Winner Takes All Chapter 779-780

Chapter 779

A cold and stern pronouncement.

It did not allow the slightest retort or explanation.

In an instant, it was as if the firmament had collapsed.

Ma Chong, who was kneeling on the ground, couldn’t kneel any longer, and his body went limp.

Despair and fear overwhelmed Ma Chong like a tidal wave.

His body trembled and his face was pale and bloodless.

His whole body was in a state of great terror.

This night’s calamity was simply an unmitigated disaster for him.

If it hadn’t been for Master Zhang San’s call for help, how would he, Ma Chong, have run headlong into his own young master?

His own young master had run to this part of Nanming without informing their Chen family office, obviously not wanting to alarm the office.

If he hadn’t had this incident tonight, he would have been able to stay out of trouble with the young master and not have anything to do with each other, and when the young master left, he would still be the emperor of Nanming.

But now ……

The first thing I want to do is to cry.

In desperation and indignation, he cursed the Zhang family viciously countless times.

Chen Dong sat in his wheelchair with a cold expression, not showing the slightest dissatisfaction with Elder Long’s unauthorized decision.

The revenge of taking his life and insulting his wife deserved a thunderous fury.

What’s more, he knew that Elder Long was taking advantage of this opportunity to cut out Ma Chong, a dissident, by being so decisive.

It did not matter who the Chen family forces behind Ma Chong were affiliated with.

As long as it is not from his father’s faction, after eliminating it, he can install a member of his father’s forces to run the South China office.

The small office in one city, although to the great Chen family, is only a small.

However, a small amount is better than nothing.

“Before you die, you have one thing to do.”

Long Lao stood beside Chen Dong, his gaze looking askance at Ma Chong: “If you do it well, you Ma Chong will die alone, if you don’t, your Ma family will be wiped out.”


The cold and harsh words were like a cold wind blowing from the depths of the Nine Underworlds, carrying endless killing intent.

Ma Chong suddenly looked up, and in a flash his eyes were filled with tears as he looked at Elder Long in despair and desolation.

“Old man knows that you are not convinced, but the one you are charging against is the family head’s own son, the heir to the Chen family!”

Elder Long’s words caused Ma Chong to give up the last shred of struggle.

The mental defences collapsed as if the dikes had collapsed.

He took a deep breath, as if with all his might, and said, “The Zhang family, my subordinate will personally purge it, and after tonight there will be no Zhang family in Nanming.”

“You are indeed a wise man.”

Elder Long waved his hand and gestured for Ma Chong to go down.

When Ma Chong had left.

Only then did the gazes of Chen Dong and the others slowly move to Lin Xue’er and the fainting Zhang Ao.

From beginning to end, Lin Xue’er was in a state of disorientation and confusion.

She was paralysed on the floor, her body was soft and cold, and her eyes were even more vacant.

The series of transformations were like a rollercoaster for her.

One second, she was expecting to take revenge on Chen Dong through the Zhang family’s hands.

But the next moment, Chen Dong had wiped out the Zhang family with a single stroke of his hand, and even the backers behind the Zhang family could not escape extinction.

The next moment, Chen Dong’s hand overturned and destroyed the Zhang family.

Even ……

Although she was in a muddled state, Lin Xue’er heard every word of what Elder Long had just said in his decisive pronouncement of Ma Chong.

At this moment, the great terror of death enveloped her whole body.

As for Zhang Ao, whose limbs had been severed and who had fainted, no one paid any attention at this moment.

Heavenly punishment had descended.

The Zhang family had been destroyed, and the fainting Zhang Ao was no different from a dead man.

Dead or alive, no one would really care.

Looking at the dazed Lin Xue’er.

Chen Dong and Gu Qingying’s faces were both tinged with a slight chill.

Because of what happened at the beginning, both Chen Dong and Gu Qingying thought that Lin Xue’er had something to do with the accident on the road.

Zhang Ao was the main culprit, and Lin Xue’er, who was sitting on the pa*senger side, was an accessory no matter what.

At the same time, Chen Dong and Gu Qingying were getting frustrated.

But Long Lao and Kun Lun looked at each other, and they both saw the ruthlessness in their eyes.

Long Lao took a step forward and said in a deep voice to Chen Dong and Gu Qingying, “Young master and young lady, it is better to end it once and for all.”

With a single word, the temperature in the entire magnificent hall instantly plummeted to the freezing point.

Gu Qingying looked at Elder Long in horror.

Chen Dong was exceptionally calm, in fact, he was also thinking the same as Elder Long.

At the beginning, he had simply driven Lin Xue’er away because he had been merciful.

However, he did not expect that time would change and he would meet her again after travelling to Nanming.

If it was just a casual encounter, Chen Dong would only feel that the tour was flawed, but …… the car accident just now, Lin Xue’er was sitting in the car and watched Zhang Ao take their lives!

It has come to this point, if he is still merciful, it is the greatest cruelty to himself.


He did not wait for Chen Dong to nod his head.

Lin Xue’er, who was limp and dazed on the ground, suddenly shook her delicate body, her hollow eyes quickly regaining focus.

A heart-breaking cry instantly echoed throughout the hall.

“It has nothing to do with me, I’m already stopping him ah, it’s all Zhang Ao alone who has other thoughts about Gu Qingying, why do I have to be involved ah?”

“You’ve already put me in enough trouble in the beginning, I’ve come all the way to Nanming, why do I still have to meet you?”

“I had already planned my future life, just because of you and Gu Qingying’s appearance, I lost everything in an instant, where exactly did I go wrong?”


At this moment, Lin Xue’er completely broke down, bawling and hissing like a madman.

Inside the hall, it was tragic and the cries were heart-shattering.

Chen Dong, Elder Long and the others were all stunned by Lin Xue’er’s reaction for a moment.

In the blink of an eye, Chen Dong suddenly felt a little funny.

When the car accident happened, Lin Xue’er was stopping it?

Even if she was stopping it, but what about after the accident?

During the whole incident, Lin Xue’er was indeed more like a bystander and did not say much.

But ……

It is the bystander that is the biggest abomination!

Chen Dongkou looked down on the crumbling Lin Xue’er and said calmly: “You …… should know something about my identity, right? I don’t believe you haven’t investigated me.”

When he did not force Lin Xue’er away, Chen Dong did not directly reveal his identity to Lin Xue’er though.

But a “Bauhinia Bank Card” was already enough to show his status!

One must know that the qualifications for obtaining a “Bauhinia Bank Card” were extremely demanding.

It was so demanding that it was impossible for anyone in the whole of South China to possess one.

Apart from the bank card, he was sure that Lin Xue’er must have investigated through various means after she was forced to leave.

Therefore, the previous scene, Lin Xue’er was aware of the high and low disparity, but she had been tacitly allowing the whole incident to deteriorate.

Lin Xue’er, who was breaking down and crying, looked abruptly a little flustered.

Her tearful eyes became fluttering at this moment.

But soon, composure was restored.

However, Chen Dong did not give Lin Xue’er the slightest chance to manoeuvre.

He said coldly, “You knew full well that my status was not at all comparable to that of the modest Nanming Zhang family, yet you remained silent from the beginning to the end and kept acquiescing to the entire development of the incident.”

After a pause, Chen Dong raised his hand and rubbed his nose, smiling meaningfully.

“Let me guess …… you should have deliberately acquiesced, right? Thinking of relying on the Zhang family, a ground snake that covers the sky, to oppress me, a strong foreign dragon, here in Nanming, ten thousand miles away, and even …… wanting me to die, right?”

Every word, as if an invisible sharp sword.

It stabbed directly at Lin Xue’er’s heart.

At this moment, Lin Xue’er could no longer maintain her composure, her expression panicked and frightened.

Facing Chen Dong’s gaze, she suddenly had a feeling of being completely seen through.

“The Zhang family was able to survive, and because of your one thought, the destruction of the Zhang family was forged, are you crying so sadly now, are you here to be funny?”


Chapter 780

A teasing voice that echoed through the hall.

This moment.

Lin Xue’er was completely panicked, her eyes filled with fear.

Chen Dong’s words were even more like a big invisible hand that blatantly extinguished her last hope, and then backhandedly pressed her into the abyss of despair and darkness.

Even Elder Long, Gu Qingying and Kunlun were stunned for a moment.

Without exception, none of the three had ever considered this point.

The reason why Elder Long and Kunlun felt that they should settle the matter was that they had already let Lin Xue’er off the hook in the first place, and now that they had caused trouble again, if they were to remain a woman, there was no guarantee that something would not happen in the future.

The fact that Lin Xue’er was really involved in the incident with Zhang Ao’s car that hit them in anger is not a sin, let alone a sin.

It was only Chen Dong’s words that seemed to help the two men see the light.

In an instant, the reason to kill Lin Xue’er became sufficient to the extreme.

Chen Dong shrugged his shoulders and looked at Lin Xue’er playfully.

“You are indeed very green tea, Chu Chu pitiful, things don’t matter, and so on are all shown extraordinarily well, coupled with the crying and howling now, it is indeed very convincing.”

Rubbing his nose, Chen Dong smiled, “But you should have forgotten that between you and me, it is always me playing you, not you playing me, and I know your green tea nature better than anyone.”


Lin Xue’er’s delicate body shook.

In a flash, as if a deflated ball, she completely went limp on the ground.

Despair, humiliation, anger and resignation, all sorts of emotions wrapped around her.

There was even an overwhelming sense of remorse.

Yes, she should not have acquiesced, should not have used the knife to kill.

Now I’ve sent myself into an abyss instead of killing the man ……

Tears, like broken pearls, slipped quietly from the corners of Lin Xue’er’s eyes.

The hall echoed with Lin Xue’er’s low sobs.

It is just that compared to the previous tragic bawling, the low sobbing at this time is more realistic.

Gu Qingying had a somewhat complicated expression, seemingly hesitating.

But the words brewing in her mouth did not come out until Chen Dong waved his hand, signalling for Kunlun to prepare to leave.

“Let’s leave all the matters at the back to Ma Chong.”

Chen Dong said calmly.

“As ordered, Young Master.”

Elder Long nodded his head respectfully.

To overthrow the Zhang family in one night and leave it all to Ma Chong was also the best option, a man who was about to die overthrowing a Zhang family, there was really no need to expect Ma Chong to leave much room for the Zhang family.

Long Lao was also not worried that Ma Chong would run away.

For the Chen family, it was as easy as pie to capture a former head of a city office.

Ma Chong wouldn’t be stupid enough to run away.

Once he ran, his family, then, would have to be implicated.

In this situation, as long as Ma Chong’s brain wasn’t missing a tendon, he would obediently dispose of the Zhang family and then put his neck on the line.

As for Lin Xue’er.

When Chen Dong completely unraveled Lin Xue’er’s scheme, her downfall was already predetermined.

Within this Chen family office, she would not be able to escape either.

No one paid any more attention to the desperate and broken Lin Xue’er.

It was clear to everyone that Lin Xue’er was no different from Zhang Ao, who was lying on the ground with her limbs broken and unconscious.

The car drove away from the Chen family office.

It sped down the road, heading for the hotel.

Inside the car, there was silence.

Chen Dong sat in his wheelchair and looked at the complicated looking Gu Qingying.

Quietly, he gently pulled Gu Qingying’s left hand into his arms, “I know that by doing this, I will conflict a little with your perception and will make you uncomfortable.”

The attitude towards Lin Xue’er.

After the matter of him using Lin Xue’er back then was known by Gu Qingying, Gu Qingying had shown it extremely clearly.

Even because of that incident, Gu Qing Ying had left for a brief period of time.

And this night, Gu Qing Ying was clearly struck by the same thing, once again.

Gu Qingying shook her head and squeezed out a small smile, “I’m slowly understanding you, I’m fine.”

Chen Dong smiled faintly and lifted his right hand, Gu Qingying duly turned her head and snuggled into Chen Dong’s arms.

When it was time to return to the hotel, it was already close to late at night.

Faced with Chen Dong and the others who were halfway there, Gu Guohua and his wife and Fan Lu were of course puzzled.

But Chen Dong made up a casual excuse and pa*sed it off.

After all, when one came to a famous tourist destination, it was simply not too normal to suddenly get excited and take Gu Qingying to view a certain place.

Tonight in Nanming.

With a car accident on the road, it was thrown into a storm.

All night long.

The matter of the Zhang family was like a tsunami, sweeping through the sky to become a household name.

But fortunately, the onlookers on the road had not left any photos or videos of the incident due to the fierce power of Zhang Sanjiu, and were unable to expand the matter into a bigger ripple.

However, the local gentry, one family head, one business tycoon who is usually active in the major industries in Nanming, could not sleep any more tonight.

They have more means to obtain information than ordinary people, and the information they get is much clearer.

With the road crash presented to them behind their desks.

Every second, they were able to probe that the various industries of the Zhang family were being divided up and swallowed up at a jaw-dropping speed ……

All at once.

The local gentry in South China went crazy, the undercurrents were raging, and they all exerted all their efforts.

The walls are falling down and the mall is as cruel as a battlefield.

What’s more, nowadays, the Zhang family’s various industries do not need to be suppressed and devoured by the giants, but have already been divided up and dismantled, just to be put on their plates and invited to feast on.

If they could not even react to this, then they would be ashamed to be a gentry.

At the same time as they were frantically devouring everything from the Zhang family.

The major giants of Southern Ming felt a bit absurd, and felt pity for the Zhang family.

Yes, it was a pity!

While eating the Zhang family’s meat, they felt pity for the Zhang family at the same time.

Who would have thought that the Zhang family, once the number one hidden family in Nanming, would end up being destroyed overnight simply because of a car accident on the road?

The latter part of the night.

It was as if the entire Nanming gentry had fallen into a frenzy among themselves.

It was raining heavily in the city of Nanming.

What was even very different from other places was that even though it was late autumn, the heavy rain was accompanied by occasional lightning and thunder.

It was as if they were applauding this night’s “feast of the gentry”.

The Chen family office.

A black BMW x7 quietly drove out of the office under the cover of the night and the rain.

It sped out of Nanming City in the wind and rain.


A bolt of lightning struck down and tore through the night sky.

The pouring rain made this barren, overgrown area full of mud.

The air was filled with the unpleasant smell of decay.

The BMW x7 was not far away, lit up with blinding lights.

But in this night and rain, it really looked extremely dim.

It might not even be noticeable if one were to look at it from a distance.

And in front of the car.

Ma Chong looked indifferent, as if he were an emotionless machine.

Both arms muscles grave up, gripping the shovel tightly, struggling to dig the pit ……

Whether it was the division to overthrow the Zhang family, or now, he never hesitated in the slightest, always maintaining this cold-blooded solemnity from beginning to end.

He knew that his final outcome would be death.

But he also did not dare to make the slightest mistake, and had to carry out Elder Long’s orders to the end strictly.

Because …… it was a matter of his whole family.

To die for one person and save his whole family was, in his opinion, worth it.

Dangling ……

Finally, a large pit was ploughed out.

Ma Chong indifferently turned around and carried the unconscious Zhang Ao out of the car, as if he was throwing rubbish, and threw Zhang Ao directly into the pit.

And then, he turned around again and dragged the terrified and collapsed Lin Xue’er out ……