Winner Takes All Chapter 787-788

Chapter 787

After hanging up the phone.

Li Qingye’s entire body was in a state of shock.

It was not because the Seventh Sect could risk their entire lives for Chen Dong.

Genji generation ancestor, let alone the seven sects, or more sects to sacrifice all their lives, is also worthy and justifiable.

He was shocked …… that he could take control of the Seven Sects and act on behalf of the leader’s orders!

To him, this is the highest honor!

The other six sects near Nanming were not much different in rank from his one, Nanming, and everyone was on an equal footing.

But now, as soon as the moment of truth came.

He could leap to the sky and wave his hand to command all the helm heads of the remaining six sects, commanding the entire seven sects!

Such authority, unless one is specially given for great contributions to the Hong Society, is simply beyond the grasp of ordinary helmsmen.

“Hoo …… becoming a dragon and a phoenix all depends on this time!”

Li Qing Ye took a deep breath, forcibly suppressed the shock in his heart, and took big steps out of his room to marshal his strength.

He is not stupid.

After the initial shock, he calmed down.

Things came back to him easily.

The fact that the dragon’s head could give him so much power so simply meant that this mission was extremely uncomplicated.

Chen Zu Lao’s reaction just now also confirmed how critical things were.

With just two days to protect the mission, Li Qing Ye even foresaw that every second afterwards would be in a state of nerve-racking anxiety.

By being more prepared, he would be able to deal with any crisis that might arise in the next few days with greater ease.

Of course, he was also aware that the more dangerous the task, the greater the reward.

If it wasn’t dangerous, would Ancestor Chen show up to find him?

If it wasn’t dangerous, how else could he impress Ancestor Chen and pave the way for future promotion in two days’ time?

Three minutes was a short time.

But it was enough time for Li Qingye to mobilise all his strength in the Green Leaf Teahouse.

Chen Dong did not enter the Green Leaf Teahouse but waited at the entrance.

When the three minutes were up.

Li Qing Ye led the crowd out in a single file.

All of them braved the wind and rain and stood in a line on the open ground.

This scene immediately drew the attention of the tourists on the Old Street.

The next second.

Li Qing Ye said to Chen Dong, “Enlightened Ancestor Chen, the Southern Ming Clan is in a line of one hundred and twenty-eight people, and the remaining four hundred and seventy-two people will converge over as quickly as possible.”

With that, Li Qing Ye turned around, “I haven’t seen Ancestor Chen yet?”

The words fell.

One hundred and twenty-eight people, in unison, knelt down on one knee.

Loudly shouting.

“Greetings to Ancestor Chen!”

The sound was so powerful that it was deafening.

It was as if the wind and rain had come to a screeching halt at this unanimous shout.

The tourists on the Old Street were all dumbfounded.

Countless curious and shocked gazes all fell on Chen Dong at this instant.

“What’s going on? Just now the Green Leaf Teahouse asked us to leave for ten times the price difference, just for that man in the wheelchair?”

“Who is that man in the wheelchair? Does anyone know him? My God, what is the meaning of these people from the Green Leaf Teahouse calling him Zu Lao?”

“Holy Sh*t, this is a big scene, something isn’t going to happen, is it?”


Faced with the murmuring and exclaiming around him.

Chen Dong did not give a second thought.

On this trip, he had intended to travel in a low profile.

But in this Southern Ming, secretly the Blood Angels Organization, the Gu Family, and that one power, had long focused their fronts on him.

These ordinary people’s eyes, he would have nothing to fear.

“Set off!”

Chen Dong gave an order.

One hundred and twenty-eight people rose at the same time, neatly and in unison.

Li Qingye led Chen Dong into the head car.

Countless gazes watched.

Vastly, dozens of cars resembled a long dragon, driving against the storm towards the outside of Old Street ……

Outside the hospital.

As dozens of cars converged into a long dragon arrived.

At once, it attracted the attention of countless people.

Astonishment, curiosity, all kinds of eyes were locked on the convoy.

There were whispers and whispers all the time.

The vast motorcade pulled up on the side of the road outside the hospital.

Dozens of cars converged to form a long line, and the scene could not be described as spectacular.

Chen Dong got out of the car with the help of Li Qing Ye and the others and sat back in his wheelchair.

As several people got out of the car, dozens of Hong Society members in the cars behind them also got out.

The huge crowd of people walked towards the hospital.

At the entrance of the hospital, a large crowd of onlookers had already gathered.

But because Li Qing Ye and the members of the Hong Society were all dressed in suits and uniforms, they marched neatly and uniformly, as if they were a black torrent marching in the storm, forming a huge sense of oppression.

It gave everyone a feeling of tightness in their throats.

The onlookers who had been talking about the caravan were silenced.

Only the eyes of the crowd instinctively fell on Chen Dong, who was at the front of the procession, sitting in a wheelchair and being pushed forward by Li Qingye.

“Arrange this.”

Chen Dong sat on his wheelchair and spoke directly to Li Qing Ye.

The dark currents of the various powers in the Bureau of Heavenly Killing could not allow him to keep a low profile any longer.

As long as he could ensure the safety of Gu Qingying and the others, even if it was a high profile for all to see, he would not hesitate to do so.

With a wave of Li Qing Ye’s hand.

The rest of the members of the Hong Society, who were already familiar with the content of the mission, left only a dozen people behind, and in front of the hospital gates, as if they were divided into two floods, surrounded the hospital with great speed.

This scene instantly made the onlookers in front of the hospital gates tremble with fear.

My God …… what is happening here?

The hospital is a public place, how could this kind of situation occur in normal times when hundreds of people surround the hospital?

It took just a moment.

The hospital director, accompanied by doctors and security guards, hurriedly ran out and greeted Chen Dong and Li Qing Ye.

Without waiting for the dean to speak, a doctor exclaimed.

“Mr Chen, what do you mean by that?”

The doctor who exclaimed and asked was clearly the doctor who treated Gu Qingying and Li Wanqing.

“For the sake of my wife and mother-in-law’s safety, I am sorry to have troubled you all.”

Chen Dong said apologetically.

For safety’s sake?!

In an instant.

The dean and the doctors and security guards all looked in amazement at the crowd outside the hospital, which was streaming out towards the two sides.

Such a huge scene, just for the safety of his wife and mother-in-law?

“Sorry Dean, I’m Li Qing Ye from the Qing Ye Tea House.”

Just as the crowd was shocked and speechless, Li Qing Ye walked around Chen Dong and walked up to the dean and the others with a smile.

One word came out.

The doctors were still in a daze.

But the dean was horrified, and his eyes exploded with a brilliant aura.

As a dean, the level of exposure was in no way comparable to that of ordinary doctors.

In fact, in the whole of Nanming City, anyone from the upper cla*s knew that the “Green Leaf Teahouse” on Old Street was not a real teahouse at all, but a branch of the Hong Society!

After coming back to his senses, the dean smiled respectfully at Li Qing Ye, “Excuse me, Director Li, please come to my office, as the dean, I still need to understand clearly.”


Li Qingya smiled and nodded his head.

Just as the crowd was about to enter the hospital.

Another shocked cry rang out from the crowd of onlookers.

“Look, my god, why is there another caravan?”


Chapter 788


This cry of alarm was like water poured into a frying pan.

In an instant, it caused the onlookers, who had been silenced by the Hong Society members, to abruptly explode into a frenzy.

The shout of alarm was like a tidal wave.

It even drowned out the sound of the storm.

“What’s going on? Is something big going to happen at the hospital today?”

“A convoy rushed over and surrounded the hospital, and now another convoy, longer than just now, my god, is this a big shot coming to the hospital, or is there a big shot looking for trouble with the hospital?”

“Wait, could this be related to what happened to the Zhang family last night?”


The matter of the Zhang family being wiped out overnight, although ordinary people didn’t know the exact details.

But a car accident last night, after the onlookers present at the time verbally spread, overnight, has long been the streets and alleys everyone knows, this morning after everyone in Nanming woke up, the most talked about is the Zhang family.

At this moment, such a shocking scene took place in the hospital.

It was inevitable that some people would link this scene to what happened to the Zhang family last night.

Chen Dong and the others, who were about to walk into the hospital, also stopped in their tracks.

Hearing the crowd’s words that linked the scene in front of him to the Zhang family, Chen Dong’s heart was bitter.

In the end, it was really the God-killing situation that was implicated in what happened last night.

At the beginning, the Blood Angels were easily strangled in the dark by the mysterious people.

If the car accident hadn’t overthrown the Zhang family, the noise would have been too great.

At least for a short period of time, it would not have caused so many forces to focus on it, creating such a critical situation now.

“Ancestor Chen, you’ve enlisted the help of other forces?”

Li Qing Ye was filled with doubt as he pushed Chen Dong around.

“Indeed, I have found a force.”

Chen Dong rubbed his nose and said in a low voice, “Simply relying on the power of the Hong Society’s Nanming Sect is simply not enough to withstand this critical situation.”


Li Qing Ye had already expected that this time was not a trivial matter, but when he got the confirmation from Chen Dong’s mouth, his heart was also feeling differently.

When Chen Dong turned his head to look at the road outside the hospital, he saw a vast convoy of cars, densely packed, driving towards the hospital in the rain.

The show was even bigger than the arrival of the Hong Society members just now!

One glance at the long line of vehicles and it was impossible to see the end of it, at least a hundred vehicles!

It was as if they were pythons, marching towards the hospital.

Li Qing Ye, who was hesitating, suddenly saw a scene on the road outside the hospital.

In an instant, his body shook and his pupils suddenly tightened to the extreme.

The shock received was no less than that of the surrounding onlookers.

“This ……”

Li Qing Ye opened his mouth slightly, wanting to say something, but when the words reached his mouth, it was as if there was an invisible block, stopping his words from reaching his mouth.

“Mr. Chen, Director Li, what the …… hell is going on here?”

The dean could no longer remain calm at this point and said with a face full of panic, “Wave after wave of bouts, what the hell is going on?”

If he didn’t know Li Qing Ye’s true identity and had just learned from Chen Dong’s mouth what the gathering of people over was for, otherwise the dean would really have had an urge to collapse.

A hospital.

Hundreds and hundreds of people running over, what was this?

“For the safety of my wife and mother-in-law.”

Chen Dong spoke with some helplessness, but still said to the dean, “Sorry dean, the gesture is a bit big and has disturbed everyone.”

A bit …… big?

The dean and the doctors were all dumbfounded and their jaws were about to drop to the ground.

The hospital was surrounded by hundreds and hundreds of people, and this was just a little big?

This is so F**king big!

Who in the whole of Nanming could have pulled off such a huge show?

Just as the hospital was in a state of shock and disbelief.

A vast, unbroken convoy finally stopped at the side of the road.

Hundreds of cars, neatly and uniformly, opened their doors at the same time.

The wind howled.

The rain was pouring down.

But none of the crowd was holding umbrellas, instead they were all dressed in suits, not saying a word, lining up and striding towards the hospital.

A sea of people in suits, all together, like a sea of water.

In the midst of the storm, an invisible, murderous intent pressed across the hospital like a tidal wave.

This scene.

Even Li Qing Ye and the dozens of Hong Society members around him could not help but be secretly frightened, their scalps tingling a little.

As the distance drew closer.

The crowd within the hospital, which had been clamouring and shouting in alarm, also gradually quieted down and silenced once again.

“Elder Chen Zu, who exactly is this power?”

Li Qing Ye couldn’t help but be curious and asked out loud.

Chen Dong rubbed his nose and looked up at Li Qing Ye, “The people from the Chen family office.”


A shocking statement.

Li Qing Ye’s tiger body shook and a horrified look steeply appeared in his eyes.

In his mind, a terrifying thought fiercely emerged.

Just at this moment.

The voice of Elder Long suddenly rang out behind him.

“Young master, the office’s people have poured out.”

When the voice rang out, Elder Long and Kunlun had already run to Chen Dong’s side.

Young Master?!

Li Qing Ye’s tiger body shook once again, the thoughts in his mind, becoming clearer and clearer.

“Haven’t you seen the Young Master yet?”

With a command from Elder Long.

The hundreds of people from the Chen Family Office came to an abrupt halt.

The next second.

As if the autumn wind was sweeping away the wheat saplings, several hundred numbers of people simultaneously knelt down on one knee.

A majestic voice like thunder exploded in the hospital.

In the midst of the storm, it even overshadowed the thunder.

“Members of the Chen Family Office, pay respects to Young Master!”

Rumbled ……

The voice reverberated like rolling thunder, shaking people to their cores.

Everyone felt a sharp pain in their eardrums, and their bodies were even more hairy.

Li Qing Ye, on the other hand, had a sharp aura in his eyes.

His gaze scorched over the hundreds of people kneeling in the room.

Then, he landed his gaze on Chen Dong with incomparable fervour.

He exclaimed offhandedly, “You are the young master of the Chen family?!”

In Nanming, a host of powerful families were merely superficial beings that caught the attention of all ordinary people.

The real giants are hidden underwater.

It was as if the Zhang family that had been overthrown last night, even though it had been ranked third in the South Ming rich list, but the first and second, always scorned the Zhang family.

The fundamental reason was that behind the Zhang family stood the Chen family office, a lofty mountain.

In Nanming City, the Chen Family Office was the real leader and giant.

Otherwise, after Li Qing Ye had previously worked a busy night dividing and devouring the Zhang family, he would not have been lamenting the words that he could not make some friends as the head of the helm.

Only, the scene in front of him.

It was like a dream for Li Qing Ye.

The Hong Society’s Yuanzi Ancestor was actually also the young master of the Chen Family?!

As his thoughts gradually returned, Li Qing Ye suddenly breathed heavily and his neck thickened.

The entire person was in a state of exhilaration.

A Yuan Zi Generation Ancestor descending was already smoke from the ancestral grave.

Now this Yuan Zi Generation Ancestor was even the young master of the magnificent Chen Family that stood in the clouds, this …… D*mned my family’s ancestral grave exploded, right?

“Or what?”

Chen Dong smiled and glanced at Li Qing Ye.

Then his gaze looked towards the hundreds of people kneeling on one knee, and in an instant, his aura was as majestic and vast as if he was plucking mountains from the flat earth.

In everyone’s eyes, Chen Dong sitting in his wheelchair seemed to burst out with light, making it impossible to ignore.

“All get up.”

Chen Dong spoke calmly.


A single word came out like a holy sound.

Several hundred people rose in unison.

Even the simple act of getting up erupted into a roar ……