Winner Takes All Chapter 777-778

Chapter 777

A sudden scene.

It took everyone by surprise.

Wow ……

Everyone was in an uproar, falling in disbelief.

At this moment, it was even difficult to care about the Herculean might of Third Master Zhang, as everyone exclaimed out of breath.

“Crap! What the hell has happened here? Why did Ma Chong suddenly fall to his knees?”

“Is this Master Zhang’s backing? To come up and kneel for someone, is this a courtesy first and then an army?”

“Am I F**king blind? It’s just …… quite sudden ……”


Facing the shocked chatter of the onlookers.

The thirty or so bodyguards under Master Zhang San were also dumbfounded and disbelieving at this point.

Some, even, turned pale on the spot.

Lin Xue’er was dumbfounded.

On the side, Third Master Zhang’s body was even like sieve chaff, his scalp exploding.

His shadowy eyes, rare to the extreme, stared at the scene in disbelief.

What the hell!

What the hell had he seen?

At this moment, the unbeatable Ma Chong was kneeling on the ground, his upper body straightened out.

Normally, if someone had just laughed in public like that, he would have been furious.

But now, he didn’t dare to move.

The chatter of the crowd and the burning gazes made his body feel like it was on fire, like a man’s back.


Cold sweat seeped out from his forehead, sweating like rain.

Ma Chong was trying to hold back his fear, but the identity token in front of him seemed to be an invisible hand that broke down his psychological defences, causing his body to tremble uncontrollably.

At this moment, if Ma Chong was not concerned about Chen Dong and Elder Long in front of him.

He even had the impulse to get up immediately and turn around and go back to chop up Zhang Sanji.

This D*mned …… is really bad luck!

Fear seemed like weeds, wrapping around Ma Chong’s entire body.

His chest rose and fell violently, with a feeling of suffocation as a mouthful of old blood spurted out.

He had been supporting Master Zhang San and had been used to rampaging around in Nanming for a long time.

But what the hell did he know, that today he would run into such an iron plate?

No…… is hit into the ghost gate ah?

“Brother Ma Chong, you, you …… what the hell happened ah?”

Behind him, came the terrified wail of Zhang Sanji.

Ma Chong’s tiger body shook, and without looking back, he growled angrily, “Shut the F**k up, I’m not your big brother!”

A blast of a roar.

Instantly, the solemn atmosphere on the road took a sharp turn for the worse and turned directly into an absurd and eccentric atmosphere.

Master Zhang San’s self-proclaimed reliance on his mountain had made him kneel down to a few outsiders just because of a token, which anyone else would find absurd.

On the contrary, it was happening right before their eyes.

And from the beginning to the end, these few outsiders, who were regarded by everyone as people who were about to die, did not even show their expressions.

The expression did not show much of a ripple, but was calmer and more bland than anyone else ……

The old man Long stood in front of Ma Chong in a lofty manner.

The eyes overlooked Ma Chong with a raging anger.

He slowly spoke, “You, little boy, you have made the truth of the mountains are high and the emperor is far away very clear, in this place ten thousand miles away, how dare you become a rampant landlord, the dog you raised, deliberately murdered the young master of the family, what should you …… be guilty of?”


The calm tone of voice, but the words were like thunder.

Ma Chong could no longer contain it, and his body trembled to the extreme, as if he was jerking off.

His eyes were even misting up.

As the head of the Chen family office in Nanming, Ma Chong could no longer contain himself.

He knew exactly what the words “young master of the family” meant.

Not to mention the young master of the family, even the old man holding the identity token now was in no way comparable to the head of the office in his district!

As long as the old man in front of him wanted to, he could easily mobilise the entire power of the Chen family office in the whole world, anywhere!

In an instant.

Ma Chong fell into hell and his fear reached its limit.

The whole person was on the verge of collapse.

Bang Teen!

Ma Chong fiercely gritted his teeth and blatantly smashed his head directly onto the ground.

It was a powerful blow.

Even the moment his head landed on the ground, Chen Dong and Elder Long clearly saw the ground dizzyingly scattered with blood, obviously this blow had directly opened his head up on its own.

Gu Qingying was even so frightened that her delicate body trembled.

Immediately after.

Ma Chong pleaded, “I know I’m wrong, please punish the young master.” |

The words were strong and resounding.

There was not a single word of convoluted explanation.

For he knew that there was no chance of explanation in this matter.

He wanted to settle the matter of his junior brother, Zhang Sanji, with an overwhelming momentum and quickness.

Instead, he ran headlong into the young master of his own family.

This is a capital offence to kill!

He was able to run amok in Nanming because of his status as the head of the Chen family office, and all the power was bestowed by the Chen family!

Instead, if he simply begged for forgiveness and confessed to his mistake, there was still a chance of survival!

A plea for forgiveness.

Everyone was dumbfounded.

The onlookers were dumbfounded, their jaws wide open and even able to fit eggs in.

Lin Xue’er and Zhang Sanshu, too, had already turned pale and bloodless, with nothing but fear and dread on their faces.

All the reliance, all the confidence and arrogance.

With Ma Chong’s kneeling and begging for mercy, it collapsed like a collapsed dike.

As the protagonist of the whole incident, perhaps only Zhang Ao, who was now almost fainted and unconscious, could still maintain an eerie calm.

Fear, which had left Lin Xue’er and Zhang Sanjiu in a state of suffocation.

Lin Xue’er even quietly moved Zhang Ao’s head to the ground.

At this moment, she felt a sense of emptiness as her three souls and seven bodies left her body.

She had planned to take revenge on Chen Dong, the strong foreign dragon, by the hand of the Zhang family, the ground snake.

However, she never expected that the Zhang family’s greatest reliance would simply kneel down in the face of Chen Dong and the others.

Failing to retaliate, the next step was Chen Dong’s monstrous anger!

The third master Zhang was even more unable to hide his fear at this moment, sobbing up in spite of his status, as if he had aged to the extreme in an instant, giving off a deadly and decrepit feeling.

“As a dog of the Chen family, how dare you bite back at your master?”

Elder Long’s voice was calm, as if he was a master on high, reprimanding the dog wagging its tail beside him, “Now, go and finish off your dog and follow up by coming to collect your punishment yourself!”

The voice was very soft, but to Ma Chong, it was as if it was a holy voice falling from the nine heavens that could not be disobeyed.

Ma Chong slowly raised his head, blood gurgling from his cracked head and flowing over his face, looking hideous and terrifying.

He slowly rose and turned around, his blood-stained and hideous face making him look like a demon from hell.

One step, firm and unhesitating.

The road was deadly silent.

Everyone looked at Ma Chong with horror in their bones.

As Ma Chong advanced.

The snotty and tearful Master Zhang San was completely panicked, he directly knelt down on both knees and pleaded to Ma Chong, “Big brother I was wrong, big brother I was wrong, please forgive me, please let me go ……”

“You have caused me a lot of trouble.”

Ma Chong pulled up the corners of his mouth, as if he was a ghost, and laughed in carnal despair.

Chen Dong calmly watched the scene.

Looking at the snotty and tearful, as if he was a dying dog, wagging his tail and begging for his life, Zhang Sanji said calmly.

“You can cover the sky with just your hand, then I am the sword that cuts the sky, tonight …… there will no longer be a Zhang family in Southern Ming!”


Chapter 778

With a single word, it was as if the firmament had collapsed.

It instantly silenced Zhang Sanji’s cries, so desperate that darkness fell before his eyes.

What’s more, it made the people around him, their hearts and minds tremble.

Tonight …… there will no longer be a Zhang family in southern Ming.

The first thing you need to do is to say something that will shock the world.

The Zhang family is the sky of Nanming.

If the sky is cut down by a sword tonight.

Then the situation in Nanming ……

“Heard that?”

Ma Chong walked up to Master Zhang San, his blood-stained face, the grimace disappeared and was replaced by endless indifference, as if he was a life-threatening evil spirit: “The words of the young master, the words come true.”

“Da, big brother ……”

Zhang San master held on to the last trace of luck, fearfully shouted.

The events of tonight, the suddenness of the peaks and troughs, with his experience, until now had a sense of unrealism as if he was dreaming.

He had never envisaged that he would end up falling from heaven to hell in a flash.

And yet.


Ma Chong’s blood-stained face was abruptly majestic with killing intent.

Like a fierce beast, he pounced in front of Master Zhang San.

Amidst the shrieks and screams.

Ma Chong threw a heavy punch that directly bombarded on Master Zhang San’s face.

Blood flew out.

Master Zhang San fell backwards to the ground in response to the sound.

With that.


There was a flash of cold light.

Blood splashed.


The road was abruptly dead silent to the core.

Everyone was dumbfounded, their eyes falling to the ground.

The scene was so fast that everyone was able to scream out just as it happened, and then it was reverted to a state of near computer downtime like stillness.

“Tonight …… there will no longer be a Zhang family in Southern Ming!”

Ma Chong slowly got up and roared, “All of you, all of you, scatter!”

A command was given.

Above the sky, ten hovering helicopters, roared down.

The crowd did not move.

But Long Lao was pushing Chen Dong towards one of the helicopters, together with Gu Qingying and Kunlun.

Ma Chong had people escort Lin Xue’er and Zhang Ao, who had already fainted, all onto the aircraft.

After leaving a few people to deal with the scene.

The helicopter disappeared into the night sky.

It was only after the helicopter had completely disappeared.

All the onlookers, who had not yet recovered, were dumbfounded and frightened.

After a long period of dead silence.

A voice of disbelief finally rang out from the crowd.

“What the hell just happened? Why do I feel like I’m dreaming?”

The voice trembled so much that it even carried a hint of hoarse crying.

The moment these words appeared.

It was instantly like water poured into a frying pan, instantly causing the whole room to explode.

There was an outcry of shock.

There were screams and shrieks.

Everyone thought they were dreaming, the sense of unreality was too strong.

It was so strong that even though Zhang Sanji was lying next to the scrapped Ferrari, it was still hard for the onlookers to believe.

Once upon a time, the Zhang family.

Rumour had it that it was the number one family in South China!

It had just never been confirmed.

But tonight, not only had it been confirmed.

And the former number one richest man had instantly capsized, and there was no more Zhang family.

Such a sudden change made everyone feel as if it was a bolt from the blue.

“No more, there is no more Zhang family in Nanming, my god, those outsiders just now, where the hell did those heavenly gods come down from?”

“In the past, the Zhang family was rampant and fierce, so I guess that Zhang Sanji would never have imagined until his death that he would suddenly die in the streets tonight and the Zhang family would fall, right?”

“That B*****d Zhang Ao has really killed his father this time, and he’s also ruined the Zhang family!”

“Once this night is over, there will no longer be a Zhang family in Nanming, I’m afraid the sky will change completely in Nanming, right? I’m really curious, what kind of terrifying existences were those foreigners just now? With a wave of their hands, they made our Nanming change the sky!”


Exclaims of shock echoed.

Although just now the crowd was afraid of Zhang Sanji, and did not take photos and videos.

Even those who took pictures and videos, before Zhang Sanzhi, secretly deleted them all.

After all, in their opinion, the mighty Southern Ming’s Third Master Zhang could never lose, much less die.

But now, as the dust settled.

While everyone was frightened and uncertain, they were also using their own ways to quickly pa*s on what was happening in front of them.

All at once.

The news that spread out through various channels swept through the whole of Nanming as if it were a violent wind and rain.

Originally, as a tourist destination, Nanming was already noisy at night and never lacked life.

But this night.

But tonight, it was a sensation, a dark current.

In the streets and alleys, people spread the word, and the whole of Nanming seemed to be enveloped in a storm in a flash.

The original story of what happened to the Zhang family was also the first.

It was sent up to the tables of the giants of the great families.

Even some of the giants who had already fallen asleep woke up in their sleep, as if they had seen a ghost, and looked at the sensational truth presented on the document.

Chen Dong, the man who had stirred up the clouds of a city with only his hands, had already arrived at the headquarters of the Chen family office.

He didn’t care how much of a storm South China had been stirred up by this night’s attack.

All he cared about was.

The revenge for taking his life and humiliating his wife should be avenged!

The magnificent office was like a palace.

Everywhere you looked, there was luxury and nobility, and corruption and greed everywhere.

Elder Long and Kunlun’s faces were gloomy.

Both of them had been in the Chen family for many years.

However, they had never seen such a luxurious and magnificent layout in any of the Chen family offices.

The Chen family had all the money in the world, but each office was for liaison and investigation, not to mention that people with foreign surnames were in charge, and even the offices headed by people with Chen surnames had never been so extravagant.

“You’re a true emperor of the land!”

Long Lao’s anger tumbled as he chided in a deep voice, “If it wasn’t for this accident tonight, I’m afraid the Chen family would still be hoodwinked by you, your sleight of hand is also high enough, you were actually able to pull in all the people who came to the Nanming office to keep their mouths shut, this ability, indeed, makes even old me smack my lips in awe.”


Ma Chong’s body was like chaff, and he hit his head on the ground, wailing, “Ma Chong knows that he is wrong, Ma Chong knows that he is wrong, begging for condemnation, begging for punishment ……”

The sound of wailing and crying echoed in this almost palace-like hall.

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market.

For the matter of Ma Chong’s embezzlement, he did not care at all.

When he was the vice president of Dingtai, there was no shortage of corruption and fraud in the middle of the company, not to mention the huge Chen family.

It was not uncommon for such black sheep to exist.

He was even certain that there were senior members of the Chen family who knew about it, but his father certainly did not.

The factions within the Chen family were already intricate, and it was normal for each faction to have its own crony favouritism in the head of the office.

The head of the office is a pawn to enrich himself in secret, isn’t that the best way to make money?

It just so happened that because of Zhang Ao and Master Zhang San’s affair, it just so happened that they, a few people from the family head line, had personally crashed through.


Elder Long did not ask Chen Dong’s opinion, but directly pronounced, “This position of the head of the Southern Ming Office, it is time for the old man to report to the family head himself, to change someone properly and clean it again!”