Winner Takes All Chapter 795-796

Chapter 795

A gruff voice echoed down the corridor.

These words came from Chen Dong’s heart.

When he had first faced Donoto Shingo, he had indeed felt death approaching at every step.

But this was a time and a place.

At that time and now, his strength had metamorphosed into more than just one grade of improvement.

With Chen Dong’s current strength, he could judge the approximate strength of his opponent with just one exchange of blows.

That one exchange of blows just now.

If he were to face Donomoto Shingo, Donomoto Shingo would definitely be able to dodge it as well, but it would definitely not be as slapdash and easy as Iga Feijia’s.

“Donbon Makoto is nothing more than a mere chicken and a dog ……”

Iga Heijia said disdainfully, “Your strength is really admirable to me, and no wonder the chief would go out of his way to send two top ninjas to carry out the mission.”


Chen Dong’s pupils shrank.

Suddenly remembering the battle that had just taken place in the small garden under the hospital, things suddenly became clear.

“A good move to transfer the tiger away from the mountain.” Chen Dong said in a deep voice.

Iga Feijia’s body slowly stepped back and took an arching stance, holding his long sword in his right hand in front and his short sword in his left hand at the back, his eyes surging with killing intent, “Your Excellency is also good at a move to conceal the tiger from the sea!”


The words had not yet fallen.

Chen Dong’s pupils instantly tightened to the extreme.

In his line of sight, the figure of Iga Feijia who was in an attack stance suddenly swayed from side to side.

Then, it …… disappeared out of thin air!


Chen Dong smacked his lips in shock, although he was not sure what exactly the status of the Iga school was, the scene of the Iga flying armor disappearing out of thin air in front of him was something he had seen countless times in movies.

This was the usual ninja trick!

But wasn’t this a deliberate effect of the film?

Does it actually exist in reality?

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh ……

In an instant, the corridor resounded with the sound of the wind whistling.

A cold and strong wind came in the face.

Chen Dong could not see exactly where the Iga flying armor was, but he could feel that it was rapidly meandering closer.

The feeling that death was approaching and his body was tingling was getting stronger and stronger.

Obviously, Iga Feijia was aware that he only had a short time to kill.

If he didn’t treasure the time he had gained by moving the tiger away from the mountain, he would end up putting himself in danger instead of succeeding in the a*sa*sination.

A flash of lightning.


Chen Dong’s expression froze.

A cold light suddenly appeared in the slanting air.

It was the result of the refraction of the samurai’s long sword by the light of the electric lamp.

Almost instinctively.

Chen Dong moved sideways.

But one foot had just been lifted ……


A sharp pain struck the raised left foot steeply.


Chen Dong’s face was grim in an instant, forcing himself to endure the severe pain, his left foot kicked out directly across the air.

Bang Teeny!

There was a muffled sound.

The wall that was originally flat was steeply twisted and creased.

There was a clatter ……

A piece of cloth that resembled a wall cloth slid straight down from the wall, and Iga Feijia, who was dressed in black, slid backwards with the cloth and directly slid out with his feet on the ground with a clatter.

“What terrifying fighting instincts!”

Iga Heijia let out a heartfelt sigh of admiration as he settled into his stance.

As an Iga supreme ninja, he knew clearly that under the ninjutsu just now, even a high-ranking martial artist would be in danger after a successful strike, and he could even manage to end the fight directly with another supplementary slash.

But the moment Chen Dong was injured, instead of retreating, he used retreat as an advance and kicked out directly, stopping his attack with a hard blow.

This was not forged from experience.

Rather, it was naked combat instinct!

It was as if most people, after taking damage, would instinctively dodge and run away.

Chen Dong …… did not!


Chen Dong staggered back a step, but ignored Iga Feijia, instead his eyes burned on the cloth that had slid down from the wall.

It looked like a simple piece of cloth, but it was the same as the wall.

Is this …… the real Ninjutsu?

At the same time, he exclaimed in shock and horror.

Chen Dong took a deep breath, turned around, and walked over to the half of the wheelchair that had been chopped in half.

Bang Teen!

With a kick, he kicked down the armrest of the wheelchair.

Chen Dong picked it up, then walked over to the other half of the wheelchair, and with another kick, kicked down the armrests.

Holding both armrests in his hands, Chen Dong waved them in the air.

Although they were not weapons, they could still be used as weapons, so they would be just fine.

Facing the Iga flying armour, he wasn’t arrogant enough to enter a white blade with his empty hands.

“Can you fight with impunity?”

The battle intent in Chen Dong’s eyes stirred like flames, and in an instant, his aura was like a monstrous tsunami, soaring up.

Iga Feijia let out a startled eek, with Chen Dong’s words out, he instantly had a feeling like falling into an ice vault, his body sweat hair standing up.

It was as if …… a person had changed abruptly before his eyes.

A boundless coldness and killing intent came rushing in.

That cold intent, permeated with extreme coldness, profound ……

It was also at the same time as Iga Feijia’s startled eek.

Chen Dong’s brows were tightly knitted, his left foot stomped the ground brazenly, his hands gripped the armrests of his wheelchair, and in an instant, like a running thunder, he rushed directly towards Iga Feijia.

The slash just now, although it had injured Chen Dong.

But the wound was not deep and only slightly affected his movement.

It was a flash of lightning.

Iga Feijia, however, did not dodge, holding a samurai long and short sword, his sturdy body burst out with unprecedented speed, as fast as lightning, and directly met Chen Dong.

Clang clang clang ……

As his body moved, large sparks erupted, as if they were silver flowers in a fire tree.

Chen Dong waved his two wheelchair armrests, bringing up streaks of shadow as he directly shook hard against Iga Feijia’s samurai long and short swords.

Both of them were extremely fast, both the wheelchair armrests and the long and short samurai swords brought up residual shadows, and if not for the sparks, it would have been difficult to catch the true trajectory of the weapons.

Inside the ward.

Gu Qing Ying curled up on the bed in fear, but her gaze remained worried at the closed door of the ward.

The sound of metal clashing from outside let her know that her man was experiencing life and death outside.

Elder Long and Gu Guohua’s faces were also grave and solemn.

The intense sounds of metal clashing outside, even if they had not witnessed it, were enough to imagine the intensity of the battle.

Every time the sound rang out, it was as if it was a heavy fist, hammering hard on both of their hearts.

Long Lao gripped his mobile phone tightly, and when he entered the house, he had already informed Kunlun and Fan Lu.

But in the time it took for the two to go upstairs, Chen Dong was still needed to face Iga Feijia alone.

His task, on the other hand, could only be to guard the three people in the ward, Gu Qingying.

It was easier to kill someone than to protect them, one active and one pa*sive.

He would be able to deal with Iga Feijia side by side with Chen Dong, but during the battle, once Iga Feijia’s mind changed and dealt with the three Gu Qingying, the situation would instantly become complicated and dangerous.

“Elder Long, can you go out and check on Chen Dong for me?”

Gu Qingying suddenly said, “I’m afraid that he’s in danger.”

Elder Long shook his head dryly, “The young master will be fine, and the old slave will also do his utmost to guard the young lady and Mr. Gu as a couple.”

The dry and decisive words did not give Gu Qingying the slightest room to manoeuvre.

The worry on Gu Qingying’s face intensified, her shellfish teeth clenching her red lips, and her hands clenched into fists as she hugged her knees.

Just then.

The sound of metal clashing in the corridor outside came to a screeching halt.

It was only a few seconds before and after.

As the sound of metal clashing disappeared, the nerves of Gu Qingying, Long Lao and Gu Guohua inside the house all tensed up.

Had …… already split the winner?


Chapter 796

The corridor.

The lights are bright.

The walls are full of sores, pits and dents, as well as slash marks, while the floor is sprinkled with thick wall dust.

Chen Dong stands tall, still holding the armrests of his wheelchair in his hands.

However, at this moment, the armrests were covered with slash marks and were trembling vaguely in the air.

Chen Dong’s body was also stained with blood. The stormy battle just now had caused him several stab wounds, but nothing serious.

On the contrary, the tiger’s mouths on both hands had been ruptured by the huge force of the battle just now, and were now gurgling and oozing blood.

Under the light.

Chen Dong’s cold face was stained with traces of blood, both his own and Iga Feijia’s.

His eyes narrowed into slits, emitting an endless coldness as he stared at Iga Heijia across from him.

Iga Feijia, on the other hand, was standing five metres away.

Compared to the knife wounds on Chen Dong’s body, his body had a few more bruises and swellings, seemingly easy wounds that could actually ripple inside his body.

Like Chen Dong, Iga Feijia’s hands, which were holding his sword, were also trembling gently, his tiger mouth cracked and blood gurgling.

The samurai’s long and short swords were riddled with gaping wounds.

Compared to Chen Dong’s coldness and grimness, Iga Heijia’s eyes were still shocked, even though his face was covered to the point where only his eyes were left.

The fighting techniques and systematic training methods inherited from the Iga family had made him far more powerful than ordinary Shinobi after becoming a Shinobi.

He had thought that the a*sa*sination was a sure thing.

But from the moment he met Chen Dong, he was in shock over and over again.

Chen Dong’s legs were not disabled.

The terrifying battle power that Chen Dong had burst out.

All these, were information that had not appeared in the slightest in his intelligence at the beginning.

A few seconds of stormy killing, but it was Iga Feijia, who had a feeling of fear and trepidation, and even a feeling that this mission was extremely dangerous.

The young man in front of him.

He gave Iga Heijia an unprecedented sense of fear.

It was a feeling like a man’s back, a feeling that entered his bones.

He took a deep breath.

Iga Feijia estimated the time in his mind, he knew clearly that this a*sa*sination did not have long at his disposal.

The fight in the small garden had been a deliberate breach by his companion, a deliberate attempt to divert the tiger from the mountain.

If the fight was not resolved soon, the situation would become more and more perilous.

“You’re strong, but you can’t stop your death.”

Suddenly, Iga Feijia exhaled a long breath from his mouth.

Almost simultaneously.

His left hand steeply fished out a handful of shuriken from his waist and scattered them directly into the air as if they were iron pearls.

Snapping and snapping ……

With a whistling sound, the darts shattered all the lights in the hospital corridor with unerring accuracy.

It was as fast as lightning.

So much so that Chen Dong had no time to stop it before his eyes were abruptly plunged into endless darkness.

“Is it time to use Ninjutsu?”

Chen Dong’s mind was frozen, squinting his eyes and doing his best to lock onto Iga Heijia’s figure in the darkness.

A moment ago, Iga Feijia’s jutsu had caused him to feel fear.

When the lights were bright, he was able to sneak up to him with a godly ghost and strike his blade, and now that the entire corridor was plunged into endless darkness, the killing power that that sneaky jutsu could cause would skyrocket infinitely.

But, in the darkness.

Even if Chen Dong did his best, he could only vaguely see the silhouette shadow of a figure of Iga Feijia five meters away.

The next second.

Silently, that sole silhouette figure, too, disappeared.

Silent, dark and secretive ……

The strong sense of oppression instantly gave Chen Dong a feeling of drowning and suffocation.

The surrounding silence was silent.

But Chen Dong’s body sweat hairs gradually exploded, he clearly felt the approaching death crisis ……

“Where is it? Where the hell is it?”

Chen Dong gripped the armrests of his wheelchair with both hands, frowned and squeezed his eyes, exhausting his eyesight to see the situation around him.

But all around him was nothing but darkness, nothing but emptiness.


Suddenly, a whistling sound of a knife slashing through the air exploded.

Chen Dong’s sweat instantly exploded, and almost instinctively he swung out the armrest of his right wheelchair.



There was a sharp pain in his right arm, and only then did his right hand feel the force of the knife on the armrest of his wheelchair, while sparks exploded.

Chen Dong let out a muffled grunt from his mouth.

But it was at the moment when the sparks erupted that he vaguely saw a figure.

Without hesitation, the muscles in his left hand rose up and in a flash, he gripped the armrest of the wheelchair and swept across it like a python sweeping through the air.


There was another sound of metal clashing.

Sparks erupted.

He vaguely saw the Iga Feijia vertical sword in front of him, drawing back and flying back, disappearing into the darkness again in an instant.

“If you fight like this, you’ll be lynched to death!”

Feeling the biting, stabbing pain in his right arm, Chen Dong’s mind instantly came to a verdict on the situation.

The thought had just risen.


The sound of the wind whistled in his ears once again.

He looked at the sound with all his eyes, but his eyes were still dark.

On instinct, he crossed his arms over the armrests of his wheelchair and blocked out.

At the same time, his feet slammed into the ground and he drew back.

But in the end, he was still a minute too slow.


The samurai’s long knife swept across Chen Dong’s stomach.

Chen Dong let out another muffled grunt as the pain struck him.

In the darkness, his breath became sharp and ragged.

Because of the pain.

And from the tension.

This time, it was good that while blocking, he also drew back and flew back, if he had merely blocked, the blade would have not just cut his flesh, it would have disembowelled him directly!

“Hoo …… hoo ……”

In the darkness, Chen Dong bowed and kept panting, his chest rising and falling violently.

Eyes squinting vainly, he kept squeezing his eyeballs in an effort to maximize his eyesight.

But in the endless darkness, the effect of his eyesight at this point was really minimal.

His body was covered in cold sweat, and he could even clearly feel every drop of blood from his right arm dripping to the ground.

But …… just couldn’t find the Iga flying armor!

The upper ninja latent ninjutsu, with the help of darkness, was at its best at this time.

It was as if this darkness was the mouth of hell that consumed the living.

Death …… is infinitely closer.

Rustle rustle ……

Suddenly, the sound of a knife slashing against the wall behind him rang out.

“Here it is!”

Chen Dong looked stern, instantly turned around and waved the armrests of his wheelchair with both hands, directly attacking like a wild storm.



In the darkness, there was a sound of a knife slicing through flesh.

The left thigh, instantly, was surrounded by pain.

Amidst the severe pain, Chen Dong let out an explosive roar and directly backhandedly swung the wheelchair armrest behind him.


In the darkness, a muffled grunt rang out.

But when he turned around again, there was no trace of Iga Feijia long ago.


A pin drop could be heard.

Chen Dong stepped back and leaned against the wall, so that he could reduce the number of enemies on one side and only need to concentrate fully on three sides.

It was pitch black in front of him.

Vision seemed to be lost in this moment.


Chen Dong suddenly breathed, and then laughed: “Since vision is useless, then why am I, still relying on it all the time? It’s better to be blind with your eyes open than to be blind with your eyes closed.”

As he spoke, Chen Dong slowly closed his eyes ……