Winner Takes All Chapter 811-812

Chapter 811

The sound shook the airport and went straight to the clouds.

It seemed that with this shout, the whole world was silent.

All eyes were looking at the end of the airport road.

And at that moment.

A caravan of cars, lined up on three roads, was coming towards the airport.

When the convoy appeared in front of everyone’s eyes.

All of them looked solemn and awe-inspiring.

The airport road.

The three buses in the middle were surrounded and protected by cars, as if they were stars.

The speed of the cars was so fast that they were speeding towards us.

In the blink of an eye, they arrived at the airport car park.

When everyone saw the last of the buses, which had been beaten into a hornet’s nest, they were shaken and their faces changed dramatically.

What had the bus been through on its way to being almost scrapped?

The convoy did not stop, but bypa*sed the car park and headed straight for the airport runway.

In the nick of time, one more minute of unnecessary stopping was one more minute of danger.

Chen Dong was not yet willing to take his family to risk their lives because he was thinking of the repercussions.

This time, even if the impact shook the sky, he didn’t bother to pay attention to it.

Sitting on the medium bus, he looked at the crowd below.

Chen Dong frowned slightly and sulked a little.

“These people, are they here to escort? Or are they here to help me pretend? What nonsense!”

A voice with a cold intent echoed through the car.

Elder Long also had a sullen look on his face and hurriedly picked up the intercom to greet Li Qing Ye.

An escort for such a big scene, an escort force of several thousand people.

What was needed was meticulousness, to carry the security to the end, to the safest state.

But now, once their convoy arrived, everyone knelt down to greet them, how could this still be an escort?

It was bullSh*t!

Inside the command vehicle, when Li Qing Ye saw thousands of people outside kneeling on one knee, instead of having the slightest look of excitement and pride, his heart and soul stared at him and his face sank.

Almost simultaneously.

The voice of Elder Long rang out over the intercom.

The voice was as cold and stern as a knife.

“Li Qing Ye, you are the one who made several thousand people, kneel on the ground to protect my young master?”

Li Qing Ye’s tiger body shook as he explained in fear and confusion, “Long, Elder Long, it’s not like that, listen to my explanation ……”


The communication was interrupted by Elder Long, obviously not having the patience to listen to his explanation.

These B*****ds!

Li Qing Ye gritted his teeth, beads of sweat seeping out of his forehead as he hurriedly chided through the intercom, “If you want to make a meritorious performance, then give me a good escort, are all of you F**king kneeling on the ground, are you skulking? What a bunch of idiots!”

When the voice reached the ears of the six helmsmen.

The six helmsmen were bewildered.

They all got up and instructed everyone to be on the alert through the intercom.

The young man, the representative of the Chen family office, also stood up with an embarra*sed expression.

He was the first to take the lead and kneel down!


Just as the 4,000-odd people rose up in great numbers.


A gunshot suddenly exploded into the long sky.

With the gunshot, outside the airport, the airfield exploded with a bang.

The crowd suddenly scattered uncontrollably and fled in all directions.


The gla*s of the Chinese bus broke.

There was a whoosh!

Chen Dong felt a bullet, which flew out against his face, shattering the gla*s on the opposite side again before flying out again.

His scalp went numb at once.

Sitting rigidly in his chair, he could even feel the blazing heat of the bullet skimming the air.

“Get down!”

In a flash of lightning, Kun Lun directly pressed Chen Dong with his big hand, and together with Gu Qingying in Chen Dong’s arms, he plunged down towards the aisle of the bus.

Inside the bus, there was instant chaos.

Just as the crowd was rushing to respond.

Bang Teen!

Another gunshot rang out.

The blazing bullet pierced through the gla*s, narrowly and narrowly pa*sing over the back of Kunlun’s right hand that was pressing on the top of Chen Dong’s head.

The blazing heat instantly burnt and wrinkled the back of Kunlun’s right hand.

Kunlun even let out a muffled grunt.

“Brother Kun Lun!”

Chen Dong, Gu Qingying and Fan Lu shouted at the same time.

“I’m fine.”

On the other side, Elder Long also reacted quickly, and had already brought Gu Guohua and his wife down on the aisle of the Chinese bus when the first shot was fired.

Outside, there was a lot of noise and commotion, shrieks and screams.

It had long since been completely disrupted.

But the convoy, under Li Qing Ye’s stern rebuke over the intercom, was heading towards the airport runway without pause and at breakneck speed.

Chen Dong tried to probe to see what was going on outside, but as soon as his head moved, he was pressed by Kunlun’s large hand.

“Young master, old slave come!”

Long Lao shouted to Chen Dong, and then it was he who peeled the edge of the window of the Chinese bus and slowly rose up, only to come to a screeching halt when his sight was high above the obstruction.

Only with this look, Elder Long’s entire body was confused, and his body was even more tingling.

It was chaos!

Complete and utter chaos!

Outside the airport, where countless tourists had gathered, everyone was scattering like birds and beasts, fleeing in fear.

Compared to the number of tourists, the 4,000-strong protection team was too weak.

The numbers were simply not on the same level.

Before, when nothing had happened, the four thousand people could still rely on the intimidating pressure to strongly divide the crowd and form a single square.

But now, when the shots rang out, order broke down.

The four thousand or so escorts, in an instant, seemed to be swallowed up by the tide of people and disappeared without a trace.

Because of the confusion of the crowd, even the advance of the convoy was hindered.

In the midst of the crowd, the speed of the entire convoy decayed abruptly to an extremely slow pace.

The good news.

The sound of gunfire stopped abruptly at this moment.

Long Lao leaned over the edge of the window and clearly saw that in the distance, a team of a hundred people were running in a neat and tidy manner in one direction.

These escorts were finally serving a small purpose!

It was clear in Elder Long’s mind that the team should have found out where the shooting was and had surrounded it at this point.

Unable to help himself, Elder Long breathed a sigh of relief.

But just as he was about to retreat back into the car.

A blinding white light suddenly flashed before his eyes in the sunlight.

In a flash, Elder Long’s scalp tingled and goose bumps rose up all over his body.

He froze, his brows locked as he once again looked out at the sea of people.

Gradually, his pupils tightened up.

The crowd was surging and the sea of people was chaotic.

But at this moment, under careful discernment, Elder Long suddenly found that in the crowd, there were a dozen people carrying swords, steadily rushing towards the side of the caravan.

The next second.

In the next second, Elder Long hurried to the other side and took a look out, and in the chaos of the crowd, there were also a dozen people with swords, rushing quickly.

Obviously, the two sides had formed a closed siege!

“No good, no good!”

Elder Long fell onto a chair and said with a frightened expression, “There are dozens of killers hiding in the crowd, and they are now coming towards us!”

As soon as the words were spoken, everyone’s face changed dramatically.

Chen Dong immediately looked at the front of the car, and his jealousy immediately split.

Because of the confusion of the crowd, many ordinary people were clustered around the caravan, not really surrounded, but there were too many of them, and when they scattered and fled, they created the crowded siege at this moment.

Obviously, it was impossible to speed into the airport runway!

Even if he was only a hundred metres or so away from the runway.

But he couldn’t just ignore the countless crowds of people in front of the convoy for the sake of a hundred metres or so.

He took a deep breath.

Chen Dong’s expression was abruptly solemn to the extreme.

“Prepare to fight to the death! Either we live, or those dozens of killers die.”


Chapter 812

The stern sound was like the cold air blowing from the depths of the Nine Mysteries.

It instantly made the temperature inside the car seem to plummet to the freezing point.

Elder Long and Kunlun glanced at each other, and then smiled spontaneously.

“Xiao Lu, wait, you are responsible for the safety of the young master and the others in the car, while Kunlun and I get out.”

Elder Long said at once.

A touch of worry surfaced on Fan Lu’s pale face.

Not waiting for her to speak.

A cold, stern voice suddenly rang out.

“I’ll get off too.”

The gazes of the crowd all fell on Chen Dong.

“Young master, as a last resort, the matter of your legs must not be exposed.” Long Lao said in a deep voice, but his tone did not allow for the slightest refutation.

Chen Dong shook his head, “How far away is it from the last resort?”

Elder Long was stunned.

Gritting his teeth, he still said, “That is also the old slave and Kunlun get off the car to kill, Xiao Lu left and right injured in the body, the safety of the people on the car will be entrusted to the young master, remember, both legs are the bottom card!”

Finished saying.

Long Lao also did not give Chen Dong the opportunity to continue to pester.

Raising his hand, he patted Kunlun on the shoulder.

Both of them turned around and got out of the car at the same time.

As soon as they got off the bus, Kun Lun strutted around to the other side of the medium bus, shielding both sides of the bus with Elder Long, left and right.

And as Elder Long’s notice pa*sed out.

Soon, in addition to the dozens of a*sa*sins surrounding them from left to right, members of the Chen Family Office and the Seven Sects of the Hong Society also appeared in the crowd.

It was just that compared to the dozens of killers, their reaction was ultimately half a beat slower, and at this moment there was still a distance between the two sides.

The dozens of a*sa*sins, however, were at this moment, arriving close to the Chinese bus.

Looking at the killers with their long, cold, shining swords, the corners of Elder Long’s mouth curled up, revealing a bloodthirsty cold smile.

At this moment, it was as if he was a different person, no longer calm, as if he had climbed out of the sea of blood and was a god of killing.

Noticing this change.

Chen Dong of Chen Dong, couldn’t help but murmur, “This is perhaps the former Hong Society Ming-chi elder, right? That terrifying existence that killed even Ye Yuanqiu had to be scornful!”


In a flash of lightning.

A fierce battle was about to break out.

Neither Elder Long nor Kunlun waited for the dozens of killers to make their move.

Instead, with a shout of kill, the two took the lead and rushed towards the killers.

They were to shelter the Chinese bus from the special plane that was travelling smoothly to the airport runway.

And the best way to shelter them was to keep all the killers, as far away from the CMB as possible!

As if they were tigers entering a herd of sheep, the moment they came face to face with the killers, they took down one of them with their empty hands and then, wielding their long knives, they charged into the crowd of killers as if they were gods of killing.

The fight broke out instantly.

Blood flew everywhere.

The screams were incessant!

The long, cold, sharp swords waved in the air, creating streaks of shadow.

With the strength of Elder Long and Kunlun, they were able to hold back the group of killers on their respective sides for a while.

On the medium bus.

Gu Guohua and his wife were holding each other, their hands secretly firing.

The killing and bloodshed outside had the couple’s hearts in their throats.

But the couple quickly, with a glance at each other, dropped their eyes to Chen Dong and Gu Qingying at the same time.

The eyes that were still somewhat frightened and worried became incomparably determined in this moment.

Fan Lu, on the other hand, was facing the side of Kunlun, her pale face full of worry.

The slow-moving minibus, however, was silent.

It was in stark contrast to the bloody tussle that erupted on either side of the vehicle.

“Honey, the mystery man …… shouldn’t be coming, right?”

In his arms, Gu Qingying’s voice suddenly rang out.

Chen Dong looked down, Gu Qingying’s slightly pale face was covered in panic and was staring at him closely.

“It shouldn’t be coming.”

Chen Dong nodded his head.

Although the words would make Gu Qingying very worried after saying them.

But the truth was in front of him, and in such a situation, the slightest concealment could trigger a chain reaction.

The four a*sa*sins that had rampaged across the road earlier were clearly even stronger.

Even if they weren’t at the level of Iga’s upper ninja, it would be enough to delay them until the mystery man couldn’t get to this side of the airport in time.

However, following closely behind, Chen Dong slowly raised his head.

His eyes looked deeply at the killing battle on both sides of the car, and his brows were slightly wrinkled.

Long Lao and Kun Lun wielded their long swords, displaying a great killing stance in the group of killers.

They were fierce and domineering, and when their swords fell, blood was bound to fly.

Kunlun was, after all, a mercenary king who had climbed out of the pile of the dead countless times.

Even the elderly Long Lao, now a god of killing, fights in blood, waving his sword without hesitation, killing decisively.

It was hard to imagine that this was the old man who usually liked to read books and was warm and gentle.

Rubbing his nose, Chen Dong smiled and said to Gu Qingying.

“But don’t worry, although these killers are many in number, their strength, is not good, compared to the Iga supreme ninja, it’s a big difference!”

These words were not a deliberate attempt by Chen Dong to comfort Gu Qingying in a different way.

Rather, it was something he had discovered during the short period of time when the fight broke out, when he was paying close attention.

There were dozens of killers in total, and a dozen on one side.

If all of them were really top a*sa*sins, they could instantly plunge Elder Long and Kunlun into a lumpy and dangerous situation just by using a sea of people.

There was no way that after a few seconds of stalemate, Long Lao and Kun Lun could still be like a tiger entering a herd of sheep, dashing left and right through the crowd, killing everyone.

The disparity in strength in terms of single body was simply clear at a glance.

What just made Chen Dong frown and wonder was.

If it was just these killers, wasn’t …… it a little too pedestrian?

It was not that he was dejected, but the situation in front of him was indeed somewhat trivial.

A defense force of more than four thousand people, if it is to fend off these dozens of killers, and still under the deadly battle of Long Lao and Kunlun, can forcefully press the killers, this is simply unscientific!

To the airport for this brief period of time.

If it could be called a real danger, perhaps it would be the few shots at the beginning of the chaos that broke out!

It was also while Chen Dong was pondering his doubts.

Li Qing Ye swarmed in with the six helmsmen of the Hong Society, as well as the people from the Seven Sects of the Hong Society and the Chen Family Office.

The pressure on Elder Long and Kunlun was instantly reduced.

Again, it was a sea of men.

But a few seconds ago, it was the a*sa*sins who had been unleashed on Elder Long and Kunlun.

And now, it was the other way round!

Dozens of a*sa*sins, surrounded by hundreds of men in the middle.

Elder Long and Kunlun did not stop, but killed even more recklessly as Li Qing Ye and the others arrived.

Li Qing Ye and the other six helmsmen also joined the killing battle as soon as they arrived close.

Ordinary members, facing these killers, might be dead.

But as the head of the Hong Society’s sub-discipline, he was one of the best in the sect, both in terms of leadership and personal combat power.

Facing these killers, there was not the slightest fear.

The siege was instantly brought under control.

Faced with a huge crowd, dozens of a*sa*sins were instantly caught in a situation where the building was tumbling down.

Not to mention a*sa*sinating Chen Dong and the others, it was difficult to even escape.

Chen Dong wrapped his arms around Gu Qingying and looked down at the killing that was nearing its end.

His brow furrowed closer and closer, until it formed a “Chuan” character.

His thoughts were spinning, as if they were rotten cotton wool, and suddenly became complicated.

He looked up slowly and saw the runway at his fingertips, and even the prepared plane was clearly visible.

As soon as he got on the plane and it took off, the major powers’ murderous attempts against him would have to come to an abrupt end.

But how can those forces give up such a great opportunity so easily?

Chen Dong raised his hand and rubbed his nose, his face strained.

Gu Qingying always watched Chen Dong’s expression and said suspiciously, “Why are you instead getting more and more suspicious and grave?”

“This killing at the airport is too slight!”

Chen Dong smiled, “It’s not that I’m making a death wish, it’s that this killing opportunity is indeed too light compared to the a*sa*sination that took place inside the hospital, but in a situation like this now, killing me here is many times easier than in the hospital, and it’s just that the major powers are merely a*sa*sinating with this intensity, it feels like they simply don’t want to kill me here.”

Gu Qingying’s willow brows were slightly knitted as she twisted her head to look at the battle outside the car that had already ended, and was also puzzled.

The same words were spoken by Chen Dong without suppressing his voice in the slightest.

Fan Lu, Gu Guohua and Li Wanqing, all were also puzzled at this point.

“If they don’t kill me, then who are they trying to kill?”

Chen Dong murmured softly.

At this very moment, the mobile phone rang.

Chen Dong took out his mobile phone and his brow, which was wrinkled into a “Chuan” frown, relaxed, but his doubts remained.

The caller ID was an unknown number.

But he picked up the phone anyway.

As soon as he picked up the phone.

A voice, familiar to him, but extremely raspy and urgent, rang out violently.

“Board the plane directly, take off for the return trip, and don’t …… mind me!”