Winner Takes All Chapter 781-782

Chapter 781

Snapping ……

Ma Chong’s demeanor never changed in the slightest from beginning to end.

It was as cold as an iceberg, and there was even a bloodthirsty glint in his eyes.

After refilling the pit soil, he was worried that the pressure was not strong enough, he even used a shovel to pat it down hard and stomped on it again.

After tossing the shovel aside.

Ma Chong tilted his head to meet the roiling rain and raised his hand to wipe his face hard.

There was finally a change on his cold face.

The corners of his mouth gently turned upwards, pulling out a rueful smile.

“Now, it’s time to go back and take my turn.”

Get in.


With thunder and lightning tearing through the night sky and resounding through the heavens.

Like a ghost, the black BMW x7 made a quick U-turn and bumped away from the barren land, driving towards the southern Ming city.

He believed.

Once the heavy rain had pa*sed this evening.

The rain would wash away all traces of this barren land.

And under the cover of waist-deep weeds, no one would even be able to notice.

By next spring, the area that he had destroyed would also grow back into lush weeds, smoothing everything out.

And yet.

Not long after Ma Chong left.

As a bolt of lightning illuminated the ploughed earth.

In the midst of the weeds, a black shadow, like a ghostly apparition, stepped out.

One step stepped in the mud.

The black shadow walked to the edge of the grave pit.


A cigarette was lit.

The man in black held the cigarette in his mouth and silently picked up the shovel that Ma Chong had just thrown away.

Then, quickly, he swung the shovel and dropped it into the soil of the buried pit.

The mud tumbled.

The mud, wet by the rain, became heavier.

However, the man in black was extremely fast in digging the soil, even faster than Ma Chong just now.

Each shovel fell with the finest of precision.


When a shovel turned up the soil, a tangle of long, wet and mud-stained hair was revealed.

The man in black dropped the shovel and stepped forward quickly.

Grabbing the hair, he gave it a brutal and rough tug.

Lin Xue’er’s head was revealed.

Only because of the burial asphyxiation, it made her face as pale as paper at this moment, and her lips were even black and blue.

And at the back of her head, there was a wound, and as the rain washed over her, blood mixed with the mud and flowed downwards.

The man in black calmly placed his hand on the tip of Lin Xue’er’s pen.

“Luckily, there is a breath of air.”

An exclamation was made, as if a big stone had fallen to the ground in his heart.

The man in black quickly dug his hands into the earth, and in just three minutes, he had completely dug Lin Xue’er out of the large pit.

After laying Lin Xue’er flat on the ground to one side.

The man in black spat the long extinguished cigarette butt out of his mouth onto the ground, looked at the unconscious Lin Xue’er on the ground and shook his head with emotion, “Little girl, you must be glad that the man who was about to die just now was shooting you unconscious before burying you, if he had just ended you, I would have been unable to return to heaven.”

The voice was hoarse to the extreme, as if countless gravels were rubbing against his throat and spoken with all his might.

There was a second’s pause.

The man in black relit a cigarette.

Crouched down in front of Lin Xue’er.

The night was pitch black.

The rain curtain was thick.

This scene looked extremely eerie and gloomy.

The man in black lifted his left hand and slowly lifted the lapel of Lin Xue’er’s chest.

His index finger and thumb fumbled quickly, as if he was weighing something.

Finally, his index finger and thumb paused at a certain spot on Lin Xue’er’s chest.

Boom click!

At that exact moment, a bolt of lightning lit up the night sky on the rainy night sky.

The thumb and forefinger of the man in black’s left hand pressed down brazenly.

The lightning illuminated the sky and the earth as bright as day.

And with this powerful press.

Lin Xue’er, who had been tightly closed, but as if she had swindled, her tightly closed eyes, snapped open.

Eyes as dark as jewels met the man in black in an instant.

But they were hollow and full of dullness.

“You’re not dead ……”

The man in black said hoarsely, “I saved you.”

“I …… I’m not dead?”

A ripple finally gradually appeared on Lin Xue’er’s pale, paper-like face.

The eyes also quickly regained focus.

Immediately afterwards, it was filled with thick tears, filling the eyes.

Along with the heavy rain, they cascaded down.

This moment.

Lin Xue’er ignored the huge pain in the back of her head.

Nor did she pay attention to the left hand of the man in black that was still pressing on her chest.

All her thoughts were in the ecstasy of coming back from the dead.

At the Chen family office, Chen Dong’s words seemed like a holy voice falling from the nine heavens, condemning her to death in a lofty manner.

With the departure of Chen Dong and the others.

Lin Xue’er, who was imprisoned in the hall, waited every second for death to come.

That feeling was something she could never forget in her lifetime.

It was as if she was a lamb, stripped naked and washed, placed on the chopping board, silently waiting for the moment when the butcher’s knife would fall.

When she was brought to this place by Ma Chong, when she quietly listened to Ma Chong digging the pit, when she watched Ma Chong throwing Zhang Ao down.

Each image, like a heavy fist, blasted her a little towards death.

But she couldn’t resist.

Even when she was eventually knocked unconscious and buried by Ma Chong, she had no chance to resist.

And now, she wasn’t dead!

No, she had died once, only to be saved by this man in front of her when she was about to die.

At this moment, Lin Xue’er had a feeling of regaining her life.

That feeling, while making her excited and ecstatic, also gave birth to an urge to give everything for the man in front of her.

For example,……, the left hand of the man now landing on her chest,……

In her mind, it meant something else.

“I will be yours from now on.”

Lin Xue’er’s eyes were like water, incomparably grateful.

The man in black slowly took his left hand away.

A hoarse voice without the slightest emotion said, “You misunderstand, I put my hand there to press your acupuncture points to stir you up from dying, otherwise it would be difficult to save you after you fainted and suffocated for a long time.”

Was that so?

Lin Xue’er was confused.

Looking at the man in black, her eyes were filled with disbelief.

And the next second.

The man in black said something that made Lin Xue’er’s mind go “buzz”.

The man in black’s lips were lightly parted and a hoarse voice was calmly emitted.

“I can help you take revenge, do you want to take revenge?”

Lin Xue’er’s mind buzzed and her entire body fell into a daze.

Of course she knew exactly what the man in black was referring to in terms of revenge.

It was Chen Dong!

At first, he had teased her and driven her away.

And tonight, it was the flipping of her hand that had reduced everything she had longed to plan to nothing.

She was not distressed by the destruction of the Zhang family, what she was distressed by was the fact that the life of glory and wealth that she had so carefully climbed into the Zhang Ao family and wanted to enter for the rest of her life had just gone up in smoke.

And just now, she had also walked in front of a ghost’s gate.

Anger, resentment and resentment swept over Lin Xue’er.

The corners of her eyes were bruised, and her eyes were filled with rage.

At this moment, the look on Lin Xue’er’s pale face was like that of an evil ghost, making it intimidating to look at.

“Of course I want to!” Lin Xue’er gritted her teeth and said, “I would hate to skin Chen Dong, drink his blood, eat his flesh and gnaw on his bones!”

“No, no, no!”

The man in black shook his right index finger a few times, then stepped forward, his right index finger gently tracing Lin Xue’er’s pale but smooth skin.

The hoarse voice, but at this moment, blossomed into an irresistible temptation.

“I can help you take revenge, you just have to be willing to pay, after the deed is done, don’t you want to live a life surrounded by glory, wealth and light? I can satisfy you with that ……”

Boom Ka!

As a lightning bolt struck down, it enveloped the man in black.

Lin Xue’er froze, her gaze drifted, and by the lightning, at close range, she vaguely saw that the man in black had lamination at the corners of his coldly smiling upturned mouth, obviously disguised ……


Chapter 782

It rained, all night long.

It did not tend to abate in the slightest.

The darkest before the dawn.

Inside the room, a dim light was left on.

Chen Dong and Gu Qingying sweetly embraced each other and fell into a deep sleep.

With Chen Dong’s embrace, Gu Qingying seemed like a small cat, kneading in his Chen Dong’s arms.

Tranquility and peace.


Even if the raindrops hit the gla*s, they were effectively isolated.

Knock knock ……

A knock sounded at the door.

Chen Dong slowly opened his eyes.

The knock on the door was soft, but as his martial arts realm improved, all his senses became more and more sensitive.

It was just that …… it was five in the morning, who knocked on the door?


There were two more light knocks on the door.

Chen Dong slowly pulled his arm out from under Gu Qingying’s head.

Then suppressing the sound of his footsteps, he slowly walked behind the door and looked out through the cat’s eye.

The corridor was brightly lit.

Through the cat’s eye, Chen Dong could see that it was the mysterious man standing in the doorway.

He hesitated for a moment.

Turning around, he gently pushed his wheelchair behind the door and sat on it, before opening the door.

As soon as the door opened, Chen Dong’s eyebrows wrinkled.

The mysterious man was dripping wet, and the place where his feet stood was even haloed with a puddle of water stains.

Hair, eyelashes, all dripping drops of water.

Seeing Chen Dong, the mysterious man gestured for him to come out.

Chen Dong took out his room card and gently pushed the wheelchair down the corridor, gently closing the door behind him.

“Where are you going with this?”

Chen Dong looked at the mystery man in dismay.

When the car accident happened last night, and the confrontation with the Zhang family between life and death.

The mysterious man did not show up from the beginning to the end.

Even after returning to the hotel, they hadn’t seen any sign of the mystery man.

But now, it was five o’clock in the morning and the sky was about to dawn.

The mystery man was dripping wet, obviously having gotten wet.

“Went out for a bit.”

The mystery man emptied his trouser pocket and took out a dried out cigarette case, his wet right hand pulling out the last cigarette.

He didn’t care that the water on his hands had wet the cigarette and made it about to break.

He took the cigarette in his mouth, lit it skillfully and took a puff.

After exhaling a long puff of smoke, he then casually threw the wet cigarette case on the ground and said to Chen Dong, “This is the last one, I’ll smoke it.”

Chen Dong deflated his mouth, he did not mind at all.

Smoking addiction was something that he was still able to control in his case.

Especially with the strengthening of his fleshly body, it was no longer claimed to be addictive to him.

He wasn’t in a hurry either, waiting quietly for the mysterious man.

It was almost dawn for this guy to come knocking on his door in such a sorry state, so obviously there was something serious going on.

Otherwise it would not have been possible to be so uninformed.

After smoking half a cigarette in one breath, the mysterious man’s expression eased up a bit.

He shook off half of the ashes of his cigarette.

The mystery man suddenly spoke gruffly, “We have to go back at dawn.”

In the corridor, the sound of the wind and rain could still be heard outside.

Chen Dong nodded somewhat disappointedly, “It’s stormy outside, we can’t play anymore, we have to consider playing somewhere else, or just go home.”

“No, I mean, just go home!”

The mysterious man shook his head with a stony expression.

It was only the already disguised face that revealed the gloomy look at this moment that made Chen Dong feel a little embarra*sed.

A face cloaked in a skin, no matter what kind of expression it made, always breathed a bit of falsehood.

However, Chen Dong still reacted, “You came at this time to suggest that I go home, what exactly happened just now?”

“Don’t ask, just listen to me.”

The mysterious man was a little anxious, “Could I not have harmed you?”

Chen Dong shook his head, he was not worried that the mysterious man would harm him.

Regarding the matter of whether the Mysterious Man was an enemy or a friend, Chen Dong had stopped dwelling on it.

In fact, during this period of time, the Mysterious Man had been protecting in secret.

If they really wanted to harm him, there were thousands of chances to strike.

His growth was indeed jaw-dropping, but he was not so arrogant that he could still survive against the Mysterious Man with his present strength.

Chen Dong was clear.

The difference between his strength and that of the Mysterious Man was not just a tiny bit.

“Just now we had a car accident on the road, and after exterminating a family of the Zhang family in Nanming and disposing of Ma Chong, the head of the Nanming department of the Chen family office, the entire upper cla*s gentry of Nanming is now in a storm.”

Chen Dong turned his words around and suddenly said, “Just now, did you leave because of this incident?”


The mysterious man shook his head, “Since you believe me, then get ready to leave at dawn, I will go change my clothes first and come over to you later.”

After saying that.

The mystery man turned around and left.

It wasn’t because of this matter that he left?

Then what else could it be because of?

Chen Dong was puzzled in his heart.

The only danger in coming to Nanming’s side was perhaps only the Zhang family incident just now.

The situation at that time, the mysterious person’s non-appearance was indeed justifiable.

After all, from the very beginning, the initiative of the situation was in their hands.

But at that moment, the mysterious man turned around and left without knowing where he was, and didn’t even return until now, which was odd.

According to the urbane nature of past mystics.

If they didn’t show up when it happened, they should have come out to say a few words when they returned to the hotel.

Looking at the direction the mysterious man had left.

Chen Dong’s gaze suddenly froze.

He gazed at the mystery man’s feet, and apart from the wet rain, a little bit of yellow mud stained with weeds fell out from the soles of his feet as he stepped forward.

Only then did he realise that the mystery man’s feet and shoes were covered in thin mud and weeds.

Stepping on the carpet, every footprint was dirty.

“This guy, he ran off to rob a tomb, right?”

Chen Dong said breathlessly, then gingerly turned around and went back inside the room.

Re-inserting the electric card.

Then place the wheelchair to the side.

Chen Dong tiptoed back to the bed and got under the covers.

Next to him, Gu Qingying acted as if she knew.

She slowly turned around and burrowed into Chen Dong’s arms as if she was boneless, and arched her head in Chen Dong’s arms like a kitten.

Chen Dong smiled gently.

This feeling was very good.

It was only with Gu Qingying’s cry that his feeling, suddenly, became bad.

“Big fool, going to the toilet and turning off the light, are you afraid that I will peek at you? Where have I not seen you?”

This ……

What a rascal!

The corners of Chen Dong’s mouth twitched, then he shrank into the nest and hugged Gu Qingying to go back to sleep.

Only, it did not take long to sleep.

Chen Dong was once again woken up by a knock on the door.

When he looked at the time, it was only six in the morning.

Chen Dong was immediately unnerved.

The mystery man had gone back to take a shower and change his clothes, and he had come over again?

He had said he would leave at dawn, was this too much of a rush?

As Chen Dong got up.

The sleeping Gu Qingying gave a wailing cry, “Honey, where are you going?”

“There’s a knock on the door, I’ll go check.”

Gu Qingying gave a “mmm” and went back to sleep.

Chen Dong got out of bed and looked through the cat’s eye, and there was indeed the mysterious person.

He instantly got a bit of a headache.

Sitting on his wheelchair, he opened the door to his room.

“I have already informed Elder Long and the others, come with me to find him and Kunlun first.”

As soon as the door was opened, the mysterious man stepped in and stood behind Chen Dong, smoothly pushing him out of the room and gently shutting the door.

Chen Dong’s brows knitted, “What’s your hurry anyway? This is not in keeping with your character!”

The mysterious man pushed him along while saying, “Never mind, I’ll take you to rendezvous with Elder Long and Kunlun first, I’ve just told them about the matter, they know how to explain it to you, after I send you there, I still have some things to do, I have to leave for a while.”