Winner Takes All Chapter 765-766

Chapter 765

After breakfast.

Li Wanqing took advantage of Gu Qingying’s good mood to propose.

“Why don’t we go out for a trip together as a family?”

“Yes, yes, go out for a trip to relax.”

Gu Guohua hurriedly echoed.

Going out for a walk and seeing the scenery would also help Gu Qingying distract herself more and restore her mood.


Such a proposal was made as soon as it was uttered.

Chen Dong then subconsciously looked at Zhang Yulan.

Following closely behind, Gu Qingying also looked at Zhang Yulan as if she had thought of something.

Although Elder Long, Fan Lu and Kun Lun did not move their gazes, they still looked gloomy.

In this bout, everyone had come through step by step.

Qin Ye was the only one who was still in hospital, not knowing when he would wake up.

Zhang Yulan was running between the hospital and Tianmen Mountain Villa every day for Qin Ye, as if the once grand lady had changed in an instant, as if all her focus was poured back and forth between the hospital and Tianmen Mountain Villa.

The change was obvious to everyone.

Sympathy, pity and heartache.

The days of running around, the waiting in his heart, all these things made Zhang Yulan’s state of being poor to the extreme.

It was as if Zhang Yulan had become obsessed with demons.

Zhang Yulan no longer has his usual elegance, there is only exhaustion and haggardness, and that stubborn look that one can see at a glance.

Even, the whole person had obviously lost a round of weight.

Sensing the gazes of Chen Dong and Gu Qingying.

Zhang Yulan returned to her senses and squeezed out a smile to Chen Dong and Gu Qingying, “I won’t be going, I still have to go to the hospital to take care of Qin Ye, he’s lying in bed now, he can’t leave people, he has to scrub his body every day, otherwise he’ll easily develop dark sores.”

Taking care of a patient is a physically and mentally exhausting task.

Not to mention caring for a vegetable!

Bringing in faeces and urine, scrubbing the body, everything is a dirty job.

If people were to hear that the grand lady of the Zhang family in Kyoto actually did these things for a man, their jaws would definitely drop and the whole gentry circle would be shocked.

In fact, to Zhang Yulan, these rough and heavy jobs were undoubtedly a great challenge as well.

However, when she said it, there was not the slightest bit of complaint in her words, instead, she was heartbroken for Qin Ye.

Chen Dong hesitated for a moment and said, “Elder Long should go and hire a few more nurses later, now that the dust has settled and we are all waiting for Qin Ye to wake up, it is time to let Yu Lan rest a little more.”


Not waiting for Elder Long to agree.

Zhang Yulan hurriedly waved her hand and refused, “No, no, no, it’s not necessary, I’m not comfortable with hiring more caregivers, it’s enough for me to take care of him by myself, I’m afraid that the caregivers will bump him, I’m also afraid that I won’t be meticulous when scrubbing him, and sometimes I might not be able to squeeze Qin Ye’s hands and feet.”

A vegetative person lying in a hospital bed, motionless and with the long-term suppression of blood flow, it is easy for acne to grow.

Zhang Yulan’s series of worries were permeated with a heartache that made everyone present inexpressible.

Especially Chen Dong and Gu Qingying.

At this moment, the two of them were quietly holding hands, secretly exerting themselves, their hearts like knives.

Zhang Yulan’s stubbornness and strength exceeded everyone’s perception.

It was also this stubbornness and strength.

It made Chen Dong and Gu Qingying feel guilty like a tidal wave of guilt.

If it wasn’t for Qin Ye, Gu Qingying might have stepped into the Yellow Springs long ago.

Gu Qingying’s current peace of mind was all due to the fact that Qin Ye had exchanged one life for another back in the beginning.

Rao Gu Guohua, Elder Long and the others also looked gloomy and sad at this time.

Li Wanqing, who had proposed it first, was even a little bit shaky.

She had just suggested it because she wanted to take advantage of Gu Qingying’s good mood and let’s all go out for a break.

She had rashly spoken up, but had neglected Zhang Yulan.

The atmosphere in the restaurant suddenly became subdued.

A few seconds later.

Zhang Yulan suddenly smiled and said, “Aiya, it’s alright, you all go out and relax, we’ve all been through too much these days, now that things have almost come to an end, it’s good for everyone to go out and relax.”

With that, she stood up and spun around in place.

“Don’t worry about me either, I’m fine, I’m also in good health, I’ll stay at home and take care of Qin Ye all right, don’t worry guys.”

A remark that was made by Zhang Yulan who sensed the low mood of the crowd.

It was said with a forced smile.

Compared to her own pain, how had Chen Dong and Gu Qingying not been in pain?

She knew better that Gu Qingying, who had just emerged from the shadow of a miscarriage, really needed this trip to get a good change of mood.

As a woman, she could understand the pain of losing a child in October, which was more intense than death.

Having said that.

Zhang Yulan shrugged her shoulders, pretending to be relaxed and said, “Well, I should go to the hospital too, or else that B*****d Qin Ye will have to stink again.”

Looking at Zhang Yulan turned around.

Everyone revealed a sad look.

The Zhang family in Kyoto, although not a top cla*s gentry, was still in the upper echelon of gentry.

The Zhang Yulan, who was favoured by the whole family, would have been a fairy of the nine heavens if she had been in the past.

But now, the former fairy was able to say “stinky stinky stinky”, such a change, it is not too much to say that the sky has turned upside down.

Elder Long lamented, “It’s really a blessing in three lives for Kid Qin to meet Miss Yu Lan.”

An emotion that caused the crowd to echo and nod their heads.

It was simple to love each other.

But to be able to change for each other because of loving each other, that was the real difficulty.

And now …… Zhang Yulan was changing for Qin Ye.

“You don’t have a handle on what you say, Yu Lan is still talking.”

Gu Guohua gave Li Wanqing a strange glance without good grace.

Instead of being annoyed, Li Wanqing nodded, “It was indeed my fault, I was too excited just now.”

“It’s alright, let’s discuss where to travel to? Yu Lan and Qin Ye, I’ll ask Lin Lingdong to look after them, he’s also recovered now, so he can just look after them, plus there’s Lone Wolf.”

Chen Dong said slowly.

After Lin Lingdong had recovered, he had also let Lin Lingdong go to Dingtai Company.

Since he had broken away from the darkness he had once been in, he had to have an identity that could be under the light as well.

With Lin Lingdong’s ability, it would be enough to take his place in deciding some of Dingtai’s affairs.


In the hospital.

Zhang Yulan walked into the ward looking despondent, but was suddenly smiling, as if her whole being had been revitalised.

“Hi, good morning, big B*****d Qin!”

Zhang Yulan greeted with a smile, then said as she walked, “I’m still here today, I didn’t expect it, did I? Hee hee …… You kept trying to get rid of me at first, but now you’re still stuck with me to death?”

As if chatting to herself like a casual family conversation, Zhang Yulan but as if she was used to it.

She skillfully picked up the water basin and towel, caught the hot water, and painstakingly turned Qin Ye over again.

While wiping Qin Ye’s body, she muttered to herself, “Sister Xiao Ying is in a much better mood, and the whole family is discussing going out for a trip, so I guess when she returns, she and Dong will be able to get over the baby thing.”

“I wanted to go too, but I still had to take care of you, the big B*****d, so I couldn’t go, ugh …… haven’t been on a trip in a long time, I blame you, the big B*****d.”

“At first, you always wanted to kick me away, I’m telling you now, you can’t kick me away for the rest of your life, didn’t you want to kick me away, now you’re lying here, there’s always no way out.”

After wiping Qin Ye’s body, Zhang Yulan was already drenched in sweat.

She placed the towel in the water basin.

Looking at the still unconscious Qin Ye.

Then, with a face originally full of playful smiles, her eyes suddenly turned red.

She gently lay on Qin Ye’s chest and listened to the sound of Qin Ye’s heartbeat, the only sound she could hear from Qin Ye in the past while.

Softly murmuring, she said, “Big B*****d, how long have you been awake anyway? Take me on a trip, will you?”


Chapter 766

Three days later.

Chen Dong and his group went to Nanming in great numbers.

This was the result of the group’s deliberations.

Nowadays, the weather was turning cooler and going to places that were too cold would not be good for Gu Qingying’s body to recover.

Nanming, on the other hand, was known to have four seasons like spring, and the climate was pleasant all year round.

This is the perfect time to go there.

The special plane flew above the sea of clouds.

Everyone had smiles on their faces.

Gu Qingying was even snuggled up in Chen Dong’s arms, looking out of the window at the beautiful sea of clouds.

Such an atmosphere was extraordinarily relaxing.

“Young master, should we inform the Chen family office in Nanming?”

Elder Long walked over and enquired.

This time, it was just a trip, there was nothing else, and informing the Chen family office to prepare in advance would save a lot of trouble.

“No need, I shall not make any noise or fanfare on this trip, no palace will be set up along the way, and the people must not be disturbed.”

Chen Dong waved his hand and said in a pretend serious manner.

Long Lao was stunned.

The Gu Qingying in his arms even let out a “poof” of laughter.

Immediately afterwards, the crowd also burst into laughter.

Gu Qingying’s pink fist lightly smashed Chen Dong’s chest as she snapped at him, “Can you blow up your cowl even more?”

Chen Dong pretended to be in pain and rubbed his chest, “Hiss~ it hurts, I need a kiss to get better.”

A single word instantly made Gu Qingying’s pretty face blush scarlet.

This guy, he was so shameless and shameless!

With these words, all the people in the cabin also looked strange, as if they had agreed to do so, they all turned their heads towards the window in silence and looked out at the sea of clouds.

The old man, Long, was even more sensible and silently walked to the last row.

When the plane descended at Nanming Airport.

It was already close to noon.

Chen Dong and the others did not stop, but found some cars and went straight to Dianchi.

After arriving at Dianchi, Chen Dong and the others went straight to enjoy the beautiful scenery.

On the other hand, Elder Long hurriedly ran to arrange for a nearby five-star hotel.

After booking the room with great difficulty.

Panting, Long Lao sat on the sofa in the hotel lobby and helplessly murmured, “Young master is really treating me like a strong boy, why must he instruct me, an old man, when he has the Chen family office to take advantage of?”

Looking out at the warm sun outside.

Long Lao hesitated for a moment about going to find Chen Dong and the others.

After all, he had followed them here as a tourist, and he couldn’t let all these trivial matters delay him from enjoying the beauty.

But after thinking about it, he dismissed the idea.

He took out his books and read them.

“You’re not going to look for them?”

A voice interrupted Elder Long’s mood of studying.

Putting down his books, once Elder Long saw that it was the mysterious man, he was instantly stunned, “How did you follow me here?”

After they decided, they booked a special plane directly and rushed to the South China side.

The mystery man hadn’t shown up from the beginning to the end, and they couldn’t contact him, so they had to give up and invite the mystery man to join them.

But now, just as they arrived on the first foot, the mystery man appeared in front of them on the second foot, and this flight could not have been so fast.

“If you want to come, you can come.”

The mysterious man smiled and settled down beside Elder Long, looked askance within Elder Long’s books and said helplessly, “Change one, don’t you get tired of reading this all the time?”

“You are still young, you don’t understand.”

Long Lao said in a serious tone, “When one gets older, one just misses the old and learns from the old.”

The mysterious man despised Long Lao for a moment, then pondered for a few seconds.

He spoke again, “Did you guys ever consider the dangers of coming over on this trip?”

Elder Long gathered the look of relief on his face.

He closed the book and tucked it away with great care before he said, “I considered it, but it’s not important.”


The mystery man was stunned.

“Compared to the situation at home, the danger is really unimportant for the time being.”

Long Lao said seriously, “The young master and I have considered it, the dark clouds at home are overwhelming, and everyone living inside will be depressed, so we might as well take this time to come out for a break, and most importantly the young lady can come out of the child’s affair as soon as possible.”

“One has to look forward, one can’t stop just because of fear, if everyone continues to be at home and, frankly, wallow in that atmosphere, the young lady may well, at some point, fall back into the depression she was in before.”

Shrugging his shoulders, Long Lao said, “Besides, this trip out, although there are many of us, the tour shouldn’t last too long, and there is no record of this chartered flight at all, I just don’t believe it, those Laoshi forces, they don’t even give people a break to hang themselves.”

“That’s true, when Chen Dong went to Xishu, it was calm and quiet.”

The mysterious man nodded, the worry in his heart relaxing as he lazily leaned on the sofa, his hands resting behind his head, “Actually, I haven’t been out on a trip for a long time, so I’d better take advantage of this time and have a good look around.”

“It’s not like you can be exposed.” Elder Long said dryly.

The mysterious man laughed and looked up at the ceiling.

“I’m exposed when I’m around you guys, I’m in the crowd, that’s in the dark.”

“And I’m not walking with you guys, following from a distance, so I can’t just enjoy the view in a big way?”

Elder Long smiled meaningfully, “Actually I’ve been wondering who you are, no, all of us have been wondering who you are.”

“I’ll go first!”

The mysterious man stood up and walked directly towards the outside of the hotel without pausing.

Elder Long didn’t stop him, let alone dwell on the issue.

The world of adults had the power to privacy themselves.

The bottom line was that he couldn’t beat the mystery man either.

Taking out the books again, Long Lao continued to read them with great interest.

After waiting for more than half an hour.

Chen Dong and the others finally returned to the hotel.

Elder Long hurriedly greeted them, “Young Master, Young Madam, back so soon?”

“Well, let’s take a rest first, just now Kunlun enquired, this side is the most lively time at night, so let’s refresh ourselves and wait until the evening to come out again.”

Chen Dong sat on his wheelchair, smiling as he took the room card from Elder Long’s hand and headed upstairs.

Gu Guohua and his wife, together with Kunlun and Fan Lu, followed closely behind.

Elder Long finished dispersing the room card in his hand.

Looking at the few figures in front of him, he suddenly felt his heart stuffed.

He suddenly …… understood why he had been called by Chen Dong to find the hotel.

It’s not even a matter of whether it’s a F**king odd job or not!

Rather, it was …… single!


Chen Dong and the others, who had rested all afternoon, left the hotel together.

Nanming was a tourist destination.

The nightlife was even more colorful.

From singing and dancing parties to night market stalls, all of them were considered to be the rulers of the frontier.

Because they hadn’t had dinner, Chen Dong and his group went to the largest night market first, looking for dinner.

Eight o’clock in the evening.

The night market was filled with the rich atmosphere of the city.

All kinds of snack and barbecue stalls were dazzling with smoke and fire.

The roadside was filled with tables and chairs and small benches, and already crowds were gathering, pushing each other and laughing.

In the air, there was even an appetising aroma that made people’s fingers tingle.

Neither Chen Dong nor Gu Qingying’s family was offended by such a scene, as were Elder Long, Fan Lu and Kunlun.

This is what life is like.

Life must always be a bit smoky.

As they walked along, several people did not restrain themselves from seeking out their favourite food, eating along the way.

There was even more laughter between each other.

Chen Dong was sitting in his wheelchair, being pushed by Kunlun, still holding a portion of stinky tofu in his hand, somewhat helplessly.

It was leftover from Gu Qingying’s meal, and he didn’t mind, picking a piece and stuffing it into his mouth every now and then.

There were several barbecue stalls around and they were packed.

The crowd of people drinking and jerking off reverberated with the sound of paddling and persuading ……

Suddenly, Chen Dong looked up inadvertently, but his gaze was frozen.

In front of a barbecue stall that was doing extraordinarily brisk business, sweeping past the crowd, he saw a few people sitting in front of a small table and chairs in the corner.

And his gaze was falling on one of the women.

The woman, wearing a hat and a thin beige trench coat, had settled huddled on a small bench and was eating and drinking with a few people around her, laughing and talking to each other.

Even though her back was turned, Chen Dong still had a strong sense of familiarity when he took a glance at her!