Winner Takes All Chapter 799-800

Chapter 799


Inside the hospital room, Gu Qingying hissed and screamed.

In an instant, her face was pale and her heart suddenly clenched.

And Elder Long and Gu Guohua, at the same time, were furious, their faces grim to the extreme.

The entrance to the ward.

Blood splashed onto the ward door, a crimson red.

The long, slender samurai sword had viciously pierced through Chen Dong’s left shoulder blade, and blood gurgled along the grooves on the long samurai sword, instantly forming lines of blood dripping down to the ground.

This scene was extremely visually striking.

And in the corridor, the lift doors finally opened at that moment.

Kunlun and Fan Lu rushed out of the lift at the same time.

As soon as they saw the scene in front of the ward door, both of them were in a state of great shock.

“Young master!”

“Mr. Chen!”

Kunlun and Fan Lu immediately rushed towards Chen Dong like an arrow off the string.

“Your Excellency is mad for love, alone this, I, Iga Feijia, admire beyond measure.”

Iga Feijia’s face was covered in blood, and he was as hideous and terrifying as an evil ghost crawling out of hell: “Then, I ask you to die now!”

In a flash of lightning.

With his hands clutching his samurai sword, he was about to draw it and slash.

But the expected smooth drawing of the sword did not happen.

Instead, he encountered a resistance, as if the samurai sword had pierced through not flesh but rock, and was now embedded in stone.


Iga Feijia let out a startled cry, his face swooning.


But at that moment, Chen Dong raised his left hand, dropping the armrest of his wheelchair, and grabbed the samurai long sword directly above it with his empty hand.

Blood immediately flowed in his hand.

Chen Dong’s expression was incomparably grim, clenching his teeth and squeezing out a sentence from his teeth, “What qualifications do you …… have to invite me to death?”

Creak ……

There was a tiny sound.

The horrified Iga Feijia, however, caught the sound clearly.


In an instant, Iga Feijia sank his waist and stood on his horse, gripping his samurai long sword with both hands, and violently exploded out a dark energy that pa*sed along the long sword directly towards Chen Dong’s shoulder blade.


There was a snort.

The clothes out of Chen Dong’s shoulder blade were shattered.

The scene that was revealed, however, completely threw Iga Feijia into a state of trepidation and numbness in his scalp.

The muscles around the spot where Chen Dong’s left shoulder blade had been stabbed by the samurai sword were slowly squirming and clustering around the blade, like a pushing hand, all the muscles squeezing the sword to death.

With Iga Heijia’s strength, he naturally knew that this was Chen Dong controlling the muscles.

The initial hindrance when he drew his sword was the result of all the muscles piling up and squeezing the blade.

But knowing was knowing, witnessing a gnarled muscle writhing as if it were an animal was a very different kind of shock.

“You, have you reached the point of controlling muscles at your realm?”

In shock, Iga Feijia stared at Chen Dong angrily as if he had seen a ghost.

At this moment, his body was tingling, and with Chen Dong’s grim gaze gazing at him, it was as if his entire body had fallen directly into the depths of the nine ghosts in an instant.

There was even a blackness in front of his eyes.

With Iga Feijia’s alarmed cry.

Elder Long, as well as Kun Lun and Fan Lu who rushed closer in the corridor, all had a tremor in their hearts.

The next second.

“Give me death!”

Chen Dong suddenly opened his mouth and erupted a roar that was like a beast.

The lights shone brightly.

Chen Dong’s left hand was clutching the samurai long sword, letting the blood drip out.

His right hand, however, was gripping the armrest of his wheelchair and raising it bravely.

“Baka Yalu!”

Iga Feijia’s bloodied face was filled with fear, and in a flash of lightning, he made a split-second decision to let go of his samurai sword and drew back.

Under Chen Dong’s muscle control squeeze and left hand restraint, he knew that he would not be able to pull out the samurai sword.


Chen Dong, however, was like a man-thirsty beast, his feet running thunder as he directly bullied his way up.

Iga Feijia had already been seriously injured just now, and he was already fighting back from his death when he was able to pierce Chen Dong’s sword through the ward door.

As he retreated, his body was so weak that he was spinning around in the sky.

His speed was not on the same level as Chen Dong’s.


Time abruptly became slow.

The armrest of the wheelchair in Chen Dong’s hand erupted with an ear-piercing whistle and fell down brazenly.


The wheelchair armrest smashed into the top of Iga Feijia’s head.

Blood spurted out in all directions.

Iga Heijia’s footsteps stopped abruptly.

His features were disintegrating to the extreme.


Chen Dong did not stop, but his eyes suddenly flashed, as if he had thought of something.

He dropped the armrest of his wheelchair with his right hand and grabbed Iga Feijia’s neck.

As if dragging a dead dog, silently and swiftly as thunder, he dragged Iga Feijia out of the ward directly.

Iga Feijia was already seriously injured, and with Chen Dong’s killing blow, he was no longer able to resist in the slightest.

He was dragged out of the ward like a dead dog, as if his breath was in his throat.

“Finish him!”

Chen Dong casually threw Iga Feijia on the ground.

Kunlun and Fan Lu hesitated for a moment, but the two of them did not move, looking worriedly at the wounds on Chen Dong’s body.

“A small wound, it’s not a problem.”

Chen Dong shook his head.

When the light stimulated his eyes just now, it almost blinded him somewhat.

However, he blurredly saw the Iga flying armour bayonet coming and relied entirely on his instinct to make a slight dodge, allowing the slash that was originally aimed straight at his heart to be moved to his shoulder blade.

“Xiao Lu, go and find a doctor to treat the young master’s wounds, I’ll take care of it here.”

Kunlun returned to his senses and said in a deep voice.

Fan Lu nodded back and turned to head downstairs.

The entrance to the sickroom.

In the blink of an eye, Chen Dong was the only one left.

The samurai long blade on his left shoulder blade was still pierced through his body, but at the critical moment, he controlled his muscles to squeeze the samurai long blade.

This reaction not only prevented Iga Heijia from pulling out the samurai long sword just now, but more crucially, minimised the damage of the slash, to a minimum.

When Chen Dong turned around, he saw Gu Guohua protecting Gu Qingying in front of him, blocking all of Gu Qingying’s sight with his body.

Chen Dong was visibly relieved, and his expression eased a little.

The reason why he had even dragged Iga Feijia out of the ward during the final strike against him just now.

It was at the last moment that he suddenly reacted to the fact that Gu Qingying was inside this ward.

A cruel and bloody scene, he did not want to be seen by Gu Qingying.

With Gu Qingying’s ability to withstand.

Even a tiny bit of blood was no small stimulus.

Luckily, father-in-law reacted the fastest and finally blocked the bloody blow just now.

“Thank you dad.”

Chen Dong said from the bottom of his heart.

Gu Guohua looked appalled and grave, shaking his head but did not utter a word.

On the side, Elder Long looked at Chen Dong with a grave expression and a complicated gaze, and when his gaze fell on the warrior’s long sword on Chen Dong’s left shoulder blade, Elder Long’s gaze steeply tumbled as if it were a tsunami.

“Husband ……”

At this moment, Gu Qingying struggled out of Gu Guohua’s arms.

Seeing the blood on the floor of the wall, Gu Qingying’s face turned pale to the extreme.

When she saw the long samurai sword that pierced through Chen Dong’s left shoulder blade, she was even more pearly and her tears came out with a swish.

“It’s alright, I’m glad I didn’t scare you.”

Chen Dong said to Gu Qingying with an indifferent smile.

With that, he turned around and walked downstairs.

What had happened upstairs was not suitable for ordinary people to see, and even if the injuries were to be treated, it would be downstairs, not for Fan Lu to invite the doctor upstairs.


Chapter 800

It was late at night and quiet.

After treating the wounds and pacifying Gu Qingying and Gu Guohua.

Chen Dong then stayed in the corridor with Elder Long and the others.

Li Qing Ye had brought someone to clean the corridor thoroughly, and even re-covered the marks on the corridor walls as quickly as possible.

So much so that the air still carried the strong smell of plaster.

Upon learning what had just happened, Li Qing Ye’s entire body was scared silly and her face was as pale as paper.

Immediately, he knelt down in front of Chen Dong.

However, Chen Dong had no intention of blaming him, and even Elder Long and Kunlun did not feel the slightest bit of anger.

Because it was clear to all that whether it was the people from the Hong Society’s Nanming Branch or the Chen Family Office, the biggest effect of the fanfare surrounding the hospital was to act as a deterrent, to form a lo sieve, to sift out some stray fish.

And from the very beginning, Chen Dong, Elder Long and the others were ready to deal with an a*sa*sin of Iga Feijia’s level of a*sa*sination.

Elder Long, Kunlun, Fan Lu and the mysterious man in the shadows were the real defence force.

An expert of Iga Feijia’s level could easily break through, not to mention avoiding the defensive line formed by thousands of people from the Hong Society and the Chen Family Office, even if it was doubled.

Waiting for Li Qing Ye to leave.

Only then did Chen Dong, Elder Long and Kunlun sit down on the corridor bench.

Chen Dong had a cigarette in his mouth, and his left shoulder blade was wrapped in thick gauze, which was stained with blood.

And Elder Long and Kunlun also sat aside, holding their cigarettes.

The three men were silent, the light stretching their shadows across the corridor.

Only every now and then, Elder Long and Kunlun would steal a glance at Chen Dong with palpitations in their hearts.

The situation just now was indeed too treacherous.

A superior ninja had not only lured away the mysterious man, but also lured Kun Lun and Fan Lu away.

It was paralysis on Kunlun’s and Fan Lu’s part.

And as Elder Long, who had personally experienced the battle between Chen Dong and Iga Feijia, he had even more mixed feelings.

As a slave, in times of life and death, he was standing behind his young master, who was alone to meet the danger.

Even though Chen Dong had finally finished off Iga Feijia, that sudden return slash at the end made Long Lao’s heart feel tight when he thought of it at the moment.

When his gaze fell once again to the location of the wound on Chen Dong’s left shoulder blade, Elder Long’s gaze was gradually tightening and narrowing his eyes, his eyes becoming complex.


Chen Dong crushed out his cigarette and asked, “Do you guys know information about the Ninja Iga School?”

Ninjas, anyone knew.

Ever since Chen Dong grew up, he had learned about it through TV dramas and movies.

But the rendering of the TV dramas and the real existence in reality were obviously different.

The Iga school, he was not sure!

Kunlun’s eyes flickered for a moment and he said in a deep voice, “Young master, the Iga school is considered a holy sect in the category of ninja.”

“Saint sect?!”

Chen Dong’s heart was startled.

No wonder Iga Feijia was so disdainful when he heard about Dōbon Makoto.

As an upper ninja of a pilgrim clan in the eyes of all ninjas, his vision was naturally so high that he was smacking his lips.

Even if Dōbon Makoto was the 18th a*sa*sin of the Shinigami clan, in Iga Feijia’s eyes, he still did not care.

It was like the Chen family, who had never given a second thought to some local gentry, for a reason.

“Well, the ninja was born in that land of the sea, and over the long years many schools have been born, competing against each other, and while promoting the prosperity of the ninja category, they have also gradually formed high and low strengths and weaknesses in the ninja category.”

Kunlun spoke as if he knew these professional categories well, given the experience he had accumulated from his years in the mercenary ranks.

“Having developed to the present day, the highs and lows of the strengths of the major ninja are clearly distinguishable, and the Iga school, being a school that has prospered from ancient times until now, has become the holy sect in the eyes of all ninja.”

“Not only because the heritage has flourished for a long enough time, but also because the Iga school’s ninjutsu is indeed higher than most ninja schools, and even the examinations of the ninja world today are led by the Iga school every year.”

After a pause, Kunlun extinguished the cigarette burning out in his hand.

He said in a serious tone, “I am not deliberately boasting, nowadays, among the Iga school, just one of the upper ninja can be comparable to the head of some small ninja schools, and the establishment of a sect is just a matter of a wave of the hand.”

In the corridor, as Kunlun’s words fell.

It fell into an eerie silence.

Chen Dong’s gaze flickered as he secretly smacked his lips in shock.

The position of Holy Patriarch, dominating the ninja examinations, all of them were evidence of the Iga school’s loftiness and authority.

The battle with Iga Heijia also made him not doubt Kunlun’s last words in the slightest.

He had fought two shinobi, one Donbon Makoto and one Iga Heijia.

But the difference between them was really clear to see.

Even if Donbon Makoto was the 18th ranked super killer on the Hidden God of Death list, he was still a little less powerful than Iga Heijia.

With Iga Heijia’s strength, it would have been easy for him to leave the Iga school and start a separate sect.

The thing that confused Chen Dong.

Where the hell did this inexplicable ninja sect come from to kill him?

I didn’t have the time to go to the land of the sea and land and plow the ancestral graves of the Iga school, did I?

“Young master, the Blood Angels are actually similar in nature to the Iga school.”

Elder Long suddenly spoke up, his gaze profound.

Chen Dong was stunned and reacted.

The “nature” that Elder Long was referring to was obviously the inexplicable killing opportunity that the two forces had for him.

With the Blood Angels in front of him, the appearance of the Iga School now did not seem so unacceptable.

Rubbing his nose, Chen Dong smiled strangely and said to Elder Long, “Are you trying to persuade me that there are more debts than ticks?”

“Isn’t that what life is all about when it’s bitter and happy?”

Elder Long laughed helplessly.

Chen Dong and Kun Lun looked at each other.

Indeed, this was how things in the world were supposed to be.

If you don’t covet others, someone will always covet you somehow.

Wouldn’t it be too tiring if you were terrified at every step and had to immediately think of a reason for everything?

There was a pause.

Elder Long suddenly asked, “Young master, have you already learnt to control the muscles on your left shoulder blade early in the morning?”

As he inquired, he also raised his finger to point at the place on Chen Dong’s left shoulder blade.

The expression gradually became a little stunned.

In his mind, however, the scene from earlier came to mind.

The muscles were gnarled and bulging, as if they were alive, all wriggling and squeezing to pierce through Chen Dong’s long sword on his left shoulder blade.

This scene was indeed very visually striking.

At the sound of his voice.

Kunlun also looked at Chen Dong in dismay and asked, “I dare say that when Young Master used this tricky method of pushing and squeezing the muscles in both arms to force me to perform the Python Bird Swallowing Dragon, he had actually left some strength behind?”

He had indeed reserved his strength!

Chen Dong understood this in his heart.

However, he was clear about where the force he had left behind when he had forced Kun Lun to perform the Python Bird Swallowing Dragon last time had actually been left behind.

Under the shocked and puzzled gazes of Elder Long and Kun Lun.

Chen Dong shook his head, “No, it was in a critical moment just now, and it suddenly came.”


A thunderclap of words.

Elder Long and Kunlun instantly froze like wooden chickens, their jaws dropped ……

Is this an …… epiphany?