Winner Takes All Chapter 757-758

Chapter 757

The breath is like an orchid.

The sound could crisp the bones.

Even Chen Dong’s ears could not help but burn a little.

In the line of sight, Jiang Han’er slowly leaned back into her chair, her beautiful eyes glowing with water, curved into a crescent moon, a charming smile, and a lot of style.

Such a killing power could not be stopped by anyone.

What’s more, to Chen Dong, this was only something that could be done with a slight nod of his head.

With just a nod, not only would he be able to obtain a clue from the Gu Family, but he would also be able to give a kiss to Jiang Han’er, a stunning beauty.

“How about it? This request, it’s not difficult, right? We’re on this trip together anyway, so as long as you agree, we can go to the best hotel in your area once we get off the plane.”

Jiang Han’er’s voice was delicate and exuded infinite charm, “As long as you’re with me, then I’ll tell you all the information you want, and it won’t get me chastised by my family for it, and even …… our Jiang family can help you.”

As she spoke, she lazily leaned back in her chair.

The snow-white, jade-like shoulders seemed to emit a glittering luster.

The concave and convex curves were outlined by the long skirt, and the pair of slender jade legs under the skirt were now folded, with her left foot slowly leaning on Chen Dong’s leg, gently swaying.

Such a temptation.

Jiang Han’er was very much in her element.



Chen Dong opened Jiang Han’er’s left foot with one hand.

It even carried a force.

Jiang Han’er felt a hint of pain coming from the corner of her mouth, and immediately the sa*s on her face disappeared and was replaced by shock.

“This is not a difficult request, and it even works in my favour everywhere.”

Chen Dong’s voice was cold and stern, his gaze blazing as he stared at Jiang Han’er, “However, if I really agreed to it, it would mean losing my wife, a price that is too great, greater than the heavens, and so tragic that I cannot bear it.”

The words were forceful.

Chen Dong snorted, “Moreover, you don’t seem to have understood the most fundamental reason for me to seek revenge on the Gu family.”


Jiang Han’er’s face was written with shock as she asked offhandedly, “Don’t you just want to take revenge on the Gu Family?”

Chen Dong pulled the corner of his mouth and shook his head, his aura at this moment became as if he was plucking a mountain from the flat earth and rising straight to the sky.

“I seek revenge on the Gu family because they harmed my wife and children, caused my child who was about to croak to die, caused my wife to go through life and death, and because of my wife, Gu Qingying, that’s why I went ahead and wanted to take revenge.”

“And you want me to separate from my wife and then take revenge on the Gu family, do you think …… it’s funny?”

Jiang Han’er was stunned.

Chen Dong’s last question was as if it was a big invisible hand that viciously smacked her in the face.

It made her face burn and her expression dazed at the same time.

The chest cavity was even more as if it was stuffed with stones, blocked to the brim.

Yes, because of the love …… that is why there is no going forward.

The man’s heart has been filled with his wife from the beginning to the end, and there is no room for anyone else.

And I kept hoping …… that it would be funny indeed!

Take a deep breath.

Jiang Han’er look back to normal, also no longer just now the wind charm style, replaced by an unusual calm.

It was as if she had instantly distanced herself from Chen Dong by a hundred thousand miles.

She smiled faintly, “I’m sorry, it’s my fault, I forever underestimated the position of your wife in your heart.”

Chen Dong nodded at the location of his heart, “It’s full of residence.”

Jiang Han’er’s eyes twinkled for a moment and she smiled, “Yes, it’s lived to the brim, not even a pin can hold it.”

Chen Dong’s expression also eased up a little.

No matter what Jiang Han’er’s request was just now, in the end, Jiang Han’er did provide him with a piece of information.

This piece of information, if Jiang Han’er hadn’t said anything, relying on him and Elder Long and Gu Guohua to look into it, I was afraid that he would have never been able to find out.

“But I still want to thank you.”

Chen Dong said from the bottom of his heart, “This is a favour I owe you.”

“Mm.” Jiang Han’er nodded her head.

Chen Dong felt a little funny in his heart as he looked at Jiang Han’er who had suddenly cooled down.

After hesitating for a moment, he still asked the doubt that had been lingering in his mind since he first met Jiang Han’er.

“Actually, I can’t figure out what exactly you see in me?”

“Do you need a reason?” Jiang Han’er asked, with a sideways glance.

“Don’t need one?”

Chen Dong said, “I am disabled, the only thing that could be on the stage that might catch your eye is a status of heir to the Chen family, and you are the eldest young lady of a family clan, from the way the Sixth Master Jiang treats you, it is obvious that your position in the Jiang family is not low, you are favoured, you are a fairy high up in the clouds, how could you willingly fall for me?”


Jiang Han’er pulled the corner of her mouth and turned her head away, no longer looking at Chen Dong, but murmured softly, “You don’t need a reason to love someone, many people don’t believe in love at first sight, thinking that it’s just a lie, but when it comes to love at first sight they fall into the mud and can’t extricate themselves, the matter itself is an absurd and ridiculous thing. ”

After a pause, Jiang Han’er gave a light laugh, “I fell in love with you at first sight, do I need a reason for that? Just like you said, I am the eldest Miss of the Jiang family, the eldest Miss of a family clan and highly favoured, so why should I go by the rules? Why shouldn’t I fall in love at first sight?”

“I won’t lose to anyone when it comes to family history, I won’t lose to anyone when it comes to money, I won’t lose to anyone when it comes to power, and I won’t lose to anyone even when it comes to my ancestors, my Jiang family has been prosperous and magnificent for a thousand years.”

“So …… why shouldn’t I be able to pick one that I look good to and like?”

A series of questioning was explained.

Another manifestation of Jiang Han’er’s arrogance, so arrogant that no one could refute the family heritage.

Yet again, it made Chen Dong feel absurd, was this really considered a reason?

He sat on the chair, straightening his back, trying hard to catch Jiang Han’er’s expression at this moment with his eyes.

Only because Jiang Han’er’s back was almost turned to him, he could not catch it at all.

Chen Dong leaned back in his chair and frowned, puzzled and contemplative.

He was not a young man who had just left society.

Even the step-by-step encounters he had in his childhood were far richer and more tempering than those of young people who had just entered and left society.

If he were a youngster, he might have chosen to believe Jiang Han’er’s words.

But Chen Dong did not believe it.

He knew exactly what his cards were and what he was capable of and what he looked like, and he was even more aware that he was now presenting himself to the public as a man with two disabled legs.

Love at first sight is a momentary dopamine rush to the extreme.

But after calming down, the so-called love at first sight is nothing more than that.

After carefully recalling the few times he had met Jiang Han’er, Chen Dong felt that the reasons Jiang Han’er said were really a bit far-fetched.

His eyes cast a sidelong glance at Jiang Han’er.

There was no such thing as a free lunch, nor was there any inexplicable backhandedness.

Chen Dong has never believed in pies falling from the sky, nor does he believe in fate, he only believes that man will prevail and the winner is king.


What is her real reason for falling back on me?


Chapter 758

When the plane landed at the airport on the outskirts of the city.

Night had fallen.

The suburban airport was brightly lit.

Chen Dong returned to his wheelchair with the help of Jiang Han’er and the flight attendant.

Jiang Han’er wanted to push Chen Dong out of the airport, but Chen Dong refused outright.

He did not want to be noticed by too many people.

If he was pushed out of the airport by Jiang Han’er, it would not just be everyone inside the airport who would be paying attention to him.

It was likely that the news would be swept through the media headlines early tomorrow morning.

Jiang Han’er did not react too much to this.

Just before she left, she said to Chen Dong again, “By the way, a friendly reminder, be careful of the people around you, there are many forces against you, this is also one of the little information I know, and risked once again for you before saying it, grandpa and the others will definitely be in trouble if they know about it.”

A friendly reminder?

Chen Dong watched Jiang Han’er leave, in a bit of a trance.

Only when Jiang Han’er disappeared into the tide of people did he come back to his senses.

Rubbing his nose, he smiled bitterly.

Even if Jiang Han’er did not remind him, he would still be extra careful.

All that had happened before had taught him an incomparably heavy lesson.

The people around him had fallen one by one, so he had learned from his mistakes.

If he still couldn’t do that, if he still didn’t have a sense of caution, then there was no need to continue playing.

Pushing the wheelchair out of the airport.

Long Lao was standing next to the Rolls Royce waiting.

Seeing Chen Dong, he hurriedly greeted him, “Young master, the time is just right, the family is waiting for you to start dinner.”

Warmth flowed in Chen Dong’s heart as he smiled tenderly and nodded his head.

Of all the lights in the world, who would not want a light to be kept for them?

The happiness contained in such a simple and calm life is perhaps something that countless people can only hope for when night falls.

The Rolls-Royce drove smoothly down the road.

When Elder Long saw that Chen Dong was in a good mood, his heart was also greatly settled.

Still, he asked, “This Qin family trip must have gone well, right?”

“Well, it went very well, but it was a farce.”

Chen Dong smiled bitterly, then slowly recounted the matter.

Hearing this, Elder Long looked embarra*sed and even felt incomprehensible, and laughed out loud in anger.

When Chen Dong had finished speaking, Elder Long said helplessly, “That Zhuang Chenghai is also considered an old fox spirit, actually a thousand years of Daoism was lost in one day to the little girl of the Qin family, and made his child almost make a big mistake, I guess he must have been terrified when he arrived at the Qin family at that time, right?”

“Anyway, his face was very ugly.”

Chen Dong thought of Zhuge Qing and Zhuang Chenghai’s remark and could not help but laugh dumbly.

It could hardly be more normal for Zhuang Chenghai to have that kind of reaction.

One had to know that Chen Dong had come all this way.

The Li family, the richest in Kyoto, and the Qin family, the richest in Western Shu, had all fallen into his hands.

Relying on the Chen family’s power, it would be a lie to say that the richest people from all over the world would not be afraid of Chen Dong.

Of course, the prerequisite is that the wealthy are clear about the great power behind Chen Dong, if not, then it is a different story.

Rubbing his nose, Chen Dong said, “But this time is also an opportunity, it just so happens that by taking advantage of this incident, I have cleared out the undercurrents hidden under the Qin family, and directly dispersed the Qin family, allowing Qin Henian to stand against the Qin family, and to a*sist Xiao Qian.”

“Otherwise, with Qin Ye away, it would really be a bit difficult to rely on that girl Xiao Qian alone to hold down a pack of vicious wolves.”

“Well, according to what you just said, young master, at least in a year or two, those people in the Qin family won’t be able to twist a rope.”

While Long Lao echoed, his eyes could not hide the appreciation that flowed towards Chen Dong.

There were quite a few people who could do this, and there were also quite a few who could spot the opportunity, and there were also quite a few who possessed such vigour.

There are also many people who have this kind of drive.

With this kind of ability, is the winner the king …… still far away?

Thinking of this, Elder Long suddenly looked grave and said in a deep voice, “Young master, there are still three months to go until the old master’s birthday.”

Three months?!

Chen Dong was a little stunned, he only knew that it was not far from his father’s big birthday.

When Gu Qingying was pregnant with his child and the two of them were expecting the child to arrive, he had thought about waiting for the day of his father’s big birthday and bringing his wife and child along with him.

On that day, he would bestow glory on his child as well.

“When exactly is my father’s big birthday?”

Chen Dong asked with a somewhat unnatural expression.

“The young master has been separated from the lord for many years, so it makes sense that he doesn’t know about the lord’s birthday.”

As if guessing Chen Dong’s mind, Elder Long explained, then said, “The eighteenth of the waxing moon, which is the eighteenth of December, every year when it is almost the birthday of the old master, heavy snow will fall over in Kyoto.”

“The eighteenth of the waxing moon?”

Chen Dong rubbed his nose and said with a smile, “It’s not far from New Year’s Eve.”


Elder Long was a little emotional, “This year, Young Master and Master, we can finally sit together as a family for the New Year’s Eve and have a reunion dinner.”

Chinese New Year, reunion.

This was a custom within the frontier, covering the whole family and ten thousand households without exception.

A custom that has been pa*sed down for thousands of years and contains an immense amount of meaning.

The end of a year, the beginning of a year, the whole family staying together, lively, laughter, considered as the reunion of the New Year.

Only, with these words from Elder Long.

The smile on Chen Dong’s face suddenly disappeared.

In its place, there was unspeakable pain and sadness.

Inside the car, a dead silence fell for a moment.

Elder Long’s eyes flickered for a moment, and suddenly reacted.

“Yes, I’m sorry young master, old slave has lost his tongue.”

“It’s alright, I just suddenly remembered that my mother still has children.”

Chen Dong’s voice was low and breathless, then he took a deep breath and forced a smile, “If these things hadn’t happened, perhaps this year would have been a real reunion, Mom and Dad, Xiao Ying and I, and the baby, and Elder Long you …… must have had such a good and happy reunion dinner. ”

Long Lao’s face was gloomy and his heart felt like a knife.

He a casual echo of the words, but set off this kind of tearing heart and bone, at this time even he himself can not bear.

Can one still eat the happiness of a reunion meal with many less people?

Eating is painful!

Chen Dong inhaled heavily with a nasal tone, as if he was forcing down a sobbing voice.

The next second.

In his red eyes, he abruptly became incomparably determined.

Even, the entire aura of the man changed violently.

“Fine, on the 18th day of the waxing moon, I will be the winner, and on the 30th day of the waxing moon, my father and I will take you all with us and sit at the Chen family banquet chairman, the reunion meal will not be reunited, but then I will see, who in the Chen family, who dares not eat this reunion meal with me!”

The voice was resolute and strong.

However, when it fell into Elder Long’s ears, he detected a strong, stern and cold intent.

This couldn’t help but make the back of Elder Long’s back shiver a little.

However, in his mind, he also had a vision of the picture described in Chen Dong’s words.

Elder Long’s eyes burned with anticipation.

His body was even hot and his blood seemed to boil.

The hand that was holding the steering wheel could not help but push hard at this time.

The entire Chen family regards my young master as a wild child, when the 18th day of the waxing moon, all eyes will be on him, the gentry will gather, when the young master achieves the throne of the family head and wears the crown of the Chen family, at that time …… all the people in the world, who will dare not respectfully call him the young family head?