Winner Takes All Chapter 793-794

Chapter 793

The silence can listen to a needle.

It was as if the sound of the wind had ended with the battle.

Kunlun and Fan Lu both had their scalps fried and their hearts in their throats as they looked in horror at the mysterious man and the ninja standing back from each other.

The battle had happened so quickly and ended so quickly.

Even the two were not sure who had won and who had lost.

Tick ……

Suddenly, a sound of water dripping down rang out.

This sound, in the dead silence of the woods, was like a thunderclap.

It also caused Kunlun and Fan Lu to snap back to attention at the same time.

The two of them arrowed towards the clearing directly.

As the distance closed in.

Kunlun’s and Fan Lu’s pupils shrank violently.

They clearly saw that the half of the short blade that the mysterious man had straddled in front of him was crimson and full of blood, and the sound of water dripping was exactly the sound that the blood made as it dripped off the blade and onto the ground.

The mystery man had won?

The two men wondered in amazement, their eyes simultaneously looking at the ninja whose back was turned.

And just as the two looked away.

The ninja’s body shook for a moment.

The bowed body jerked backwards, as if propping up a lazy back, and tensed straight in reverse.


In an instant, from the ninja’s abdomen, a fountain of blood gushed up into the sky, clattering down to the ground and the forest.

With a poof, the ninja fell to the ground, blood gushing from his abdomen, forming a pool of blood beneath him in the blink of an eye, the blood smell steeply thickened to the point of making people gag.

A real win!

Kunlun and Fan Lu looked uplifted.

Clang clang ……

Almost at the same time, the half of the short knife held in the mysterious man’s hand fell to the ground.

Both of them turned around at the same time and their faces once again changed greatly.

The mystery man’s right hand, which was holding the knife, had by now quietly stained his sleeve red, and the sleeve, which had been chopped off, just slipped into his hand and crumpled into a ball.

On the mysterious man’s right arm, there was a wound, and blood gurgled and dripped down the arm towards the ground.


The two men were horrified and hurried forward.

The mysterious man waved his hand, “I’m fine, you guys sort it out here.”

After saying that, he was about to leave. |The mysterious man

Kunlun, however, spoke up and called out to the mysterious man.

“Senior, the battle just now ……”

He knew that the mysterious man was injured and it was inconvenient to disturb him at this time.

But he really couldn’t help but ask his curiosity about the battle just now.

Because in Kunlun’s lifelong career as a mercenary, he had encountered many difficult, even life-and-death opponents, but without exception, he had not encountered an expert like the mystery man and the ninja.

In other words, the fight between the mystery man and the ninja just now was …… over the top for Kunlun!

Even Fan Lu, at this moment, looked at the mystery man, because for her …… was equally over the top.

“The realm is different, and so is the fight.”

The mysterious man walked up to a thigh-thick tree, raised his left hand, and pressed it against the trunk.

As Kunlun and Fan Lu watched, his left arm shook violently.

Bang Teen!

There was an explosive sound.

The tree trunk exploded straight through, sending wood chips flying about.

Kunlun and Fan Lu trembled at the same time.

The mysterious man’s hoarse voice slowly came out, “There is a difference between strength and power, when you can one day do what I did and shake the inside of the tree trunk into pieces, you will be able to see the battle just now.”

Kunlun and Fan Lu froze at the same time.

It was only when the mysterious man disappeared that the two gradually came back to their senses.

Looking at the tree trunk that had been shaken through, both of them had a sense of fear that sent chills down their backs.

With their strength, they could have easily broken the thigh-thick tree, not to mention breaking through it.

But the way the two of them struck was decidedly different from the mysterious man’s.

If the two of them had struck, they would have inevitably blasted the trunk of the tree with a loud and powerful blow.

But the mysterious man had just pressed his left hand against the tree trunk, and with a tremor of his arm, he had caused such a great destructive force.

The two men wouldn’t have been able to deliver such a force!

Shocked and appalled, the two of them were also in a trance to savour just how dangerous the push between the mysterious man and the ninja standing on the stone table had been.

A master who could exert force to such an extent.

The damage that could be done by even a seemingly gentle pushing of each other’s hands would be absolutely life-threatening!


The top floor of the hospital inpatient building.

Chen Dong was always gazing down from the window.

The distance was too far for him to see clearly.

But just now he clearly saw the dark woods, as if the lights were in full bloom, violently bursting out with a cold white light, and in a short time, bursting out with clusters of sparks.

But everything came and went as quickly as it came.

It was only a few seconds before and after, during which there were several roaring explosions.

The noise was not small at all.

Even though the darkness of the woods had returned to calm, Chen Dong’s gloomy expression did not tend to ease in the slightest.

Even from a distance, in those few seconds just now.

He also felt an unprecedented sense of oppression, even as if he was in that dark grove, and his bones were creepy.

“What the hell are those white lights? What was the battle in the woods just now?”

Chen Dong murmured softly, his drifting eyes gradually flooded with raging battle intent, as if they were about to turn into substantial flames spewing out, his eyes filled with longing.

If not for the fact that the situation was too dangerous, and that there could be killing opportunities everywhere, he would have had the urge to rush down and find out what was going on.

Even though he could not see the battle, he could still dimly perceive the horror of this brief battle.

If he could witness it first hand, it would definitely be of great benefit to his strength enhancement.

“Young master …… the battle seems to be over, Kunlun and Fan Lu should be back soon.”

Elder Long could see the raging battle intent in Chen Dong’s eyes, he had also seen the strange changes down below at the window just now, but he was still a little more old-fashioned compared to Chen Dong: “The commotion for those few seconds just now was quite loud, old slave has already ordered Li Qing Ye to take care of it.”


Chen Dong nodded, with the battle over, his heart settled down, but he was still curious about the battle just now.

Pushing his wheelchair around and glancing at Gu Qingying and Gu Guohua, Chen Dong said, “I will go wait for Kunlun and Fan Lu outside the door.”

“Old slave with you.”

Elder Long pushed Chen Dong towards the outside.


When the door to the ward was opened.

Chen Dong and Elder Long’s hearts twitched at the same time, and while their faces changed greatly, Elder Long even quickened his steps, pushing Chen Dong down the corridor and closing the door of the ward with his backhand.

In the corridor, there were some ninja’s shuriken bitterless scattered ……

As if stars were falling, they were scattered all over the place.

A shuriken was nailing a roll of yellow scrolls on the wall where the ward door slanted.

The atmosphere became abruptly stark and stern.

“Is this all the way to the door?”

Chen Dong stared at the scroll on the wall with a morose frown.

Immediately afterwards, he took a coin handed to him by Elder Long.


The coin flew out and struck the bundle of ropes on the scroll on the wall.

There was a clatter ……

The bundle of ropes broke and the scroll slid down in one smooth motion.

A few large words in iron-painted brushstrokes came into view.

“The Iga congregation, attend.”

It was also at the same time as these five large characters were presented.

Snap …… snap ……

The sound of unhurried footsteps suddenly appeared in the quiet and empty corridor ……


Chapter 794

The quiet corridor.

As the sound of footsteps rang out, it abruptly became murderous and bitter.

Chen Dong and Elder Long looked in the direction of the stairway entrance at the same time.

A figure was slowly pushing open the staircase door.

The movement was unhurried, as if he was walking idly, and a strong sense of confidence radiated from his body.

A lean man dressed in a ninja suit and wearing a mask that only revealed his eyes, slowly walked down the corridor.


The ninja walked towards Chen Dong and Elder Long’s side, without speed, but his right hand was slowly raised and clenched in a fist, placing it at the position of his heart, and said in a lame tone.

“I, Iga Feijia, the Iga superior ninja, have come to take your, life.”

As he stepped forward, even though his lame tone was kind and courteous, the majestic killing intent radiating from his body was overwhelming.

It made both Chen Dong and Elder Long feel like a man’s back, with sweat standing up on their bodies.

High hand!

In an instant, both Chen Dong and Elder Long came to a conclusion.

However, looking at Iga Feijia who was slowly walking, Chen Dong spared a quirky smile, “I am really curious, I have no enmity with you ninjas, why do you have to kill me?”

One by one, the hidden forces were killing Chen Dong in a way that Chen Dong hadn’t even figured out until now.

The Gu family, a once vanished clan, had a strong killing motive against him, which could perhaps be barely explained by its involvement with the Chen family.

But the Blood Angels, and the ninja Iga congregation that had now appeared.

These had never crossed paths at all before the encounter.

The a*sa*sination, for Chen Dong, was also nothing less than an unwarranted disaster.

“No comment.”

Iga Feijia said four words in a deep voice.

Chen Dong shrugged his shoulders, “Killing is just a headache, let me die, let me die before I die too, right?”

“The Iga school wants you dead, so Iga Feijia is here.”

Iga Feijia’s voice was low, and as he spoke, he was already no more than five metres away from Chen Dong and Elder Long.

With that, Iga Feijia stopped.

“It’s useless to talk about it.”

Chen Dong deflated his mouth helplessly.


Before the words left his mouth, Iga Feijia abruptly pulled out the long sword in its sheath.

The biting cold light steeply caused the murderous energy in the corridor to erupt to the extreme.

Elder Long’s expression was stern, and he was about to step forward.

A large hand, however, reached out from a slant and tugged at Elder Long.

“Elder Long, you go back to the ward, leave him to me.”

The cold, harsh voice sounded like a cold wind blowing out from the depths of the Nine Mysteries.

Long Lao’s expression changed greatly, looking down at Chen Dong in fear: “Young Master ……”

“I can do it, besides it’s just a delay to wait for Kunlun and the others to return.”

Chen Dong smiled confidently, Kunlun and Fan Lu were just downstairs in the hospital, it wouldn’t take long at all to get back to the top floor.

Even if he fought against Iga Feijia, it would only be a delay for a while, and when Kunlun and Fan Lu came back, the scene would be formed to crush.

“But ……”

Long Lao had a complicated expression and had to argue.

As a slave, this kind of life and death risk, naturally the slave should go first.

However, Chen Dong had a firm expression, “It’s fine Elder Long, I have grown up, I don’t need you to fight for me anymore.”

Elder Long’s expression was choked.

In a trance, he reacted to what Chen Dong meant by these words.

It was as if a hammer had suddenly struck his heartstrings, and for a moment, he had mixed feelings.

Elder Long smiled spontaneously, “Yes, Young Master has grown up, and is no longer the Young Master that Old Slave first met.”

“Guard the entrance and protect Little Shadow and the others.”

“As you command.”

Elder Long turned and went into the ward, closing the door behind him.

In the corridor, the conversation between Chen Dong and Elder Long just now had left Iga Feijia bewildered.

At this moment, the only exposed eyes were also narrowed, looking at Chen Dong with puzzlement and confusion.

“Is Your Excellency humiliating me?”

“What’s humiliating?”

Chen Dong raised his eyebrows and looked at Iga Feijia.

Iga Feijia’s gaze tightened at once.

He had been ordered to kill a disabled person, which was nothing to him, a ninja following orders, that was his natural duty.

But to kill a target who had so brazenly removed his only protection, did he really think he could resist from his wheelchair?

He was an Iga shinobi, and to be treated like this by a disabled man was, in his mind, ignorant and humiliating!

Just as Iga Feijia frowned and sulked.

Chen Dong laughed teasingly.

His voice echoed in the corridor.

“Or if you think that I am humiliating you by sitting in a wheelchair, then sorry ……”

As the laughter rang out, Chen Dong braced his hands on the armrests of his wheelchair and slowly stood up under Iga Feijia’s horrified gaze.

When he stood up completely, the smile on his face then disappeared.

In its place, there was an endless coldness and sternness.

“I’m sorry, this is not a humiliation to Your Excellency!”

“You, you’re not disabled?” Iga Heijia exclaimed, followed by a curse of “Baka Yalu”.

“Zhuge Kongming was in a wheelchair when he fought in battles, but who really thought he was handicapped?”

Chen Dong rubbed his nose and smiled playfully, “You should know Zhuge Kongming, right?”


Iga Feijia was furious, and his fury turned into killing intent, like a huge wave, and pressed directly towards Chen Dong.

Almost simultaneously.

With a long samurai sword in his hand, he charged directly towards Chen Dong with a cold light.

The wind whistled.

As Iga Feijia rushed towards him, the fierce wind pounced on Chen Dong, blowing his clothes hunting and rattling.

“Worthy of being a superior ninja!”

Chen Dong’s heart and mind were frozen, restraining all his carelessness.

He had been ravaged by the power of the ninja when he had first fought against Donbon Shingo.

Now that he was facing Iga Feijia, his opponent’s strength, at the very least, would not be lower than that of Donbon Makoto back then.

The next second.

Chen Dong’s body took a step back, his right hand directly grabbed the wheelchair, and with an explosive cry, he brutally and domineeringly smashed the wheelchair directly towards Iga Heijia.


Without dodging, Iga Feijia’s long samurai swords held high in both hands burst with cold light, whistling and humming as he cut the wheelchair in half with a blatant slash.

There was a bang!

The wheelchair split into two halves, each of which flew out in two directions.

Just as the wheelchair was cut in half, it flew out.

Chen Dong’s cold, stern face was already in front of Iga Feijia.

The biting killing intent made the pupils of Iga Feijia, who was caught off guard, suddenly tighten to the extreme.

“How quick!”

“Many thanks!”

Chen Dong coldly responded to Iga Feijia’s startled cry, and his right hand brazenly clenched his fist, like a python emerging from a hole, with a whistling sound, and blasted directly at Iga Feijia’s ribs.


Just as the fist was about to reach the side of Iga Feijia’s ribs.

At the same time, he quickly drew his samurai sword with his left hand and sliced his arm across the side of Chen Dong’s ribcage with determination.


Chen Dong’s face changed and he instantly withdrew his right fist, but he still felt the piercing coldness of the samurai sword that pa*sed against his fist.

In a flash of lightning.

Iga Feijia had already withdrawn and flown back to a place three metres away.

Chen Dong, however, stopped where he was and did not pursue him.

Looking at Iga Feijia, Chen Dong looked serious: “I have experienced a ninja a*sa*sin once before, the 18th on the Hidden God of Death list, but compared to you, it is not worth mentioning.”