, “Sister Xiao Lu, please go to Xiao Ying’s room in another moment and help me comfort Xiao Ying, I will go inside first to rest for a while, there are still many things that I also have to deal with in a video negotiation with Lin Lingdong’s side.”


Fan Lu nodded her head.

With that, Chen Dong was pushing his wheelchair back to his room.

No curtains were opened.

Chen Dong just turned on the table lamp above his bed to let some light into the dimly lit room.

Then he switched on his computer and had a video call with Lin Lingdong.

Nowadays, it could be said that Lin Lingdong was in charge of all the powers.

But there were many things that, in a short period of time, even if Lin Lingdong was a former underground king with a strong wrist, he would still find it difficult to eat his way through.

So he still has to weigh in himself and then remotely direct how Lin Lingdong manoeuvres.

There were still three months to go before his father’s big birthday.

Even if what he had now was enough to laugh at the entire Chen family’s younger generation, he still didn’t dare to give up.

Those who could be chosen as the successor of the Chen family were definitely the pinnacles of the Chen family’s younger generation.

Three months was a long time, but it was also a short time.

During this period of time, if one did not surge ahead, it would be easy to be overturned by another heir.

The biggest contender …… is Chen Tiansheng!

With Old Lady Chen’s banner in place, it is clear that Chen Tiansheng is more popular in the Chen family compared to Chen Dong.

Chen Dong will never allow it, because a God-killing game, in just this short period of three months, gives Chen Tiansheng the capital to save the day!

Time is the best tool.

For those who are satisfied with the status quo and do not seek advancement, they will soon be washed out of contempt by time.

Learning is like sailing against the current; if you do not advance, you will fall back.

This truth can actually fit on anything.

He maintained the status quo ante during these three months while Chen Tiansheng forged ahead with the help of the crowd, and by the time he waited until the day of his father’s birthday, there was a chance that he would be overtaken by Chen Tiansheng!

What’s more, there were many Chen family heirs, so many that what Chen Tiansheng had seen was just one out of nine.

After picking up the video.

Chen Dong and Lin Lingdong exchanged a few pleasantries and quickly got stuck into their work arrangements.

It was as if Lin Lingdong had known that Chen Dong would look for him.

Last night, he had put together all the information of the Dingtai Company, the various industries of the Qin Family, and the entertainment company controlled by Chu Reed in Kyoto.

At this time the video work up, Lin Lingdong are able to quickly make a report to Chen Dong as if it were a family treasure.

And some slightly smaller matters, Lin Lingdong also has a method of disposal in advance, only need to get Chen Dong’s approval, then can immediately implement.

Chen Dong was extremely satisfied with this.

After all, Lin Lingdong was once the king of the underground, and the things under his command, large and small, were no less than a company.

Even if he did not have a deep and thorough understanding of his industry, the fact that he could achieve this in a short period of time already made Chen Dong feel brighter.

Busy work.

Time pa*sed extraordinarily quickly.

By the time Chen Dong and Lin Lingdong had negotiated and arranged the big and small matters, it was already getting dark.

Turn off the video.

Chen Dong leaned back in his wheelchair and closed his eyes, his right hand gently pinching the bridge of his inflated nose.

Knock, knock, knock.

A knock sounded at the door.

“Who is it?”

Chen Dong slowly opened his eyes and asked in a somewhat tired manner.

“Young master, it’s old slave.”

Elder Long’s voice rang out from outside the door.

“Come in.”

Chen Dong said.

Creak ……

The door to the room opened.

Long Lao walked in holding a thick pile of Buddhist scriptures and placed them on the desk with a complicated expression, while at the top of the scriptures still lay the copy of the Tao Te Ching.

Elder Long wiped his forehead before saying, “Young Master, these Buddhist sutras have been carefully selected by the old slave, and he had the mystic look at them again, then he sent them to you together with the Tao Te Ching.”

“Thank you.”

Chen Dong glanced profoundly at Elder Long and nodded his head in greeting.

“Young Master, just finished taking care of the company’s business?”

Elder Long glanced at the computer, this was what he had heard Gu Qingying and the others say when he came in just now.

“Well, for matters large and small, Lin Lingdong has just taken over, there are some things that he can finish handling with the a*sistance of Xiao Ma and Qin Xiao Qian, but there are some things that I still have to come personally.”

Chen Dong rubbed his face tiredly, “This day of handling affairs is more tiring than a day of devil training.”

Elder Long smiled, “Don’t worry, with the old slave around, the old slave will also do his best to share the young master’s worries, please put your mind at ease a hundred times.”

“Thank you, Elder Long.”

Elder Long added with a smile, “It’s getting late, Young Madam and Xiao Lu have already made dinner, everyone is waiting for Young Master, just now they all know that Young Master is dealing with things, so they didn’t disturb, old slave also took this time to dare to disturb Young Master.”

“Eating this is a big deal.”

Chen Dong curled the corners of his mouth and narrowed his eyes as he smiled, gesturing for Elder Long to push him outside while inquiring, “By the way, I asked you to speak to my father and ask him if he could squash this heavenly killing situation across the board, how did he respond?”


Chapter 824

Long Lao’s footsteps gave a beat and his gaze flickered.

After a moment’s hesitation, he smiled sarcastically and said, “Let’s eat first, Young Master.”


Chen Dong nodded his head.

When Elder Long pushed Chen Dong to the dining room, the table was already dazzling with all sorts of colourful and fragrant delicacies.

Gu Qingying, the mysterious man, Fan Lu and Kunlun were all present.

“Husband, come quickly.”

Gu Qingying smiled and beckoned.

“I’ve kept everyone waiting.”

Chen Dong went to the main seat and replaced the chair with a wheelchair.

Once Elder Long was seated, several people ate.

Making small talk with each other.

However, Chen Dong suddenly asked once again, “Elder Long, what is my father’s attitude towards the Bureau of Heavenly Killing?”

At these words.

All the people were silent.

They all looked at Elder Long with apprehension.

Even the mysterious man’s eyes had changed at this moment.

The Bureau of Heavenly Killing.

All the major powers were lurking around.

The people present, including the mysterious man, only have the power to resist and defend.

As for a complete solution …… is as difficult as the sky!

This killing game is simply not something that can be easily solved by individual ability.

Faced with a lofty and great mountain-like power, only an equal or higher power would be able to make a complete solution.

And the Chen Family …… was clearly the greatest hope!


Long Lao, however, slowly put down the chopsticks in his hand and picked up a napkin to wipe the corner of his mouth.

The action was unhurried, but only as this series of actions proceeded, the look gradually dimmed down.

The crowd who clearly caught the change in Elder Long’s expression had their hearts sink.

Even if Long Lao had not yet spoken, the result …… had already been guessed by the crowd.

It is true.

Long Lao said, “For the time being, the lord will let the Chen family stay put.”

One word came out.

The atmosphere, which could still be considered relaxed and pleasant, suddenly lowered to a freezing point.

Even though they had guessed the outcome through Elder Long’s expression, the crowd could not help but look gloomy and lost in their hearts.

“If he lets the Chen family press on, I’m only afraid that this Heaven Killing Game …… will last for at least three months!”

The mysterious man’s hoarse voice echoed in the restaurant, gloomy to the core.

Kunlun and Fan Lu looked at each other.

This was something that the two of them had discussed long ago.

It was just that with these words out of Elder Long’s mouth, speculation was about to become reality.

Without the Chen family to set up support, the major powers would have no scruples and would certainly act recklessly.

Just as the mysterious man had said, this game of heavenly killing would have to last at least three months.

Moreover, this is still the best projection.

As for the worst ……

That is, it will not last for three months.

Or perhaps in three months’ time, at Chen Daolin’s birthday banquet, Chen Dong would not be able to take over the crown of the next family head!

Whichever the case, all that would cost would ultimately be Chen Dong’s …… life!

Elder Long looked gloomy, and his eyes were even lowered to the extreme.

His gaze slowly looked towards Chen Dong with pity, with intolerance, with the heartache of an elder for his junior.

“This matter, when the old slave reported it, he didn’t expect this kind of result.”

“Is that all he said?” Chen Dong asked with raised eyebrows.

Elder Long nodded, “Only this one sentence.”

The answer was dry and simple.

Yet, it suddenly made Chen Dong feel funny.

When the crowd saw Chen Dong’s smile, they were stunned.

Gu Qingying subconsciously raised her hand and landed on Chen Dong’s left arm, gently holding it.

“Honey, it’s alright, you still have us.”

“Of course I’m fine.”

Chen Dong was smiling, but the look he gave to Gu Qingying was cold to the core.

“I just think it’s funny! My own father wanted me to inherit my father’s business, and now that my son has met with a god-killing situation, he can simply tell the Chen family to stay put, this heart is really cold, really ruthless!”

The cold and harsh voice suddenly made the temperature in the restaurant seem to have plummeted to the freezing point.

Gu Qingying’s throat tightened as Chen Dong’s eyes stared at her.

As for Elder Long, Kunlun and Fan Lu, they also looked grave and somewhat indignant.

The same situation had been experienced by Chen Dong more than once.

Nor had they experienced it along with Chen Dong once or twice.

But there had never been a time when Chen Daoling would stand by so idly and ignore the situation.

The parent and son asked for help, and responded with a mere dry word to dispatch them.

With such an outcome, even if the three wanted to say a few words back for Chen Daolin, their throats were tight and they didn’t know where to start.

Ta-da ……

The mysterious man tapped the knuckles of his right hand lightly on the tabletop.

He was also the one who could remain the most emotionally stable among several people.

Raising an eyebrow, the mysterious man looked deep into Chen Dong and said hoarsely: ”Perhaps he is not actively pressing his troops, but …… pa*sively? Or perhaps …… it is that the time has not yet come?”

Obviously, the mysterious man was looking for a step for Chen Daolin’s decision.

Elder Long and the others looked at the mysterious man.

“Do you mean that the old master is being restrained by the Chen family?” Kunlun asked.

The mysterious man smiled teasingly, “A tiger’s poison does not eat its son, if he was not pa*sive in this situation, would he not respond with a word?”

Several people in Kunlun understood.

Indeed, the same scene had occurred many times.

But each time, Chen Daolin had taken refuge in Chen Dong, either by thunderous sleight of hand or by a secret manoeuvre, and indeed not once had he ignored it.

And this time, a word in response to pressuring the troops to stay put was too odd.

It is absurd to be proactive.

It is true that there is a great chance that the Chen family is not a barrel of iron, and underneath the seemingly calm ocean, there are undercurrents and factions.

As for the so-called “time has not yet come”, Elder Long and the others did not think much about it.

This is only a very small guess, otherwise …… what is the so-called “time”?

“The mystery man has a point.”

Long Lao said softly, his left hand gently patting the back of Chen Dong’s hand, “The master has always treated you and Madam as if your life depended on it, and as you have seen in the past, the master would not hesitate to fight hard against the Chen family for your sake, and would not hesitate to bombard the Li family for your sake, this time such a short and dry response, there should indeed be something hidden in it.”

“As if your life depended on it?”

Chen Dong smiled and looked at the delicious food on the table, but had no more appetite.


Under the shocked gazes of the crowd.

He directly stood up and walked into his room with big strides.


The door of the room sounded like thunder.

The door of the room was heavily closed.

Inside the dining room.

The atmosphere was heavy as a needle could be heard in the silence.

Feeling the gazes of Kunlun and the others.

Elder Long smiled awkwardly in self-reproach, “It is the old man’s fault that the young master has lost his temper at this moment.”

“I’ll go and persuade him.”

Gu Qingying stood up and pushed the wheelchair about to walk towards Chen Dong’s room.

Concealing the disability in both legs was a bottom card.

But at this time, Chen Dong ignored this bottom card and directly got up to go back to his room, so it could be seen that his heart was not as calm as it appeared to be.

However, Gu Qingying had just taken a step to the side of Elder Long.

However, Long Lao got up and stopped Gu Qingying, smiling awkwardly.

“Young Madam, the matter started because of Old Slave, it is better for Old Slave to go and apologise to Young Master personally.”