Winner Takes All Chapter 763-764

Chapter 763

Inside the room.

Fan Lu wiped Kunlun’s back and applied another layer of medicinal wine.

Only then did he clap his hands and say, “This is a special medicinal wine I made myself when I used to run the jungle and was on construction sites, it should slow down the soreness of your back muscles a bit.”

Kunlun nodded his head and looked at Fan Lu with some confusion.

“What’s wrong?”

Fan Lu sat down in front of Kun Lun.


Kunlun smiled and said, “Although this question may hurt you, what you just said still makes me a little puzzled.”

“It’s alright, go ahead.”

Kunlun asked, “You should have been a famous a*sa*sin on the Death List of the Hidden Killers Organisation a long time ago, you shouldn’t have been weak since you were a child, I just can’t understand why you were forced into that state by your father in the first place. I can’t understand why you were forced to do that by your father in the first place, even to the extent of going to a construction site to twist steel bars, and later to the young master’s house to work as a maid.”

This was what Kunlun had wondered about, and what both Chen Dong and Elder Long had wondered about.

But everyone had been thinking about Fan Lu’s feelings and had never asked any detailed questions.

The time that had pa*sed, coupled with Fan Lu’s words, also made Kun Lun think about it, and it might be more appropriate to ask again now than at the beginning.

Fan Lu looked gloomy, sighed and said, “He is still my father no matter what, I can roam the world with the name of a killer, but I would still be helpless when facing my father, I ran to the construction site to screw steel bars, and to Mr. Chen’s house to work as a maid.”

After a pause, Fan Lu said, “Maybe it was just that I was tired of the life of a killer, but of course it was also that I actually had to turn in a proper career to my father, and I did have some desperation at the time.”

“Your father?” Quinlan asked.

“There were reasons for him, but not all.” Van Lu shook her head and said.

Kunlun paused for a few seconds and did not wait for Fan Lu to follow, knowing that Fan Lu did not want to go into further details on this matter.

So he directly skirted the topic, “By the way, what exactly did the young master mean by what he said just now?”

Fan Lu’s pretty face changed and she gave Kun Lun a somewhat angry look.

Then she raised her hand and gently patted Kun Lun’s head.

“You big idiot, the young master asked you to perform it one more time because he wanted to learn your Python Bird Swallowing Dragon.”

Kun Lun was instantly confused.

During the battle just now, Elder Long had mentioned that the fighting technique Chen Dong used was the one he had previously stolen from the Blood Angels’ “Black Hand Aros”.

At that time, he was also shocked.

However, after listening to Fan Lu’s explanation, he was still a bit shocked.

After a moment’s hesitation, Kun Lun said, “I don’t think young master will be able to learn it even if he performs it again, the important thing about the Python Bird Swallowing Dragon is not the stance, but how to control the muscles in the back of the waist.”

“The young master has just exercised control over his arm muscles, but that is only superficial control, or a bit of a sneak, using the only few muscles he can control to push other muscles in order to gain explosive power far beyond the control of those few muscles.”

A shot in the arm, right to the point.

Kunlun shrugged, “This method, indeed, can improve explosive power, but it’s a far cry from actually having full control of all the muscles in both arms, that Aros is actually not very good.”

Fan Lu rolled her eyes, “Look at what you can do, that was something Chen learned on the spot from a life and death fight with Aros last time, with such a terrifying talent as Chen, if you perform it one more time, he should be able to learn a form of it.”

“As for the muscle control thing, he was able to learn the way Aros controlled his muscles in a single life and death struggle, do you think he would be unable to do it for real over time?”

Kunlun was stunned, a little embarra*sed by Fan Lu’s trivial remark.

“It’s true that I was one-sided.”

Kun Lun scratched his head and smiled awkwardly, then said with emotion, “But young master’s martial talent is indeed the strongest I’ve ever seen, and that combat instinct, my god, in half of my life with Python Bird Swallowing Dragon, I’ve never met any expert who would be using that kind of tactic to forcefully give a dodge.”

At the end of his sentence, Kun Lun was a little excited, and he couldn’t help but raise his tone a lot.

In all these years, the person who could make him use the Python Bird Swallowing Dragon was definitely an expert in the martial arts.

By preference, of all the martial arts masters, none of them had managed to forcefully dodge in the manner of Chen Dong’s antelope.

This comparison was an instant judgment!

Fan Lu also fell into contemplation, her gaze burning.

With her realm of strength, she could naturally also see the terror of Chen Dong.

A long time later.

Fan Lu thought of a word that could well describe Chen Dong and said from the bottom of her heart, “A fighting machine! A natural born fighting machine!”


Kun Lun nodded, “When I first trained the young master, I also thought that the elite generation of the Chen Family, all of them are fully developed and upgraded, so the young master must also have the training as a hurdle, but I did not expect that the young master’s martial talent was actually demonic to this extent.”

As he spoke.

Kunlun’s gaze burned with some longing, “I can’t even imagine how high the young master’s achievements would be in the future if he didn’t compete for the Chen family’s headship, but concentrated on the martial dao?”

“At least …… he shouldn’t lose to his eldest uncle Chen Daojun, right?”

When it comes to the word “Chen Daojun”, Kunlun’s eyes could not help but show awe.


On the other hand.

Inside the bedroom.

Gu Qingying was like a kitten, shrinking in Chen Dong’s arms, her eyes tightly closed, her breathing steady and even.

Chen Dong lies on the bed, listening to the breathing of Gu Qingying in his arms, his mind is extraordinarily calm.

This feeling of home is warm and bland, with a hint of happiness.


Looking at the ceiling.

Chen Dong unconsciously recalled the battle he had just fought with Kunlun.

Every detail, in his opinion, was worth recalling again and again.

The short battle had made him feel quite deeply.

Gradually, the corners of his mouth once again curled into a strange smile.

In a soft voice, he murmured, “Brother Kunlun’s weakened state is only 80% or 90% of his full strength all used, I don’t know …… that I was only 80% or 90% of my strength just now.”

This truth, Chen Dong did not dare to say it out.

Because he was clear that once he said it, it would definitely make Long Lao Kunlun and the others drop their jaws in shock.

Even he himself was somewhat afraid to believe this terrifying growth rate of his own.

This was simply unscientific!

No matter if it was Elder Long, Fan Lu or Kun Lun, or even the mysterious man, putting aside the level of talent, they all relied on the accumulation of years and time to hammer out their strength.

And what about him?

Time was really short!

So short that if it were anyone else, it might only be enough to lay a foundation.

Even if one regarded Kunlun’s systematic devil training as a great feat, such a growth rate was clearly impossible with Kunlun’s systematic devil training alone.


Chen Dong’s gaze moved down and looked at the outline of his legs that were vaguely revealed under the quilt.

His brows were knitted.

Doubts swirled in his eyes.

“How does this body of mine …… seem to have secrets?”


Chapter 764

Initially, when he was systematically trained by Kunlun as a demon.

Chen Dong had not yet felt the slightest difference.

He was not even the least bit surprised when, in battle after battle, he revealed strengths that left Kunlun smacking its lips in awe.

The increase in his strength at that time was the due reward for his hard work and relentless training.

What really surprised Chen Dong was when he was being chased across the ocean and was rescued after jumping into the sea with poison all over his body.

The top doctors in the world, who were invited by the Hong Society, all concluded that it was a great fortune for him to be handicapped in both legs and to have survived.

However, the truth was that he was unharmed!

Qin Ye is still in a coma in the hospital.

From that moment on, Chen Dong really looked at himself squarely and began to doubt his own body.

And after that, in one life and death fight after another, the strength his body showed shocked everyone, even he himself was shocked.

“Just …… what exactly is the secret?”

Chen Dong frowned and murmured, his heart puzzled as he smiled to himself, “But I don’t look like a genius at all yet.”

This kind of existence is a genius.

There was absolutely no shortage of them in the world.

However, Chen Dong knew himself well.

He was not in the genius category.

He was just more hardworking and desperate than normal people.

His excellent academic performance since childhood was the result of his mother’s heartache and his determination to study hard, and he had spent countless nights working hard.

When he entered society, he was promoted to vice president three years after entering the workplace, but he also relied on hard work and effort, stepping through the thorns in the road before him, and earned it with dedication.

The only thing that is different about his body is the fact that he has never shown any details that are different from normal people.

Perhaps the only thing that makes …… different from the norm is that he is in slightly better health and has not had a few colds in the past twenty years, right?

The ordinary twenty years, but now it is as if the fate of the heaven is changed.

When things go wrong, there must be a demon.

Chen Dong never felt that he would suddenly feel like he had been promoted to a genius after twenty years.

“Husband ……”

A voice with a sleepy tone rang in his ears.

Chen Dong returned to his senses and looked down at Gu Qingying, “Did I disturb you?”

The tone of his voice was gentle and even tinged with heartache as he spoke.

Gu Qingying’s body was still not well, and it was hard to get a good night’s sleep even after being tormented by nightmares before.

Time had gradually pa*sed, and now Gu Qingying had finally faded away from the nightmares and was able to sleep slightly better.

Chen Dong did not want to make his wife unable to sleep peacefully because of himself.

“No, why aren’t you sleeping, is something on your mind?”

Gu Qingying rubbed her diluted sleeping eyes, then her jade hand fell onto Chen Dong’s face and gently stroked it, “Be good and sleep, okay?”

“Nothing, I just feel a little curious.”

Chen Dong looked down at his body, “I feel that my body is different from others.”

“It’s indeed different, you’ve been around for a long time.”

Gu Qingying suddenly smiled wryly and strangely, “Longer than even in the movies.”


Chen Dong froze for a moment, and suddenly the corners of his mouth twitched in reaction.

He rolled over slightly and made a move to crush Gu Qingying underneath him, pretending to be vicious as he said, “Fine, when have you seen those things?”

Gu Qingying smiled and said, “Back in college, otherwise do you think we girls really watch TV series when we’re in the dorm?”

“There are TV serials for this stuff too?”

Chen Dong was instantly shocked and said with a bit of a sigh, “It seems that I am still shallow in my knowledge.”

Looking at Chen Dong’s stifled look, he sighed.

The jade hand that was stroking Chen Dong’s face fiercely pinched Chen Dong’s cheek and said, “You’re annoying, how can there be a TV series in that stuff?”

Chen Dong grinned, not feeling the least bit strange.

Between husband and wife, whispering a little private talk was not harmful.

On the contrary, he was happy to make Gu Qingying laugh a little more.

The pinch by Gu Qingying did not hurt, but Chen Dong still deliberately pretended to be in pain, sucking in cool air while babbling.

It was late at night in the bedroom.

But there was harmony, strong love and happiness surging.


The daylight dawned.

Chen Dong and Gu Qingying woke up at the same time.

The night’s peaceful sleep made Gu Qingying’s face not as haggard and tired as before.

This put Chen Dong’s mind at ease.

“Good morning, little fool.”

Chen Dong gently stroked the hair on Gu Qingying’s face, behind her ears.

Gu Qingying also smiled faintly, “Good morning, big fool.”

The two of them looked at each other with a smile, got up and washed up, and then went downstairs.

In the dining room, Fan Lu and Li Wanqing had already prepared a beautiful table for breakfast.

It was nutritious and fragrant.

It made people’s appetite tingle at the first smell.

When she saw Chen Dong and Gu Qingying, Li Wanqing’s eyes lit up.

As a mother, she could sense the difference in her daughter’s mood.

For the past few days, Gu Qingying’s eyes had been dull, but now they had a glow.

“You’re awake so early, don’t you sleep more?”

Gu Qingying pushed Chen Dong into the dining room and said with a smile, “Mom, when you’ve had enough sleep, you have to get up.”

Saying that, she swept her gaze to the breakfast on the table, and her agate nose twitched slightly, “Mmm …… smells so good.”


Li Wanqing was instantly delighted and said, “Then you and Dong’er should sit down, and mum will get you the dishes?”

In the Gu family, Li Wanqing had actually not done housework for many years.

But when Gu Guohua and Gu Qingying wanted to eat the family dishes, she would still put on her apron and walk into the kitchen.

The difference between the dishes made by the maid’s aunt and those made by her mother herself, even if they were the same, could be eaten with a sense of home.

Li Wanqing was distressed by Gu Qingying’s emotional state during this period.

That’s why she wanted to cook for Gu Qingying, so that her daughter could eat a little more.

Today, it was the first time that Gu Qingying had eaten a lot!

“Mom, Dad and Long Lao are not down yet.”

Gu Qingying felt a little out of place and called out.

“Hahahaha …… Don’t mind them, my baby daughter and baby son-in-law want to eat, how can we wait for them?”

Li Wanqing took out bowls and plates from the kitchen without a word and greeted Chen Dong and Gu Qingying to start, “You guys eat first, I’ll see who dares to say a word, if your dad dares to talk too much, I’ll smack him.”

With that, she even waved her right palm in a fierce manner.

It was hard to imagine that Li Wanqing, who had always been as gentle as jade and as warm as the wind, would behave in such a manner.

Gu Qingying let out a “pfft” laugh.

The smile on Li Wanqing’s face grew even stronger.

Chen Dong also laughed as if he was relieved.

With Li Wanqing’s words, the couple also stopped being formal and ate together.

Not long afterwards.

Gu Guohua came down from upstairs.

As soon as he saw Gu Qingying and Chen Dong who were eating breakfast, his eyes lit up.

He looked excitedly at Li Wanqing at the side.

Li Wanqing happily gave an “OK” gesture.

The next second.

“It smells so good, tie …… you two, you didn’t wait for me!”

Gu Guohua hurriedly ran towards the dining table.

Gu Qingying and Chen Dong’s expression changed at the same time.

Just at this moment.

Li Wanqing crossed her right hand and stood directly behind Chen Dong and Gu Qingying, facing Gu Guohua, her left hand directly grabbed Gu Guohua’s ear.

A single move to control the enemy.

Gu Guohua no longer had the arrogance he had just now and was screaming in pain and begging for mercy.

This scene also made Gu Qingying burst out laughing, and even sprayed some porridge out of her mouth, spraying Chen Dong’s face.

Chen Dong looked at Gu Qingying innocently.

When Gu Qingying saw Chen Dong’s innocent face full of rice particles, she laughed even more happily.

Chen Dong also laughed in agreement.

On the other side, Li Wanqing and Gu Guohua also looked at each other and smiled.

My daughter is finally slowly coming out ……