Winner Takes All Chapter 761-762

Chapter 761

Low like the humming of a drum.

In a flash.

The Kunlun on the other side exploded with unprecedented speed.

Chen Dong felt a gale of wind pounding in his face, even the lights suddenly dimmed, and he looked at the incoming Kunlun with a frosty feeling of a great mountain moving across.

“So fast!”

His heart instantly rose to his throat.

Chen Dong had no time to react before Kunlun’s lofty body was already in front of him.

At this moment, the terrifying and majestic oppression was felt.

It even gave Chen Dong a feeling of a titanic mountain pressing down on him.

It was as if time had been frozen.


In the line of sight.

The muscles in Kun Lun’s back and waist violently exploded their strength to the limit.

It caused Kun Lun’s upper body to bend, raising his arms to clasp together, twisting slightly like a giant python, and the heavy fist clasped together gathered the strength of his entire body and blasted towards Chen Dong’s chest brazenly.

“Dragon Trapping Hand!”

In a flash of lightning, Chen Dong did not have time to make any dodging moves to resist.

The best thing to do was to use attack as defence.

The Eight Extremes Iron Mountain Lean was discarded by him in an instant, given the disparity in size and strength, the Eight Extremes Iron Mountain Lean was simply not applicable to Kunlun at this moment.

It was a matter of who was more rigid against who was more rigid.

Instead, the feminine nature of the Trapped Dragon Hands was more suitable for resolving the horrific situation at hand.

Time seemed to slow down.

As the muscles in Kunlun’s back twisted and squirmed, he froze and cascaded the power of his entire body into his combined arms.

Even the air was humming and trembling.

As for Chen Dong, his hands were like cotton threads, inch by inch the muscles were taut, swaying and wrapping directly towards Kun Lun’s combined arms.

This scene caused Gu Qingying to lose her face in fear.

Long Lao and Fan Lu even looked horrified and held their breath.

Both of them were specially trained in martial arts and were at a very high level, so they were both more than aware of how fierce and domineering Kunlun’s strike really was at this moment.

It was the power of the whole body, bursting out in layers through the muscles of the waist and back.

It would be child’s play to say that it was like destroying gold and breaking stone.

This punch was no different from a cannonball!

Even the mysterious man in the villa next door, who witnessed this scene, could not help but stand up and stand on the balcony, his gaze like a torch.

“You shouldn’t have blocked it like that! It can’t be blocked!”

A hoarse roar came out of the mysterious man’s mouth.

The next second.

Chen Dong wrapped around Kun Lun’s arms, and instantly, like maggots on a tarsal bone, he wrapped directly along Kun Lun’s arms and upwards.


The moment Chen Dong’s arms wrapped around Kunlun’s arms.

An extremely terrifying distortion burst out and instantly rippled through Chen Dong’s arms.

Chen Dong’s face changed abruptly, and a tingling sensation instantly spread through his arms.

Even though he clenched his teeth and desperately pushed the force out through the layers of controlled muscles, he still could not resist the terrifying tremor on Kunlun’s closed arms.

No, it was not just a tremor, it was also a distortion.

It was as if a python was tumbling and hunting for food.

It was also as if Kunlun’s combined arms were forming a vortex at this moment, but instead of a centripetal force, it was an outward thrust.


A sound of gas explosion.

Chen Dong looked pained and dumbfounded as he clearly saw that his own arms were directly shaken out of their entanglement by Kun Lun’s arms.

The Trapped Dragon Hands, they simply could not be entangled!

In an instant, Chen Dong’s mind buzzed. This was his first real failure since learning the Dragon Trapping Hands!

This was the first time since he had learnt to use the Dragon Trapping Hands that he had failed in a real sense. The so-called “softness to overcome strength” had no effect on Kunlun.

Kunlun’s arms, on the other hand, seemed to be coalescing from beginning to end with an unstoppable and destructive momentum, without the slightest hindrance.

“Young master!”

“Mr. Chen!”

“Chen Dong!”


Elder Long, Fan Lu and Gu Qingying screamed in panic at the same time.

Gu Qingying was worried about Chen Dong getting hurt.

On the other hand, Elder Long and Fan Lu were even more alarmed because they were clear about the terror of Kunlun’s strike and knew that Chen Dong was bound to be seriously injured, so they screamed out in alarm.

“Not good!”

The mysterious person in the villa next door was also horrified at this moment.


Just at this moment.

Under everyone’s terrified gaze.

Chen Dong, who was standing straight, suddenly leaned back and lowered his waist.

And Kunlun, who was charging forward, swept his arms directly and narrowly across Chen Dong’s face.

Just as Kunlun’s arms were approaching Chen Dong’s face, Chen Dong forced himself to endure the tingling pain in his arms and raised up bravely, his palms directly folded and then pressed heavily on top of Kunlun’s double fists’ fists.


With an explosive shout, Chen Dong, who had leaned back and lowered his waist, fiercely pressed his arms on top of Kun Lun’s closed fists, and with the force of Kun Lun’s arms charging forward, he actually pushed himself out in the direction of Kun Lun’s fists.

Clap ……

Chen Dong’s feet pressed against the ground, cutting two long trails.

Maintaining a backward position, he finally stopped when his head was almost on top of the balcony parapet wall.


A dead silence.

It was as if the pause button had been pressed on the rooftop in an instant.

Everyone was dumbfounded.

Kunlun still maintained his posture of bending his upper body and clenching his fists together, only his face towards the ground was filled with a humongous look.

Just …… broke it?

When did my Python Bird Swallowing Dragon become so easy to break?

A motionless Kun Lun, but his heart raised a huge wave.

The Python Bird Swallowing Dragon was a sure kill technique that he would not use until he had no other choice!

The reason is that the punch that exploded out of his back muscles, not to say that it would hurt the enemy a thousand times, but it would damage himself for a short period of time, and even affect the battle directly.

The muscles of the lower back will fall into a state of soreness and numbness after an instant burst of terrifying power.

In battle, this is undoubtedly cutting one’s own strength and is undoubtedly suicidal.

That was why Kunlun did not use this move even at the end of the day when he was on the Pan Mountain Road on Tianmen Mountain.

It was not that he did not want to use it, but this move was simply not suitable for beating many with one, only one against one.

But in his past career, he had indeed relied on this move to instantly kill many strong opponents.

So in Kunlun’s mind, this move had always been regarded by him as an infallible, single, sure-kill move!

If he hadn’t been shocked by the terrifying increase in Chen Dong’s strength and the fact that both sides would be on point, he wouldn’t have used this move.

The move that he had seen as a flawless kill move had suddenly become flawed in front of Chen Dong.

In a way that he had never thought of before, it was easily …… cracked!

The old man Long and Fan Lu were also in the same state of shock, only compared to Kunlun, the two had a few more odd faces.

Gu Qingying instantly also held her breath, and only after making sure Chen Dong was unharmed, did she slowly let out a sigh of relief.

The mysterious man in the villa next door, his pupils tightened to the extreme, looked over here, but his gaze was locked on Chen Dong.

After a few seconds of shock, he suddenly smiled, “This kid, he’s really the ‘odd one out’.”

This sentence was in praise, without the slightest intention of belittling.

This was because the way Chen Dong had instantly used just now was indeed odd, so odd that even the mysterious man had not thought of it just now.


“Here we go again ……”

Elder Long’s emotional voice broke the silence on the rooftop, “Young master’s combat instinct, is there a limit to it or not?”


Chapter 762

The sound of emotion echoed across the rooftop.

Elder Long’s eyes burned as he looked at Chen Dong with some suspicion.

With the same look, as Elder Long’s words exited, Fan Lu looked at Chen Dong with the same look.

Both of them looked at Chen Dong as if they were looking at a monster.

Whenever they thought they had seen the limit of Chen Dong’s fighting instincts.

Chen Dong would always break through what they thought was the limit of his combat instincts in an extremely bizarre manner.

This seemed completely out of character to the two!

If they were as ordinary as Gu Qingying, an ordinary person who could not feel it and was just purely worried about Chen Dong, it would be normal.

But both of them were not ordinary people.

One was a former Elder of the Hong Society’s Yuan Dynasty, and the other was a top a*sa*sin on the Hidden Killers’ Death List.

The strength realm was not low in either case.

The way Chen Dong dodged Kunlun’s “Python Bird Swallowing Dragon” just now could be described as a miraculous work of art.

At least with their combat instincts, there was no other way out of the situation just now but to resist the blow.

“Hoo …… was so close.”

Chen Dong exhaled heavily and stood up straight with his heart pounding.

His eyes burned towards Kunlun, “Brother Kunlun, can you perform the Python Bird Swallowing Dragon once more?”

One word came out.

Elder Long and Fan Lu’s bodies instantly shook.

The way the two looked at Chen Dong became incomparably bizarre.

Even the mysterious man in the villa next door could not help but twitch the corners of his mouth at this moment.

The three of them were clear about Chen Dong’s thoughts after they had experienced the previous incident.

This guy …… was clearly trying to steal another lesson!

What the hell!

Look at this, is this a human statement?


Kunlun’s upper body, which was bent, suddenly trembled.

An extreme soreness and numbness erupted from his lower back and swept through his body.

When Kunlun raised his head again, his expression was one of pain.

He smiled awkwardly, “Young master, this is already my full strength strike, there are drawbacks after performing it, the controlled muscles of the waist and back will be sore and numb due to the instantaneous explosion of too much power, resulting in the overall battle power not being able to be exerted in subsequent battles.”

The muscles of the lower back can determine how much power one explodes with.

But once it weakens, it can also determine how much power a person attenuates.

It was akin to how an ordinary person’s legs and feet would get sore after a high-intensity, intense workout.

“Then this move is only suitable for one-on-one.”

Chen Dong frowned and murmured with some disappointment.

At this time, Fan Lu had already stepped forward to support Kun Lun, her right hand was placed on Kun Lun’s back, and she could clearly feel that every muscle on Kun Lun’s back was trembling violently in small increments at this moment.

This was the result of exerting too much force.

The after-effects of exploding every muscle under control to the limit.

As for Elder Long and the mysterious man in the villa next door, after hearing these words from Chen Dong, they also breathed a sigh of secret relief.

This guy, was he going to give up stealing the lesson?

Chen Dong frowned and walked up to Kun Lun, looking at Kun Lun’s painful appearance, and asked worriedly, “Is everything alright.”

“It’s fine, it’s just that the muscles in my back will be temporarily sore and weak after a full outburst, it will take time to rest to recover.”

Kun Lun shook his head, but he was forcing himself to endure the pain, his gaze was fiery as he looked at Chen Dong and praised him without hiding, “Young master’s growth is growing by leaps and bounds, if there were some more time, I am afraid there would not be much more I could teach young master.”

In the battle just now, Chen Dong’s performance had made Kun Lun’s eyes light up.

The terrifying growth rate, the terrifying to demonic combat instincts, everything, Chen Dong had shown an extremely high talent in the martial dao.

Even during the brief battle, Kunlun felt the sense of oppression that Chen Dong brought to him.

The Python Bird Swallowing Dragon was Kun Lun’s killer move!

In a one-on-one situation, there were very few people who could force him to use this killer move.

The only person who could use the Python Bird Swallowing Dragon without any injuries was Chen Dong!

Saying that, Kun Lun suddenly felt some bitterness inside.

Perhaps the likes of Young Master …… would be called a true martial genius?

Kun Lun looked askance at the mysterious person in the villa next door and said softly, “Perhaps in the future, Young Master’s martial dao should be instructed by the senior opposite.”


Chen Dong, however, raised his hand and landed on Kun Lun’s shoulder and said softly, “Let’s talk about the future later, you should go and rest first, when your injury recovers, we both find the opportunity to practice again, you can just hit me with the Python Bird Swallowing Dragon.”

Kunlun: “……”

Fan Lu: “……”

Elder Dragon: “……”

The corner of the mysterious man’s mouth twitched, hiding the murmured low curses in the wind, “MMP!”

Gu Qingying came back to her senses and walked up to Chen Dong, snapping at him, “You big fool, Brother Kunlun is like this, knowing that using that move just now would cause him pain, you actually thought of letting him use it?”

“It’s alright, more skill is not better.”

Chen Dong smiled and said to Fan Lu, “Sister Xiao Lu, please help Brother Kunlun to go down and rest.”

Fan Lu nodded and helped Kunlun, who had somewhat failed to react to the meaning of Chen Dong’s words, to walk downstairs.

Chen Dong looked askance at the villa next door, only to find that the mysterious man standing on the balcony parapet wall just now had disappeared at some point.

He shrugged his shoulders and sat back in his wheelchair, his gaze deep as he thought carefully about the fight he had just had with Kunlun.

Gu Qingying and Elder Long stood aside and did not disturb.

Such a hearty and to-the-point battle was really good for accumulating combat experience.

At this moment, Chen Dong recalled every detail, which might be of great use in future battles.

Half a day.

Chen Dong exhaled heavily, his gaze regaining its sparkle as he murmured, “Just a little.”

The corners of Elder Long’s mouth twitched, “When Young Master said just a little bit, was it just a little bit about learning Kunlun’s Python Bird Swallowing Dragon, or was it just a little bit about being injured by Kunlun?”

Gu Qingying at the side glanced at Elder Long with some consternation, but did not ask more questions, instead turning her eyes to Chen Dong.

“Both, I guess.”

Chen Dong rubbed his nose.

Elder Long said, “Actually, Kunlun’s Python Bird Swallowing Dragon is very dangerous, this kind of fighting technique, old slave has known him for so many years and never knew he could do such a killer move, but old slave seems to have mixed pros and cons of it.”

Chen Dong was certainly clear.

The Python Bird Swallowing Dragon was only suitable for one-on-one, not for one-on-many at all.

Moreover, in a one-on-one situation, when casting the Python Bird Swallowing Dragon, one also needed to be sure enough to kill the opponent for sure, or to be seriously injured and defenceless.

Otherwise, it would only backfire on itself.

The right hand pressed to his nose was released, and Chen Dong smiled faintly, “I just want to be more skilled than I am, whether I use it or not is one thing, whether I will is another.”

“If young master can think about this point, old slave is also relieved.” Elder Long nodded and said with some relief.

“It’s getting late, go down to bed.”

Chen Dong shook off his arms, his arms were indeed shaken from breaking Kunlun’s Python Bird Swallowing Dragon with his Trapped Dragon Hand just now.

At this moment, both arms were also sore and tingling.

Elder Long pushed Chen Dong’s wheelchair, with Gu Qingying following at his side.

As he entered the lift room, Chen Dong suddenly asked, “Elder Long, with Brother Kunlun’s strength just now, are you sure that he has brought out all the strength he can bring out now?”

Elder Long gave a pause, looked back for a moment, and nodded firmly, “A fighting technique like Python Bird Swallowing Dragon was used, Kunlun’s injured and weakened 80% or 90% strength must not have been hidden in the slightest.”

“Well ……”

Chen Dong calmly responded, but the corner of his mouth slowly turned upwards, revealing an odd smile.

It was just because of the angle.

This odd smile was not noticed by either Gu Qing Ying or Elder Long ……