Winner Takes All Chapter 785-786

Chapter 785

The night rain did not stop.

Last night’s pouring rain did not tend to abate in the slightest until morning.

The destruction of the Zhang family in Nanming was nothing more than a sensational and shocking event for the ordinary people of Nanming, adding to the conversation for everyone who woke up this morning.

But for the upper cla*s gentry of Nanming.

Throughout the night, it was a carnival.

The head of the Chen family office, that backer behind the rampant South Ming of the third master Zhang, personally manoeuvred to divide everything in the Zhang family into tiny pieces.


And they, the gentry, simply swarmed in to get a taste of every piece of the Zhang family’s “flesh and blood”.

This is an opportunity, and a godsend!

The old streets of Nanming are a series of old buildings, somewhat dilapidated, but with a rich historical charm.

This is also a tourist attraction in Nanming City.

There is no shortage of netizens lingering on this street for photos.

In the middle of the old street, a teahouse called “Qing Ye Teahouse” is particularly popular.

Big pot stoves, curved spout pots.

On the eight immortal tables, a bowl of tea is served.

Every brick and tile, every detail, is dated.

But unlike the history of the past, today’s hot teahouse, the people seated at the Eight Immortals table, are all in modern fashion.

These visitors, who flock to the Green Leaf Teahouse incessantly, are there to experience the old generation’s covered bowls of tea.

Behind the teahouse.

The teahouse is a patio, and the whole building is in the shape of a zigzag.

The heavy rain that had been pouring down all night, along the tiles of the warped sloping roof, flowing like a curtain of pearls, dripping down to the patio floor, nurturing the lotus flowers and lotus leaves in the patio pond ……

The rain hit the lotus leaves and the lotus flowers were fragrant.

The patio is a little more quiet and comfortable than the hustle and bustle of the front room.

A middle-aged man slowly walked to the patio, facing the pond full of lotus flowers, looking at the rain falling like a curtain of pearls, a smile of relief appeared on his tired face.

“After a busy night’s work, the Hong Society has, on the contrary, appropriated a lot of the Zhang family’s properties.”

After lighting a cigarette, the middle-aged man pinched the bridge of his nose and laughed somewhat playfully, “This latent dragon of the Zhang family lies in Nanming, relying on the Chen family office to back it up, I guess the third master Zhang would never have thought in his death that the destruction of the majestic Zhang family overnight was actually due to a car accident of his son.”


While devouring the Zhang family’s estate, the major magnate powers had gradually spied out some details of last night’s storm.

A car accident had prompted the destruction of a powerful family.

It was a matter that was so absurd and ridiculous to say out loud.

But it was the truth!

“That person who can command the Chen family office should not have a low status in the Chen family, right? It’s a pity that such a true dragon has descended on Nanming and the Hong Society hasn’t noticed it in the slightest, it would be convenient for the Hong Society to develop in Nanming if they could make some friends.”

At that moment.

Stretching his back, the middle-aged man intended to go back to his house and take a nap.

A night of harvesting, it was only now that the major powers had finally finished dividing and devouring everything from the Zhang family.

A whole night of full concentration was an exhausting thing for anyone.

Just as he was turning around.

A young man hurriedly ran in.

“Helmsman, there’s someone outside to see you, from the Hong Society.”

The middle-aged man froze for a moment and turned around, puzzled, “From the Hong Society? If it was a member of the Hong Society from another sect coming over, there would be an advance circular.”

This was the Hong Society’s rule.

If it was a cross-border mission.

Between the various sects, there would be an advance circular letter, to respect each other and also to facilitate collaboration so that help could be provided.

The young man also looked strange.

He said with some hesitation, “Moreover, the other party’s status is not low, saying that they are of the Yuan generation?”

“Ye Zu Lao?!”

In an instant, the middle-aged man’s expression lifted and the tiredness and sleepiness on his face vanished.

His face was red and filled with excitement and ecstasy.

“Go, go, go, go, quickly follow me out to greet, Ancestor Ye himself is coming, this is the glory of our Southern Ming Hong Hui clan!”

The middle-aged man took big strides and was about to head outside.

But the young man’s words brought him to an abrupt halt, and the excited smile on his face was instantly gone.

“It’s a young man and he’s in a wheelchair, not Ancestor Ye.”

As a member of the Hong Society, Ye Yuanqiu was the only Ancestor of the Hong Society’s Yuan generation, and even the leader of the Hong Society had to give respect.

To put it politely, Ye Yuanqiu’s status was enough for members of lower generations within the Hong Society to come straight forward with their portraits and receive incense offerings from the younger generations.

The name of Ye Yuanqiu was unknown to everyone within the Hong Society.

“Young man?! Or a disabled person in a wheelchair?”

The middle-aged man’s face instantly became depressed and he sulked and said in a deep voice, “D*mn it, these days, who all impersonates my Hong Society? Get rid of him, forgive him once for being disabled, but if he still pesters, cut off his hands and throw him in the hospital.”

“As ordered.”

The young man clasped his fist and left.

The middle-aged man was disillusioned and murmured in disappointment, “If it were really Ancestor Ye himself, then this clan of mine in Nanming would have enough to brag about among other clans, but unfortunately, ah …… young man, an Ancestor of the Yuan Dynasty? Simply ……”

Halfway through the words.

The middle-aged man abruptly tiger body shake, face swooshing changed greatly.

The words that came to his mouth, swallowed back hard.


The Hong Society, apart from Ancestor Ye, really does not have a second ancestor of the Yuan generation who inherited down in line.

But …… a while ago, the leader seemed to have announced that the Hong Society had invited a Yuan Zi generation Ancestor in with a great gift?

In an instant, the middle-aged man’s body trembled as if he had been electrocuted, and his scalp exploded in a burst.

Without hesitation, he turned around brazenly and rushed straight out towards the outside.

At that time, the leader gave the order to the 3,600 gates, and as the head of the helm of one gate, he was naturally clear about it.

It was just that it was too sensational, and with three thousand six hundred sects, who would expect to see a new Yuan-zhi ancestor descend all day long?

So gradually the memory faded away.

But now, the man outside the door ……

“Never, never …… Sh*t, is the old man’s ancestral tomb smoking? Can’t wait for the Ye Ancestor to descend, really that with a big gift to invite into the Hong a*sociation of the ancestors of the Yuan generation to wait?”

As the middle-aged man ran wildly, his heart felt like a tsunami.

When the dragon head gave the order to the 3,600 gates, he did not specifically mention information about the new Yuan Zi generation Ancestor.

So the middle-aged man did not know whether the other party was young or old.

But the middle-aged man didn’t dare to bet!

D*mn it ……

If he P*ssed off the Yuan Zi generation Ancestor, the scene that happened to the Zhang family last night would immediately happen to him.

The only difference would be that the Zhang family would be completely wiped out.

The Hong Hui family would be unharmed, but he, the head of the helm, would definitely be chopped into meat and thrown into the sea to feed the fish and shrimp.

With apprehension and trepidation, he rushed to the front hall.

For running wildly, he attracted the attention of many people.

Not a few of them were members of this clan, and one by one, they revealed their horror.

Good heavens!

What had happened, why was the helm head so hot-headed?

When the middle-aged man rushed out of the Green Leaf Teahouse, he caught a glimpse of the young member who had just come in to report not far away.

In front of him, a man under thirty years old was sitting in a wheelchair with a cold expression.

“Get lost, or don’t blame me for breaking your hands!”

The young man’s voice was tinged with anger and no patience.

The middle-aged man’s heart fluttered at once.

He stepped forward.

His eyes were always on Chen Dong who had landed on the wheelchair.

Then, he saw that Chen Dong slowly …… pulled out a token from his arms.

At this moment, the middle-aged man’s head “rumbled” a loud sound.

His feet stumbled and he fell to the ground with a bang.


Chapter 786

Suddenly he fell down.

The sound immediately attracted the attention of Chen Dong and the young man.

Both of them looked at the middle-aged man at the same time.

The young man hurriedly walked over to help him, while not forgetting to snicker and say.

“Helm Head, this guy is really good at acting, he actually pulled out an identity token, what about the Yuan character generation, I’ve never seen one in my life.”



The middle-aged man slapped the young man across the face.

It smacked the young man dumbfounded on the spot.

The middle-aged man scolded in a deep voice, “Go kowtow and apologise!”

Even if he hadn’t confirmed the identity token yet, he didn’t dare to bet on it.

If it wasn’t alright, but if it was, an immediate kowtow and apology would obviously defuse the crisis to a minimum.

A kowtow apology from a member could be exchanged for the peace of mind of a possible ensuing extinction, so it was a good deal either way.

The young man’s face was full of doubt and confusion.

His face was hot and sore.

But being watched by the middle-aged man, he did not dare to retort and turned around to meekly walk towards Chen Dong.

He was a member of a lowly generation, and as long as the helm head was willing, he could decide everything about him in a minute.

Even if he had to kowtow and apologise, he had to do it.

“There is no need to apologise, the matter is urgent, you are the head of the helm of this clan, right?”

Chen Dong stopped the young man from apologising, he had made this trip originally to marshal the forces of the Hong Society and had risked coming out in the first place.

One more minute of lingering was one more minute of danger.

He was not yet too upset over a few impulsive words from the young man.

As he spoke, Chen Dong handed the Yuan character generation identity token to the middle-aged man.

The middle-aged man did not dare to be slow and took the token with both hands, turning it over with a solemn expression and identifying it carefully.

The solemn expression gradually turned into one of horror.

This token, really!

The next second.

The middle-aged man directly fell to his knees and kowtowed to the ground in fear and horror, “Head of the Hong Society’s Southern Ming Helm, Li Qing Ye pays his respects to Ancestor!”


The young man, who was frozen beside him, was like a thunderbolt from a clear sky, and his body instantly went numb.

While looking terrified, he even felt a blackness in front of his eyes.

The weakness of his three souls and seven spirits leaving his body made the young man’s body almost rotten, and he directly fell to his knees on the ground.

“Ancestor, I’m sorry, it’s my mistake, it’s my sin.”

Snapped ……

While apologizing in fear, the young man even dryly and decisively swung his own slap fiercely.

“Li Qing Ye? Very well, I’m Chen Dong, I won’t blame you for what you just did, but now you have to do me a favour.”

Chen Dong ignored it, he was really in a hurry.

“Ancestor, but say no harm!”

Li Qing Ye kowtowed to the ground, not moving a muscle.

At this moment, it was as if his scalp was about to explode.

The fear and panic was no less than that of the young member who was ruthlessly slapping himself on the side.

Ancestor of the Yuan generation, that was the only existence of the Hong Society.

Even the leader of the 3,600 sects had to give deference to him.

In the eyes of Chen Dong, he was like a god, and in the eyes of the Ancestor of the Yuan Dynasty, he was no different from an ant.

“Immediately mobilise the entire strength of this sect of the Green Leaf Teahouse, pour out your nest and protect me for two days.”

Chen Dong said calmly.

“Pour out your nest?!”

Li Qing Ye suddenly looked up with a startled expression.

Chen Dong asked, “Is there any problem?”

“No, no, no, Ancestor Chen Dong is an Ancestor of the Yuan Dynasty, so of course he is able to mobilise the entire power of this sect.”

Li Qing Ye was busy explaining, “However, junior still wishes to inform the headquarters of this matter.”

“That’s fine.”

Chen Dong nodded and raised his right hand with three fingers, “I need you to complete the notification in three minutes, and the mobilisation of forces, and follow me to the hospital.”

“As ordered!”

Li Qingye’s heart finally settled after he was sure that Chen Dong would not blame him for his offense just now.

What replaced it was uncontrollable ecstasy and impulsiveness.

Instead of waiting for Ancestor Ye, he had waited for the newly promoted Ancestor Chen.

It’s still two days to protect the Ancestor …… This is really a heavenly opportunity!

If within these two days, the performance can enter the eyes of Ancestor Chen, from now on, his road to promotion will turn into a prosperous one.

As the helmsman, Li Qing Ye was extremely clear about how much power a word from the Ancestor had in the Hong Society!

“Helmsman, there are still so many people in the teahouse now.”

The young man trembled as he followed behind Chen Dong, his face somewhat pale as if he had just walked out of a ghostly gate.

“Spend the money to invite all the guests out, you go and gather everyone, I will inform the headquarters, remember, this time is a chance for our one clan, for you, for me and for everyone, it is a chance, the one outside, is a real ancestor, an existence that even the dragon head has to respect.”

Li Qingye’s face was full of red and his heart was surging.

The young man was not stupid either, and naturally reacted to the deep meaning.

He nodded vigorously before he went to busy marshalling his men and horses.

The scene just now.

There was no shortage of members who had witnessed it, and all of them were still in a state of shock.

Because Li Qing Ye was the head of the helm, in their eyes, they had basically never seen such a disoriented reaction.

It wasn’t until the young man spread the news out that all the members were thrilled!

Li Qing Ye dragon-stepped and quickly returned to the back hall.

He did not take the lead in contacting the Hong Society headquarters.

Instead, he went straight back to his bedroom.

There was an incense place set up in the bedroom.

Two spirit tablets were enshrined on it, which belonged to his parents.

With a poof!

Li Qing Ye knelt down on the futon, with hot tears in his eyes, and said excitedly, “Mom and Dad, my son has made it big, thanks to Mom and Dad’s blessings in heaven, thanks to the ancestral graves rising in smoke, Chen Zu Lao’s personal presence, and allowing my son to protect him for two days, this is a task of supreme honour, please bless Mom and Dad and the ancestors of the Li family, so that my son can perform well this time.”

Bang, bang, bang!

Three heavy heads in a row, knocking and smashing on the ground.

With hot tears in his eyes, Li Qing Ye got up in excitement, and only then did he contact the Hong Society headquarters.

Three tones later, the call was answered.

Li Qing Ye’s voice regained its calmness: “Li Qing Ye, head of the Southern Ming Clan’s helm, informing the leader that Chen Dong, the newly promoted Ancestor of the Hong Society’s Yuan Zi generation, has descended on the Southern Ming Clan and has mobilised the entire Southern Ming Clan to protect Ancestor Chen for two days.”

A purely informative report, without the slightest intention of requesting a decision.

For he was clear.

What the Yuan Zi Ancestor decided, the leader’s opinion really didn’t have much sway.

However, considering that it was a newly promoted Ancestor, this was why he thought of informing the Red a*sociation headquarters, otherwise if it was Ye Yuanqiu, he could have even skipped the informing.

“Wait a moment, the Dragon Head has an order for you.”

On the other end of the phone, after dropping a sentence, there was nearly a minute of silence.

By the time a voice rang out from the phone.

Li Qing Ye could not help but look in awe and straighten his back a little.

It was because the voice was coming from the Hong Hui leader.

“Chen Dong has arrived at your place?” Yuan Yigang asked in confusion.

“Yes Dragon Leader, Ancestor Chen has even deployed my clan to protect him for two days.”

“Hmm ……”

Yuan Yigang hesitated for two seconds before he said, “If he can open this mouth, he must be in big trouble, Li Qing Ye listen to the order, follow Ancestor Chen’s order, at the moment of necessity, you can summon the entire strength of several nearby sects in Nanming, under your command alone.”

“All of them nearby?”

Li Qing Ye was horrified, “Dragon, Dragon Head, the number of Hong Society Sects in the vicinity, together with the Nanming Sect, there are seven Sects in total, are they really all under my command?”

“Yes, to lead the seven sects, the order of the Dragon Leader is feasible!”

Over the phone, Yuan Yigang’s resolute voice was like a bolt from the blue.

Li Qing Ye was completely stunned ……

The order of the Dragon Leader?

This is a power that can influence the life and death of the seven sects!

In other words, when it comes to that moment, the words of the leader mean that the seven sects under his command must all risk their lives for Chen Dong ……