Winner Takes All Chapter 801-802

Chapter 801

An epiphany?!

In the corridor, Elder Long and Kunlun were dumbfounded, as if they were looking at a monster, staring at Chen Dong with round eyes.

Controlling muscles, in itself, was a method chosen to switch directions when a martial artist’s martial realm entered a bottleneck and had difficulty breaking through.

This method was one that would allow a martial artist to explode into a stronger battle power to the maximum possible extent at the same level.

Of course, it is not true that only martial artists train to control their muscles after entering a bottleneck.

Even martial artists at higher realms will choose to train to control their muscles all the same.

Strength is built up little by little on the basis of a combination of qualities in all areas.

But whether one is at a bottleneck or a high level martial artist, training the control muscles takes an extremely long time, step by step, to find the best way to suit oneself.

Epiphanies do exist.

But more in terms of fighting skills, physique, and perception, etc.

And controlling muscles ……

It’s the first time I’ve ever heard of someone having an epiphany to control their muscles!

The long accumulated training, froze here in Chen Dong, a crisis point, directly completed!

“Young master …… will die for bragging.”

Kunlun exhaled a heavy breath.

He was able to perform the “Python Bird Swallowing Dragon” which relied on controlling the muscles on his waist and back.

Just by controlling the muscles on his waist and back, he had already surpa*sed many, many martial artists.

But Kunlun also knew very well that he had put in a lot of effort and time just to control the muscles in his back.

No pun intended.

If he hadn’t seen Chen Dong’s tricky method of controlling the few muscles he could control in his arms to push out other muscles, Kunlun wouldn’t have even put the systematic method of muscle control training into Chen Dong’s devil training routine.

Because before that.

Kunlun had always felt that Chen Dong’s level had not yet reached the stage of muscle control.

One of them was that Chen Dong had not entered the martial dao bottleneck.

The second was also that the realm Chen Dong had touched without entering the martial dao bottleneck was not yet at the level of controlling muscles.

But now …… young master F**king control muscles are starting to use epiphany ah!

“Really not bragging.”

Chen Dong solemnly said to Kunlun: “just now is so a moment, I have been in the darkness with my eyes closed, relying on listening to the sound to identify the position, broke Iga Feijia’s latent ninjutsu, Iga Feijia shady me, I was in the whole of my vision was white, only vaguely see his knife stabbed over, then the ghost will rely on instinct, forced to push the muscle of the left shoulder blade. ”


Just by instinct?

Chen Dong’s casual and relaxed tone fell on Kunlun’s and Long Lao’s ears, but it was like a thunderclap, shaking their eardrums to the point of severe pain, and also shaking their minds to the point of confusion.

The two men had huge waves in their hearts.

Even with their minds, it was difficult for them to remain calm at this moment, and they were breathing heavily and sharply.

They took a deep breath.

Kunlun’s gaze suddenly flashed and he stared at Chen Dong in horror: “Wait, are you saying that the corridor was already completely dark before Xiao Lu and I ran up here just now? No, no, no, I mean that at the beginning when you were fighting with the Iga flying armour, you were actually plunged into darkness and you did not rely on sight as a sense at all, but only on hearing?”

It was true that the corridor was dark when he and Fan Lu had caught up to the floor earlier.

But Kunlun and Fan Lu both took it for granted that the corridor had fallen into darkness a little during the battle, so they did not pay attention to it.

But now, hearing Chen Dong’s easy and casual account of what had just happened, he suddenly noticed the key point.

“Not really, at the beginning Iga Feijia didn’t think of breaking all the light bulbs, but then he wanted to have a quick battle, so he just let the corridor fall into darkness, so that it was convenient to bring the power of his ninjutsu to its fullest.”

Chen Dong pointed to the injury on his foot, “I also suffered several losses and narrowly avoided killing moves before I woke up to the fact that I could rely entirely on my sense of hearing.”


Kunlun couldn’t help but suck in a breath of cold air backwards.

At this moment, the former mercenary king, who was used to seeing mountains of corpses and blood, could hardly contain a look of horror and horror even when facing Chen Dong.

Chen Dong’s systematic devil training had been drawn up by Kunlun.

He was also certain that he had never contemplated training in this area of listening to voices.

In other words, Chen Dong had never trained.

And then …… this is considered an epiphany again?

One battle, two epiphanies?

A demon, right?

On the side, Elder Long was slightly better than Kunlun’s shock.

After all, he was able to detect some of it when it was all dark in the corridor and he was inside the ward.

However, the look Long Lao gave Chen Dong was incredibly complicated, with relief, excitement, and confusion ……

“The young master’s talent, with the old slave’s lifetime of experience, can be called the first person, just such growth is too sensational and out of the ordinary?”

This was the thought in Elder Long’s mind.

Even if he was Chen Dong’s household slave, even if his relationship with Chen Dong was as intimate as that between an elder and a junior.

Even if the higher Chen Dong flew, the more securely he could sit as the Chen family head.

These were all things that Elder Long wished to see, and were the biggest reason why Chen Daolin had sent him to Chen Dong’s side to a*sist him in the first place.

However, having personally experienced Chen Dong’s explosive transformation, which was like breaking out of a cocoon and transforming into a butterfly, Elder Long felt that this matter really did not make sense.

A few seconds later.

Chen Dong was really a bit uncomfortable by Kunlun’s and Elder Long’s stares.

He lowered his head and smashed his mouth for a moment, revealing a deep doubt.

“Actually …… you guys are not the only ones, I am also starting to wonder about this body of mine now.”

The tone was thick with sorrow and low.

This is not the first time that self-doubt has come up.

In this world, there was never a lack of geniuses.

But Chen Dong had never equated himself with a genius at all since he was a child, and everything he had shown himself was truly not a genius.

But this year of metamorphosis, he was truly stunned and bewildered.

This body, the shock it gave him, was too great!


Both Elder Long and Kun Lun looked Chen Dong’s body up and down.

Neither of them made a sound to break the quietness of the moment.

This was because like Chen Dong, both of them also had this same suspicion.

The rocket burst-like metamorphosis was not human, but nearly demonic.

The increase in Chen Dong’s strength, if attributed, could only be attributed to the body.

Just …… what secrets was this body hiding?

“Young master, has anything happened to you since you were a child that was so strange that it impressed you?”

Kunlun suddenly asked in a low voice.

“How so?”

Chen Dong asked in confusion.

Kun Lun shrugged, “Perhaps the secret is hidden inside, otherwise you would belong to a genius, but when I trained you at the beginning, your initial growth rate was indeed amazing, but it was not to the point of being a genius.”

Chen Dong’s heart and mind stared.

Immediately, he furrowed his brows and fell into contemplative memories…


Chapter 802

In the corridor.

Silence can listen to a needle.

Elder Long and Kunlun always restrained themselves and tried hard to maintain absolute silence.

They were afraid of affecting Chen Dong’s thoughts because of the slightest noise they made.

Time, slowly, pa*sed.

Chen Dong’s brow was sometimes stretched, sometimes tightened, and even a pained look would appear on his face from time to time.

The eyes also became more and more gloomy ……

Even, as time went on.

He also emitted a cold, biting coldness from his body.

It was as if countless sharp needles were stabbing at every pore all over Elder Long and Kunlun’s body.

This feeling became more and more intense.

Both Elder Long and Kunlun were slightly alarmed and confused.

When they saw Chen Dong’s body vaguely trembling, his hands clutching the bottom of the corridor bench, the veins on the back of his hands protruding as if they were earthworms.

Elder Long and Kunlun’s faces changed greatly at the same time.

“Young Master!”

At the critical moment, Elder Long made a split-second decision and stood up with an explosive shout.

The sound was like rolling thunder, echoing through the corridor for a long time.

Chen Dong’s body shook violently as he raised his head brazenly, looking at Elder Long in confusion and bewilderment, asking, “Elder Long, what’s wrong?”

It was only while inquiring that even Chen Dong himself did not notice.

His forehead was already covered with beads of sweat.

“Young master, what were you recalling just now?”

Elder Long asked in a panic.

Kunlun, who was beside him, also looked tightly wound, his heart palpitating.

Both of them knew about Chen Dong’s mind-planting demon, and the changes in Chen Dong’s emotions and aura just now were clearly progressing rapidly towards losing control.

If he had really opened the “seal” of the Daoist heart planting demon, it would really be a case of losing the chicken and losing the rice!

But, just remembering, to this extent?

“Just reminiscing about my childhood, how miserable ……”

Chen Dong squeezed out a smile, although he was smiling, the smile revealed an endless bitterness.

So bitter that it made both Elder Long and Kunlun, their hearts cut like a knife.

If the mere recollection of a childhood encounter could cause the young master’s mind to spiral out of control to the point of developing towards the Daoist Heart Planting Demon, how obscure should that childhood …… be?

It is important to know that the Chen Dong before there was a Daoist heart seeding demon was able to strongly suppress the irreparable damage caused by the shadows of his childhood.

But after the emergence of the Tao heart seeding demon, is equivalent to set a threshold in Chen Dong’s heart, a breakthrough of this threshold, that can be crazy demon.

Although this threshold is real, the upper limit is definitely not something that can be breached by what ordinary people encounter.

On the contrary, Chen Dong went in that direction after merely recalling his childhood ……

“Young master, your childhood ……” Long Lao’s eyes swished red and held tears.

“It’s the thought of stormy days when my mother and I were living on the streets and grabbing a biscuit with a stray dog.”

“It was the thought of New Year’s Eve, the night of the reunion of all the families, when my mother and I were both still just huddled in a rotten shack on a wintry day.”

“That was all when I could already remember, and before then, I just couldn’t imagine what my mother had gone through all alone.”

Chen Dong’s eyes were red and he smiled bitterly, “Oh yes, I started helping my mother earn money at the age of three, picking up rubbish, picking up an extra bottle would give me an extra point of income, and when I was five, just because of a mineral water bottle, I even got my leg broken and thrown straight into the rubbish ……”

As he spoke.

Chen Dong was smiling.

But tears just slid hard down the corners of his eyes.

Completely unable to stop!

Childhood memories, memories of every scene, are like knives like swords, plunging straight into the heart.

Obscurity doesn’t even begin to describe it, it was complete and utter darkness.

Every minute, it was as if it was dripping with blood.

“Young master ……”

Looking at Chen Dong, both Elder Long and Kun Lun had their hearts cut like knives and were dazed and lost in thought.

At this moment, both of them felt like they were being strangled, suffocating in a desperate way.

They wanted to comfort, but did not know where to begin.

One should not advise others to be kind without having suffered.

How can one persuade Chen Dong to let go of his suffering before he has done so?

For as long as I can remember, there has only been darkness in my memory.

Such a life experience would be difficult for anyone to bear.

Even if Elder Long was once an ancestral elder of the Hong Society’s Ming Dynasty.

Even if Kunlun was a former mercenary king.

Both of them had lived through life and death, lived in blood, were used to seeing mountains of corpses and seas of blood, that kind of experience was cruel and bloody.

But the memories are coloured after all, the mountains of corpses and the seas of blood are cruel and bloody, and it is only when they grow up and have enough tolerance that they go through it step by step.

But what about Chen Dong?

Everywhere the memories reach, all are scarred.

“So ah ……”

Chen Dong shrugged, raised his hand and rubbed his face, taking a deep breath: “Do you still blame me for blaming my father? Is it because you think that I took my ruthlessness towards the Li family in Kyoto for granted at the beginning?”

Elder Long and Kunlun were speechless.

To be able to merely reminisce tended to be on the verge of collapse of the Daoist threshold.

Such damage could really not be explained in a few words.

“If my father hadn’t left me and my mother for the Chen family’s headship, my mother and I wouldn’t have suffered the persecution of those scumbags from the Li family, wouldn’t have been out on the streets, wouldn’t have struggled for survival like stray dogs, and wouldn’t have had our legs broken and thrown into the rubbish because of a mineral water bottle ……”

Chen Dong’s face was full of depression, no, it was hate.

The kind of hatred that words could not describe.

It made both Long Lao and Kun Lun feel like a lump in their throats, not to mention speaking, even breathing, it felt like the air was rolling and burning the windpipe.

“But then again, I never gave up either, neither did my mother, she taught me that I must stand up straight and stride forward, so yeah, I listened to her ……”

Chen Dong kept taking deep breaths and also tilted his head slightly to try and stop the tears, only for the tears that flowed from my reddened eyes to immediately gush out again just after the front foot had been wiped clean: “When I could go to school, when I could walk into school like other kids, I was really grateful to my mum, she was the one who fought so hard to make sure I had the same experience as other kids. ”

“From the first day of school, I worked my a*s off, straightening up step by step, striding forward in the dark, and I thought na …… even if I was a stray dog, even if I was going to be a dead dog, then I had to be the best one in the stray or dead dog.”

“After work, I am also working hard, but then work hard and how? My mother fought to the last ounce of strength for me, and in the end her life was not as good as the bride price and wedding house of someone else’s brother’s wedding ……”

Tearing the heart out, it hurts to the core.

This moment.

Long Lao’s pale body shook violently.

In his reddened eyes, an unprecedented determination surfaced abruptly.

“Stop it, young master stop it, old slave understands, old slave can understand ……”

Long Lao took a step forward and stood to gather Chen Dong into his arms, rubbing Chen Dong’s back with a flustered expression.

It was as if a grandfather was heartbroken for his grandson.

Constantly rubbing and rea*suring.

“It will be fine, everything will get better, young master is excellent, young master is a genius, and young master will definitely not fail madam’s spirit in heaven ……”

The wailing, hoarse voice echoed down the corridor.

The spare Kunlun on the side, a man of iron bones, bleeding without shedding tears.

At this moment also quietly turned his head and looked to the other side.

Under the light, the eyes shimmered ……