Winner Takes All Chapter 789-790

Chapter 789

In front of the hospital.

Quiet can listen to the needles.

One by one, the men of the Chen Family Office, in their suits, stood tall as if they were steel needles, their bodies exuding overwhelming majesty.

Gathered together, they formed a terrifying force that overwhelmed the whole scene.

All the onlookers, and even the doctors and nurses, were dumbfounded and frightened.

The large open space was only filled with the sound of wind and rain because of the arrival of this group of people.

Complex and horrified eyes were locked on Chen Dong.

At the same time, they were shocked and horrified, but deeply puzzled.

Chen Dong sat on his wheelchair and calmly spoke out, “Li Qing Ye will be in charge of the hospital’s periphery, Long Lao will directly take over the Nanming Chen family office, and members will be placed at various key points of the hospital’s main roads, monitoring them on all fronts.”

The voice was calm, but it was as if it was a decadent holy voice, permeated with a power that people could not refute.

“Yes, sir!”

“As ordered!”

Elder Long and Li Qing Ye answered at the same time.


The hospital director looked a little flustered and hurriedly called out to stop when he saw that Elder Long and Li Qing Ye were about to leave.

He walked up to Chen Dong, forcing himself to hold back his panic and said in a deep voice, “Mr. Chen, this is in a hospital, a public place, if you do this, it will affect other people.”

One word came out.

Li Qing Ye instantly revealed his impatience.

The young master of the Chen family and the ancestor of the Hong Society’s Yuanzi generation, these two identities alone were enough to shine with the sun and the moon.

The true dragon had descended on Nanming, and the scene before him was, in his opinion, far from enough for safety.

And now he has to consider whether it will affect others?

It was ridiculous!

If necessary, he could even mobilise all the forces of the seven sects near Nanming, at that time, one would trigger the whole body, what if tens of thousands of people arrived at the hospital and completely surrounded the hospital?

“As the head of the helm, I, Li Qing Ye, have been ordered to protect Chen Zu Lao, this is the supreme glory of the ancestral grave explosion, you don’t know the glory, yet you are thinking whether it will affect ordinary people? You are simply foolish and stupid!”

This was the thought in Li Qing Ye’s mind.

It was just that Elder Long, who was at the side, seemed to know what Li Qing Ye was thinking.

Without waiting for Li Qing Ye to say anything, Elder Long raised his hand and pressed Li Qing Ye’s shoulder.

Li Qing Ye was stunned for a moment.

The next second.

Chen Dong, who was sitting on the wheelchair, calmly said, “Dean, don’t worry, these people are here to protect me and my family’s safety, I will strictly restrain them and it will not affect the normal operation of the hospital.”

This was something that Chen Dong had expected.

The hospital was a public place, and defending it was indeed troublesome.

It was not possible to just impose complete martial law like in the Four Seals Club.

Nowadays, calling in people from the Chen family office and the Hong Society’s sub-doors meant more of a deterrent and a way to go through the lo sieve.

Having most of the members, disaggregated inside and outside the hospital, using the whole hospital as a roo sieve, sifting out dangerous and terrifying killers little by little.

The real means of defence, in fact, still relies on the few people who possess terrifying combat power, such as Elder Long, Kunlun, Fan Lu and the Mysterious Man.

When the “roo sieve” filtered out the killers, it was up to them to kill them.

At these words.

The dean was obviously relieved and said, “Thank you, Mr. Chen.”

After that, Kun Lun pushed the wheelchair towards the hospital.

Li Qingye was busy arranging the Hong Society members who surrounded the outside of the hospital, while Elder Long meticulously arranged the members of the Chen family office to various key locations inside the hospital.

The hospital staff, meanwhile, were busy pacifying the onlookers nearby.

In the corridor.

Chen Dong sat in his wheelchair, his expression cold to the core.

Behind him, Kunlun was also solemn, and the two were in the limelight as they walked forward.

The scene that took place in front of the hospital’s main entrance was such that even those inside the hospital could know who was the protagonist of the incident without going outside.

“Let’s hope it works, these two days, we still have to rely on you guys.”

Chen Dong rubbed his nose, his voice low and melancholy.

“Young master, don’t worry, everything will be fine.”

Kunlun rea*sured Chen Dong in a deep voice.

It was clear to everyone how dangerous it really was to stay strongly in Nanming nowadays in the face of the Heaven Killing Bureau.

But as Chen Dong feared, after Gu Qingying’s miscarriage, her body had not completely recovered, and now that she was in this condition, if she continued to toss and turn, it was very likely that Gu Qingying’s physical condition would be aggravated.

The damage caused by a girl’s miscarriage was no less than a major operation, and if there were any other injuries, the after-effects would be lifelong.

The situation at hand, everything from Gu Qingying’s body, even if it can not stay, it must be forced to stay.

“The necessary moment, perhaps ……”

Chen Dong looked engrossed and subconsciously grabbed his right leg with his right hand.

He had experienced the a*sa*sination missions of the Darknet Hidden Killers, so he understood better how dangerous the heavenly killing situation that appeared before him would really be.

When he had relied on Lord Meng’s wings and sheltered within the Four Seals Clubhouse, as well as his father’s security team, he had come perilously close time and again.

This time, if the Bureau of Heavenly Killing broke out, it would definitely be no less dangerous than that time back then.

Even if the a*sa*sin wasn’t a famous a*sa*sin on the Death List of the Hidden Killers Organisation.

But the killers sent out under the Blood Angels, the Gu Family …… and other behemoths would definitely not be much weaker than the killers on the Death List.

Kunlun’s eyes exploded with a brilliant aura and instantly reacted.

He said in a deep voice: “Young master, things are not as bad as you think, you calm down.”

The fact that both legs were not disabled was one of Chen Dong’s bottom cards.

It was used to turn the tide in three months’ time, and completely overthrow the opposition of the Chen family.

The fact that the Chen family’s oppression was now weakened by Old Lady Chen and other Chen family forces was largely due to the fact that Chen Dong had shown everyone the “truth of the matter” that his legs were disabled.

In the eyes of the Chen family, a person with a disability in both legs would put pressure on them, but not the kind of pressure that hangs from a sword and sticks in the throat.

Throughout the generations of the Chen family, there had never been a disabled person as the head of the family!

But if they were exposed in advance now, Kunlun could even foresee the situation they would be in for the next three months, which would surely continue for the entire three months of the God-killing situation.

“You know, the Chen family headship has a lot more importance in my heart than this.”

Chen Dong raised his head and looked at Kun Lun with profound eyes.

Kun Lun choked for a moment.

He knew what Chen Dong meant.

Quietly, Kunlun’s hands gripping the wheelchair’s pushing hand could not help but secretly power up as he said with an awe-inspiring and firm expression.

“With Kunlun here, we will never let the situation develop to the step that young master had anticipated!”

Chen Dong shook his head and laughed softly, but said no more.

It was his habit to make mental plans for all possible scenarios from the moment things happened.

When the worst is done, when the reality is really printed, only then can he cope with it in the fastest time and with the most stable mindset.

To take a chance on everything and think that God will look after you is not the mindset of a strong man, it is a sign of naked weakness.

Back to the ward.

Gu Qingying and Li Wanqing were still in a coma.

Gu Guohua was worriedly looking after them.

Fan Lu, on the other hand, was sitting against the door of the ward, her expression tightly screwed up.

When Chen Dong and Kunlun entered.

Fan Lu’s instantly harsh gaze fell in the direction of the doorway.

When she saw that it was Chen Dong and Kun Lun, her gaze also softened a few points.

“It’s all arranged.”

Chen Dong said calmly, “Hold on through these two days, and we will be able to return home in peace.”

The calm voice, however, caused the atmosphere in the already solemn and deadly quiet ward to become even more frozen.

Even Gu Guohua, who was worried, could not help but show a look of fear and apprehension ……


Chapter 790

The night is drawing in.

Inside and outside the hospital, silence reigns.

The pouring rain had stopped, but a thick haze still seemed to be hanging over the hospital.

The Chen Family Office and the members of the Hong Society’s Nanming Gate surrounded the hospital, both inside and outside, with a guard at three steps and a sentry at ten steps, giving people a strong sense of oppression.

You know.

During the day, the Chen family office was out in full force, but the people of the Hong Society’s Nanming Clan, led by Li Qing Ye, only had a hundred or so people in the “Qing Ye Teahouse” to arrive at the hospital at first.

As time went on, all the outgoing members converged on the hospital like a tidal wave.

By the time it was dark, all the members were in place.

This brought the number of people surrounding the hospital to over a thousand.

A headcount of more than a hundred was a sea, and a thousand people surrounded the asylum, such a sound was impossible not to be noticed in Nanming.

For a while.

There was no shortage of well-informed people who quickly scouted out Chen Dong’s presence in the hospital.

To the local gentry in Nanming, both the Chen family office and the Hong Society’s Nanming Gate were unattainable existences.

In the eyes of the gentry, they are both terrified of the great mountain.

Now even these two great mountains standing in Nanming have ignored the stormy public opinion and gone straight to the nest.

The person they are protecting in the hospital is undoubtedly a real dragon!

Those with a floating mind were the first to want to help and participate in the shelter together.

This is a credit that has been sent to their door!

If they can protect him in just two days, they will get more than they deserve!

No one who can be a member of a powerful family is stupid enough to be dull-minded.

But Chen Dong refused all the requests.

The hospital corridor.

There was a silence.

Only Chen Dong was alone.

This was also the reason why Chen Dong had asked Elder Long and Li Qing Ye to negotiate with the hospital, and had specially transferred the top floor to accommodate Gu Qingying and Li Wanqing.

A crowded ward was not enough to ensure safety.

“Chen Zu Lao, the four local Feng, Chen, Chu and Wei families in Nanming, those are the top gentry in Nanming, with their four families helping to guard them, the safety factor should also be greater, but you, but how come you gave all of them a refusal?”

Li Qing Ye was in a bit of a trance, his eyes full of incomprehension.

During the day, the major gentry handed in requests to guard together one after another.

The four great families, Feng, Chen, Chu and Wei, could be called the top most powerful families in Southern Ming, and were also the most weighty of all the powerful families.

On the contrary, Chen Dong did not hesitate to refuse.

This left Li Qing Ye bewildered, and at this point, he really couldn’t help himself.

“They are not worthy.”

Elder Long said four words, his face full of arrogance.

Not worthy?!

Li Qing Ye was stunned, and then his face turned blue and red.

It was already at this juncture, what did he care about being worthy or not?

The most urgent task was to gather more strength to get through these two days safely.

If you are a self-proclaimed identity, you should at least look at the situation, right?


Not waiting for Li Qing Ye to retort.

Chen Dong rubbed his nose and said, “Feng, Chen, Chu and Wei are the top four local giants, so they can indeed be considered a living force, but do you dare to use this kind of power that comes at will, Li Qing Ye?”

Li Qing Ye’s expression froze.

The words that were on his lips were suddenly swallowed back into his stomach.

“The matter is of interest, the major local gentry in Nanming have handed in requests one after another, only because they see that the Chen family office and your Hong Society branch have all come to guard the hospital, as long as the intelligence force of the gentry is stronger, they will be able to spy out a glimpse.”

Long Lao took over Chen Dong’s words, his gaze burning at Li Qing Ye: “They are only looking at the interests behind this guarding, coming under the drive of interests, when greater interests are placed before them, can you still be sure that they will not be driven to turn against them on the spot?”

“This ……”

Li Qing Ye was dumbfounded and lowered his head with a reddened face, “I’m sorry, I was inconsiderate.”

“Go on patrol.”

Elder Long waved his hand and let Li Qing Ye leave.

The only forces that could be fully trusted today were those of the Chen Family Office and the Hong Society.

On one side was the status of the family head’s own son.

On the other side was the identity of the ancestor of the Hong Society’s Yuanzi generation.

With the existence of these two identities, these two forces could be used without worry.

As for the rest, whether it was Chen Dong or Elder Long, there was always a feeling of insecurity in their hearts.

Fan Lu walked out of the room.

“Mr. Chen, Little Shadow has woken up.”

Chen Dong’s expression eased a little and asked, “Sister Xiao Lu, has the mysterious person been contacted?”

Fan Lu shook her head, “There is no news.”

“Well, I’ll go in and see Little Shadow.”

Chen Dong was not surprised, there had always been a one-way connection between the mysterious person and them.

The mysterious man could contact them at will, but at critical moments, it was as difficult as heaven for them to contact the mysterious man.


After the a*sa*sination last night, the Mystic was injured and was still lurking in the shadows at such a time, facing the a*sa*sins of the major powers swarming around him alone, which, in Chen Dong’s opinion, was obviously extremely dangerous.

By letting the mystery man go into the light for the time being, everyone would be able to look out for each other.

But now that he could not be contacted, he could only stop for the time being.

In the sick bay.

Gu Guohua was gently blowing the porridge water cold and feeding it to Gu Qingying.

Gu Qingying’s face is pale, her lips are dry and cracked, and she is so haggard and frail that it hurts to look at her.

On the other hand, Li Wanqing was still in a coma, but it was only a short time before she woke up.

“Dad, I’ll do it.”

Chen Dong entered the ward and took the bowl from Gu Guohua’s hand.

Gu Guohua did not refuse either, turning around and walking to the window, opening it a crack and taking a deep breath.

In this hospital, apart from the pungent smell of disinfectant water, the tension created by the Bureau of Heavenly Death made his breath feel sticky.

“Eat more, we’ll stay here for two days and then go home.”

Chen Dong, as Gu Guohua did, blew the thin porridge in the spoon to cool before carefully pa*sing it to Gu Qingying’s mouth.

“Actually, I should go back now, I, it’s nothing serious.”

Gu Qingying swallowed the porridge and said.

Chen Dong’s expression was solemn and he said in a deep voice: “What? Who was it that shouted in my arms early this morning that her belly hurt?”

Gu Qingying froze for a moment and then gave Chen Dong a scornful look.

She then lowered her head and drank the porridge honestly.

However, her eyes fluttered a little, and a warmth surged in her heart.

She knew that Chen Dong had made such a decision all because of her and her mother.

Kunlun stood guard at the door, while Elder Long stood by the window with Gu Guohua, but Gu Guohua did so because he wanted to get some fresh air, while Elder Long blocked Chen Dong and Gu Qingying with his body, acting as a protective barrier to block the view.

Gu Guohua felt a little more relaxed.

He was about to close the window now.

Suddenly, his movements gave a lurch.

The veins at the corners of his eyes bulged out abruptly and trembled lightly.

“Look guys, in the garden below, is there a movement?”

A deep voice.

Instantly, the easing and warm atmosphere in the ward was abruptly reduced to a bubble.

Everyone’s heart and soul instantly tightened ……