Winner Takes All Chapter 803-804

Chapter 803

Even if it hurts so much that he can’t breathe.

Chen Dong was also trying his best to suppress the sound of his speech.

Even if he was crying tears, Chen Dong bit his lips to death and did not make a sound.

Because he was afraid that Gu Qingying would find out, afraid that Gu Qingying would worry.

At times like this, he should be more like a man and stand in front of Gu Qingying.

Instead of crying and crying, standing in front of his woman like a child.

Long time.

Chen Dong’s emotions gradually calmed down.

Elder Long and Kunlun relaxed at the same time.

Because of this memory, the two no longer forced Chen Dong to remember the past to see if it would hide the secrets of his body.

Just like Elder Long’s words of comfort to Chen Dong.

As long as one could become better, as long as one could become stronger, as long as one could console Li Lan’s spirit in heaven.

Does it matter that much if the body hides secrets?

It didn’t matter!

As long as it was beneficial, it was enough.

Finally, Chen Dong calmed down.

Slowly bursting out of Elder Long’s arms, Chen Dong smiled somewhat awkwardly, “Sorry, I lost my temper.”

“There was no loss of composure, I am sorry young master, it was the old slave who arrived too late.”

Elder Long said with heartache and guilt.

If the old master had stabilized the Chen family earlier and allowed him to arrive at Chen Dong’s side earlier.

Perhaps …… young master’s memory should have been able to have a bit of colour in it, right?

To Chen Dong, Long Lao had always treated himself as a family slave.

But in the end, the age gap is there, he looks at Chen Dong with more of the doting and affection of an elder grandfather viewing a later grandson.

It could also be said that he was a friend from a forgotten age.

As Chen Dong cried his heart out, he was also heartbroken.

If Chen Dong’s memory was dark, he really wished there was a way to bring a little light to Chen Dong’s memory.

“Men don’t cry lightly, it’s just not the time to be sad, young master you have us now, no need to be holding strong, when I was your age, I cried much harder than you.”

Kunlun also spoke out to soothe.

Even if he had a period of years in his past, full of blood and corpses.

But he still couldn’t imagine how dark Chen Dong’s childhood was.

“I’ll go in first to keep Little Shadow company.”

Chen Dong smiled and got up as he was about to walk towards the ward.

Taking a step out, he stopped in his tracks again.

“It was my carelessness, I stood for a bit too long this time.”

Chen Dong shook his head and turned around to settle onto the new wheelchair placed next to the corridor bench.

This was the first one Fan Lu had gotten up after he came downstairs earlier, so that he could go downstairs in the wheelchair to find a doctor to dress and heal his injuries, without revealing so easily that his legs were not disabled.

When Chen Dong entered the ward.

Elder Long and Kunlun looked at each other.

“Young Master has endured too much on his own.” Elder Long said in a deep voice.

Kun Lun’s gaze flickered with some concern, “There is a limit to what a person can bear, not to mention the young master’s daoist heart planting demons, I am afraid ……”

“Let’s listen to God’s fate.”

Elder Long sat down despondently on his chair, “If the fate of heaven cannot be disobeyed ……”

After a pause, Elder Long looked at Kunlun.

Kunlun shrugged, “Then let’s see if we can join forces to shake the heavens together for the sake of young master?”

Said the man.

The two of them laughed together.

Inside the sickbay.

When Chen Dong entered.

Gu Qingying was the first to look at Chen Dong.

Her pale pretty face was filled with heartache, and not caring about her own haggard weakness, she then busily said, “Big fool, come here quickly, let me take a look at your injuries.”

“Don’t move, be careful of your body.”

A warm feeling surged in Chen Dong’s heart as he pushed the wheelchair to the hospital bed.

Gu Qingying hurriedly leaned over, and seeing the injuries on Chen Dong’s body, her whole body was indescribably heartbroken.

Gu Guohua and Fan Lu, who were at the side, also took in the scene.

The two of them glanced at each other and were about to retreat.

“Dad, Sister Xiao Lu, can you guys go out first?”

Gu Qingying said dryly.

Gu Guohua: “……”

Fan Lu: “……”

When the two left, they closed the door of the ward.

Gu Qingying raised her head and glanced at the unconscious Li Wanqing.

Then, only then did her gaze fall back on Chen Dong.

Chen Dong smiled gently and shrugged his shoulders, “It’s alright, these injuries aren’t a big deal, you can see that my movement isn’t affected at all.”

As he said this, Chen Dong also waved his hands and shook his feet in small increments.


Gu Qingying was the one who raised her hand and pressed it on Chen Dong’s left arm, gently pressing it down.

The pale and haggard pretty face was filled with seriousness.

Then, the white lips lightly opened.

“I know that your injuries are not serious, and I am not heartbroken about your injuries.”


Chen Dong froze.

The next second.

Gu Qingying slowly raised her left hand and gently brushed Chen Dong’s face, smiled and said in a gentle voice.

“I am heartbroken that my family’s big fool is crying.”

The gentle voice and whisper were the words that instantly caused Chen Dong to drift off.

At this moment, his heart, which had already calmed down, once again set off waves.

He grinned.

Warmth surged in his heart.

The gloom of a moment ago had vanished with Gu Qingying’s words.

Smiling as if he was a child, his head gently twisted so that his face rubbed twice against Gu Qingying’s hands.

Only then did Chen Dong say, “I’ve hidden it so well, but you still found out na?”

Gu Qingying smiled sweetly as her jade hand let go of Chen Dong’s face and her fingers gently scraped the bridge of Chen Dong’s high nose.

“Big fool! The little fool is not really foolish, the big fool can still tell if he is happy or not, if he is crying or not.”


Gu Qingying opened her arms and swept Chen Dong into her arms.

Gently said, “Big fool can cry, I am in, no matter how many things you have pent up in your heart, as long as you want to cry, little fool has to hug big fool, big fool is not allowed to cry alone behind little fool’s back in secret.”

“Because …… the little fool is the big fool’s wife, and the big fool is the little fool’s husband.”

Soft voice, warm as the wind.

At this moment, leaning in Gu Qing Ying’s arms, feeling the gentle rubbing of his back.

Chen Dong’s mind was more peaceful than ever.

It was as if everything that had happened in the corridor before had been smoothed out, no, it hadn’t happened.

“Thank you wife.”

Chen Dong closed his eyes and murmured.

Gu Qingying smiled gently and did not answer.

Instead, she gently, kissed Chen Dong on his forehead.

She knew.

Even if a man was strong, even if he was on top of the world, sometimes …… at a certain moment, he needed a woman’s soothing.

In her opinion, Chen Dong crying in front of her was not something to be ashamed of.

If your own husband, even the thought of pouring out crying to himself, then who is to blame?

Blame yourself for not doing your duty as a wife!

The husband is the wife’s harbor.

How is a wife …… not a husband’s harbor?

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you are doing.

My man, I want you to be instrumental and spirited outside, I won’t allow you to cry in front of outsiders and look like I, the wife, am not a wife.”

“I am crying to Elder Long and Kunlun.” Chen Dong said.

Gu Qingying blinked and smiled gently, “That’s fine, they are all family and everyone has the right to cry and confide in their family.”


Chapter 804

Throughout the night.

Chen Dong, Elder Long and Kunlun were all alternately guarding the entrance to the ward.

This was also the most physically efficient way to save energy.

Fan Lu, on the other hand, stayed in the ward the whole time; she was the last line of defence.

In the latter part of the night, Li Wanqing also woke up, and the doctor checked that there was nothing serious wrong.

As for the mysterious man, after finishing off that Iga supreme ninja and leaving injured, he never reappeared either.

From Kunlun and Fan Lu’s mouth, he learned what had happened.

Chen Dong was not surprised, he had fought with Iga Feijia and knew how terrifying the strength of Iga’s upper ninja really was.

However, he did have some understanding that when Iga Feijia fought with him, he should have been lightly defeated at first.

Otherwise, he would have been able to injure the mysterious man, but Iga Heijia, who was also a Shinobi, ended up dying at his hands.

At the end of the day, Iga Heijia should have come back to his senses, but the defeat was already sealed and there was nothing he could do to redeem himself.

Until the dawn.

The mysterious man finally appeared.

At this moment, it was also just as Chen Dong was on duty, while Elder Long and Kunlun returned to the other ward to rest temporarily.

“You killed Admiral Iga last night?”

The mysterious man asked in astonishment at the first words he spoke when they met.

Chen Dong nodded, “Iga Feijia.”

“Heh, he was lightly defeated.”

The mysterious man gave a laugh and said dryly.

Chen Dong had already expected this, and did not appear surprised by the words.

“As a fellow top ninja, if I hadn’t been gullible, I would have been injured, not to mention you.”

The mysterious man sat down on the bench.

Chen Dong cast a sidelong glance at the injuries on the mysterious man’s body, “Because you were injured, you gave up coming out?”


The mysterious man did not hide and directly admitted, “The situation is too dangerous, I am already injured, if I still stay in the dark, it will be difficult to hold on alone.”

“I let Sister Xiao Lu contact you to come out at the beginning.” Chen Dong said helplessly.

The mysterious man shook his head, “You don’t understand, in the shadows I have a freer way of moving and it also circumvents the risk of being exposed.”

“Not afraid.”

Chen Dong teased, “After all, you have been following me for so long and have been in full disguise, neither I nor the people around me know who you are, and no one else can probably see it either.”

“That’s not necessarily true.”

After a pause, the mystery man added, “Make it through today, return home early tomorrow morning, Nanming is not a place to stay for long, tomorrow morning I will go into the shadows and cover your departure, as for my safety, you need not worry.”


Chen Dong nodded his head.

The Bureau of Heavenly Killings could not afford to be half-hearted.

Even when retreating, he did not dare to take it lightly, and having the mystery man stay in the shadows and cover the retreat secretly was a way to keep a precautionary hand.

Otherwise, if there was danger on the way to the airport, the randomness would be too great.

The Chen Family Office and the Hong Society’s Nanming Branch, with a total of more than 1,000 people, could still surround the hospital without a drop of water.

But tomorrow’s evacuation, with thousands of people escorting them, would be too big a scene and too impactful.

What’s more, the real masters will not even think about these thousands of people.

“Go and rest for a while, I’ll keep watch here, I’ve rested all night, so a little work won’t be a problem.” The mysterious man said.

Chen Dong did not refuse.

This night, although he and Kunlun and Elder Long had changed shifts in three shifts, guarding the door of the ward, he had to concentrate and give his full attention at all times, so he was indeed very tired.

When Chen Dong entered the ward.

Only then did the mysterious man rub his nose, his gaze deepening as he glanced at the closed ward door.

Under the light, the side of his mouth slowly turned upwards, revealing an odd smile.


Compared to yesterday’s killing spree.

Today’s entire daytime, however, seemed extraordinarily quiet.

But Chen Dong and the others could not be happy.

There is always a period of calm before a storm, and the calmer the day, the more dangerous the night might be.

Looking outside, night fell.

Kunlun said in a deep voice, “I’m afraid it will be dangerous tonight.”

“Or maybe not.”

The mysterious man shook his head, “The major a*sa*sins are lurking in the shadows, they have all seen what happened to the Iga school, the hospital is obviously not the best opportunity to a*sa*sinate ……”

At these words.

Elder Long, Fan Lu and Kunlun simultaneously had a frozen expression.

Following closely, they said in unison.

“On the road tomorrow?!”

The mysterious man nodded his head.

“Tomorrow’s road is the best opportunity to a*sa*sinate.”

Chen Dong had already crossed paths with the mysterious man in the morning.

The two great Iga top ninjas had both folded their arms in the hospital.

It was undoubtedly a wake-up call to the other killers lurking in the shadows.

The killers could ignore the thousands of people protecting the hospital.

But they definitely did not dare to take the few people in this ward lightly.

Chen Dong slowly spoke, his tone gruff: “Within the hospital, we are protected by just this one ward, but on the road tomorrow, the people in this ward alone will be at least two cars for us.”

At these words.

Long Lao’s three people’s expressions sank.

Even the three members of Gu Guohua’s family had a change in their faces.

Even they had smelled the meaning of Chen Dong’s words.

Being in the same ward, all the attention was focused on this one house.

But when they got on the road, so many people were travelling in two cars, which meant that the attention now had to be split in two at least.

Not to mention, there is so much uncertainty when driving on the road.

The mysterious man exhaled heavily, “Don’t worry, I have already discussed with Chen Dong, tomorrow you will leave first, I will sneak into the shadows before dawn and cover for you secretly as you leave, as for how many killers I can leave behind, the final result will depend on the luck of us all.”

As he said these words.

The air in the ward seemed to freeze.

Everyone was anxious.

Anxious about the crisis that might arise tomorrow.

Even if there were mysterious people lurking in the shadows for cover.

But tomorrow …… who knows how many experts of the powers in the shadows will be spying on them?

Even if the mystery man is strong, he can never cover the sky with one hand and stop everyone.

Chen Dong’s right thumb and forefinger gently twisted.

Slowly, he spat out the words, “Elder Long, go and rent three buses tomorrow, we’ll get on one bus and the other two will serve as cover.”

“As you command Young Master!”

Elder Long’s eyes lit up, but then hesitated, “What about the Chen Family Office and the people from the Hong Society’s Southern Ming Branch, what are the arrangements?”

Chen Dong said, “Fifty people will accompany them, and the rest will follow secretly until the special plane takes off from the airport.”

He did not want to make a show of it, a convoy of thousands of people converging out and stretching out would be really loud and would attract unnecessary attention and trouble.

But it would obviously be unwise to abandon the escort of thousands of people altogether.

Such an arrangement was also a compromise he had come up with after thinking long and hard during the day.

As Elder Long clasped his fist in response.

Chen Dong swept his gaze across the crowd.

His tone was calm, but it was like a holy decree, so resolute that everyone’s breath caught and they could not refute it.

“Early tomorrow morning, once the crisis appears, I order you all to take Little Shadow’s safety as your first guarding task, as for me, I am listed third after my father-in-law and mother-in-law.”