Winner Takes All Chapter 783-784

Chapter 783

“Didn’t you not say that just now?”

Chen Dong was a little confused.

“Just now it was because I was afraid that it would be too late to talk to you more.”

The mysterious man pushed Chen Dong, his footsteps flying, “I packed up at the back and saw that there was still time, so I went to inform Elder Long and Kunlun of the truth first, and they will tell you later.”

When he arrived at the door of Elder Long’s room.

The mysterious man did not knock on the door, but pushed the door and walked straight in.

Obviously, he had arrived at Elder Long’s in advance.

After entering the door.

Elder Long and Kunlun got up at the same time.

With a grave and solemn expression, he said, “Young Master.”

Because Kunlun and Fan Lu had never yet pierced through that layer, this tour was also a room for Elder Long and Kunlun.

“You two tell him what’s going on, I’m going to run some errands.”

The mysterious man said gruffly, suddenly his face changed and he coughed violently.

Immediately afterwards, under the stunned gazes of Chen Dong and the three of them, a trace of blood dripped from the corner of his mouth.

“You’re injured?”

Chen Dong asked urgently.

The mysterious man, however, shook his head with a profound gaze, turned around and left.

When the door to the room closed.

Kunlun stepped forward and pushed Chen Dong to the edge of the sofa.

While Elder Long leaned back on the sofa, he rubbed his face a little tiredly and apprehensively before speaking slowly.

“Things are tricky, the commotion last night was too big and exposed the whereabouts.”

Chen Dong was not surprised, last night’s incident had directly extinguished the Zhang family, the richest man in Southern Ming.

This matter, although under strong suppression, ordinary people could not tell who they were even if they witnessed it with their own eyes and without knowing it.

However, among the local gentry in Nanming, as long as they used some power and inquired, it was absolutely impossible to conceal.

Chen Dong had expected this point to be revealed.

“Last night the mystery man disappeared and disappeared because the a*sa*sin from the Blood Angels organisation was secretly blocked at the time of our car accident, and later because of the destruction of the Zhang family, one organisation after another was rushing over as fast as possible.”

Elder Long pointed to the closed door of the room and said in a low voice, “The mysterious man was blocking the killers of those forces, and the injuries on his body were also sustained during the blocking process.”


Chen Dong sucked in a breath of cold air backwards.

Elder Long’s words were short, but the meaning was already extremely clear.

It was obvious that their tracks had been exposed not long after they had arrived in Nanming.

The a*sa*sin from the Blood Angels who had rushed over first had been secretly solved by the mysterious man, at around the moment of the car accident.

And subsequently, he flipped his hand and caused a storm in Nanming.

This undoubtedly exposed him completely to the light of day.

It drew the attention of other forces, who came as fast as they could.

It was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for all the forces to leave their base camp and come to Nanming, which was 10,000 miles away, so it was strange that they were not crazy about it.

Before they left, Chen Dong and his team had all taken this into consideration.

So even the itinerary of the special plane had been deliberately concealed, but to their surprise, things still turned out to be bad.

No, it was extremely bad!

The mystery man had been missing last night, just to block the killers that were swarming from one force to another.

Only, the real reason that made Chen Dong suck in his breath was that …… the mysterious man was injured!

He was actually injured!

The strength of the mysterious man, he had never explored the upper limit.

But judging from the sleight of hand that had killed the Jiang family traitor in the mountains and forests, the mysterious man’s strength was definitely the only one among the experts Chen Dong had ever seen.

It was the only person who, in his mind, could match his uncle, Chen Daojun!

Even the mysterious man had been injured, so how intense and vicious had the battle with the a*sa*sin last night been during the secret battle?

In a trance.

Chen Dong suddenly understood why the mysterious man had lost his temper so much, urging him to go home as if he was on fire.

In Nanming, isolated and helpless.

The only thing he could rely on was the Chen family office that had just purged the competent Ma Chong.

And this little reliance was too weak and feeble in the face of the killers of the major powers.

Going home was the best option now!

On his turf, Din Tai, Zhou Yanqiu, Zhou Zun Long and even Lord Meng, who holds the power, can all work for him.

The corner of the land where the family was located would be even more solid.

It was just like when the gra*s was always greener after an a*sa*sination mission was issued by the Li family of Kyoto in the Darknet Hidden Killers.

At that time, the situation was even more brutal.

But he was the one who was able to bore his head in one fell swoop and zap his way straight into Lord Meng’s Four Seals Clubhouse, receiving the highest level of protection.

Now, in Nanming, there was no such means of manoeuvring for protection.

“Pack up and prepare for the return journey home.”

Chen Dong exhaled a heavy breath.

He was not of an indecisive nature.

When it was time to make a decision, he would not be disrupted by it.

This trip out was intended to give Gu Qingying a break.

But now, with the sword of the hanging beam above his head, his feet were on the edge of a ten-thousand-foot abyss.

And when there is more than one hanging sword above the head, it is time to make a choice immediately.

Life …… is important!

“Old slave has already prepared after listening to the mysterious man just now, the special plane has also been arranged, just waiting for young lady and Mr. Gu to pack up, they can leave immediately.”

Elder Long’s voice was gruff.

On the side, Kun Lun also had a sullen look on his face.

The Blood Angels Organisation, the Gu Family, and even an unknown mysterious force had swarmed here.

In such a dangerous realm, it would be difficult for anyone to remain calm.

“I’ll go back now and have Little Shadow pack up, Kunlun you go and inform Sister Xiao Lu, and Elder Long go and inform my parents.”

Chen Dong pushed his wheelchair and turned around, hesitated and said firmly, “The take-off time is set for eight o’clock, rain or shine, all the way back, the mystery man has something to go out, if he doesn’t come back in time, he won’t wait, he can go back on his own.”


Elder Long and Kunlun said in unison.

Rolling his wheelchair with both hands all the way, Chen Dong frowned as he headed towards his room.

A car accident last night had not only overthrown the Zhang family and stirred up the Southern Ming storm.

It had even plunged him into this god-killing situation in a single sleep.

This domino effect, it really came true fast enough!

The soft and premium carpet was a little bumpy as the wheelchair moved forward.

Chen Dong looked at the ground in annoyance, it was caused by the mysterious man leaving just now, his feet were stained with mud and weeds and fell to the ground, there were also some small stones inside, which was also the reason for his wheelchair bumping.

Back at the door of the room.

There was also some thin mud and weeds left on the ground.

However, Chen Dong didn’t care, coming out from Elder Long’s room and their room to the direction of the lift was to pa*s by his and Gu Qingying’s room.

“This guy, no matter how anxious he is, he wouldn’t even have time to change a pair of shoes, right?”

Chen Dong laughed helplessly, swiped his access card and entered the room.

After closing the door.

He got up and got under the blanket, re-embracing Gu Qingying.

Looking at the time, it was almost seven o’clock, only one hour before the agreed eight o’clock.

The matter was urgent, and Chen Dong could not afford to be slow.

He scraped the bridge of Gu Qingying’s nose in her sleep and said with a smile, “Little fool, it’s already dawn, get up, we’re going home.”


The Gu Qingying in her arms was a willow brow furrowed tightly and let out a painful wailing sound.

“Lao, husband …… me, I’m so cold …… stomach, so, so painful ……”

While wailing, Gu Qingying’s delicate body trembled.

The pain made her curl up into a ball and rubbed in Chen Dong’s arms.

The sudden scene caused Chen Dong’s brain to buzz and his entire body to panic.

Just a moment ago, she was fine, why was she suddenly like this?


Chapter 784

Gu Qingying’s painful light trembling and wailing sounds in his arms caused Chen Dong to completely panic.

He hurriedly raised his hand and landed on Gu Qingying’s forehead.

It was hot in his hand!

A fever?

Chen Dong’s face changed greatly, Gu Qingying was already weak after her miscarriage, and her body had not fully recovered.

It must have been the cold last night, plus the roadside barbecue stall had irritated her intestines.

“Cold …… husband …… I’m cold and my belly …… stomach hurts.”

Gu Qingying’s willow brows were furrowed, her lips were trembling as she spoke, and apparently her consciousness was all a bit fuzzy.

Chen Dong hurriedly took out his mobile phone and made a call to Long Lao.

As soon as the call was answered.

“Young master, we are almost packed, we can leave now.”

“No more leaving! You guys come over immediately and tell Kunlun to go down and prepare the car.”

Because of his anxiety, Chen Dong’s tone was raised a few notches.

On the phone, Elder Long was a little puzzled, “What’s wrong, didn’t you say that you would be here rain or shine?”

“Little Shadow is sick, the sky is falling and we have to cure her first!”


Hang up the phone.

Chen Dong got up and picked up Gu Qingying and headed out.

As soon as he opened the door, Elder Long and Fan Lu had already arrived at the door.

“Mr. Chen, I’ll do it.”

Fan Lu stepped forward and stopped Chen Dong in the room with a solemn expression, not allowing Chen Dong to refute at all.

The anxious Chen Dong was suddenly stunned.

Long Lao also walked in, and with Fan Lu the two of them blocked the doorway exactly, also blocking the view from outside.

“Young master, you are in a wheelchair, let Xiao Lu do it.”

“Take Little Shadow to the hospital as soon as possible.”

Chen Dong looked pensive as he carefully handed Gu Qingying into Fan Lu’s arms.

Then he turned around and sat down on the wheelchair.

Long Lao pushed the wheelchair together and walked outside.

All the way in a hurry, just as they reached the lift door.


“Chen Dong, wait!”

A loud yell from Gu Guohua rang out.

Chen Dong turned his head to see his father-in-law rushing out of the room with his mother-in-law on his back with an anxious face.

The top of Li Wanqing’s head, on the other hand, was dripping with blood, half of her face was covered in blood.

“Dad, what’s wrong with mum?”

Chen Dong’s heart immediately burned like fire.

Long Lao, on the other hand, rushed to help.

After a flurry of hands and knees, several people finally got into the lift.

Only then did Gu Guohua say, “Just now you informed us to pack up our things and prepare to return home, your mother finished packing her bags and went to the toilet, but she slipped and fell, knocking her head on the top of the toilet.”

As he spoke, Gu Guohua still looked anxious and a little out of breath.

He looked at Gu Qingying in Fan Lu’s arms and his face changed greatly, “What’s wrong with Xiaoying again?”

“A fever!”

Chen Dong’s face was sullen and somewhat distraught.

Gu Guohua even wailed, “What kind of sins has this created, misfortune doesn’t come alone.”


The crowd arrived downstairs.

Kunlun had already prepared the car and drove it to the front door of the hotel to wait.

Chen Dong and the others got into the car and hurried towards the hospital in a frenzy.

The car sped along the way.

When they arrived at the hospital, Gu Qingying and Li Wanqing were immediately taken to the emergency room.

Luckily, their conditions were not serious.

Gu Qingying was suffering from acute gastroenteritis plus a cold, a double whammy that made her delirious.

The top of Li Wanqing’s head, on the other hand, was also bandaged urgently to stop the bleeding.

Chen Dong refused to put mother and daughter into separate wards, instead he simply put them both in one ward.

Inside the ward.

Both Gu Qingying and Li Wanqing were still in a coma, but according to the doctor, there was nothing serious wrong with them.

Only then did the crowd breathe a sigh of relief.

“This early in the morning, it’s suddenly not peaceful.”

Elder Long lamented, but looked at Chen Dong with some concern.

Kunlun and Fan Lu at the side were also the same.

From the mysterious people, they had learnt about the situation in Nanming today.

With all the major forces secretly converging on them, it was obviously unwise to continue to stay in Nanming in this heaven-killing situation.

Back at the main camp, the means of defence that the crowd could make would definitely be comparable to any top-level security.

But in Nanming, the only defence that could be made, apart from the few people around them, would be to rely on the Chen family office.

No one expected that the original plan would be ready.

But before the trip, there was such a change of events that forcibly terminated it.

“Yeah, it was really too sudden, it worried me to death.”

Gu Guohua echoed Elder Long, then looked at Chen Dong with a sullen expression and said bluntly, “Dong’er, now that the mother and daughter have been stabilised, why don’t we arrange for a chartered plane to return immediately?”

He was equally aware of what the situation was now.

The matter was urgent, and Chen Dong had not made any concealment at all when he asked Elder Long and the others to inform him.

Moreover, they were all the closest people, so there was no need to conceal it.

Although it was about Gu Qingying and Li Wanqing, the two most important women to him.

But Gu Guohua still had his sanity, having straddled the mall for so many years and led the group to international fame.

Gu Guohua still had a clear sense of priorities when it came to the current situation.

“Dad, there’s no need, let’s wait for two days.”

Chen Dong raised his hand and rubbed his face, exhaled heavily and said in a deep voice, “Xiao Ying was already well and not recovered, and now with this, tossing back and forth, I’m afraid it will aggravate her condition, waiting two days won’t be a problem.”

At these words.

Gu Guohua let out a lamenting sigh and looked at Gu Qingying and Li Wanqing on the hospital bed with heartache.

On the other hand, Elder Long, Fan Lu and Kunlun looked grave.

Chen Dong’s decision was not out of their expectation.

But at this moment, such a decision was clearly made with an emotional impulse.

All three of their lips were noodling, wanting to speak but hesitantly trying to persuade.

However, as if he knew, Chen Dong twisted his head and swept a glance at the three Long Lao, “No need to persuade, just stay for two days, once Xiao Ying and my mother are more stable, we will return immediately, we just need to survive these two days.”


Elder Long nodded and gestured for Kunlun to leave together, “Old slave and Kunlun will go and make the arrangements.”

Chen Dong did not stop.

He knew that this decision was risky, but he was not yet in the foolish position of knowing the risk and not wanting to do something about it.

When the two had left.

Chen Dong said to Fan Lu again, “Sister Xiao Lu, see if you can contact the mysterious man, we will have to rely on him to sit here for the next two days.”


Fan Lu did not hesitate.

The mysterious man was the strongest being among all.

And last night’s dark currents had hardened the Mystic and left him all wounded.

If he was left alone to support himself in the dark again, it would be easy for danger to occur.

By coming into the light these two days, both sides would be able to look out for each other.

Inside the sick bay.

In a flash, only Chen Dong and Gu Guohua were left, as well as the unconscious Gu Qingying and Li Wanqing on the hospital bed.

The atmosphere was cold and silent, stagnant.

Chen Dong’s gaze was burning as he stared at the ground, and a coldness emanated from his body.

Gu Guohua knew what Chen Dong was pondering and hesitated for a moment, saying, “Should we inform the Hong Society? Nanming City is so large, there must be a distribution of the Hong Society present, one more force, and one more point of safety.”

“The Hong Society?”

The light in Chen Dong’s eyes flickered for a moment.

To be honest, when he had met Ye Linglong and Yuan Yigang last time, the words Yuan Yigang had said had made him not want to have too much entanglement with the Hong Society.

Between him and the Hong Society, there was always a …… Ye Linglong sandwiched between them.

The eyes swept a glance at the unconscious Gu Qingying on the hospital bed, her willow brows furrowed through pain.

Chen Dong finally let out a long sigh.

In a deep voice, he said, “I’m going to contact Hong Hui.”