Winner Takes All Chapter 807-808

Chapter 807

Fortunate of all fortunes.

Everyone was unharmed.

After some examination, Fan Lu was indeed badly injured, but not enough to be life-threatening.

Both Chen Dong and Kunlun wanted to stay on for two more days, waiting for Fan Lu to get better before setting off.

But Fan Lu refused.

After some stalemate, Chen Dong and Kun Lun eventually agreed to Fan Lu’s argument.

The situation at hand was indeed becoming more and more urgent.

Continuing to stay in Nanming would only invite an even more dangerous situation.

The previous a*sa*sination by the two Iga ninjas had come with great force, straight from the front.

But this time, it was a diversion.

If there was a next time, no one could be sure what the situation would be.

Top a*sa*sins have a myriad of “art” when it comes to killing.

Today, Nanming is a quagmire, and the longer you stay, the deeper you fall.

It is a long way from the main camp, and all the means available there are stretched to the limit here, making it difficult to dance with long sleeves.

Only by going back as soon as possible would there be a chance of ending this godsend once and for all.

So, just one hour short of the scheduled time of departure from the hospital.

After everything was arranged.

Chen Dong and the others left the hospital under the close protection of the Chen Family Office and the people from the Southern Ming Branch of the Hong Society led by Li Qing Ye.

In order to cover their ears.

Even Li Qing Ye cleared the crowd around the three Chinese buses in advance.

There was even a shack built to block the view of the three Chinese buses.

Chen Dong and the others randomly boarded one of the CMBs.

On the other two CMBs, they arranged for the same number of people from the Chen Family Office and the Nanming Sub-door as them.

After making all protective measures.

The vast convoy finally drove out of the hospital and along the road, heading for the airport.

As the vast convoy drove onto the road.

Everyone’s heart was on the edge of their seat as they watched the surroundings with rapt attention.

Chen Dong was holding Gu Qingying tightly, at this angle, he could protect her at the first opportunity.

And the opposite side, Kunlun, did the same.

Fan Lu’s injury was not fatal, but it was still very heavy. At this moment, she was nestled in Kun Lun’s arms, but her brows were knitted together, her face was full of pain, and she was obviously holding back the pain from her body without making a sound.

This scene, Kun Lun all see in the eyes, the heart is very painful.

On the other hand, Elder Long sat aside, not paying attention to the crowd inside the car, but his eyes always searching the outside.

Gu Guohua and Li Wanqing sat with a grave and solemn expression next to Chen Dong and Gu Qingying, just across the aisle from each other.

The couple quietly glanced at each other.

They both saw a touch of determination in each other’s eyes.

Then, knowingly, they smiled.

“Young master ……”

Kunlun suddenly raised his head and said to Chen Dong, “If there is really danger on this road, perhaps the fact that your legs are not disabled will not be able to be concealed.”

Chen Dong’s expression was awe-inspiring.

The gazes of Gu Qingying and the others all fell on Chen Dong.

Even Elder Long, who was alert outside, turned his head back and looked at Chen Dong with a face full of resignation.

The fact that both legs were not disabled was a bottom card!

It was a bottom card that would minimise the pressure and persecution from Old Lady Chen and a host of other Chen family members before establishing the Chen family head.

It was also a card that could help Chen Dong completely save the day and turn the tide at Chen Daolin’s birthday banquet.

If it was exposed because of this incident.

For a period of time afterwards, the crowd would not only be facing the influx of killing machines from the major powers.

They would be facing the Chen family’s mad counterattack at the last moment, which was like a majestic mountain of killing intent!

Although the major powers had murderous intent towards Chen Dong, they would always be secretly afraid of the Chen family.

But when the Chen Family made a move against Chen Dong, it was truly without scruples!

Even if Chen Daolin’s great hand pressed across the Chen Family’s Council Hall, it would definitely not be able to suppress the monstrous killing intent of the entire Chen Family towards Chen Dong.

“Exposed it is.”

Chen Dong’s gaze shifted for a moment before smiling spontaneously, “No matter what happens, we must first get through the immediate crisis, right?”

At those words.

The crowd all looked despondent.

Drops ……

Just at this moment.

Outside on the road, a long and piercing horn sounded abruptly.

In an instant.

The people’s expressions changed abruptly.

Elder Long even hurriedly looked out of the window, and instantly the corners of his eyes bulged, “Young Master, a car is rushing in towards the inside of our convoy!”

It’s coming!

With Elder Long’s words, Chen Dong and the others instantly reacted.

Although they had already deliberately suppressed their voices and hidden most of their people for protection in the shadows.

However, the current convoy was still deliberately said to be vast.

There were still vehicles rushing into the convoy, who else could it be if not the killer?

“Husband ……”

The Gu Qingying in her arms immediately curled up into a ball.

As an ordinary person, experiencing life and death was already terrifying enough.

Not to mention experiencing the incomparably terrifying ten seconds in the ward earlier.

It made sense that it would have a psychological impact on Gu Qingying at this point.

“It’s alright, they’ll take care of it.”

Chen Dong soothed Gu Qingying, but inclined his head and looked solemnly at the windscreen in front of the Chinese bus.

The one they had picked was the front-most minibus, the remaining two disguised ones were at the back, and in front of this minibus, there were ten more escort vehicles.

By now the convoy had reached the airport road.

As far as the eye could see, the airport buildings could already be faintly seen at the end of the line of sight.

As long as they reached the airport, this fiasco would be over for the time being!

Chen Dong’s heart was a little tight and his expression was grave.

On the road.

A red BMW sped along as if it were red lightning, rushing into the long and turbulent convoy.

Dodging a car that tried to stop it along the way, it approached the three Chinese buses in a direct, brutal and rampant manner.

“Stop it, all of you! Stop them at all costs, even if it means crashing to death!”

Li Qing Ye, who was sitting inside the command vehicle, was in a frenzy at this point, his entire being in a state of frenzy.

The Hong Society’s Yuan Character Ancestor would be enough for the Hong Society’s Nanming Branch, to fill it with human lives.

That was how Yuan Yigang had explained it before!

Coupled with the status of the Chen family heir, in Li Qing Ye’s opinion, everyone in this caravan could die today, but Chen Dong must definitely be preserved!


Crunch ……

As a car sideswiped the red BMW, sparks erupted at once.

But, with a kick of the accelerator and a roar of its engine, the red BMW picked up speed and skipped right past the car, gaining momentum and rushing directly towards the CMB.

And within this short distance.

A rifle poked out of each of the red BMW’s three windows.

And then.

Ta-da-da-da ……

A rain of guns and bullets were fired wildly at the last Chinese bus.

In a flash.

Li Qing Ye, who was sitting inside the command vehicle, could even hear through the intercom the terrified screams from inside the middle bus.

Li Qingye’s body was tense, and his entire body had the urge to freak out.

Is the incoming power …… so fierce?

This kind of handwriting, really want to fill with human lives?

In the blink of an eye, the Chinese bus was swept into a hornet’s nest, only the speed did not slow down.

It was at this point that the bus was swept into a hornet’s nest.

At the back of the convoy, a louder engine roar sounded once again.

A Lamborghini, speeding like lightning, rushed straight into the convoy, blatantly rushing towards the red BMW that was feverishly strafing.

The onslaught was as fast as lightning.

Not waiting for the crowd to react.


The Lamborghini then crashed head-on into the red BMW.

With the low ground and the sharpened front end, the Lamborghini instantly burrowed underneath the red BMW with a powerful impact that lifted the red BMW straight out of the car ……


Chapter 808

Rumble ……

The red BMW that tumbled out did not stop immediately because of the inertia of the impact.

Instead, it tumbled along the road, sparks flying, and rolled a few more times before smashing heavily to the ground.


At the same time, the Lamborghini came to a halt in its place.


The scissor door opened.

The mysterious man, dressed in black and holding a half-sworded samurai shuriken glowing with bone-chilling cold, got out of the car.

The sun was rising.

The mysterious man exuded an endless coldness all over his body.

With half a short sword in hand, he straddled the middle of the road with a majestic aura and a shout.

“You guys go to the airport, here, I’ll do it!”

The convoy, which was about to come to a halt, slowly picked up speed again at this point.

Inside the Chinese bus.

Chen Dong and the others looked uplifted.

At this critical moment, the mysterious man had finally arrived!

“Someone has stopped the killer, everyone head to the airport at full speed immediately!”

Elder Long immediately barked orders to everyone through the intercom.

The crowd inside the car also breathed a sigh of relief at the same time.

Without the mysterious man’s brazen collision, the four killers inside the BMW just now would have had to make a long drive.

Even if they weren’t sure exactly which minibus they were in.

They could have been frantically strafed and searched quickly.

It would only take less than a minute to find the front-most minibus.

Chen Dong frowned at the mysterious man who was straddling the road with a majestic presence.

At this moment, the mysterious man standing majestically on the road had an aura of “a man who can’t be defeated”.

“He is still injured, can he really stop the four top killers with hot weapons?”

This was the thought in Chen Dong’s mind.

“Honey, can he really stop them?”

Gu Qingying in her arms poked her head out and asked the same question that Chen Dong was worried about.

A single word was spoken.

Kunlun and the others all looked grave and apprehensive to the extreme.

Especially Kunlun and Fan Lu.

They had seen with their own eyes the image of the Mysterious Man and the Iga Shinobi fighting.

Facing the Iga upper ninja, the mysterious man was only able to kill his opponent when he was injured.

But what if inside the …… car were four top killers comparable to the Iga upper ninja?

The car was still in the atmosphere of surprise that the killers had been stopped in the front foot.

As Gu Qing Ying asked this question, the atmosphere became abruptly solemn and grave.

Apprehension, worry and anxiety grew like wild gra*s, enveloping everyone.

“Never mind that much, as long as we run, the mysterious man should be able to run away even if he is undefeated.”

A touch of cold decisiveness emerged in Elder Long’s eyes and said somewhat helplessly, “If there is really a time when even the mysterious man cannot cope and needs to pay the price of death, we in the car unless the young master exposes that his legs are not disabled, the old slave and the weak Kunlun fight to the death, there might be a ray of hope.”

Said, the dragon old eyes coldly sweep outside.

“The Chen family office and the Hong Society’s Nanming branch, although they have gathered thousands of people for protection, these people, unless they come face to face with the top a*sa*sins and use the human sea tactics, are simply a rabble in front of the top a*sa*sins.”

“Those top killers would never give these people the chance to use human sea tactics.”

“What’s more, the people who want to kill the young master are not just the four killers who flipped the car, there are still more in the dark ……!”

An analysis that can be described as cold-blooded.

Even already vaguely have the meaning of regardless of the mysterious person’s decision to die or live.

But everyone, all can not refute.

Including Chen Dong, all like a lump in his throat.

The killers’ target was him, and as Elder Long had said, as long as they ran away, the mysterious man would still have a choice whether to fight or leave.

But if all of them stayed and exterminated the killers.

What would follow would probably be an even greater tide of killers revealing themselves to kill.


Chen Dong made an immediate decision, grimacing and dryly spitting out a word from his mouth.

Inside the car, there was silence.

The eyes of the people turned to look at the mysterious man on the road with Chen Dong’s word.

At this moment, the mysterious man with the knife had already started up.

Like a bloodthirsty god, he was in an unstoppable and fierce stance.

Holding a half-bladed samurai shuriken, he rushed towards the overturned red BMW at great speed.

The four killers inside the BMW, who had also come to their senses after a short moment of battered confusion, were now struggling to get out of the car.

One of the killers, who happened to be facing the mystery man, after noticing the mystery man rushing over.

He even decisively gave up on continuing to struggle to get out of the car and instead raised his rifle straight away.


In the nick of time, a cold light swept across the sky.


The dart struck the rifle, sending sparks into the air.

Under the tremendous force, the killer’s tiger mouth was in severe pain and the rifle flew out of his hand.

And at that moment.

The mysterious man had already reached the front of the car, wielding a half-bladed samurai sword, and blatantly fought with the other three killers who had already gotten out of the BMW.


Chen Dong witnessed this, his pupils tightened for a moment and he let out a low, inaudible, startled eek.

As the caravan moved forward at breakneck speed, the battle between the mysterious man and the four a*sa*sins in the line of sight gradually pulled away and became blurred.

It eventually disappeared from view.

“Hoo ……”

Elder Long sat back down in his chair again.

Feeling the odd atmosphere inside the car, he smiled bitterly, “Old slave is indeed ruthless and cold-blooded, but this kind of situation, the choice question, old slave still knows what to do.”

There was silence.

No one objected.

Even Gu Qingying’s pale lips only mumbled for a moment, not uttering a word in rebuttal.

Elder Long had already explained it simply and clearly enough just now.

At this moment, this kind of self-blame also revealed that Elder Long’s heart was not at peace.

No one wanted to blame Elder Long.

“If any more killers appear next, I’ll go.”

Kunlun suddenly said.

As soon as the words came out, everyone’s eyes looked at Kun Lun.

Fan Lu’s eyes all changed, even though she was snuggled in Kun Lun’s arms, but subconsciously, she tightened her grip on Kun Lun’s big hand.

Kunlun gently exerted himself and broke free of Fan Lu’s hand.

Then with a faint smile, “If another killer appears, someone has to stop it, you can’t expect a mysterious person to come out every time to decide to kill!”

“The third one will be the old slave.”

Without waiting for the crowd to speak, Elder Long took over Kunlun’s words with a determined expression, “With one life, stopping a wave of killers and fighting for a chance of life for Young Master, Old Slave is extremely honoured.”

Saying this, Elder Long looked towards Chen Dong.

Only with this look, the frank smile that had surfaced on his face disappeared abruptly.

As for Kunlun and the others, they had also noticed the difference in Chen Dong at this moment.

Chen Dong was holding Gu Qingying, his brow was furrowed and his expression was complicated, but his eyes were fluttering and empty.

It was obvious that he was dazed.

Just what was …… dazed at this time?

“Young master, there is no need to blame yourself, it was the old slave’s decision, not the young master’s.”

Long Lao felt that Chen Dong was in his current situation because of the word “go” just now, so he said in an open manner.

He knew that the young master was a man who valued these feelings the most, and it was indeed hard to feel bad when he had made such a cold-blooded decision.

Only, Chen Dong’s gaze flickered for a moment.

Gradually coming back to his senses, he looked up and shook his head with a smile, “I, I’m fine, I just can’t figure it out a bit.”

“What can’t you think of?”

Gu Qingying asked Chen Dong as she looked up.

Chen Dong rubbed his nose and smiled spontaneously, “No, it’s nothing, just be careful with everyone, the mysterious man shouldn’t be in too much danger, just like what Elder Long said, we are all out of the range of those four killers now, whether we fight or leave, it’s all up to the mysterious man.”