Winner Takes All Chapter 755-756

Chapter 755

Soon after, Zhuge Qing arranged everything.

Without much delay, Chen Dong said goodbye to Qin Xiao Qian and then headed straight to the airport.

After boarding the plane, Chen Dong entered the business cla*s with the help of the flight attendant.

After adjusting the seat, Chen Dong laid down and closed his eyes to fake sleep.

One after another, people entered the business cla*s.

Chen Dong did not pay any attention to them, as this trip would be a quick one, and the chances of danger would not be too great.


A hand landed on Chen Dong’s shoulder.

Chen Dong’s mind was shaken.

He opened his eyes with a jerk.

But when he saw the person standing in front of him, he froze on the spot.

A depressed qi gradually surfaced on Chen Dong’s face.

In front of him was a woman.

A woman of great beauty with an enchanting figure.

It was even as if her body was glowing under the exquisite makeup and clothing accessories.

“Jiang Han’er ……”

Chen Dong’s face was full of depression, and he spat out a sentence with a cold intent from between his teeth, “You followed me?”

The Jiang Han’er in front of her had a smile on her face, but as Chen Dong’s words left her mouth, the smile on her face disappeared with it, and the jade hand that had landed on Chen Dong’s shoulder was also withdrawn.

“I just happened to be in Xishu for an event, what do you mean by stalking you.”

Jiang Han’er’s voice was somewhat cold, “I ran into you by chance on the plane, and I still can’t say hello?”

Even if she was angry, Jiang Han’er’s eyebrows and smile were enough to attract attention.

Being able to become a top star in the entertainment industry, or an evergreen tree, not only relied on the help of the Jiang family, but also Jiang Han’er’s own strength.

In just such a very short time, Chen Dong had already noticed that because Jiang Han’er stood in front of him, she had already attracted all the eyes in the business cla*s.

For short-haul flights, there was no first cla*s, and the best was only business cla*s.

But regardless of the status of the people entering the business cla*s, it didn’t affect their familiarity with Jiang Han’er in the slightest.

“My goodness, today is too lucky, isn’t it? I actually met Jiang Han’er!”

“My goodness, is today my lucky day, to be sitting in the same cabin as a big star.”

“Jiang Han’er is so beautiful, she’s even more beautiful in person than on TV, I feel like I can’t even breathe.”


Whispers echoed in the cabin.

The people were amazed, but they did not take pictures and videos.

On the contrary, a suspicious gaze fell on Chen Dong one after another.

Chen Dong frowned slightly, not wanting to draw further attention to himself.

However, Jiang Han’er’s remark made him quite embarra*sed.

Because of what happened last time, Chen Dong’s impression of Jiang Han’er, an unscrupulous woman, was poor to the extreme.

In his heart, Jiang Han’er, a woman who wanted to do something, would use any means that would not surprise him.

So when he first saw Jiang Han’er, his preconceived idea was to stalk her.

But he completely ignored Jiang Han’er’s status as a big star, and it was simply normal for an evergreen tree in the entertainment industry to fly around and run events all year round.

“I’m sorry, I misunderstood you.”

Chen Dong awkwardly squeezed out a smile.

Then, he stopped looking for topics to chat with Jiang Han’er and silently looked out of the window.

He really had no desire to chat with Jiang Han’er any further.

Even now, he was still not sure why Jiang Han’er was so “fond” of him in the first place, but the fact that Jiang Han’er had gone out of her way, even to the extent of designing to divide his relationship with Gu Qingying, had really touched his bottom line.

Jiang Han’er frowned slightly, a little angry at Chen Dong’s reaction.

The people around them, the murmurs became even thicker.


Who the hell was that man?

How could he be so cold to the big star Jiang Han’er, did he not like women?

While stunned and puzzled, all the men in the business cla*s were looking at Chen Dong with envy and jealousy, and their eyes were bloodshot, as if they wanted to swallow Chen Dong in one bite.

Sensing the gazes of the crowd, Chen Dong frowned and looked back at Jiang Han’er: “Miss Jiang, you are a big star and have always been in the limelight wherever you go, but such a feeling, I don’t want to have.”

The implication was for Jiang Han’er to leave him as soon as possible and go to her own place.

As it happened.

At that moment a middle-aged man walked in and said to Jiang Han’er, “Hello lady, please make way, my seat is here.”

Just when he saw clearly that it was Jiang Han’er, he instantly sucked in a breath of cold air and exclaimed offhandedly, “Jiang, Jiang Han’er ……”

Jiang Han’er’s eyes twinkled as she glanced at Chen Dong provocatively.

She then turned around and smiled sweetly at the man, “Sir, can I swap places with you, this is my friend, I just happened to meet him and I want to talk to him more.”

“Fine, fine, no problem.”

The middle-aged man did not hesitate in the slightest and agreed at once.

Chen Dong’s brows knitted together and he looked at Jiang Han’er sullenly, “What do you mean?”

Jiang Han’er gently ruffled her long hair and slowly adjusted her seat before giving Chen Dong a sidelong glance with a flirtatious smile, “Don’t you not want to be noticed? Don’t you hate me too? Then I’m happy to be noticed, and I’m happy to be hated by you, and of course I’m happy to make you uncomfortable with all the attention.”

The deliberately provocative words made Chen Dong’s face look ugly.

In fact, as Jiang Han’er settled down next to Chen Dong, the chatter around him did become more intense.

“Make as much noise as you like.”

Chen Dong dropped a cold sentence and turned his body sideways to face the direction of the window.

This move instantly made the crowd even more astonished.


How could this man treat Jiang Han’er like this?

What a heartless man!

Jiang Han’er, however, was unfazed by Chen Dong’s indifference and smiled as she deliberately leaned her body towards Chen Dong’s side.

Then she said softly, “How’s that? It’s uncomfortable to be noticed, isn’t it?”

Chen Dong frowned and ignored it.

Jiang Han’er, however, gently raised her jade hand, twirling a strand of long hair and gently tracing it across Chen Dong’s neck.

The silky touch instantly gave Chen Dong a feeling of electric shock.

He turned around angrily and looked at Jiang Han’er angrily, snapping his hand up to grab the wrist of Jiang Han’er’s jade hand that was ruffling her long hair.


The sudden scene instantly caused everyone in the cabin to change their expressions and their jaws dropped.

Jiang Han’er, however, gave a calm smile, “So many people are watching, and you still want to hit me?”

Chen Dong clenched his teeth, but eventually let go of Jiang Han’er.

And at this time, the plane also began to taxi for take-off.

The gazes of the crowd had also been withdrawn.

Jiang Han’er looked at the furious Chen Dong and smiled sweetly, “Well, since we met by chance, it’s good to have a chat with you.”

“No chat.” Chen Dong said indifferently.

“It’s not like it’s idle chit-chat.”

Jiang Han’er shrugged, “I’m a member of Jiang’s family!”

With a single sentence, it instantly caused Chen Dong’s expression to change.

Jiang Han’er’s words clearly meant something else.

The Jiang family, a family clan, has been magnificent for a thousand years, unobtrusive, low-profile existence yet not comparable to the Chen family.

So …… what the Chen family can find out, the Jiang family can also find out!

Follow closely.

Jiang Han’er spoke in a soft voice: “Do you want to know, the origin of that Gu family? And why your father has never allowed you to take revenge on the Gu family immediately?”


Chapter 756


In an instant, Chen Dong’s expression was awe-inspiring, as if a great thunder had exploded in his ears.

Looking at Jiang Han’er’s playful and stunning appearance.

His heart instantly turned up huge waves.

The Gu family’s blood feud was so deep that he had never wanted to give up.

But his father’s stop, and Elder Long’s discouragement, had gradually calmed him down.

It was Gu Qingying’s final choice that confirmed his decision to hold off on his revenge.

To the Gu family, he had never given up on probing.

He had also been haunted by the fact that his father had always prevented him from taking revenge and asked for a respite, and he could not let go of it.

It was just that the Gu family was so deeply secretive that even though he had used all his means, he had still found nothing.

But now he had met Jiang Han’er.

Things had become different.

If the Chen family could find out things, so could the Jiang family.

His father was unwilling to tell him, but now Jiang Han’er’s meaning was clearly that he was willing to tell him.

“Hee hee …… It seems like you’re eager to know.”

Jiang Han’er’s smile was somewhat playful, it was really hard to tell that the knitted brows and smile were coming from the face of a woman in her thirties.

“Phew ……”

Chen Dong exhaled heavily, his shocked expression gradually calming down as he slowly said, “My father asked me to hold off on taking revenge because he wanted to wait until I was established as the next head of the Chen Family and could mobilize the Chen Family’s power before proceeding.”

“That simple?”

Jiang Han’er said in mock shock.

Chen Dong frowned and was silent.

Jiang Han’er playfully spat out her tongue and said in a mysterious manner, “Don’t you think about it, your father is the current head of the family, this is about your bloodline and also his bloodline’s unbreakable blood feud, if he really insists on taking revenge, he still can’t mobilise the Chen family’s power in his name?”

Chen Dong was stunned at once.

This was something that he had also thought about.

But on second thought, a master with a name and a master without a name were two different things.

And the fact that he had become the next head of the Chen Family was the most crucial point.

If he was not the next head of the family, he would be a wild child in the eyes of everyone, and even if his father wanted to take revenge, he would suffer the obstruction of everyone in the Chen family.

If he became the next head of the family, his father would have a reputation for mobilising the Chen family’s power, and if everyone in the Chen family wanted to stop him, it would become ridiculous and unreasonable.

This was also the deepest reason why Elder Long had dissuaded him earlier.

When Jiang Han’er saw that Chen Dong was unmoved, she did not bother to hide it anymore.

She leaned back in her seat and said in a low voice, “In fact, right, I already knew that you had such a big incident, but then you were so bad to me and it had nothing to do with me, so I wasn’t going to tell you on purpose.”

“Since we met today, it’s just the right time to remind you.”

Chen Dong’s gaze was deep as he stared at Jiang Han’er and waited for the following.

Jiang Han’er gently stroked a few strands of green silk behind her ears and calmly said, “The reason why your father asked you to hold off on taking revenge is not because the Gu Family is too strong, even though the Gu Family was once a sectarian, it is a sectarian that has reappeared after disappearing.”

After a pause, Jiang Han’er revealed a hint of disdain in her words.

“It is indeed true that a thin dead camel is bigger than a horse, but it also depends on who you are speaking to, although your Chen family cannot match our Jiang family in terms of time, but seriously, the Chen family is indeed the number one gentry, the difference is just time, this is something that we Jiang family members have never shied away from, if the Chen family goes all out against the Gu family, it will be a great prison that will be pressed across, and the dome of the sky will be tipped over. ”

Chen Dong frowned slightly, quietly, his hands clenched into fists.

“The reason for holding off is because the involvement is too deep, so deep that once you make a move, it might backfire on your Chen family.”

Speaking of this, Jiang Han’er’s pretty face was filled with a grave solemnity, and her voice also gripped, “Let’s put it this way, when the Gu Family disappeared, it was related to your Chen Family!”


A thunderous word.

It was like a thunderbolt from a clear sky, blatantly blasting at Chen Dong.

This piece of information was something he had never heard before.

He hadn’t even used all his means to find out any trace of it.

However, the words came from Jiang Han’er, a member of the Jiang family, and as a member of the family, Jiang Han’er’s words were undoubtedly “authoritative”, making it impossible for him to refute them.

In a flash, Chen Dong’s thoughts were tossed about.

The disappearance of the Gu family was related to the Chen family?

The disappearance of the ancient family had something to do with the Chen family?

Now that the Gu family had made a comeback, they were holding off on taking revenge?


In a trance, Chen Dong felt that the air inside the cabin had become sticky, causing him to suffocate a little.

The veins on his neck slowly bulged out, and he tried to breathe hard and deep, but it felt like the air entering his lungs was still very little.

Thoughts tumbled as if boiling water was boiling.

Could the Gu family have done this to Little Shadow to avenge the Chen family for making it disappear back then?

Waited for a long time.

He did not wait for Jiang Han’er’s next words.

Chen Dong looked grave, forcing himself to endure the feeling of suffocation and forcefully pressed a sentence out of his throat, “And then?”

“What then?”

Jiang Han’er shook her head and said with some fear, “And then’s then, I don’t dare to tell you either, the grandfathers at home can have specifically instructed me, originally just now all these words were impossible to tell you, I have told you, if I go any deeper, I will have to go home and be locked up by my grandfather and them and never get out.”

No more then?

Chen Dong instantly felt a breath of air clogging his throat, and his whole body had a feeling of franticness.

What the hell was this?

Just one sentence about the disappearance of the Gu family and the Chen family, and then there was no more?

Seeing Chen Dong’s expression gradually become a bit grim.

Jiang Han’er spoke again deliberately, “Actually, I don’t know much about the matters between your Chen Family and the Gu Family, I only heard them mentioned by my grandfather, so if I continue, there really isn’t much truth I can tell you.”

Shrugging her shoulders, Jiang Han’er said in a feigned helplessness, “Look at me, I’ve already told you one piece of information at the risk of being locked up forever, and I won’t get any benefit anyway, so you’re not going to force me to go on and on, are you? You don’t seem like the kind of person who rises to the occasion and hates the rice, do you?”

Chen Dong squeezed out a small smile.

Taking a deep breath, he forcefully suppressed the tumultuous, complicated thoughts in his heart and shook his head at Jiang Han’er, “Don’t worry, I won’t make things difficult for you.”

After saying this, he turned his head to look out of the window at the sea of clouds.

The thoughts were so many that he could not make sense of them.

The Chen and Gu families, just how deep was their grudge?

Since the disappearance of the Gu family had something to do with the Chen family, why would his father be worried that moving the Gu family would backfire on the Chen family now that the former gatekeeper had reappeared?

If he really had such a fear, why did he let the Gu family disappear in the first place?

He was puzzled.

Chen Dong suddenly trembled, and a strange softness came from the back of his left hand, so warm that it gave him an electric sensation.

He turned back to look at the back of his right hand.

Jiang Han’er’s jade hand landed on it, gently stroking it.

This scene caused Chen Dong’s eyebrows to knit together in a somewhat cold manner.

As Chen Dong turned around, Jiang Han’er’s jade hand raised her middle index finger and “walked” up Chen Dong’s right arm a little.

She slowly approached Chen Dong.

Her red lips pressed against Chen Dong’s ear, exhaling like an orchid: “But if you are willing to obey me, then you will be my Jiang family, and I will tell you all the things I know, there will be no problem ……”