Winner Takes All Chapter 759-760

Chapter 759

Late at night.

A cool breeze.

After dinner, Chen Dong did not go out for a walk with Gu Qingying as usual.

Gu Qingying’s body had just recovered and the weather had turned cool, so it was not suitable to push him out for a walk.

The rooftop.

The dim yellow light stretched several shadows.

“It’s all confirmed, right?”

Chen Dong asked with a solemn expression.

Kunlun, Fan Lu and Elder Long, who had just walked onto the rooftop, nodded their heads at the same time.

Kun Lun took a step forward and pointed to the villa next door, “The only place that could possibly be monitored is next door, but the mystery man is over there.”

The villa next door was initially bought by Chen Tiansheng, but with the initial thunderbolt that forced Chen Tiansheng out.

Qin Ye then bought the next door.

Chen Dong turned his head to look next door, and through the dim light, he could vaguely see a figure sitting lazily on top of the concrete parapet of the balcony, with a pot of wine in his hand.

As Chen Dong looked, the mysterious man also raised the bottle of wine and gestured from afar.

“Good then.”

Chen Dong smiled slightly, then looked at Kunlun with a cold face, “It’s been a long time since I’ve had a good practice with you.”

“Yes, it’s been a long time, and I wonder how far the young master has grown.”

Raging battle intent erupted in Kun Lun’s eyes, and he unconsciously clenched his fists.

He was Chen Dong’s leader, who had trained Chen Dong out of systematic devilry step by step.

Step by step, he was also the one whose jaw dropped in amazement at Chen Dong’s talent.

It had been a long time since he was seriously injured in hospital, and Chen Dong’s current state was still confusing to Kunlun.

For Chen Dong’s strength, he was somewhat impatient to try something at this point.

“Honey, Brother Kunlun has just recovered not long ago.”

Wrapped in a jacket, Gu Qingying walked over, somewhat worried.

Without waiting for Chen Dong to answer, Kunlun snatched the words.

“It’s alright, young madam, my body has almost recovered, probably 80% to 90% already.”

“Don’t worry, we are on point, it’s not a life and death struggle.”

Chen Dong gently patted Gu Qingying’s hand and said comfortingly.

He also wanted to try his hand against Kunlun, although he had moved a few times after Kunlun had been seriously injured and admitted to the hospital.

He had even moved against Bai Qi, the leader of the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army, and even Huo Zhenxiao.

But both times he had fought, neither of them had much significance to his self determination of strength.

Against Bai Qi, it was by the terrifying fighting instincts that made all the Golden Guards smack their lips.

And with Huo Zhenxiao …… that was not sparring, it was naked crushing.

His martial path was led to the door by Kunlun.

He had also always regarded Kunlun as his goal and worked tirelessly.

A sparring match with Kunlun would best adjust the drawbacks in his martial arts dao, and Kunlun would be able to help him adjust, while he could also establish exactly where his level was today.

At the sound of his words.

Gu Qingying hesitated for a moment, before turning around and walking to Fan Lu’s side.

On the rooftop, the night breeze brushed lightly.

Silently, the air seemed to freeze.

After making sure there were no spies around, Chen Dong slowly stood up from his wheelchair.

With this simple action, the aura on his body changed dramatically as if he was pulling up a mountain from the ground.

It was like a huge tidal wave and a lofty mountain.

Even his eyes became cold and stern.

How strong!

Noticing this change, Kunlun gathered his relaxed expression, his pupils tightened and his expression became grave.

As a former mercenary king who had once traversed the killing fields, Kun Lun was far more sensitive to a person’s aura than ordinary martial arts experts.

It was an almost instinctive perception that had been refined through countless blood baths and countless climbs out of the pile of the dead.

Both sides engage in combat.

Often, through their auras, they would be able to sense the strength of the other side.

Kunlun was certain that Chen Dong’s aura was even stronger than before he was hospitalised.

He had been hospitalised for a long time, but Chen Dong had been able to continue to improve during this period of time, even while disguising his disability.

This is what really amazed him.

This was because he knew clearly that the more one worked upwards, the more difficult the bottleneck became.

Many of those who were not gifted enough to reach a certain level of training would be completely stuck by their talent and would never make any progress even after a lifetime of training.

Before the incident with the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army.

Chen Dong’s strength had already reached a very strong level in Kunlun’s eyes, surpa*sing that of his peers.

To reach this level of strength and yet he had not yet shown any signs of fatigue, but still had the courage to advance, if you look at the world, with Kunlun’s experience, there had never been anyone!

“Kunlun, don’t be careless, if the young master beats you as a master, it will be a shame.”

Elder Long gave a teasing laugh.

With a single word, the atmosphere, which was originally gloomy and solemn, had also eased up quite a bit.

“Don’t worry, at least it should still hold up against Young Master for now.”

Kunlun responded with a smile as battle intent tumbled up in his eyes, “Young Master, are you ready?”

The words had not yet fallen.

Chen Dong and Kun Lun simultaneously took a step and bowed, a*suming the same battle stance.

In an instant.

The sound of the wind all seemed to vanish.

Elder Long, Gu Qingying and Fan Lu, all looked grave and tense.

The next second.


There was a steep explosion under Chen Dong and Kun Lun’s feet.

The two of them rushed directly towards each other as if they were arrows off the string.

The battle, at once!

There was nothing fancy about it.

There was no room for manoeuvre.

As if they had discussed it, Chen Dong and Kun Lun threw a punch at each other at the same time.

A punch that carried the whistling wind.

Bang Teen!

An explosive sound was heard as the fists clashed.

The terrifying force immediately followed the fist blade, along the arm, and swept directly through the whole body.

“Young master’s strength has also become stronger!”

The force from the fist blade was so strong that even his heart trembled and a tingling sensation came from his right arm.

The next second.

Kunlun brazenly twisted his waist, his left arm was like a python dragon, whistling as he brazenly swiped at Chen Dong’s head.

Chen Dong’s face was cut by the wind as he felt the wind slashing at him.

In a flash of lightning.

He leaned back directly and narrowly avoided Kunlun’s attack.

Almost simultaneously.

Chen Dong directly threw a heavy punch with his left hand, blasting at Kun Lun’s stomach.

The angle was tricky and as fast as lightning.

Even Kun Lun was too late to dodge.

With a bang, Kun Lun felt a sharp pain in his stomach and staggered back with his brow knitted tightly.

He didn’t wait for him to stand firm.

A cold reminder suddenly sounded.

“Brother Kunlun, be careful!”

Kunlun was horrified and raised his eyes to look.

Yet, he saw that Chen Dong was already upside down on the ground at this moment, his right foot cutting a perfect parabola in the dim light.

The whistling sound of the Gang was fierce.

It was like a heavenly battle axe, and his right foot was like a tarzan crushing the top of a mountain, coming directly towards his head in fury!

“This is ……”

Kunlun’s heart was steeply raised to his throat, and in a flash, he actually had a sense of panic that he was locked in by this right foot fury, with no way of retreat.

And Kunlun and Fan Lu, who were standing in the corner, even more so, their faces changed greatly.

“Battle Axe Fury Strike?!” Fan Lu let out a startled cry.

Elder Long was even more shocked, “I’m afraid that Black Hand Aros never imagined until his death that the mantle had actually been pa*sed down in the last battle.”


Chapter 760


Lightning flashed.

Kunlun’s five features were steeply grim, as if he was a beast roaring.

His thick anaconda-like arms, muscles gnarled, crossed together brazenly and blocked directly towards Chen Dong’s furiously slashing right foot.

There was no dodging, in fact there was no room for dodging.

Nor was there the slightest hint of a gimmicky attack.

It was purely an attack and a defence.

A forceful shake!


The right foot that raised the wind was like a battle axe striking down on Kunlun’s arms.

The terrifying force instantly caused a ripple of air visible to the naked eye, rippling away.

Kunlun’s body even shook violently, his knees bent and he sank downwards.

He gritted his teeth and his legs muscles instantly burst into a rocky heap, bursting out with finger-thick tendons to counteract the sinking force.

With a loud cry, Kunlun’s muscles instantly exploded with unparalleled force.

The tendons resounded, and his entire body was like a python dragon turning over as his arms violently pushed Chen Dong out of the way.

The force was terrifying and fierce.

Even Chen Dong’s face turned pale as he flew backwards in the air.

After landing steadily on the ground, Chen Dong looked at Kunlun with astonishment, “Brother Kunlun, just how much water did you put on me before?”

In fact.

Long Lao, Fan Lu and Gu Qingying, who were watching the battle from the side, were also stunned by Kunlun’s fierce and furious force.

The mysterious man guarding the rooftop of the villa next door, who had been looking at the scene just now, could not help but tremble as the right hand holding the wine jug violently increased its strength.

“In the past, I had regard for the young master and was afraid of hurting him, so I had always left my strength behind.”

Battle intent surged in Kunlun’s eyes and a hearty smile showed at the corner of his mouth, “Today’s battle has also amazed me with the young master’s growth, so finally I am able to fight the young master freely.”

Chen Dong’s pupils tightened for a moment.

He fiercely recalled the battle between Kunlun and the Twelve Golden Guards on the mountain path of Tianmen Mountain that night.

That was it!

If Kun Lun had not deliberately suppressed his strength, there was no way he could have shaken the Twelve Golden Guards hard with his own strength that night.

At that time, when he watched Kunlun shake the Twelve Golden Guards hard, he only thought that Kunlun was as terrifying as he was.

He had never really experienced Kunlun’s true strength, so his feelings were relatively vague.

However, in the fight just now, Kunlun had exploded with the full strength of the Twelve Golden Guards that night.

Even though Kun Lun could only exert 80% to 90% of his strength due to his injured state, it was still something he could feel clearly.

“Phew ……”

Chen Dong exhaled a breath, his face overflowing with a smile as raging with battle intent as Kunlun’s.

With that, his body once again bowed and a*sumed a fighting stance.

The fascia all over his body slowly tensed up.

A muscle grave rose, although not as visually striking as Kunlun’s, each muscle seemed to be plated with a copper colour under the dim light, leaving no doubt about its terrifying explosive power.

The next second.

Chen Dong’s hands began to tremble.

“This is ……”

Kunlun on the opposite side looked stunned and Ejac*lated in astonishment.

Elder Long and Fan Lu even glanced at each other, each seeing the look of shock in the other’s eyes.

This was clearly …… Black Hand Aros’ move!

Using the few muscles that can be controlled, like a tidal wave to push more muscles and explode with more explosive power.

The last time he fought with Aros in the hospital, Chen Dong had demonstrated it on the spot.

Now that Elder Long and Fan Lu had seen Chen Dong perform it again, they still could not hide the shock in their hearts.

You know, whether it was the battle axe slash or this method of controlling muscles, it was only something Chen Dong had learnt after watching and experiencing a life and death struggle!

The silent rooftop.

As Chen Dong’s hands and arm muscles twitched, a subtle sound of muscle squeezing echoed through the sound of the wind, appearing unmistakable.

“Controlling muscles?”

Kunlun froze for a moment and instantly reacted.

With his unparalleled wealth of combat experience, it wasn’t difficult for him to identify it in such a short period of time.

But discerning was discerning, Chen Dong’s state at this moment still made Kunlun secretly alarmed.

How far did Young Master …… improve while I was unconscious?

Before my accident, he was still hammering his muscles non-stop with the most basic methods.

Not to mention …… controlling the muscles and using them, which is something that takes time to figure out, and try step by step.

The effort and time it takes is much longer than just hammering the muscles!

But how long had he only been lying in hospital?

“In such a short time as I have been lying in the hospital, there is no way you could have relied on yourself to comprehend this method of controlling your muscles!”

Kunlun squeezed his voice out of his teeth, his words dripping with disbelief, “Unless someone has taught you, no, found a way to guide your muscles into rhythm!”

“No, just seen it once!”

Chen Dong had nothing to hide from Kunlun, while the muscles of his arms were pushing like a tidal wave, the corner of his mouth was a cold smile, “But the person who performed it on me is already dead.”


Kunlun was struck by lightning.

On the side, Elder Long spoke out, “That angry kick just now, and the current control of the muscles, were all learned from a battle between Young Master and the Black Hand Aros of the Blood Angels Organisation, learning it now by looking at it!”


A shocking thunderstorm of words made Kunlun’s mind go blank for an instant.

Learned it with one look at ……?

The young master’s talent was actually terrifying to this extent?

He was a super soldier king who had once traversed the world of mercenaries, and was very clear about what the Blood Angels organisation and Black Hand Aros meant.

After coming back to his senses, Kun Lun felt a tingle run through his body.

Kun Lun’s gaze was deep as he looked across at Chen Dong, the battle intent in Kun Lun’s eyes seemed to be churning like a flame.

“Well, well, fighting with Young Master tonight, Young Master has given me far too many surprises.”

The next second.

The upper half of Kun Lun’s body bowed violently.


There was an explosive sound.

The clothes on his upper body exploded in response to the sound.

The incomparably swollen muscles that looked like they were cast in gold water were revealed.

Crunching ……

And as Kunlun’s upper body gently twisted, a heart-stopping sound came from his back and waist.

“Controlling muscles?”

Chen Dong’s expression changed, he had already comprehended Aros’ control muscles, so he was not unfamiliar with a sound.

This was clearly the sound of a controlled muscle collapsing and storing force and exploding instantly, resulting in the sound of a muscle squeezing through the air.

“Young master …… this move of python bird swallowing dragon, you should watch out!”

Kunlun smiled blatantly, battle intent surging, while his face was arrogant.

Under Chen Dong’s attention, he slowly turned around, revealing his behind to Chen Dong.

Long Lao and Fan Lu, who had just been standing behind Kun Lun, were already dumbfounded, their eyes horrified.

Even Gu Qingying, who had raised her hand to cover her mouth, almost screamed out.

When Kunlun’s back was presented in Chen Dong’s line of sight.


Chen Dong fiercely sucked in a breath of cold air backwards, his eyes rounded.

In his line of sight, Kun Lun’s back was covered in bronze coloured muscles, gnarled and bulging, a strip of muscles that seemed to be stretched to the limit at this moment, slowly writhing, all the way up to the back of his waist.

Even the most flabby waist is now gnarled with muscle.

The bronze-coloured, slowly writhing muscles gave off an indescribably strong impact at this moment.

It was as if each muscle had come together as if it were a heavy hammer and hit the eye with a bang.

And down the spine, all the way up to the neck, the muscles wrapped around the spine and protruded straight out, as if a great dragon hidden in the back of Kunlun ……

Even Chen Dong, for example, could not help but be shocked by the muscles in Kunlun’s back waist.

Compared to Kunlun, these muscles in my control arms are …… not worth mentioning!

It was also at this point that Kunlun turned around once again and faced Chen Dong.

“Python Bird …… Swallows the Dragon ……”