Winner Takes All Chapter 791-792

Chapter 791

A tense atmosphere steeply filled the ward.

Long Lao raised his hand and pulled Gu Guohua to the corner beside him, turning to gaze morosely downwards.

And Chen Dong, too, put down his bowl and spoon and turned his wheelchair to the window.

It was already late at night.

It was no longer possible for anyone to walk in the small hospital garden.

As Chen Dong and Elder Long gazed, they looked down.

There seemed to be a cold light flickering between the green forest concealment.

It was only because the leaves were concealing the trees, so the cold light was also fading in and out.

“It seems to be fighting?”

Elder Long wondered in astonishment as his gaze looked towards Chen Dong.

He was after all old and his eyesight was not as good as Chen Dong’s.

Chen Dong looked solemn: “It is fighting, but it is a little strange.”

As he spoke.

His gaze locked with Elder Long.

The Chen Family Office and the people from the Hong Society’s Nanming Sect were all inside and outside the hospital, keeping watch.

Several of them were all on the top floor of this hospital again.

Then the person who broke out into a fight ……

“The mysterious man!”

Chen Dong and Elder Long exited almost simultaneously.

Elder Long immediately pulled the curtains shut as soon as he could, then turned around and headed out.

“Kunlun, go down and check immediately.”

“I’m with Brother Kunlun.”

Fan Lu immediately followed.

Elder Long did not stop.

Although it was imperative to guard Chen Dong and Gu Qingying.

But the battle that erupted below, if it was really the mysterious man and the a*sa*sin fighting against each other.

One more person going down would be one more help.

It was better to nip the killer in the bud as soon as possible than to let it arrive on the top floor of the hospital.

Chen Dong’s gaze turned around with a cold expression and slowly reached Gu Qingying’s side.

Seeing Gu Qingying’s face full of fear, Chen Dong gently squeezed out a smile and raised his hand to scratch Gu Qingying’s high nose: “Don’t be afraid, I’m here, sleep in peace, it’s okay.”

The words “I’m here” made Gu Qingying feel a lot more at ease.

However, she did not feel like sleeping.

Her expression eased a little, still the same as Gu Guohua’s, but her brow was always stretched.

There was silence in the ward.

Kunlun and Fan Lu, who had left the ward, rushed as fast as they could to the small hospital garden.

The night was as cool as water.

The night after a downpour of rain, even the wind had become a little bit harsh.

This small garden was isolated and was a place where the patients usually took a walk.

It was late at night and the place seemed much more secluded.

The shade of the trees surrounds it.

The only sound around was the rustling of the leaves in the wind.

“Brother Kunlun, could it be that the young master and the others are mistaken?”

Fan Lu said in disbelief.

If there was really a battle, it did make sense that it would be hard to be spotted in such a remote place, but now that they were both in this place, it would be strange if there was not even a movement from the battle.

“Search it, we can’t be careless.”

Kunlun, with the same frown, pulled Fan Lu deeper into the shade of the trees.

He and Fan Lu had the same doubts.

Let alone an expert at that level of the mysterious man.

Even if it was a battle between ordinary people, it would never be this silent.

But the situation today was so dangerous that he dared not be the least bit careless.

Last time at the Lijin Hospital, Chen Dong’s “cup and bow” had taught him a very vivid lesson.

If Chen Dong hadn’t made the insignificant decision of “a cup of wine and a snake’s shadow” in their eyes, the end of “Black Hand Aros” would have been a different story.

The wind whistled softly.

Kunlun and Fan Lu walked alertly, their eyes quickly searching their surroundings.

The trees were green and bushy all around.

The small gravel road winding through the trees was a little difficult to follow, and the few street lamps were only dimly lit.

Everything seemed quiet and normal.


In the silence, there was a sudden noise.

Kunlun and Fan Lu instantly looked aghast and locked onto a direction.

Both of them rushed towards the direction where the sound came from at the same time.

Rounding a corner, the picture before them opened up.

But after seeing the situation clearly, Kunlun and Fan Lu were stunned at the same time.

It was a place to rest in a garden.

A small stone paved floor, with a round stone table and a few stone benches in the middle.

And at that moment.

By the light coming in through the cracks in the leaves.

On the round stone table, there were two figures standing.

One of them was the mysterious man.

The other was masked and dressed in black night clothes, as if he were a ninja.

The two men were facing each other, standing on the stone table, but they were sinking their waists and standing on their horses, with their four hands on top of each other, slowly pushing and shoving, their wrists light as snakes, intertwining and wrapping ……

This scene left Kunlun and Fan Lu dumbfounded.

The mysterious man and the ninja on the stone table were obviously fighting.

But the commotion of this fight …… did not even look like a fight!

This feeling was beyond absurd.

By all rights, it could not have been discovered by Chen Dong and Elder Long who were on the top floor of the hospital.

Kunlun swept his gaze under the stone table and suddenly found a broken samurai short sword.

“Was it the cold light emitted from this broken blade that was seen by the young master and the others?”

Kun Lun reacted and his pupils tightened to the point of no return.

Both he and Fan Lu’s pupils tightened as they stared intently at the ‘battle’ taking place on the stone table.

Absurdity, confusion, disbelief ……

The two of them, despite their martial arts realm, felt incredible when they witnessed this scene.

A silent battle.

It was as if it was the morning practice of an old man and woman in a street park.

But knowing well the strength of the mysterious man.

Kunlun and Fan Lu both dared not underestimate the battle before them.

It was as if the mysterious man and the ninja did not notice their arrival.

No, I should say that even if they did, they had no time to care.

The two men pushed and alternated, wrapping and spanning, repeating themselves at a seemingly slow and gentle pace.

“Brother Kunlun, can you read?”

Fan Lu’s focused gaze became slightly drifting.

“It’s like a push from Yongchun, but ……”

Kunlun hesitated, “But it also seems too absurd to fight for life and death, and to do it to each other in such a pushing manner.”


The words had just fallen.

“Do you still have a sword that you don’t intend to use?”

The mysterious man’s teasing laughter suddenly sounded out, “If you don’t use it, you’ll lose!”

In a flash of lightning.

Kun Lun and Fan Lu’s bodies shook at the same time.

With the mysterious man’s words, both of them had a feeling of numbness in their skulls.

Almost simultaneously.

The mysterious man’s soft, shoving hands pushed directly towards the ninja, his soft arms froze and stirred up a whistling wind.

And at the same time as the hands pushed out.

The mystery man’s waist and horse sank violently.

Click ……

The round stone table cracked abruptly.

The sound just now, was the crack from the stone table?

Kunlun and Fan Lu suddenly realized.

The next instant.

Bang Teen!

The round stone table abruptly exploded into two halves and collapsed down towards the two sides.

An unusually calm battle seemed to have abruptly advanced from calm directly to a white-hot stage in this instant.

Bang Teen!

The mysterious man’s sheepish hands erupted with a burst of booms in an instant.

In a soft gesture, they swept past the ninja’s hands and landed directly on the ninja’s chest.


With an explosive sound, as the stone table collapsed, the mysterious man landed steadily on the ground, while the ninja was directly sent flying backwards five metres with a muffled grunt under the gentle push of the mysterious man’s soft palms.

After landing.

The ninja, however, bowed with his upper body and covered his right hand directly above his chest.


Almost at the same time, Kunlun and Fan Lu were struck by lightning, their faces changed drastically while sucking in a breath of cold air viciously.

With the faint light.

With their eyesight, they could clearly see that the ninja’s chest was sunken, incomparably oozing, as if something else had pierced the flesh from the chest and exposed to the air.

And the ninja who stood bowing was slowly dripping blood from his mouth.

It snapped …… to the ground, forming a pool of blood in the blink of an eye.


Chapter 792

Inside the woods.

There was silence.

The scene before them was like a heavy hammer that ruthlessly smashed into Kunlun and Fan Lu’s eyeballs.

They were horrified and appalled, not daring to believe.

One of the two men was a mercenary king who had once reigned supreme, and the other was a top a*sa*sin on the Death List.

The level of martial arts had long since reached the pinnacle.

However, the battle and the outcome of the fight before them still gave them an unparalleled shock.

In the silence of the battle, the opponent was severely injured.

How did …… manage to shatter a stone table with a seemingly feeble strike?

“You still have a sword!”

The mysterious man stood in place, his tone calm and teasing, but his chest was rising and falling violently.

Obviously, that seemingly peaceful fight just now had consumed him greatly as well.


The words had just fallen.

A sound suddenly sounded from the ninja who was bowing and spitting blood.

Kunlun and Fan Lu simultaneously changed their expressions.

The sound …… was the sound of a sword sheath machine expanding.

“You two back up ten meters!”

The mysterious man turned his head and his gaze fell morosely on Kunlun and Fan Lu: “If you have the intention, this blade of his, watching it intently, should help you two with your strength.”

Kunlun and Fan Lu did not dare to be slow.

Immediately, they stepped back ten metres away.

In the dimly lit woods, after backing up ten metres, only two figures could be seen in a blur, not really.

But neither of them dared to be careless, having witnessed the battle just now, and now the mysterious man had made a point of reminding them that if they did not retreat ten metres, I was afraid that something terrible would really happen.

The atmosphere, abruptly solemn, rose.

In the dimly lit woods, the ninja’s upper body slowly straightened up.

With his left hand, he suddenly pressed down hard on the depression in his chest, his left index and middle fingers gouging two broken ribs.

Ka …… Bang!

With a pull and a pressure, the originally sunken chest actually almost returned to its original shape.

This scene made Kun Lun and Fan Lu’s bodies tremble with sweat.

The same thing, the two of them were of a mind that could do it in a life and death danger.

But being able to do it themselves, and now witnessing this scene with their own eyes, were simply two very different feelings.

It did not diminish in any way the shock they felt witnessing this scene.

“Like this, it won’t catch your ribs either.”

The mystery man chuckled.

“But it …… will affect my next slash.”

The ninja’s body bowed slowly once more, and with it, his right hand slowly pulled the samurai longsword out of its sheath.

The sound of the blade scraping the inside of the sheath echoed through the deadly quiet and dim woods with a murderous intent that sent chills down one’s spine.


Finally, the samurai’s long sword swung into the air, and in an instant the coldness of the blade shone brightly.

A cold light, as the samurai sword was raised into the air, shot out in all directions.

At the same time.

The smile on the mysterious man’s face disappeared and was replaced by a gaze of concentration.

Slowly, he leaned down and picked up the short samurai sword with the hilt that he had shattered earlier.

He waved it twice with reckless abandon, bringing up a cold whistle of light.

Then, he slowly took a step back.

The half of the short sword in his right hand, the back of which slowly slashed across the tiger’s mouth of his left hand, was held in a blocking and defensive stance across his body.

With that.

In the woods, time seemed to freeze.

But Kunlun and Fan Lu, however, looked more and more grave and appalled.

With their realm, they could clearly perceive that in this brief stillness, the invisible killing intent was exploding like a mountain being pulled up from the ground.

A majestic and terrifying killing intent stirred in the woods.

It was as if it could shatter everything, all of it.

“This is perhaps …… the real sword and light, right?”

Kunlun’s body was a little tight, and he murmured out loud.

The invisible killing intent, as if invisible swords, rampantly stirred across.

In response, Fan Lu nodded in silence.

Both of them were at the peak of their realm, but at this moment, facing the scene in front of them, they still felt a sense of fear and trepidation.

That feeling as if they could be strangled by countless swords at any moment was like a large hand that pressed the two of them into the dust, and the eyes that looked at the mysterious man and the ninja were looking up ……

“Yaba Style God Chop!”

The ninja’s explosive cry exploded like a great thunderclap.

In an instant, it caused the silence in the woods to thump away.

With the explosive shout, the samurai long sword in the ninja’s hand slashed down brazenly.


The ground exploded into a cloud of smoke, completely engulfing the ninja who had slashed his sword.

Whoosh whoosh ……

At the same time, the sound of breaking wind was heard, causing severe pain to the eardrums.

A gust of wind suddenly appeared out of the smoke, sweeping in all directions and causing leaves to rustle and fall from the trees around the clearing.

A cold light also appeared out of nowhere, stirring the air, as if countless swords were being waved from all directions, reflecting a seeping cold light that made it impossible for people to feel their way.

“This is ……”

Kunlun and Fan Lu’s bodies shook and their faces changed greatly, as if they had seen a ghost.

Boom ……

In the next second, it was accompanied by a bursting sound.

An even more terrifying scene took place.

Witnessing this scene with their own eyes, even Kunlun and Fan Lu could not help but have their hearts and minds shaken to the core, and their hearts set off huge waves.

“Impossible, how could this happen?”

“This can’t be what a fleshly body can do, this isn’t martial arts!”

In the woods, Kunlun and Fan Lu’s shrieks echoed.

The wild wind howled.

Paths of cold light stirred the long sky.

Countless fallen leaves flew down, and as the wind blew, the smoke that rose up was like a long dragon surging directly towards the mysterious man who was standing still.

From Kunlun’s and Fan Lu’s perspective.

The eight samurai swords were like a blistering rain, bursting out with brilliant cold light, all falling towards the mysterious man in the middle.

But …… one ninja, how could it suddenly become eight?

The first thing that happened was that Kunlun and Fan Lu fell into an ice cave, their throats tightened and their minds went blank.

The lightning is in the air.

The mysterious man standing with his sword across his back finally moved.

The half of the short blade in his hand, in an instant burst out with blinding cold light, as if a large piece of light was in his hand, being he danced with the sound of the wind exploding like a dream, as if holding a shield of light, directly to meet the front.

Clang clang clang ……

Suddenly, the sound of metal clashing was like the sound of firecrackers, echoing through the woods.

Each time they struck, a shower of sparks erupted in the air.

One after another, they exploded as if they were fireworks.

Kunlun and Fan Lu were completely dumbfounded.

The cold light in front of their eyes kept flashing and sparks kept bursting.

The wind howled, blowing their robes.

But the two of them paid no attention to it, their eyes rounded, trying their best to see the battle clearly.

But all they could see was the mysterious man defeating eight men with one!

Fear, trepidation and shock were rare emotions that appeared in Kunlun and Fan Lu.

The two wanted to open their mouths to cry out in alarm, but it was as if their throats were being strangled by large hands, not to mention shouting, even breathing had become extremely difficult.

Clang clang clang ……

The swords clashed and the cold light stirred.


Suddenly, a cutting sound rang out.

The white-hot battle came to an abrupt halt.

The blinding cold light stirred and disappeared.

The howling wind also came to an abrupt halt.

The mystery man still stood still with his half-slashed sword, which he held across his chest.

The ninja, with his back to the mystery man, stood bowed and three metres behind him.

Time …… seemed to freeze again.